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March 04, 1936 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1936-03-04

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Britain Plans
Expansion Of
War Facilities
Industrial Mobilization For
Instant Readiness For
Conflict Is Reason
LONDON, March 3. - (/P) -- Great
Britain's government announced to-
day a vast immediate expansion of
its army, navy and air forces and
industrial mobilization for instant
readiness in case of war.
A white paper, or government re-
port, said the rearmament and in-
creased national defenses were made
necessary by complications of the in-
ternational situation, combined with
a "deplorable and undeniable" world-
vide expansion of armaments.
The United States, Germany, Bel-
gium, France, Italy and Soviet Rus-
sia were listed as having already em-
barked on similar plans.
Cites Dangers
Citing "dangers of war" and pro-
claiming a necessity for means of de-
fense against aggression and enforce-
ment of collective security, the white
paper disclosed :
"A fresh examination of the posi-
tion, made last summer and autumn,
led to the conclusion that it was
necessary to make further changes in
the Royal Air Force and speed up
measures contemplated for moderni-
zation of the army and navy, to pro-
vide as rapidly as possible necessary
reserves of stores and ammunition
and equipment and organize indus-
trial resources of the country in such
a way as to allow immediate ex-
pansion of productive capacity in case
of an emergency."
Parliament will debate the white
paper next week.
Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin
will name a new cabinet minister as
deputy chairman of the imperial de-
fense committees to supervise, co-
ordinate and control the huge arma-
ment expansion.
Need of Arms Stressed
The urgency of Britain's rearma-
ment was emphasized by the an-
nouncement that the government
would attempt to prevent extrava-
gant profits to the munitions indus-
try, but that "it will be important,
however, to see that the work is not
delayed by over-elaboration of finan-
cial safeguards."
The government conceded virtual
collapse of naval limitations as reg-
ulated by the Washington and London
treaties, ;denounced by Japan and ex-
piring at the end of this year.
The government report announced
plans to'lay down the keels for two
new capital ships in 1937, addition of
6,000 men to the navy, 4,000 men to
the army and 250 planes to the air-
The white paper announced that
modernization of Britain's existing
battleships would be continued.
Five cruisers will be included in
the 1936 building program, in the
scheme to bring up the total of Brit-
ain's cruisers to 70, of which 60 will
be under age and 10 over age.
Pass-Fail System
Unpopular At Iowa

Testifies At Quiz

--Associated Press Photo.
S. B. Severson (above), vice-
president of the Dominion Natural
Gas Company, Ltd., told the senate
lobby committee that his company
sent 15,000 letters, 7,000 telegrams
and a petition bearing 7,000 names
protesting the Wheeler-Rayburn
utility bill.
6:00-WJR Buck Rogers
WWJ Ty Tyson.
WXYZ Amusement Guide.
CKLW Omar.
6:15-WJR Junior Nurse Corps.
WWJ Dinner Music.
WXYz Dance Music.
CKLW Joe Gentile.
6:30-WJR Duncan Moore.
WWJ Bulletins.
WXYZ Day in Review.
CKLW Rhythm Ramblings.
6:45-WJR Musical Moments.
WWJ Musical Moments.
WXYZ Lowell Thomas.
CKLW Old Bill.
7:00-WJR Myrt and Marge.
WWJ Amos and Andy.
WXYZ Easy Aces.
CKLW Shadows on the Clock.
7:15-WJR Adventures of Jimmie Allen.
WWJ Evening Melodies.
WXYZ Captain Tim.
CKLW Laugh Parade.
7:30--WJR Kate Smith.
WWJ Studio Hour.
CKLW Variety Revue.
WXYZ Lone Ranger.
7:45-WJR BoakeCarter.
8:00-WJR "Cavalcade of America."
WWJ One Man's Family.
WXYZ Rendezvous.
8:30-Burns and Allen.
WWJ Wayne King's Music.
WXYZ Ironmasters.
CKLWL Hugo Mariani's Music.
9 :00-WJR Lily Pons
Andre Kostelanetz' Music.
WWJ Town Hall Tonight.
WXYZ Corn Cob Pipe Club.
CKLW Rick Roberts' Revellers.
9:15-CKLW Andrew F. Kelly.
9:30-WJR Ray Noble's Music.
WXYZ Twenty Thousand Years in
Sing Sing.
CKLW Book Parade.
JO :00-WJR Gang Busters.
WWJ Cleveland Orchestra.
WXYZ John Charles Thomas.
CKLW Husbands and Wives.
10:30-WJR March of Time.
WXYZ Mart Kenny's Music.
CKLW Follies.
10:45-WJR Dance Tunes.
WXYZ Gray Gordon's Music.
11 :00-WJR Bulletins.
WWJ Troupers.
WXYZ Baker Twins.
CKLW Freddy Martin's Music.
11:15-WJR Abe Lyman's Music.
WWJ Dance Music.
CKLW Anson Weeks' Music.
WXYZ Biagini's Music.
11:30--WWJ George Kavanagh's Music.
WXYZ Lowry Clark.
CKLW DeMarco's Music.
11:45-WJR Bob Clarke.
WXYZ Enoch Light's Music.
CKLW Jan Garber's Music.
12:00 -WJR Bert Stock's Music.
WWJ Russ Lyon's Music.
CKLW Hal Kemp's Music.
WXYZ Shandor.
2:30--W.JR Sterling Young's Music.
WXYZ Ruby Newman's Music.
Engraved $
Cards & Plates .

Shirley Smith Traces History
Of University And Huron River
Huron River Valley Guide hourly messages of harmony and in-
spiration not only to the students,
but also to the thousands of resi-
n June dents and hosts of visitors who come
to Ann Arbor every year."
The Huron River Valley Guide, to Another article also of interest to'
be published jointly by the Univer- students is that on "Navigation on the
City and the Ann Arbor Chamber Huron," by Mr. Henry S. Curtis. The
of Commerce in June and edited by article quotes a report made by a
Mr. Henry S. Curtis of Ann Arbor, 1 group of army engineers who in 1930
will contain a number of articles of examined the river in the "interests of
particular interest to students and navigation."
residents of Ann Arbor. The investigators reported that,
The Guide will contain an article "There is no present commerce on the
on the University of Michigan by river, and no commercial or indus-
Shirley W. Smith, vice-president of trial activities are located near
the University. The article traces the enough to the river to use it if im-
history of the association of the river proved." This report was presented
and the University from the early to Congress, and makes unlikely any
19th century, and the founding of the improvements on the river in the near
University. "The early regents failed future. Mr. Curtis points out in the
to take full advantage of the oppor-I article that although there are sev-
tunities which the hill along the river eral hundred rivers in America, there
afforded," says Mr. Smith, "and set are less than a dozen which are nav-
the University back from the bluffs igable without dredging, though many
which would have afforded such a millions of dollars have been spent on
picturesque site.' ' improvement.
Points Out ChangesM
"It is almost 100 years," he con- DAILY OFFICIAL
tinues, "since the University was
established at Ann Arbor. In that BULLETIN
time the number of students has in-
creased from the seven who greeted
the first faculty of two in 1841 to (Continued from Page 4)
almost 14,000. HIllel Foundation, Thursday, March
The article then goes on to review 5, 3:30 p.m. There will be enter-
the many activities which the river tainment. All are invited.'
has afforded students--swimming,
rowing, canoeing, and hiking along Tryouts for French Play: Thursday
the banks. Two fine sites up the and Friday this week from 3:00 to
river have been acquired by the Uni- 5:00 o'clock in Room 408 Romance
versity in recent years, Mr. Smith Languages Building. Open to all stu-
adds. These are Stinchfield Woods, dents interested.
an area of 315 acres just a little below
Little Portage Lake, which is being Phi Tau Alpha, societas honorifica
developed by the School of Forestry Latina Graecaque die quinto mensis
and Conservation, and the new ob- Martii hora usitata in Hospitium
servatory site, which is across the Mulierum Michiganensium conveniet.
river from it and just below Base Line Disputatio de Academia Platonis
Lake. habebitur. Gaudete hoc sodalitate
Law School Resembles Oxford amicorum!
"The Law School, the Lawyers
Club, and the Legal Research Build- Weekly Reading Hour: For the
ing recall vividly the beauties of the Weekly Reading Hour on Thursday,
old colleges of Oxford The Stadium, March 5, at 4:00 o'clock in Room 205
which can seat 87,000 spectators, to- Mason Hall, Professor Hollister will
gether with the great field houses, read from George Bernard Shaw's
which stand nearby on Ferry Field, comedy, "Andorcles and the Lion."
show that the University cares for the All persons interested are invited to
physical welfare of its students as this Reading Hour.
well as their recreation," the article
says in describing the University The Christian Science Organization
buildings. at the University of Michigan an-
It is concluded with a description nounces a Free Lecture on Christian
of the Burton Memorial Tower, al- 'Science by William D. Kilpatrick
most 200 feet in height, which will be C.S.B. of Detroit in Hill Auditorium,
located between the Hill Auditorium Thursday evening, March 5, at 8:00
and the School of Music opposite the o'clock. The public is cordially in-
Women's League Building on the Mall vited to attend.
running from the new Graduate
School to the University Library. Harris Hall: Student Starvation
"The Tower," it says, "will contain Luncheon Thursday at 12 noon to 1
the Baird Carillon of bells, the third o'clock. All students and their
largest in the world, which will carry friends are cordially invited.

Talk By Cannon Jazz As Played By
Sponsored By Fighting Hundred'
Medical GroupPleases Tilt Crowd
There's a time and place for every-
Part That Chance Plays thing, even at basketball games where
the old adage is applicable. Conse-
In Scientific Research quently the large crowd that turned
Theme Of Physiologist out for Monday night's game heard
Michigan's Varsity Band in true Casa
Dr. Walter Bradford Cannon, of Loma style entertain with such num-
Harvard University, noted physiolo- be's as "Some of These Days," "Star-
gist, will speak on the subject of "The dust," and "Manhattan Serenade."
Role of Chance in Research," at 3 "At the basketball games we don't
p.m. tomorrow, in the Lydia Men- pretend to play Chopin, Liszt, or
delsschh Theatre. The lecture is Beethovan, but rather the type of'
sponsor.ed by Alpha Omega Alpha, music that suits the mood and fancy
honorary medical society, of the crowd," Director W. D. Revelli
Dr. Cannon has done outstanding declared. "The music we played
work in the study of thirst, hunger, wasn't the cheap, trite 'hot' music,
fear and other emotions and has but rather of the classical ballad type
made exhaustive study of the nervous which is the most appealing melodi-
system. He has written a number of tally at basketball games especially."
books on physiology, and has con- According to the ovation and ap-
tributed articles to medical publica- plause after each number, Director
tions on that subject. Anong the Revelli is convinced the band music
most important of his recent studies did suit the fancy of the crowd. Plans
has been an X-ray study of the mech- are already underway to introduce
anisms of the stomach and the gastro- several novelty numbers along with
intestinal tract. the lighter popular music and Michi-
He has taught at Harvard Univer- gan songs.
has been a lecturer at the Royal So-
ciety at London. Dr. Cannon is also
a fellow of the American Academy
of Arts and Sciences, a member
of the National Academy of Science,
the American Philosophical Society,
the American Physiological Society,TY
the Association of Physicians, the
American Medical Association, the EWE LRY
Massachusetts Medical Society, Phi
Beta Kappa and Alpha Omega Alpha.
Dr. Cannon is also president of the
Medical Reserve Society of the Amer-
ican Red Cross. Bum o " a : " "


Invites Yout
To Look Over Its Fine
Selection of-
Ivory and Woodwork
Silk Robes - Linens
Brass and Many Other

Print Makers Put
Work On Exhibit
The Ann Arbor Art Association has
announced the-showing of an exhi-
bition of lithographs, etchings and
dry-points by the American Print
Makers, to be held from March 4 to
March 15 in Alumni Memorial Hall.
The exhibition, according to Mrs.
John B. Waite. of the Association, is
planned to show work that ranges
from the most conservative to the
most radical. To prevent the work
from becoming static, the exhibit is
directed by a committee of twelve,
four of whom are replaced each
year. Each member of the committee
may exhibit and invite two others
of his choice to exhibit also.
The present committee is made up
of the following: Peggy Bacon, Isa-
bel Bishop, Alexander Brook, J, Steu-
art Curry, Adolph Dehn, Ernest
Fiene, Anne Goldthwaite, Stefan
Hirsch, Charles Locke, Louis Lozo-
wick, Reginald Marsh and Harry

Engineering Award
ReceivedBy Smith
Frederick W. Smith, '38E, received
the Sophomore Award given annually
by the American Institute of Chem-
ical Engineers for the highest schol-
arship among freshmen students in
the chemical engineering department
at a meeting of that society last
His average was 3.9, which is 1
from an all-A record.

,., ul 1 j i


2o~c~zj 69veA24co-D~ R E E TR I P
SUMMER VOYAGE . JULY 1st,1936 of each 25 passages bouSht
60 DAYS, FIRST CLASS, FROM $725 lected by lot, will be FREE
(moneyrefunded).Book now
UNIVERSITY TRAVEL ASSOCIATION -you may win freietrip! Do.
30 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA, New York City ? ls ra .", ot. this paper.


r = is%:. . ;: .r
c:: " .s
" 1. " "". r tiY"




l 4SUR44,
f he Bo


IOWA CITY, Ia.,-Substitution of
a pass-fail system for the present
method of grading, "A" to "E," would
not meet approval of most University
of Iowa professors, a survey of repre-
sentative faculty members indicates.
Reason given were: that the pres-
ent method supplies incentive; that
it affords better chance for the pro-
fessor to appraise the students' abili-
ty; that the grades show a student
exactly where he is deficient;dand
that the "D" grade is enormously use-
f ul in exposing the capable idler.


City's Lowest Prices on
308 North Main Street -

Dial 2-1013

IIIlP1 1 01114#A l


you bought
of Genuine Seret-Solvay Coke>
you'd find the
same high quality in each


Member Federal Reserve System

At the "purple hour," the student home to study or to read his "Daily"
preparatory to studying may, if not disturbed, soon succumb to Hypnos.
And if on the morrow the professors note a lack of knowledge, it probably
isn't the student's fault: Eyestrain and fatigue due to poor lighting may
be responsible,
Merely having enough light on your book or paper does not assure
good lighting. If the rest of the room is in comparative darkness, the
excessive contrast will make your eyes and your whole body work much
harder than if the entire room were lighted to the proper intensity. Though
you may not realize it, your eyes do not stop at the edge of the line you
are reading, but continue some distance past that point. When the eye
is forced to jump from a brightly lighted page into surrounding compara.
tive gloom, it must continually adjust itself to the contrast, causing fatigue
and strain.
To proutct yvur eyesight, remember: 1. Have your eyes examined
regularly by a competent eyesight specialist. 2. Be sure that you have
correct lighting. The Sight Meter shown below tells when you have the
right proportion of light for general room illumination and for studying.


Every act of this bank will
be guided by the desire to
retain the highest confidence
of the community.
Capital Structure $1,180,000


Deposits .

. . . . $11,850,057.03

P ROCESSES and rawcoals used
in the manufacture of SE Mi ET.
SOLVAY COKE are standardized.
The quality of each ton is therefore
uniformly excellent. Constant tests
are made to insure high heating
After all, you buy fuel only for
its capacity to produce heat. When

Although it costsnomore,SEMET-
SOLV4Y COKE is the most con-
centrated of all solid fuels, contain-
ing practically pure carbon.
smokeless and sootless, highly re.
sponsive and gives a wide range of
heating temperatures.
Let us have your fuel order-we t

Is Available at the

Use the Sight Meter yourself, without charge or obligation.
the Detroit Edison office.

Merely call

A IA-t 40



F - ; : . - :.
..:I jalw' WIWIN VrAwir


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