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November 14, 1937 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1937-11-14

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SUNDAY, NOV. 14, 1937

this test in Room 4, University Hall, and Landscape Architecture. Partici-
P011 Indicates 1 between Nov. 15 and Nov. 27. A fee pating schools: Universities of Il-; e e_
of one dollar will be charged each linois, Ohio State, Cincinnati, Michi-
Students Want NEWS IN B IEF ___ 0
Studens WantEW S IN BRIE Fapplicant at the time of registration. --
______gan. Armour Institute, Iowa State
Schoc of Music. College of Archi- College. Open daily except SundayW
fPRefr __________________WANTED __
10ce e ! ecturc, School of Forestry. Mid 9 to 5, through Nov. 14, third floor___
China , semester reports indicating studentsl exhibition room, Architectural Bldg. AGENTS wanted to sell calling cads LAUN
Votes C'st Total 24;o chfw, cMichigan nolled in these units doing unsatis- The public is invited, and bookplates. Moderately priced. Care
SOME 200,00 CHINESE civilians THE TILLS OF HOTELS and road- factory work in any unit of the Uni- The Ann Arbor Art Association iberal commission. Chestnut Press
75Pe et Of Studets versity are due in the office of the 6019 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pa. -- -
were trapped because transportation side stands jangled merrily as an eo presents an exhibition of modern
Termed Liberal, Radical was disrupte in Soo-Chow iast night, army of an estimated 150,000 deer- this purpose may be secured from American and German water colors ____ly ow
and as a result they were unable to hunters prepared for the opening day the office of the school or from Room from the collection of the Detroit DRESSMAKING: Alteration and gain
(Continued from Page 1) hi4 U H . Institute of Arts, in the North and repairing. Expert alteration of knit ganti.
a nthe Robert Williams outh Galleries of Alumni Memorial wear. Mrs. C. Walling, 118 E. Cath--
food? Yes 758. No. 39. Blank 22'. The ate the ancient city in the path of the rain in the northern part of the lower Assistant Registrar Hall, Nov. 11 to 24, inclusive. Open erine. Call 4726. 133 NEW I
price of drycleaning? Yes 766. No 38. Nipponese advance toward Nanking. Peninsula as a good thing, for they daily, including Sundays. from 2 to 5 .---__--_-- etc.
Blank 220. A Japanese spokesman had an- expected the rain to "soften" the Freshmen in the College of Litera- p.m., always free to students. TYPING, neatly and accurately done. 2-15
Do you favor cooperative rooming nounced Friday that Soochow and the woods, unusually dry this fall, andtole Science and the Arts, who have "-5Mrs. Howard, 613 Hill St. Phone
and boarding houses? Yes 805. No 161,neigboring city of Wusih would bemake the tracking of the elusive buck cot received their five-week progress 5244.3x
Blank 58. bombed because of "their industrial easier. reports may obtain them in Room CLeTHINGuArTEDs ROOM
Are you interested in a cooperative areas in which Chinese military sup- 107 Mason Hall, from 8 to 11:0 a.m. Uversity Lecture: . Frank old and new suits, overcoats, at $3, heat
bookstore or a cooperative cleaning plies are manufactured." United Detngt and 1:30 to 4 p.m. according to thetloyd Wright. the distinguished arch- $singto
follwingscheule tect, of "Taliesin." Spring Green, $8, $25. Ladies fur coats, typewrit-
and pressing establishment? Yes 872. States Consul-General Clarence E. following schedule: co sin, pi re ers, old gold and musical instru- CO
No. 117. Blank 35. Gauss, in Shanghai, was negotiating MARJORE MITCHELL, of Polson, I Surnames beginning P through Z. Wisconsin will give a public lecture en. Ready cash waiting for you
Do you think the United States with Japanese officials to establish a Mont., who disappeared from Detroit Monday, Nov. 15. mider the auspices of the College of me . MT.
should isolate itself diplomatically? safety zone, although reports said t aft h fal i'd h F- Surnames beginning H through O. Architecture at 4:15 p.m., Thursday, _-G
Yes 217. No 761. Blank- 46. that all foreigners as well as wealthier jus er amiy ave ere ri-uesday, Nov. 16. November 18, in the Natural Scienceinjure
Do you favor military training for Chinese had left the city. day was located last night in Cold- Surnames beginning A through G,Auditorium. The public is cordially ReadDa sedSAdslsion
college students? Yes (voluntary) 493, water, Mich., 108 miles southwest of Wednesday, Nov. 17. invited.
(compulsory) 63. No 421. Blank 4'. Capethere. Sheriff Homer Burns said that . -
"Do you work for your living, inthgrlasecgzdfrmn s- I should like to get in touch with PbicLcr:"IlmcAtn
whole or in part? Yes 604. N 393. SIX MEMBERS OF THE CREW of paper descriptions of her. The girl an NYA student who can read Italianj Spain" illustrated lecture by Prof.
Blank 27. the Greek freighter Tzenny Chandris, told the sheriff that she. had hitch-(for work in the Dictionary Office in Aga-Oglu. Sponsored by the Research Fosters c. ouse
144 'NYA Workers which went to the bottom with its hiked there because her parents 206 University Hall. Seminary in Islamic Art. Monday,
Are you an NYA worker? Yes 144. captain and several men, were taken "hadn't treated me right." M. P. Tilley, 2213 A.H. Nov. 15, Alumni Memorial Hall, Rooml
No 822. Blank 58. aboard the tanker S.S. Swiftsure off D, 4:15 p.m. Te lecture on "Modern You will think w(
Do you favor the Ameiican Youth Cape Hatteras ton the North Carolina Fraternity and Sorority Presidents Egypt" by Mr. Enoch Peterson sched-CH
Act, which would make NYA perma- coast). DAIY OFF CA are reminded that the monthly me- uled for this date will be announcedOC7R
nent for needy students? Yes 807. No The survivors, who had been drift- - .i '-"'la bership lists for October are due inlater.
.143. Blank 74. ing in a battered water-logged life- BUJ JETJ the office of the Dean of Students reaRoon - Gifts - raming
Do you think a new World War is boat were brought aboard while a on or before Nov. 15. Lecture: Prof. A. Eustace HaydonI
inevitable? Yes 386. No 581. Blank 57. rough sea was running, in heavy rain noted humanist from the Univesity2 3 SOUt State
Do you think the United States and wind squalls SUNDAY, NOV. 13, 1937 Social Chairmen are reminded that of Chicago, will speak at the Michigan2u
should cooperate with other nations VOL. XLVIII. No. 42 unless party requests with all neces- League Monday, Nov. 15, at 4:15j"

)RY. 2-1044. Sox darned,
ful work at low prices.
ustom Hudson sedan. Private-
ned. Mileage 3,900 miles. Bar-
George Helvey. 307 Elm. Ypsi-
RETINA kodak, filters, tripod.
by discount-need cash. Call
36. Toyoka Nagashina. 170
S for men. Shower bath, steam'
Phone 8544. 422 East Wash-
n. 177
CLEMENS, Mich., Nov. 13.--
ustave Maki, 46, of Detroit, was
d fatally in an automobile col-
Of cArt
e have
- Children's Toys
Phone 9737


in checking fascist aggression? Yes sary accompanying documents are
516. No 430. Blank 78. made in case of a violation of civil To Members of the Faculty, Staff, filed with the office of the Dean of;
Do you think teachers should have rights or academic freedom; changes and Student Body: Attention of Students, or in the case of sororities,)
full freedom to express their views? should be made in the curriculum to everyone is called to the Lootand in the office of the Dean o Wamen,
Yes 856. No 138. Blank 30. correspond to present-day needs. en the Monday before the event is to
Should students be considered as Others of this type were: students Found Department in the Business te Monday efoe the event
citizens of Ann Arbor and not as out- should have some means of indicating! Office, Room 1, University Hall. In- cannot be granted.
siders? Yes 593. No 336. Blank 95. a desire for new books, magazines and quiry concerning lost articles should. __
Do you think you can do anything newspapers in the Library; civil .lib- be made promptly at the above men- Memorable Film Series: There are'
to check the spread of War? Yes 636.3 erties are worth having; racial dis- tioned office. Articles found on the many membership cards still avail-t
No 278. Blank 110. crimination in restaurants is not to campus and in University buildings able for the matinee showings. Thet
Civil Liberties Endangered be approved; racial and religious should be turned over immediately. entire series will be shown to hold-
Do you think civil liberties are en- quota systems in professional and Those articles not called for within ers of matinee cards. They are on
dangered in any way in the United graduate schools not to be approved; 60 days will be surrendered to the' sale at the Union, League and Wahrs.
States? Yes 616. No 326. Blank 82. relations between foreign and Amer- finder. Shirley W. Smith The "Comedies" will be shown this
Do you favor voluntary attendance I ican students can be improved and Sunday.
of classes? Yes 710. No 279. Blank 35. individuals were interested in lec- All February graduates in Mechan-
Do you think the rules governingftures and discussions an vital topics cal Engineering: Please report to Arca
women students are adequate and of the day. :he Mechanical Engineering Office 1 cademic Notices 1
fair as regards to hours etc.? Yes 422. A majority signified an interest at once. M.E. 26 and 32: There will be no

p.m. on the subject: "The Task ofI
Religion Today."
Chemistry Lecture. "Spectrograph-
ic Methods in Industry" is the title
af the lecture to be given by Mr.
Charles C. Nitchie of the Bausch and
Lomb Co. at 4:15 p.m., Thursday
Nov.. 18, . in. Room. 303. Chemistry
building. The lecture is sponsored by
the local section of the American
Chemical Society, and is open to the
Kaitenbcin Lzcture Postponed:
Due to the sudden illness of Mr. Kal-
.enborn, theiOratorical Association'
nas found it necessary to announce a
pcstponeinent of his lecture. A new
date will be announced later.
Events Today
University Broadcast, 9-9:30.
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_ __





Which an ULTRA-VIOLET LAMP will bring to you
-- oe- SUNHEAT from an Infra-Red Ray Lamp,
both of which you may find at- -
320 South State Street Phone 2-3109

in working on a progressive campus
literary publication. Drama with aF
1 social meaning was favored by a very
slight margin. A majority said they
were not interested in a modern dance
PEA Forum Scores
Students, Faculty
(Continued from Page 1)j
present with hundreds of students
who have no place in an institution
of higher learning. Restriction must'
be tightened and an attempt made
to return the campus to its former
place as an institution primarily for;
At the convention yesterday morn-
ing, representatives were requested
to cast advisory ballots on personnel'
for a projected regional organization.-
The regional executive committee,
when it meets later in Detroit, will!
use yesterday's nominations as a
basis for its elections, it was an-
nouncedby G. Robert Koopman of
' the State department of public in-
struction, chairman of the committee.
The present regional executive
committee will be discontinued in fa-
vor of a permanent regional board
representing M i c h i g a n, Ontario,
northern Ohio and northern Indiana,
instead of the present Michigan-
Ohio-Ontario set-up, Mr. Koopman

J. E. Emswiler formal meeting this week. An in-
spection trip to the General Motors
Notice for Premedical Students: Proving Ground has been arranged
The Medical Aptitude Test sponsored for Tuesday, Nov. 16.
by the Association of American Medi- Meet at the Automotive Laboratory
cal Colleges will be given at the at 1 p.m. Return by 5:30 p.m. Tech-
University of Michigan Friday, Dec. 3 nical men will explain all apparatus
at 3 p.m. in Rooms 25 and 1025 An- and test procedure and show us track
gell Hall. Students may register for and test roads.
.1- -


- - ---------- --- - ----- - --


6:00-Joe Penner.
7:30-Open House.
7:30-Phil Baker.
8:00-Columbia Workshop.
8 :30-Birthday Party.
9:00-Sunday Evening Hour.
10:00-Jack Randolph.
10:15-Comedy Stars.
10:30--President Roosevelt.
10 :45-Hermhit~s Cave.
11:30-Cab Galloway.
12 :00-Henry King.
6:00-Catholic Hour.
6 :30-Smoothies.
6 :45-Sports.
7:00-Jack Benny.
7:30-Fireside Recital.
7:45-Interesting Neighbors.
8:00-Charley McCarthy.
9:00-Manhattan Merry-Go-Round.
9:30-Familiar Music.
10:00-Rising Stars.
11:00-Dance Music.
11:30--News, Music.
6:00-George Jessel.
6:30-T-our of Dreams
7:00-Dinner Concert.
7:30-Ozzie Nelson.
8:00-Orchestra. Soloists.
9:00-Hollywood Playhouse.
9:30-Walter Winchell.
9:45-Irene Rich.
10:30-President Roosevelt.
11:00-Jimmy Dorsey Orch
11:30---Eddie Varzos.
12:00--Freddie Rivard.
6:00-George Jessell.
6:30-Tima and Irene.
7:30-Ted Weems.
8:00-Stardust Revue.
8:30-Happy Hal.
9:00-Passing Parade.
9:30-Pontiac Baptist.
10:30-Gospel Services.
11:45-Bob Crosby Orch.
12:00-George Olsen.

On Your Way
Bring your shoes

The mid term examination in Hy-
giene 101, will be given on Friday,
Nov. 19, in West Amphitheatre, West
Medical Building, at'2 p.m.
SOCIOLOGY: Communication and
Public Opinion, 168. Professor Carr
'will be unable to meet his 9 o'clock
class on Monday morning.
SOCIOLOGY: Social Psychology
147. Professor Carr will be unable
:o meet his 10 o'clock class on Mon-
day morning.
Carillon Recital. Wilmot F. Pratt,
Universtiy Carillonneur, will give af
recital on the Charles Baird Carillon
in the Burton Memorial Tower, Sun-
iay evening, November 14, from 7:30
to 8:30 o'clock. -
Exhibition, College of Architecture:
Competition drawings for the Ryer-
son Scholarship offered, by the Lake
Forest Foundation for Architecture
The Curesvature of the
Separates and Supports the Breasts
The modern silhouette em-
phasizes uplift and separation
of the breasts. This import-
ant style note is obtained by
t4wearin this new "1 & W"I


, !J IJT~ i;Y

You can lead them to College but you can't
C snake them think! FOOTBALL WAS NEVER
J IKE THIS - but then, the Ritzes never
played football before.
r' {r
< s -
.NV. "i :..
" l : i:"l:tt "_::.t:8ti}:.: : v::.:::w ..:: .^
^:::. : ......... rr:::::::::."v~v ,ir:{:: .
.. . .. . . ".v
3 8I
IN 1
~ ii

li' ''
4 '

705 Packard at State Street
- - -- I




5 P.M. WE

;EKDAYS ...,.. .25c
, IN i1\


3 I


genus galscrew~' 'i'
fun "all Its a tune"
j;' "'NbY 'tc~I' . o) ."The
~BgCif e olegit
Rhuba OnThear-+
~Oujr lea {.O
-path" *~0r~ mitc ell
by ~ ,Pollack 0an " by

A&' n: f1Is ' 1i ' - +n ,o I~




KN.AV&N.U I ~ R V Ii - I :

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