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March 23, 1938 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1938-03-23

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-. D 4E AY, 1V .IO 23, 19-09

Crane Scores
7Lack Of Unity
Among Powers
ShldhiGive Tl avc-iiot'
To Aid Cause Of Peac.'.
Loud Lecturer' Says
If the "great pbowers" would sharc
with the have-nots instcad of con-
demning, with self-righteous smug -
ness, nations like Japur, the cause of
world" peace would be materially
helped, Dr. Henry Hitt Cr~ane assert-
ed yesterday i the second in the
series of Martin Loud lectures given
in the Union Ballroom.
Although he condemned the action
of the Japanese as diabolically cruel.
he' advocated a distinction betwceen
what a nation is and what it does.
The Japanese people are worthy of
our respect, he stated, and their ac-
tion in invading China can be ex-
plained, partially by false assump-
tions they have made and partially
by the example of other nations.
The Japanese, in common with the
rest of the world, Dr. Cr'ane ex-
plained, are victims of the fatuous be-
lief thait the army can be a saving
force. In addition, he pointed out,
they have the ever-constant threat of
the powerful eastern army of the So-
viet Unioni.
History really furnishes the sanc-
t ion for Japan's action, he said. For-
eign, powers, notably Russia and
France have already virtually taken
possession of a good part of China,
hie stated, and cannot be self-right-
eous, when they are dripping with
guilt ourselves.
Dr. Crane will conclude his series
of talks with speeches at 4:15 p.m.
today in the Union Ballroom and at
7:30 p,m. tonight in the First Meth-
odist Church.

Street Scene 'c l arc elorna Af ter Recent Spanish Air Raids

Pro)f. rfiI
01 Past An~dI
Pruof, R116 'rialano tcclc a e
:q)eak in French can
la Comedic TF ~viwaise
joulrdt'hui" at 4.:15 p
Roorn 103 Rom ance ILai
inn. This~ is the last
lectlures sponso0red b,
Profes~sor ' r7llatJvo
history of the fount
'Theatre de la Conc
from its bed;inning in
tury down to modern
The activxities of thc
p-als forj the year will
by a, play, "The Miser"
presented April 2.9. Ti
play, which is one of
is being selected. Tryi
last week.

14 )l I prof. D. HI. Haines of the journal-
ism departmient will turn auctioneer'
.. at 4 p.m. Friday to place several
iil~L~vlots of books under the hammer at
Presnt Ian Auction-Tea being conducted by
the journalism department in 21311
n of the rO-I Haven Hall.
paNtnient will The books being offered for sale
Le Theatre de are from the Kappa Taui Alpha, na-
Fl ier et Au- tional journalistic honorary society,
>.m. today in library, and the money from the
J1guages Build- auction will be used to purchase new
in a series of books.
y the GCrele' Among thle lbooks lo be auctioned
off are: "Amnerica Faces the Barri-
will trace the cade" by Spirals; "War---No profit.
dation of the No Glory, No Need" by Norman
;die Fraiicaise Thomias; "Germany's Road to Ruin"
the 17th cen- by Nowak, and "Mag;nifiicent Obses-
times. lioni" by Douglas. Refreshments will
e Ccie lcFlan- be served and all students are invit-
ebe conicluded ed, Miss Brant, secretary of the de-
which will be partment, said,
li cast for this
Moliere's best, BLAK~E TO TALK
outs were hield; prof. Warren F. Blake of the Greek

Architects Prepare
Tihe initial issue 'all but forgotten,
fthe staff members of Michigan's lat-
est publication, "The Designer," are
hard at work on the second of their
bi-wookly efforts.
Published by the Architectural
Council of the College of ArchitectuLre
under the authority of the Board in1
Control of Student Publications, "The
Designer" is- devoted entirely to the
school of its origin. Gossip about the
architecture students, announce-
ments of succial interest to their
readers, a "People's Choice" modeled
after Gargoyle's "Preposterous Peo-
ple" and articles on the field of ar-
chitectut e make up the magazine's
Class~ fortnes June 15th for September
U.S. Foreign Service Examination.
Wr ite 3034-P-St N .W.Washiington, D.C.
Dead The Daily Classifieds

San ,Rd T A tn dna'. Q ~t ll U Will 1O%,u'
the earliest Greek novel at a meeting
of the Phi Tau Alpha Classical So-
.' e~i~i A p Mo ney ciety at 8 p.m. today in the League.;
Talks Here Sunday I

Scencsi like this, showing inhabitants of Barcelona, Loyalist capital, hurrying past a bomb-wrecked street car,
were conmmonplace during the series of intensive Insurgent air raids. A: least~ 640 persons were killed in.
the bombardments. This picture was sent from London to New York by radio.

Ickes A nd Forestry Magazine
Battle Over Conservation Plats,


Plui cI r Leetures
Gracco -Buddhist Art

(Cor~nhued from rage 4)
be -preceded by a supper to be served
at 6 o'clock,
Harris )Jail: There will be a cele-
bration of the holy Communion in
the Chapel at 7:1.5 a.m. The rgular
Wednesday noon Student Starvation
Luncheon will be held at noon today.
All PpiscopaI students and their
Sfrienlds are. urged to attend.
An Evening Series of lectures on
"Dre We Be Christian" will e given
by. Dr. Henry H. Crane at the First.
)Methodist Church 'on Monday, Ttis-
day and Wednesday at 7:30.
Alpha lng la Delta meeting on
Wednesday, 8 pam., at the Grls'
Cooperative House, 517 East Ann St.
Topic: "Language Difficulties Un-
drlying Communication." Speaker:
Professor Thlomas A. Knott, Editor of
the Middle English Dictionary,
rPhil if.u Alpba Classical Socety
vill meet tonight at 8 pa. at the
Michigan League. Dr. Warren E.
Blake will speak. All members arc
ur'ged to be perent.
Scabbard and Blade: Important
meeting at 7:30 pm. tonight at the
Union. Room will be posted. All
votive members are expected to be
persen t.
Men s Glee Club: Important re-
hearsals tonight at 7 p.m. at the
Union and 'Thursday at 4:15 p.m. at
lll Auditorium.
University. Girls' Glee Club: 'There
will be no rehearsal tonight.
11Th igan ailing Club: Open meet-
ing tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Union.
All those who are interested ar
urged to conie because the constitu-
tion will be read and a club brgee
'Will be discussed.
Perspectives:, the new literary miaga-
zine:. Important meeting of the fic-
tion committee at 7:30 p.m., Wednes-
day,- in the Student Publications
Building. All members must be pres-
ent and must have read all fiction
Coming 1 ventq
University Oatorical Contest: The
University Oratorical Contest will be
held Thursday, March 24, at 4 p.m.
In Room 4203 Angell al.
The contest is open to the public,
Dcuts'Iaer Vereir.: Meeting Thurs-
day evening, March 24 at 8 pm. in
the Michigan League. Dr Ludwig
- Waagen from the Univertity of Mu-
ich will speak on "Albrecht Durer
and seine Zetgenossen" Everybody
who is inter'ested is invited to attend,
Refreshments will be served
Assocataon Fireside: Dr Y. Z
rhang will lean the discussion at the
Student Religious Association Pire-
side 'Thursday evening at 8:00 in the
11ane Hall Library. The topic will be
"The Needs of China Today" All in-
iterested arc welcome.

Of Conservation Ofict'
hIn PresiideiiL'siC(ainetI
A long-smoldering fire of abuse
over the disposition of the American
Forest Service, broke out in earnest
,.his month between Harold L. Ickes.
'.eeietary of the interior and the
magazine "American Forests."
Secretary Ickes contends that the
14orest Service now residing under the
authority' of. the Departinent of Ag-
riculture should be transferred to his
own depaltmnent in the interests of
unity and coherence of conservation
work. The Depari~ment of Interior
is at present in charge of national
He urges, inithe current issue of

'American Forests,", published by the
American Forestry Association, that
the government adopt an "all-inclu-
sive conservation policy and coordi-
nate its activities into a separate de-
nartment to be known as the Depart-
mnent of Conservation," (the Depart-
ment of Interior under a new name.)
"The natural resources of the Unit-
ed .States," he says, "are far too val-
tiable to permit their dissipation by
trdi tions of departmental adminis-
Secretary Ickes cites the Reorgani-
zation Bill and praises its provisions
for a new Department of Conserva-.
tion. Hle scores "American Forests"
for reversing its editorial stand on
the subject of a new department. Ile
implies that commercial lumber in-
terests are backing the movement to
thwart the transfer.
In the same issue the eiosof
"Amecricmn Forests" lput forward their
,1 irzi.,,met that the 1)epartuicent of
In t'eriol. bas "till to put, it~s own) hoi i e
in order before it tales u pomi itself
:lddit ionra.) tasks. 'jie editors pojut
to Alaskan forests, which are under
I('ke's control. They deplore recur-
rent fires in Alaska's 300,000,000
acres of unreserved public domai )tdcag r nk ihtctt-
the area like a "no-man's land."

With lantern slides as illustrations
of the different sculptural styles,
James Marshall Plumer, lecturer on
Far Eastern Art, showed converging
influences in Graeco-Buddhist sculp-
ture in a lecture yesterday afternoon
in Alumni Memorial Hall. This pub-
lic lecture was sponsored by the Re-
search Seminary in Islamic Art.
Mr. Plumer will talky at 9 a.m. to-
day in the West Gallery of Alumni
Memorial Hall on the rubbings of
Han Dynasty Tomb Reliefs which are
now being shown there,.

(In his first visit to Ann Arbor since!
his appointment, Archbishop Edward
A. Mooney of the Detroit archdiocese
of the Catholic church will speak to'
the Newman Club, Catholic student
organization, at a breakfast Sunday
morning, Don Siegel, '39, president,
announced yesterday.
The breakfast will follow mnass in
St. Mary's Catholic Students' chap-
el. Archbishop Mooney will be in-'
troduced by Rev. Thomas R. Carey,
pastor of the local Catholic parish,
and long-timre friend of the Arch-
Archbishop Mooney was appointedcl
to the newly created archdiocese of
Detroit last June. His career in the l
church includes the honor of being!
the first American to be named an
apolostic delegate.

"JUust Wonderful Food"'
For All Occasions
We serve a SPECIAL PLATE LUNCH 30c - 35c - 40c
Your Favorite Brand of Draught or Bottle Becer






6:00 -Stevenson Sports
6:15 ---Let's (3ceb a'c.
6:30-. -Boake Carter.
6:45 ---burn and Abner.
7:00---Poetic Melodies
l 7:15---Ilobby Lobby
7:45 --Melody arid Rhytliiri.
8:00---Cavalcade of America
8 :30--Eddie Cantor
0:00--Andre Kostelaoety.
9:30----Ben Bernie Orch.
10 :0---(ang Busters
10,.30--Diesel IFlashes.
10:35-BaryWard -1o g;
10:45. --Musical.
11 :00-Headline New.
I1 '15 --Remuiiscig.
11 :45-Splay
12 iJO Johui y Hanp':01,412.
12:30_--Dance Vu ;h,
P .M.
6:00-Trys-oti Sport,
6 :30--B radcast,
6: 45--Soloist.
7:00--Amos 'n' Al~dy
7:15--Kottler Conducts
7:45-Sport Review.
8:00- --Onre Man's F~anil~y
8 :30_--Tomimy Dorsey'.,; Orcbi.
9:00-Town Hall Tonight
10:00-Your HollywoodIParade.
11 :00-Newscast
11 :10-- -Welstepr 11ijIOrris.
11:30--,Horace lieiedt's Orch.
]2:00---Hotel Statler Orc ii.
12:,30.. Lights Out.,
6:09._Wheelr of( 'hai e.
6:30---Exuliting Moments.
(A! -.- -Happy Joe "Quiz,"
':00 ) I.,aalle Cavasliers,
7:15_-Wings Over the World.
7:30--United Press New:
8:00-Ut.S. Marine Bar)d.
8:30--Happy Hal's Housewarming.
0:00- T'he Red Ledger.
9:30.. Spotllight Pwlade_
10:00--Symphonic Strings.
10:30-Melodies from the Sklcq
I11:00--Canadian Club Reporter
11:1 5-Dance Music.
11:30- -Jinrmy Dorse's Mii:,lc.
12:'00-----uy Lom~bardo Orch.
6:00-- -Day In Review
6:15--Black 1Flame.
(;:30- -BasebbalJ Extra.
6 :45---Lowell'Thom-as
7:00-Easy Aces
7:15---Veer) Tracer.
7 :30--Lone Ranger
8:00--Roy Shield,
8:30--_ Harriet Parsons
9:00-- Cleveland Orchesl,[a,
10:00---Michigan Highways,.
10:15----Nola Day,
10 :30--NBC Mir utrcl Show,
11:00-- 'T'he Ink Slaots.
11 :15--Dance Orch.
11:30-Eddy Du£chln'r Orch.
12 :00--Graystone Dance Music
Supper, Michigan Union, 6 pnIl. Suin
day evening Marchl 27,
Dean Clare E.LGriffin will speak
011 "Tihe Significa1ce of the Recipro-
cal Trade agreements," Public a-nd
Stuldents invited. Phone Union for
reservati ons.
Sigma Pelt-a Psi try-nut~s will bel
held for the remainder of the semen-
ter on Thursday and Friday at 4 :151
P.m.. Intrainu1'al Sports Building, R,
W. Webster, Director of TBests.
Druids: Important, luncheon meet-
ing 12:15 p.m. Thursday in the Union.
SIota Alpha: There will be tihe regu-!

Mr. . r LS C1I U Uk 1111 jji propose((
unialgai ation is termed "shadow
Uoxing with facts." "His (Mr. Ickes)
sI aternent as a whole," the editors;
contend, "we think will go far 'to
trengthcn thre public view, already
widely held, that neit her hie nor lI P
(IejJtnlellt-is inow 01' ever'has been
511 tlii'c')thy alert, forthright and in-
formecd ill (onservationi matter's to
lay jutstiflabic claim td exclusive trus-
teeship of the public natural r'c-
5oll1'('05 (f the Amnerican people.''
'Iea )cit ows PlaceI
BlUaing thle failure of .re enit-da~y
businiess leadership on the traditional
ap~prentice system of training, Dean
Clare E,. Griffin of the School of Bus-
iness Administration stressed the role
of tihe graduate business school ini
turining out a new type of leadersi ip
in yc.-ecsteay 's pro-vocational lecture.
Far from being divorced fr'omn ac-
iilproblems in business, as sonic
t1uln~sess 11e01 char'ge, tile best bus-
ies nlSSshools today bring these condi-
tioiis directly to the class roon)
through the case system, Dean G1riffin
'han Campuis Drive
For Chinese l-lief
SA e'anipm:-wide drive for $1.,000 for
studenit relief in China will be
launiched at 7:30 p.rn1 today when
representatives of the faculty and
leading studecut organ izatlions nice(
in Lane Mlall Library,
Dr. T. Z. Koo, noted Chinese stu-
(dent leader' and lecturer, will speak i
h-ere next Tuesday. With his help
students at the University of Illinois
raised .$1,200 in a similar camnpaigni,
iced and it is urged that every inem-=
ber try to be present.
tCroLx and Saddle Rilde! Thursday
at r?~m
Meet a-t Barbour GYmn asium, All
those wishing to go will please call
7418 by Wednesday night. in ease
of rain, there will be a short mneet-
inig at Barbour Gymnasium at the
scheduled time.
Th'ie Spanish Fiesta, with dancing.
flood show, exhibition and refi'esh-
',SvpimnjeS aand )Wl Im '5sjIu
IMarch 26, at the Michigan Leag~ue

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