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May 10, 1938 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-05-10

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Knight, (7 Pate
-Right this way, folks, to Michigras, the Beta Follies, Loop-o-plane, and
other concessions. . . on the other hand there was the Architects' Ball, Rococo
Revels . . . gay, dashing, weird, fantastic, the peculiar looking costumes con-
fused even the B.M.O.C.'s who couldn't start to recognize some of their pals
in the odd-looking garbs ...
The hit of the Michigras was the Beta Follies . with Bart Myers scaring
two or three of the boys every night with his act .. irregular to say the least
. .. Brad Terrell's strip-tease took first honors . . . demure and shy, his exit
created a furore .. Alys Pierce and Jim Cole sat back aways . . and
Vince Vis was very careful about keeping out of the front row when he went
Saturday . he 'played in the band on Friday and he knew ... even
though Betsy Lightner wanted to hop in there . .. but she didn't know ...
The Chi Phi-Pi Phi Starlight Roof was a popular rendezvous . . Bud
Lundahl and Dorothy Shipman went up for a coke and a dance ... and
Barbara Heath, Phil Newman, and Roberta Chissus were engrossed in a bridge
game . . . Roy Frazier was down on the main floor with Eleanor Anibal
looking around for something else to try their luck at . . . Stark Ritchie
- who incidentally is breaking in'to this column for the -first time in
two months . . . was trying to break records at baseball throwing
Ed Andronik, varsity pitcher, made five bulls-eyes during his stay at one
of the booths .. .
Loop-o-Plane Looped Stomachs ...
Chuck Lovett and Ruthie Bauknecht were getting a twirl on the ferris
wheel ... Bill LeCoe and Carol Ashbaugh were sauntering past the Kappa
booth . . Bob Merriman, Annette StroupBob Henderson and Ruth Keck
were right in back of them trying to catch up. . . Betty Mandel and Dorothy
Boyer, in the Kappa booth were bemoaning an after-
* ' noon's work spent over beauteous decorations only to
find that the carmelcorn concession wouldn't fit into
the booth ... and had to tear it all down again ... Harry
Swarthout and Ann Blakely were on the Loop-o-Plane
looking slightly green about the gills . . . Bob Stowe and
Trudie Hyde braved it too ... Flo Midworth and Bud
Wyman were buying frostbites at the Alpha Chi booth
.Over on the other end of the building Betty Strickroot
and Tony Yocum were talking to friends. . . Dave Span-
gler, Jim Harlan, and Wally Hinkle wre in front of
the Theta Delt booth barking ... Maxine Nelson cleaned
up on the name 'Shirl' there . .. but the barkers seemed
more partial 'to Miss 'X' ...
Rococo Revels at the Armory looked like a miniature Mardi Gras . .
Pinkie Higgins in Mellie MacCready's blue taffeta formal looked positively
devastating ... just too-too ... and Mellie, in a white mess jacket and tux
trousers, was quite the dashing young blade . . . Ronnie Stilson as the
Bucket Brigade came in with Wally Meyers... Dotty Barrett and Al Roth as
a couple of pieces of statuary looked pretty chalky in their white plaster
makeup that kept cracking. . . Dotty was Diana but Al's identity wasn't so
easily recognizable.-
Finally wandered in the farmer's daughter and the pretty, pink, bouncing
baby boy, in the persons of Charlotte Poock and Don Barnes . . . Mary Rall,
the Lady in Red, was slinking around in back of them looking for some-
thing . . . Marcia Connell and Russ Strickland had that certain Scotch air
about them . . . they were all dressed up in plaid and all the rest, as Scotch
and Soda ... Jean Steere was keeping Morris Morgan running around while
she checked on finance matters . . . Peg Pulte as Sadie Thompson and her
shady looking sailor-friend,'Bob Fuller, looked like they'd just left some
high-class saloon down in the bowery. . . Peg looked so wicked that no-one
recognized her . . . she walked up to Jack Dalton, who looked very pretty
in some kind of a uniform, and talked to him for several minutes before
he recognized her . . . Marilyn Norris who was with Jack looked so fragile
in blue taffeta with long blue mitts,.that a high wind would have blown her
right out . . -
Fiend On The looe .,..
According to most spectators, the best costume, at least the most weird,
was the Frankenstein? .. Invisible Man? . . . Mummy? . . . affair that Ed
Downs wore . . . he kept so in character the whole evening that everyone
was just a little afraid of him . . . that is everyone but Mary Jane Field
who looked as though-it were an every-
day occurrence for her to be dancing.
with a horror-man.. . Hope Petrouleaso
and Kay August, just a couple of pirates, n
were wishing that there was a little m1re
air in the place... and Betty Wahl and -
Leo Beebe were in a huddle admiring
the decorations . . . which were the
cause of .the stuffiness .. . Mary Lavan
was the center of attention when she
came in. . . as Surrealism,. . . marshmal-
lows constituted the bulk of the garb, trimmed daintily with wooden spoons
and sundry odd things .'.. all of this atop a pair of atrocious blue bloomers
Casey Carter's outfit looked pale in comparison with Mary's mon-
strosity,. .

Friday night the Tau Betes . . . Engine School honor society . . . had a
spring formal at the Bartoh Hills Country Club . . . Al Erickson and Flor-
c'nce Russ were doing the Big Apple over on one side of the room . . . even
though, it was supposed to be a Virginia Reel . . . . and Jane Giesecke and
Bob Young were clapping away for the Reel on the other side of the
oom . . . Professor and Mrs. Axel Marin and Ernie Tanzer were watching
the combination with some surprise . . . Bernice Cohen, oddly enough a
junior Phi Bete in the lit school, was with Tau Bete Jim Eckhouse showing
off the advantages of higher education.. . by giving a trucking exhibition,. ..
Fred Smith was engaged in a long conversation with Jane Munson,..
George Heas Double Trouble..
George Hanson spent at least half of the evening explaining to Mary
Ellen Smith that it must have been the other George Hanson on campus
that had made the hole-in-one on the golf course
Ken Graf and Helen Purdy were investigating
the contents of the punch bowl . .. and Rog Frazier
and Irene Bessolo explored the golf course
Ernie Christiansen and Mrs. Ernie were expound-
ing the glories of the golden west to anyone who
cared to listen . . . and Sidney Steinborn. this
years Technic head. was Fred Astairing it all by
himself all over the floor . . . Harry Marshall and
Peg Bennett were requesting a special number .
At the Delta Sig house Saturday night the food
was on the table and between courses of baked
beans and crab-meat salad dancing was in order . . Stan Crego and
Bunty Bain were lucky to get into the dining room to eat . . . and Wayne
Oglestone and Billie Schrader were drinking coffee after dinner while some
of the later arrivals had to dash upstairs to eat . . . Marjorie Wilcox and
Hugh Godfrey were eating with gusto . . . while Si Glerum was telling again
and again the story of the sudden shower that Harry Kittell got during
the course of the afternoon . . . when Si threw a paper bag of water on
him from an upper window . . , Angie Roknich and 'Laine Matheny
listened intently to the humorous repetitions . . . Marg Limber: and Bill

Heads Women's Sing

Miss Curtis, '39, is general chair-
man of the Lantern Night Sing, the
first all-women's sing to be held on
the University campus. Scheduled
for May 23, it will be open to soror-
ities, dormitories and zones.

W&eddi ng s


&igagemen ts
Mr. and Mrs. E. Floyd Griffin, of
Oyster Bay, N.Y., recently announced
the engagement of their daughter,
Barbara, '39, to Joseph L. Karpinski,
'38, of Ann Arbor. Mr. Karpinski is
the son of Prof. and Mrs. Louis Kar-
Miss Griffin, who is a transfer stu-
lent from Skidmore College, Saratoga
Springs, N.Y., is affiliated with Gam-
ma Phi Beta. Mr. Karpinski, a Feb-
ruary graduate, was a member of
the Daily staff in 1933-34. He is a
member of Phi Sigma Kappa.
t To Fete Dorothy Corson
A miscellaneous shower will be
given at 3:30 p.m. today in the League
by Jane Willoughby, '38, honoring
Dorothy Louise Corson, '38, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Harry P. Corson.
Miss Corson's engagement to Robt. M.
Graham, Springfield, was recently an-
nounced. Mr. Graham is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Graham, of
Springfield, Ill.
Miss Corson is affiliated with Delta
Gamma. The wedding will take place
in June.
Marie Abbot Engaged
The engagement of Marie Amanda
Abbot, '35, daughter of Prof. and
,Mrs. Waldo Mack Abbot, of Ann Ar-
bor, and Dr. Howard C. Jackson, son
af Dr. and Mrs. John Bert Jackson, of
Kalamazoo, was announced Sunday
at a tea at the home of the bride-
elect's parents.
Miss Abbot is affiliated with Alpha
Phi. Dr. Jackson received his de-
gree from the Harvard medical school.
He is now acting as resident surgeon
at University hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. William K. McHenry
of South Bend, announce the en-
gagement of their daughter, Cathar-
ine Baker, '33, to Paul Knapp Rogers.
Jr., of New Britain, Conn.I
Miss McHenry is affiliated with
Kappa Kappa Gamma She was wom-
en's business manager of the Daily in

Hayseed Hop
Tickets To Go
On SaleToday~
Can Be Obtained At Union
League, Angell Hall And'
Under Engineering Arch
The sale of tickets for the Hayseed
Hop will begin at noon today, it was]
announced yesterday by Helen Bar-
nett, general chairman of Freshman
The price of the tickets is $1.25 a
couple and they will be on sale under
the Engineering Arch during the noon
hour and from 3 to 4 p.m. and in An-
gell Hall lobby from 1 to 3:30 p.m.
daily until May 20. Tickets may al-
so be had at the League and Union1
desks at any time up to May 20. ]
Sellers To Go Rustic
The women selling tickets under
the Engineer's Arch and in Angell
Hall lobby, will be dressed in rural
attire, carrying out he general theme
of the Hayseed Hop and Strawberry
Social. The public is invited to at-
tend in informal dress, not neces-
sarily rustic in style.
Plans for a floor show during the
Hop have been ,completed and "ten
pretty girls" in various dance num-
bers will be featured.
To Feature Square Dances
Farmer Zwick has been drilling his
men in country music and it is re-
ported that they can 'now swing
out a mean "Farmer-in-the-Dell,"
said MissnBarnett.eThere will be
several dances to liven up the eve-
ning. The band will be dressed in
overalls with cotton shirts and straw
Cionminit ee M!eet
At League Toda
Meetings of the newly-organized so-
cial and orientation committees of
the League will be held at 4 p.m. and
4:30 p.m. respectively, today at the
League. The places, of meeting will
be announced on the League bulletin
Even though their names were not
announced in the Daily Sunday, all
women who petitioned for member-
ship on the social committee should
come to today's meeting, Barbara
Heath, '39, chairman of the commit-
tee, said. Plans for next year will be
announced an4, junior assistants will
be introduced.
All women who do not appear at
the orientation committee' meeting
today will automatically signify their
withdrawal from the committee, Mar-
cia Connell, '39, chairman said. All
advisers except transfer advisers
should attend.
Fur Coats
I Remodeled/

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the fifth her freshman year, she said. The
in a series of interviews with women
who are unusual in their selection of students work with a "typo-dont,"
courses of study. and un-alive subject, until their jun-
By ELLEN CUTHBERT ior year, when they are given a chair
Only two women are included in the and allowed to do increasingly more
student body of the dental school- complicated work on human patients,
Annabelle Richter, a freshman, and she explained.
Dr. Jenny Proskauer, a graduate stu- The little difficulties which bother
dent from Germany, who believes women don't annoy men so much, she
that women have a great future in has decided, stating, "They just for-
her profession. get about it and try to do better next
Miss Richter frankly admits that time; maybe that's what makes them
she doesn't know just why she entered so congenial to work with." She has
the dental school, except that "you been shown no partiality because she
are able to earn a living without ask- is a woman, she declares, and just
ing the other fellow for a job, and as much is expected from her as from
you are looked up to in that profes- anyone.
sion." Miss Richter plans to go into private
Dentistry Holds Surprises practice and feels that dentistry is the
Miss Richter received her pre-den- one course which she wants-in spite
tal training at the Michigan State. of the hard work and competition.
Normal College in Ypsilanti. Her work Female Sex An Asset
there left her totally unprepared for Dentistry first appealed to Dr. Pros-
the mechanical side of dentistry, so kauer as a branch of medicine. She
she was surprised at being expected was very much interested in manual
to'make such things as bridges during work, and felt that, as a dentist, she




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