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May 15, 1936 - Image 19

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The Michigan Daily, 1936-05-15

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With the advent of the warmer days on campus and the consequent
visits to "ye olde swimming poole" or any cool spot available, the thought
of summer and still warmer days comes to mind . .
One wonders what individuals going to summer school
manage to do to keep from shriveling like a dried leaf ...
We're told that there are ways and means of recreation,
though ...
First of all, let us consider the possiblities of Palmer
Field and the W.A.A. Building . . . According to a report
made at the national W.A.A. conference held a few weeks
ago in Minneapolis we're really lucky . . . We seem
to be the only school with women's bowling facilities and
inside golf cages that can be used for mashie shots as well as putting .. .
Then the rifle range is converted into an archery practice for the summer.
If you prefer the great outdoors there are 12 clay and four cement tennis
courts at your convenience . . . And if you have trouble
getting someone to rise with you in the early morning
hours before the sun is up, there's always the 'back-
board to help you improve that difficult forehand drive.
PoinI, Set And Mtch .. .
During the later part of the season there is a city
wide tennis tournament for the more aspiring tennis
fans and instruction is given for the first six weeks of
the season ... Courses elected in the summer, though, it must be explained,
are just for recreational purposes and consequently counted as electives


rather than credit courses . : . The season stops two weeks
before exams, so you can do any heavy studying you
might wish without interruption.
If you find you prefer a more passive line of sport,
the putting green next to the tennis courts will probably
just suit you . . . And it's kept carefully enough to
satisfy the most meticulous . . . Or if your talents tend
toward driving, there's a huge field in back of Mosher
Jordan for that purpose . . . Miss Marie Hartwig is
there to Delp you with any stroke you have difficulty
mastering . . And the department will probably sponsor

a few matches for those with the competitive spirit...
Riding goes on all summer as usual . . . The Sunday morning rides are

University Has
Many Facilties
For Athletes
Studen ts ShowiugI interest
In Sports Will Iind Many
Fell, Open To Theli
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baseball, volleyball, indoor golf, wat ei
polo, badminton, and tennis.
Another great improvement which
was brought about by the construc-
tion of the new building was the en-
largement of the dressing room fa-
cilities, there now being locker-space
for some 4,000 men in the undergrad-
uate body, graduates and faculty.
Outdoor Sports Varied
Besides the large number of indoor-
athletic facilities of the Intramural
Department, there are a great many
outdoor sports available, some of
which are organized under the de-
partment and others which are of the
more informal nature.
The University of Michigan boasts
the finest 18-hole golf course of any
college or university in the country.
It is a testing layout, affording the
expert keen competition, yet at the
same time it is fair enough to allow
the average "dub" an opportunity fory
a good score if said "dub" is fairly hot.l
The course is situated south of town,
about a mile from the campus proper,
in an exceedingly hilly territory, and
it is said that one of the finest thrillst
to be offered on the course is the view
of the entire campus among the huge
oaks and maples in the valley below
the seventeenth teJ
Tennis Courts Availale
Besides the excellent golfing facili-
ties the University boasts 30 tennist
courts at Ferry Field for the men1
students and 12 more at, Palmer Field,
reserved for ihe use of women siu-
dents. Those at Ferry Field are prin-
cipally clay, although there are a fewt
cement courts, while those of Palmer1
Field are one-half asphalt.
Women on the campus have theirt
separate intramural program which,c
although not as extensive as that oft
the men, is nevertheless inclusive1
enough to take care of the athletic-
ally-minded girl enrolled here.
They too have had a new building
erected for their personal sports use.
The Palmer Field House being listedt
among the best of its kind in thet
country. in it there are facilitiesc
for tennis, archery, golf, bowling,
basketball and volleyball, while the
beautifully clipped grass of Palmeri
Field is used in the fall for field
Physical Conditions Watched
Despite the vast number of projects
in athletics carried out by both thet
women's and men's divisions of in-
tramural athletics, close attention
is paid by both departments to thei
physical condition of students par-s
ticipating in the more strenuousr
The men are required, in ail sportst
requiring extended physical exertion.
to undergo a physical examination,i
and every competitor in cross-country,c
boxing, wrestling, and long-distancer
running are given a prescribed course
in training so that he will be in properL
condition before entering these events.s
A recent innovation in the depart-
ment's policy is to give indivilual in-
struction in sports where there isI
sufficient demand. The regular in-
tramural activity supervisors are as-1
sisted in this phase of the program,l
by the varsity coaches and studentt
teachers. Instructions are now givenk

Simple Dresses Are Best For
Wear During Summer Season
CUloites, Shorts Shown In ular favor. Then there are the en-
sembles, one in a gay striped cotton.
(ay 4oiors, (Iecks For The shorts and top are one piece and
Aetive Sports the skirt buttons over them.
As for hats, the designers are being
By BRBAA LOELLvery accommodating this year. There
By BARBARA LOVELL is a length of white linen or pique
In looking forward to women's sum- which buttons into a smart hat and
mer styles for campus wear, it will unbuttons for easy ironing. A white
be seen that the most telling factor felt off-the-face model is as round
of them all is simplicity. Freedom as an Annapolis midshipman's sum-
from over-ornamentation is the easi- mer headgear. Bright patent straps
est way to gain that admired and buckle around it and are interchange-
difficult effect of coolness. able.
For general class and campus wear, Not all summer millinery must be
cotton and pique sports dresses will white however. Brilliant red straw,
prove most popular. Here, simple, for instance, is smart and nothing
tailored lines are important. As to could be better looking than a slouch
colors, perhaps white will be the fa- felt in lovely pastel shade.
vorite, but dark shades have their Coat Is A Necessity
practical value. A dark brown linen The notoriousiy changeale Ann Ar-
dress is effectively brightened by a bor weather makes some sort of coat
graceful pink collar and cuffs. a practical necessity. This season
Printed and plain pique offer fresh, white swaggers are short - some of
interesting combinations, them knuckle-length -and hang full
Feature New fabric and free. Many have no fastenings at
A fabric which one local shop is all, and some button with a single
featuring and which is quite the closing at the throat. Again, white
answer to a busy college woman's is not required. Summer coats may
plea for comfort, is called "cosi- be fashioned of luscious pastels, the
cosa." It is a rough weave which most popular of which promises to be
requires absolutely no ironing and the ashes of roses shade.
comes in smart, nautical prints. To In the line of shoes, the white and
match every dress there is a jaunty brown combination oxford and the
little Breton sailor hat whih also all-white ghillie vie for first choice.
may be laundered with impunity. Flat heels are important for wear with
White linen suits are classic styles ankle socks. Broad strap models with
and offer interesting variety. White medium heels are very good and for
flannel is also good but presents the dressy wear the kid opera pump with
cleaning problem. A definitely shorter (continluea on Page 16)
skirt is featured on a perfectly plain.__ _ --
nicely-fitting linen dress. Tire sleeves
just cover the shoulder and rolling
lapels at the neck give a careless air
Another white linen dress boasts a te n roniV
tie at the .neck and another at the
belt as its only adornment.Ls a l
A silk dress is almost a necessity.
In a shirtwaist style in porcelain blue,
for example, with a navy polka-dot tOrs!
tie, silk is both cool and comfortable.
In a small print with a good deal of
white background and entirely un We have t
trimmed it makes a useful, smart
dress. Generally pastels are most im COMPLETE LI NE
favor, but darker shades, such as
plum and beetroot are featured. of ine Quaity
Culottes For Class Wear
What the general campus verdict G ft'ro i
on culottes for class wear will be isf
impossible to predict. However, for
bicycling at least they will consti- the rienr
tute a. uniform. A blue and red
checked gingham culotte with match-
ing shirt is practical and smart. The
new fabric "cosi-cosa" is also shown S LKS L INENS
in a green and white printed divided
skirt ensemble.
Shorts for tennis and other active IVORY
sports are also necessary. In general W OOD and BRASS
the pleated ones are replacing the
former tight-fitting shorts in pop- WOR K
in archery, codeball, badminton, box-
ing, fencing, golf, handball, squash,
swimming, tennis, and wrestling. Come in and
nis, and wrestling. Call on us.
Besides the directly supervised ac-
tivities mentioned before each sea-
son, there are a great many sports and
impromptu games which are directly The ORIENTAL
or indirectly stimulated by the for-
mally organized intramural program. GS IlI
The better teams in the various sports
usually hold many practices and un- 300-B South State Street
scheduled games in addition to their -,
regular schedule of contests.
The tournaments, organized by the
Intramural Department, include only
a portion of those playing tennis, bas-
ketball, playground ball, baseball,
handball, and horseshoes, as well as
those engaged in bowling, wrestling,
boxing, ice hockey and swimming.


expected to be continued and there will be other
the week ... Evening rides will be another event
featured and there are also expected to be some
of the supper rides that proved to be so popul-
lar this year . .. If you prefer riding without a
large crowd, you can try exploring the pictur-
esque Huron River Drive or one of the many
bridle paths . . . Breakfast rides will also be
included in this schedule . . . So it looks as ifr
one way to keep happy might be "to saddle your
blues to a wild mustang and gallop your troubles

planned trips throughout


away" . . .


You Hit The Spot .. .
Archery equipment will be available for any Diana of the Chase in need
of practice . . . However, there will not be much organized activity in this
field during the summer months . . . Both inside and
outside facilities will be open for practice, however . .
Swimming and canoeing grow more and more pop-
ular as the summer wears on, invariably ending up as
the favorite sports of the season . . . Regular swimming
classes are given for the benefit of the more aquatically
minded . . . Most of the classes are for beginners but
there are a few for the more advanced . . . Swimming
parties are. held during the course of the season..
For anyone with Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers ten-
dencies, there will be mixed and women's classes in tap
dancing throughout the week. . . Or if you're more classically minded, you
might prefer the modern dance instruction.. . This is greatly recommended,
incidentally, to give you added poise and stage presence if you aspire
toward the realm of Duse and Bernhardt .. . Or you can study elementary
Rhythms or a course in folk dancing .. .


W'hen TheSun Se ,
411 the activities will be held in the late afternoon, or, still better,
the early part of the evening . . . Then, too, the department is planning


sponsoring weekly picnics to take place in the vicnity of
Ann Arbor . . . These will vary, some being mixed and
others just for women . . . Canoe trips for those skilled
in the art will be another feature under the department.
Bicycling is comng in once again . . . The gay fad
of the Nineties has developed several new angles, the
most novel being the new Ingo-bike . . . It requires more
energy to operate than the ordinary vehicle since you
must pump vigorously in a standing position for the
duration of the ride . . . Other innovations in the bike
shops here are the combined electric light and horn,
which makes bicycling a much safer pastime, the new air
not so new, but still popular "bicycle built for two" .. .

bikes, and the

Cool Summer Wear

Roller skating is another enjoyable pastime during the summer months.
The streets. of A nn Arbor seem to be just hilly enough to make it exciting ..
The possibties of a treasure hunt increase the moment
it is decided to hold it on skates, we're told . . . And you
can always show off your talents as an acrobat at an
old fashioned skating party . . .
Walking and hiking rate high with everyone as
the summer scenery becomes still lovelier, and picnics
seem to entice everyone, old or young . . . Then, there's
talk of reviving last winter's badminton . . . Unless some-
: _ ' thing happens to the contrary, it will be held at different
evenings throughout the week in Barbour Gymnasium . . . The mixed
swimming parties held last summer at the Intramural Building will
probably be continued also .
The staff this summer will include Miss Nelda Dover, Miss Marie Hart-
wig, Miss Virginia Peasely, Dr. Mabbl Rugen, and Dr. Margaret Bell . .

... _ ,..
5 .. ., ; , , . .
i .
;; .
' ..,ir
; ''" ,
. w
..; $
. ' "

Perhaps we should remind you that registration will
take place the first two days of summer school in
Barbour Gym . . . Registration gets larger every
year so perhaps we better suggest that you "come
early and avoid the rush" . . . There will also be
someone to advise you on your choice of sports or
suggest;any carrective exercise you may need .
Arid so we'll leave you with thoughts of a lazy July
(lay, and the joys that go wit.h it. But wait! Here's
a news flash!

'.. -

The largest selection of
sport and dress trousers for
summer wear, starting at
$ 50
White Gabardine Suits are
the rage- among the bet-
ter dressed men. See our
complete stock of white
F-bies before fbuying.

A mong Those Presentt. .
According to Dr. Margaret Bell, head of the women's physical education
department, there will be special activities for graduate students . . . Courses
in theory as well as active practice will be given . . . The standards to
qualify arc rather high as we have one of the best departments in the
mvw - Tn f aFt,. Fly r oTe stater d ht he wa suna.hl tn fulfill the great


U -dpw -"o



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