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April 03, 1938 - Image 14

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-04-03

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Man Students


Varied Trips

South Appears
Most Popular
Vacation Place
Sumner Visit To Europe
Also Is On Program Of
Many Vcationists
With spring comes the traditional
"fever" and an impelling wanderlust.
Sunny skies and foreign scenes are
attractions not to be ignored by many
a Michigan man and woman, and the
south appears to be the most popular
spot for the April vacationist.
Morgan Gibbs, '39, Chuck Newman,
'40, Fern Barritt, '40E, Bob Prasil,
'41, and Don Carr, '41, are heading
for Florida next week. They plan to
visit three Lambda Chi Alpha chap-
ters at Florida Southern University,
Lakeland, Florida University at Gains-
ville, and drop in on the University of
Alabama on their trip .northward.
Barbara Basset, '40, and Carolyn
Beltramini, '38, are also taking the
train for Florida were they will spend
Spring vacation with Carolyn's par-
ents. Betty Conn, '40, Betty Strick-.
root, '38 and Jane Hardy, '39A, are
among the others who will vacation
in Florida.
Barbara Heath, '39, is planning to
travel through Virginia and Georgia
with her family, and Virginia Han-
deyside, '38, will drive to North Caro-
lina where she will visit Duke Univer-
sity. Betty Sutton, '40, will spend
her vacation in St. Louis, Mo. Bill
Morgathaler, '40, and two Delts are
also driving south.
Kathryn Bevis, '38, will be cruising
to Bermuda next week, and Glenn
Brink; '38E, plans to fly to San Diego,
Calif., and then to Washington. Ade-
line Singleton, '38, and her family
and Hope -Hartwig, '38, will travel
through Virginia, the District of Co-
lumbia, and the eastern states.
The bright lights of New York City,
are prefered by many students for a
week's vacation. Bob Garrison, How-
ard Crusey, '39E, Tom Keppelman,
'38E, Jack Overton, '40 and Harry
Sonneborn, '40, plan to hold a Theta
Chi reunion in the big city, and thenl
drop in on Bob Sadler, ex'39 at An-
napolis who is preparing for entrance-
exams at the U.S. Naval ,Academy.,
Jayne Roberts, '38, and VirginiaC
Weidlein, '38, mayalso meet in New
York. Lucille Cullis, 40, will spendt
her vacation in Boston, Mass., and
Roberta Chissus, '39A, plans to drive
to Kentucky.f
Trave.ling plans have also been
completed by many for the summer
vacation. Miriam Finkeldey, '40, will5
visit England, France, Germany,X
Italy, Switzerland and Austria, act-
ing as assistant leader for the Stu-V
(dents' International Travel Associa-F
tion. Elizabeth Powers, '38, Mariant
Robertson, '38, and Kathleen Larned,
'38, will spend the summer together inC
Other European travelers will be1
Eleanore Swan, '39, Jack Davis, '39,r
Dotty Curtis, '38, Allison Curtis, '41,t
*nd Herb Carlson, '39, who is plan-1
ning to take a Scandinavian cruise. I

An Irish Donkey Cart

Pride O

During Vacation Periods
f North German Lloyd Lines of the distance and the difficulties of
Those people, who do not wish to
go as far as Europe or to Asia for a
ringside seat on the Oriental Arena
where Japan guarantees a perpetual
show, will find the South Sea Islands
a restful place. More and more sea-
soned travelers are seeking solace in
the ideal settings of the islands.
Then, for those patriotic souls who
believe in "buy American," there.is al-
ways the slogan, 'See America First."
This summer. the United States.might
well be one of the most interesting
places to see completely.
dichigan Students is scheduled to sail on the Europa European passengers steaming down
the -Hudson this spring and summer
land, Italy, Switzerland and Germany will miss the familiar Leviathan, gi-
Attractive are the most popular countries for ant ocean queen of yesteryear, which
travel because of the fact that it takes became a landmark on the -Hoboken
the least time and money to visit side of the river, during the several
tion of some 400 odd million. Here them. The Scandinavian countries years it laid quietly in wait. Outward
the word "Fascisti" takes the place of come second. Then come Austria, l bound for the last time in December
the "Big Apple" and fruition is wor-- Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugo- the Leviathan is now being dis-
slavia. Last comes Russia because mantled in Scotland.
shipped as an aid to warfare.
Looming large in an extensive trip
of Europe is the totalitarian state of
Russia. Here five year plan follows
five year plan and instead of the A nswer to your Ipaye
peasants telling quaint legends about
the boy who saved Leningrad, or was
it Petrograd, from the flood, they pass
on stories of Comrade Minolovitch
who raised more wheat than any

Excerpts From Correspondent's
Dispatches Decribe London

(Continued from Page 11)
parties offered me, and I don't know'
how I can arrange it tactfully so as
to take them all in. As I cannot con-
clude that this popularity is due to a
sudden increase of the charms that
have gone unnoticed 22 years, I
must put it down to the asset column
of the generous British race. (Or
maybe it's ;just because I've men-
tioned to several people how very
strange it will be to have a birthday
away from home- 'Oh, is it your
birthday? I say, I suppose we'll have
to entertain for you.' 'Oh no, I
couldn't hear of it.-really, I mean.
Well, if you insist.',
A brilliant description of the quaint
ceremonies attending Guy Fawkes
Day was filed Nov. 7. It is true 'chat
Guy Fawkes Day as well as the open-
ing of Parliament will not occur dur-
ing the coming summer, but doubtless
our English cousins celebrate the
Fourth of July in the same spirit:
"Firecrackers all week. Dirty little
beggars accosting you with 'A penny
for the Guy!' and you're supposed to
give them money. (You can imagine
Gies looking the other way with
hands buttoned to pockets) and kids'
Irving Silverman, '38, plans to start
on a trip around the world this sum-
mer, stopping off at northern Africa,
the Crimea, India, and the Philip-
pines. Tuure Tenander, '38, plans to
visit England and later Finland.-
Charles Parsons, '39, will travel to
San Diego during tle summer to en-1
ter his yacht in the World's Star Class
Yacht Races. Dorothy Davis, '41, is
planning to spend her vacation in
New Mexico, and Helen Bohnsack, '41
will visit Glacier National Park. Mary
Richardson, '40, will take a pack trip
through Montana.
Jean. Drake, '39, will attend the
Gamma Phi Beta National Conven-
tion at Delmonte, Calif., in June.
Barbara Backus, '40, will spend two
months traveling through the wes-
tern states with her parents, and
Ellen MacDonald, '40, will spend her
vacation in Maine. ,

Please to remember
The fifth of November,
The day of Gunpowder plot,
E I don't see a reason
Why gunpowder treason
Ever should be forgot.
The description of the quaint cere-
monies unfortunately breaks off at
this point, with the cryptic conclu-
sion: "At last, the dinner bell.-
whoops! Love and kisses."'
Our correspondent's many fasemat-
ing experiences include a visit to a
court of law, depicted in the follow-
ing authentic account:
"It's the end of a long weary day
spent you'll never guess where-in
court, in a witness box no less, in
the country miles and miles from
here, in a courtroom so cold one's
breath turned to steam nearly. You
know I told you when Mrs. H- and
I went on our trip we were in an ac-
cident; that is, a stupid country
bumpkin smashed into us from a
driveway. (Ed. Note: We might re-
mind our readers that our corre-
spondent is a woman.) Ti-e police
sued him for negligent driving and
last week the law appeared on the
sacred and virginal precincts of Cros-
by Hall to summon me to appear at
His Majesty's Petty Court in Calne,
Wilts, on ye 15th Nov. aforesaid year,
aforesaid case, etc. So-we had to get
up at 5 this morning and take the
train to the other side of the country
and appear. It was really rather in-
teresting, but unfortunately our side
lost the case, through a pack of lies.
and perjuries. I have certainly lost
my respect for the law, if I ever had

A June tour of M
Tense World
(Continued from Page 11)
to the visitor in Paris, but the visitor
may find the Chamber of Deputies
more interesting.
Next, in Adolf Hitler's Germany,
one can see a new empire in the
making. Everyone has read about der
Fuehrer's rise from paper hanger to
dictator of two countries and his
desire for anschluss for central Eu-
ope. Herbert Hoover might have
called it regimentation, but the Ger-
mans call it "Der Vaterland."
Thence to Italy where the corpora-
tive state is now in full swing and
where Mussolini leads a cheering sec-;
any. But we got our expenses paid,
which accounts for the fact that D.
Gies had for breakfast on aforesaid
pullman, aforesaid day: grapefruit,
cereal, fried fish, a couple of eggs,
sausages, sauted potatoes, toast, rolls,
honey, jam, milk and coffee. Afore-
said indigestion narrowly averted."

other soviet worker.
Despite the teChnological i
mcnt in travel, free inovemen
ing curbed more and more
the present day traveler mie
be taking a last chance to v
birthplace of most American
Austrian frontier is still re
open to travel, though roc
say for how long.
Randall's Travel Agency
that Belgium, France, Englar

nt is be-
ght well
visit the
s. The
one can
rid, 1-1-

You n. eed the Aw,, Ht!
613 East Williams Street 4 Doors off State
-II- -


/{ ยง~7~
/ ~. :

New Coats and Suits


'ntroduction to spring



Appropriate for
Cruise and Travel!
The latest craze under
the sun! Devastatingly
young and becoming !



We preview the Easter parade of
Spring Coat and Suit Fashions,
highlighting a collection of merit.
Here are styles to please every
feminine taste; good fashion and
good value at prices that are not


and pair 'em mix
can be your own

4 -;_
-' ,.. r- it

'em and


of it! Pick 'em
'em-at last you

in Suedes, Kitten Fluff,
and Felt - o l in soft
shades - Dusty Rose,
Dusty Blue, Passion Pur-
ple, French Beige, Hor-
ness, Aqua Mist, and

Well-tailored reefers with youth-
ful and slenderizing lines-ideal
for sport and informal dress.
Ascot scarf and box pleat back.
Navy, black and tweed.
$12.95 up

New softly tailored and man-
tailored suits -smartest for now
- perfect for vacation. Young,
figure flattering -navy, black,
oxford, grey, tan, blues.
All sizes
$}6.95 UP

, , ,T >:' i
" b., .

A calot, sweater, skirt and shorts that match or
contrast add up to six complete changes-six glorious
colorful play days each welcoming a new you.
And there's real romance in every garment for
Bradley went to St. Julian, a tiny province on Argen-
tine's southernmost tip, for the caressingly soft yarn
used in your Pick-'n-Pair.
So pair a pencil with a pad, come in and from such
deliciously soft colors as Bamboo Beige, Rajah Red
and Morning Glory Blue, design your own daily dif-
ferent sports wardrobe from Bradley's Pick-'n-Pair.
SK I RTS... .$5.95cup




11 ,m Bf E- - Nk AU U LI Nw N - U

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