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April 03, 1938 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-04-03

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... r r t d N h 1. .,o

PAGE SIXTEEN ~77'f V, W~L 3, 1D38

Italians, Nazis
Yot 1, f No Lonlger ['Pass
mw l '11 iStrec C(alfes;

ren Spain Is




ei' I Visitorsl



A Street Scene in 'Beautif ul Barcelofa' Fian, l

y CISI eplace Rome And The Rins

Ba r1)e,

' J I'T

As Chief hlia,,

I'ofist Attraction


Before the war Spain was one «f
the triost. iperativ' of traveler's
"musts." Rmialiticizd il song lt;-
end iandci rnest hemingway, SainI
be ane it symbol o the Etc feo gaiety,
color And lalfgor, of fiesa, siesta andc
Spain is rno, a very good place to
travel in any more. In the first ~lace
you can't Qet a passport becaue the
fruntiers are closed. If you got in,
and esoaj,ed olive when your hotel,
tramn, restaurant or street car was
demrolihed by airplane bombs, there
wondni't be much of the old Spain
to see anyway. The picturesque
youths llling in front of the cafes
have gne away to the front, where
thiousands of their picturesque corpses
have rotted in the Iberian sun. The
farms aind villages are deserted, the
cities fillcd with foreign soldiery. As
Water O'Keefe once remarked, most
Amerians wouldn't1 be able to get on
in Spain these dlays because they
don't speak German and Italian.
Ili you visited Rebel territory you
would be less exposed to being man-
gled by xploding bz~mbs than in Loy-
alist cities, but there would be sev-
eral other inconveniences. You would
run the risk of being shot as a spy
if you stopped for a candid camera
shot of the drinking fountain in Bur-
gos or if you said you liked Robert
Taylor's profile better than Musso-
If you wanted to while away the
time with some reading you couldn't
get a copy of any of the works of
Bazac, Stndal, Dostoivsky, Filau-
'lteet to
offers muh more than the cer-
tainty of finding just the ship,
rat, accommodation and sailing
date you want. Whether you
choose 'a sip of 20,000 tons or
the World's Newest Liner Queen
Mary ... whether you sail luxuri-
ous Cabin Class modern, com-
fortable Tourist or Third Class..
your voyage will be a mem-
orably pleasant one.
... 43,210 MOREI thane ny oher
line carried . .. reaffirmed their
preference for Cunard Whie
Star's traditionally perfect service
.cotinenml cuse ... unri-
vwaled choice of sailin~js, four
each week to France, Ernchinrd,
Ireland, Scotland.
Aquitoni 15, 29 13
Samaria *17 X15
-,Queen Mary 22 6 20
Scyhia *24 *22
Georgic 25 23

From ruins of church. shattered
whose "rain of death" left some 840
sta tues were taken. General Fran

ecea e bonifbi1g (cities by sLIyih.; the
btombing will go ov.


bert, 'I eophi i Ganuier, Dum~cas o1
even Thomas Carlyle. So far, the
Elsie Dinsmore books are not known
to have been placed on the "ver-
boten" list.
It is said that Mussolinli is having
'ouble with his budget lately (for the
past seven years). This news may be
,ig~nificant for the traveler, for al-
'n-ost any day some enterprising spirit
in the Fascist G rand Council is likely
;;O Suggest passenger service on short
r.oatstal tries in the Bay' of Biscay
ind the Mediterranean in order to
Alt h.1e submarine business on a pay-
xjig balsis. There might be a special
z ;ht-seeing surcharge for every Brit-
isle merchant ship sunk.
Some day people, will be travelling
again in Spain. Some day the _wine
spilt in the street cafes won't be
mixed with blood. 'Some day the peo-
pl)e will be carefree arid happy again
and Spaiin will be pictu.resque.w Some
day the1c Germans and Italian's will
,stay in Germany and Italy.
Model Center A ids
I, ihsserinatwnt
Of A mericanisms
TlI w (p 'a rter-baewk vAlcl'dthe signals
in Germnan. The center flipped the
ball, blocked out his man cursing him
vehemently in Spanish. Righ t-end
ran out for a pass shouting. "li.r
ici!" And the referee gurgling Swed-
ish admonitions of foul play called
the ball hack---ollisics" i ,,tgam cof
inater:'al tonal f o o ! b)all a tte i; (ivtiiii
versita r ire d11arris.
Sinwe thewl- mUnid SatesIo ;(wa
fcr cui(_\.vrd 1Interiiatioi t Stu-
dent Cen1ter i ; ri.;ulo aStu-l
dentt 1 v(,ye l r el fto p)2i>1 iU. auc,
Uhe (iu'' a 1 d the''big aplte'' andl
even ct p';)cu)lkis for l b ±reakfas
On the : outhern outskirts of t'Paris,
near thep Porte WCrieans there has
natonl su~ent ci; ps'' lreSwiss,
Jap.anesei, Swees. Gf;'Trclks. Argen-
tines, Sl)siniarcis, French, Amrleric'ans,
Belgians> and 3;nglishmnen Jive to-
gether while studying at one of the
famous Parisian schools. Somue are
students at t he Sorbonne, Somt1e at1

44S q
dry,°i 0 >"t S Uo'ii i , Lan O 6
a'itii 'ra: .w>r" . ° ''T o w Y
pondiltatthe ti ra'leh'r .n i ai t v "h
few fars Ithat he will !)c a''l
# n ~twen a raewlwre ftO;_c e
;.Tlhere are many Clac s i;;1 I'~
inl ].,hland --or Suom , !le Fn ish,
wo e f r fi a d o 0 00W hen arriving in H elsinki, O , ei h a it lThe v si o s .v-; b
the cleanilie s of the ci y. Like t II
Scandinavxns, tlhe Fins are lt - r
tons for scrubbing and Melsink1i has
been awarded the mythical title of
the most spotless city in te wor l.c
T h r r l a~ Y e i e c s o x , -;ernistic arch itecture in ilesiul.a ~ (,
throughout Finland. Tleo r , artIW
tow '' station in Surois captai is a
terminal. It, was dgs ?::c1) y f'ii
ISaarinen. the designer (of Crnrook t
School who now teahes at Cran- i
brook. Extreme contrasts are af-
Iforded by the presence of medieval
it Marchi 17 by Insurgent bomnbers stone castlesonaly a few kilometers
vicimsin areloa; pa thse removed from modernistic oiic
victms n. arceona Spinbuildings, flour mills and graaies;.
ea has answer'ed pleas that rebels
I ~Any peson wh~to goes to F'inlad
ities are military objectives. The ishouild not miss takimi 1art in the,
Jsauna,'' Which 1is a fiut a1 n-
- - Iional insil ution . 'lb e sa 'ma'is ta
Orient type of s tx~a 1,1xt tat (2i'1U I
Olse, (I y.i~J adequiately described in wors. '[le
process consists of sitttn on anyv one
of three benches, arranged in ascend-1
Q 1" te o Pre " ing levels, the higher the houtter, vwile
'To~lstO.Cs..Wate on a airn of rocks which i1as
1 enheated for several hurs by al hot
wood fire. The steam eslting from
Japanese EL pdit tiolialrv ithis exprment goo"; up.t dossQ I
k orees Have VilfedI Oil one right between te sh~uldr he.
Bty Spoi ' ??f)h This parboiltng senr> !st1 :a' "i
at fist but soon o-isf t Ii eirt:
iB ROBERT P1 I{IMAN With a smooth, looseixii-im"tse-ato.IthrisaJkhnd!]=:
An ardvertisemnent isued by one of o.a(I(kai
;lie trans-Pacific ship lins informs 'then coming back in for sone mre
:he prospective traveler' that hris trip heat. This process cm be 'pt';l
to Japan will begin it) Seattle or Vi- a aytmsa eie.Il ie -
toria and urges" the globe-trotter to tas many tieshasdesFire.nns te u-
'allow, a few days or a week for ateotlmin the snha fry F1 inn sb.it '
ight-sceing in thne Pacific aNolortetnwfh-hedpinIh
Not-lake. This later et h*.? 1 i
vest one of the most interesting cor-rcmedd frIh i ' t'
mci' of ur on cotinet."traveler. however.
The Michigan Daily Travel D- IiFiiadonhsI 'p atU
:iartxnent wishes to reiterate tAe ad- o eigtesns~igh~g~1
lice to spend a week in the North-oseigtl:sn;inrt aia'l.,I
vest. But we go farther. .Latest fo h evnsa hn~isn
'eportis from the Dail's Tokyo corre- the country's northern Itip (,\61'1
'ondeuits indicate that it might be into the Arctic Circle. An xeV
setter to spend the entire three weekshih y.teoloninL''s
nour own Rockies 'instead of con-leading directly to tei rtc a ra,
ributing to Japan's budget: that is provides easy access to (le 24hor
acing used to send. a "civilizingex day. This summer, airpilanee ~'v( t'
-Jditioil to China. -..
As for China, advertising matter
ironically talks of going sight-seeing
n Shanghai by ricksha and threading
"i nd out among the "maze of"
,rooked streets." More than the
street~s are crooked in Shanghai to-
day, since the Japanese oceuipation..
Thke traveler will geit a realistic and' 1orbepcuefwainCn.
f'hrec quarters of the pages in aed-1ns5 1,rp
.kcrs on that country can be ripped 't
gliut now: the places t1hey dseri be no
longer exist. 11', ,U
Considering thleOrient as a whole, 11')t k, T'
thei most intelligentthntodsem
to ctrai o therand ~anyon rfi ~
the foocies and save money. ~' }E r K -l ' ^

r I , . z. PC. TAI('lJi) fmuToreeybeinn atin ~Lrake Maggiore,, Sorrento and Pornz-
Y (,1, ' cio l o Toi aly to :See R I c Se wtltle'lt. ,pcii, the I~ alian Riviera, aro fully
V ns, nc and the Grand Florenc, cradle of the Re -aissance,,, endowed with gifts to delight the
mal aplsad thie Blue Grogtto of .inz many ways and the lbirthplace o ; torist's heart.
Cap;, bt tere are other thngs . DaEcnte if you are interested, offers the Btpbalwhtilbemti-
- o iuaane youmgh b ineret-Uffi and Fiti Galleries, the Came- teresting are the soldiers back from
cr1 1 (ye1'iil the farst mod~cern cor- pannie of Giotto, and the MediceanteEtipanEpre h etui
( v i h action. the attitudeChplkteEhoin mpr henhu-
ofIL'i1ill~ Muiarsseorldilthe bt ,cmof Italians, thetttempt to build
ma fa ~g *ssofMusoii n he Vn1C(e, K3: t i 11w morYITtStbtt in another Rome out of a nation, poor
a .i e d z r izttg the Ploztinelzc' ~ "~' in all but its people and the products
a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ algz Ans aigteriiod Yjtnot qctes:o beautiful, has!
t :.it ?in therunof is genius.
I ~nie ad keepin the b'ga rs 01 te iha 'tr lok sin the canals and____________________________
r,,, " the gondolas,. which if we understand;
Ii" I.correctly, still idle down the Canal,
.u ih~ ot xagrn nbefore the Palace of the Doges. R y1 1
unfo m neitby al- eatiu spots of the world, offers a
Kaeyuir is.so it is said. This is a ThBaofapsneftetrl XJL n1,I .
1 al an momentous period in picture of a different Italy, one of a
Itihn itinat~.less industrious Italy, perhaps a more CONDUCTED and
I' zf y o easiou sudntbetlaughing and singing Italy. Capri, INDEPENDENT TOURS
.2 studyin, the Italianate phase of with the ac cent on the first syllable. Represented by
ern hist .ry, then, the opportuni- has the Blue Grotto.
:.re wonderful. Milan has two talking points in its Frederick S adl
lf'OUSd'bnto rlyai i n Cathedral and Da Vinci 's "Last Sup- TI'SVEL SERVICE
"I% aorptiont onhelbauaties and e ~,
srp in ftal boeauoierste Geooneqeenfdh'erhn 12 Nickels Arcade Ph. 6040
f fIay oVaoleste Geooc t r ftemrhn . . to course, with its treasures world, home of Columbus. Stresa on____________
t = sculture a<nd painting, the Pan-
- f i-z re -dim,1ent of Ro\ nsa'srnchi-
tf ore y;at, Its 'reatc( .1 heightthe
^;'t.. ''.oill)5 mm'andthe Appia n Way
which 0,_,tbooks in Caesar have trade
7IT 'ake1"raveler
To 0 il%)Ji terraii t G (l 1(1'

N e'W Yorlk.. A slice of ocean in
reearpl~t'idinierosions of 2.0(00,000'
sqaemiles, re aching from Gibraltar
to the S~e'z, and touching the.'n
figur'ations of countries large and
mall. Umnde ndancient, will be'
i," kcy-,,J, of an acquaintance pi'o-
gu-am for the Spring; and Summuer
(hedilcs of Yankee cruises.
"F.'\" ypr o,'c't ive pssengcl-s know
t I z~ ,xt , ttxude of Mecliterranzeam at
el r th 'r)csghso contraitseno
.T1 i ;e,' ttsGeorge C. GeedelC
7 ~ M (C;-t 'r'Eaf M, a '01. of the
. evi' a t~xnrt hes, who will 17ca-
*IV sc-' iti{objects, individualI
S~I15v[i'to poi'r bordering the
i~onGibralt am, where the mlight~y
sci. sltxhibit A in sightseeing in-
cixilo iso the Mediterranean, one
1 1 wtheoccident temp ired" by it's'
,,c; i nehbor Africa.
10o }the Are t c Circlec1will be in;au,,turat-
l'ie touris:t will find ('xpP'(I5OSill
Finirdc ucedingly low. Theral
uoadl iates arc approximately althird I
cif those ixn lie United State~s. fHote; lI
prices are i-aolable. Of Fnns
foodi nothing more need be said tlihanI
to cile Will Rogers,' Statemnemit,
"You hav en't eatens until you've been,
ti Imy~l nFd "
T ..; -


by Saff ell &6'13ush

,100 COUNTRY WEAR as well as daily MCe, &iJel1

& is 1$IS ntroduce the

"IFairway Ensemble."

Sinart jacket with contrasting or harmonizing

rI,- .,
-,l .

- -_

Cai inthia"e"s
Laconia a"
Britannic ., . .
*From Boston fallowing day


L'Ecole des Beaux Arts, some at
tU'iiiole de Medicinle*. In te ;1 l itinel'
student travelers from-all ove r tine
world make the Cite Universitaire
their home-=tea. for the Englishmen.
weinerschnitzel for the German, and
ho ~~rand cold running water f or


0lY ~ 0

trti-tscrs. CM ts $ 16.50 to $3 0.00.
$6.00 to $12.50.
%7 SHIRTS in smart
y ~spring, Nw col;
-/ Fashioned to give
casual correctness.
$2.00, $2, 50, ind


r 'j~-


ftania 17 15
tui'17 15
lea24 25
rania 24 22
Ionic ... 1, 29
itia It..28
42 Sailings in April and Ma~y

Colors f or
hr styles,
an air of
Priced dat


lJ~re b Ar
Pen nsyania-Central
Airlines, Inc.
Se'ml PIhi ju'., Daily, f 110 it. Detroit to

i } e ' ' ' y "'T



$/8OSQUP $264up $3.5Oup
I rom New York fo (England, b'elvndl, or.
5Sft alnd in the ScyfIhiu, Scinria, Laconia
IEom August i0 to Match 30, east-
boun.., nd fromt Ototber I5 to July

'EfrrP th e "'-.._ c 167' 1'l ' -w i _11 th jcost et driving. ilt
(n4i ~ T~

IN U N -B u s -i ankle - fashioned
Sprin', styles designed to express

Onfe Way
CLEVELAND ,...,-.$7.90


s a ..r nw + 9.7 5

Found trip

l3ittsb ur7 I c1ki ig l , Q


Y.f A dO lilt:;". ,

t .7(
,51 F.t a

$ \ )O.

to 'it I$1.0.

Prced f rote.
Ot hers fB'out

taai-uusi~iehaa liio 'rdr'jApi-l f

I PITTSBURGH ..... 14.90

Maur Var k Citv

r, !{? 1(

-17 otR

.... $ii 9 .30



j7j j;T !f3£1c ii1.} 1k: fYi I? {: ,{tit3k .s. . . 71 se:,t!23


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