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March 17, 1936 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1936-03-17

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Slosson Terms University Observatory Mirror
Present Crisis To Be Third Largest In World

liii ____

'Worst' Of All
Rhine Situation Analyzed
By History Professor In
Talk At Union Sunday
Despite the fact that "every crisisl
has been called most critical" the
current German remilitarization of
the Rhine is indeed the worst since
1914, Prof. Preston W. Slosson of the!
history department stated Sunday
afternoon in the third of the Union
series of speeches by faculty men.

E -'

In his analysis of the reoccupation
of the east bank of the Rhine by
German troops, Professor Slosson told
the history of -the valley and the
causes of the present dispute. Until
the Versailles treaty the zone had
been in French and German hands
intermittently, he said.
The treaty gave Alsace-Lorraine in
the Rhine district to France, the Saar
Basin was to remain under the League
of Nations for 15 years after which
period the inhabitants were to choose
their sovereignty between France and
Germany, and no German troops were
to be stationed within 50 kilometers
of the Rhine.
Germany's Signature Voluntary
With the Locarno Treaty in 1925
Germany renounced all acquisitive in-
tentions toward Alsace-Lorraine. She
did this voluntarily, Professor Slosson
emphasized. In return for her pledge
she was permitted to enter the League
of Nations.
This was the situation when Hitler
came to power. The subsequent events
were outlined by Professor Slosson
for they form the immediate back-
ground of the present affair. In 1935,
under international military super-
vision, the Saar inhabitants voted
9 to 1 for a return to Germany. The
next step was an open announcement
by Hitler that Germany was rearming
in violation of the Versailles treaty.
As justification Hitler said that the
other signatories had not kept their
disarmament pledges. The adoption
of conscription followed.
Hitler's Reasoning Discounted
The final treaty-tearing act by Ger-
many was the recent Rhineland occu-
pation. This violated both the Ver-
sailles and Locarno pacts, Professor
Slosson said. He discounted the val-
idity of Hitler's "justification" pleas
when he pointed out that Gustav
Streseman, Aristide Briand and Aus-
tin Chamberlain had drawn up the
Locarno agreement with full German
consent. "Locarno is the only time
both France and Germany were rea-
sonable at the same time for more
than a century," he said.
Furthermore, Professor Slosson re-
marked, Hitler's view that the new
Franco-Soviet non-aggression pact is
in violation of Locarno is unfounded
because this pact was carefully drawn
and is legal in that it is "only enforc-
ing peace."
Selling Will Speak
At Teachers' Club
Dr. Lowell S. Selling, '22, director
of the psychopathic clinic at the Re-
corder's Court, Detroit, will speak at
the meeting of theAnn Arbor Teach-
ers' club, to be held at 4 p.m. tomor-
row in the Jones school auditorium.
He is the author of "Diagonostic
Criminology," a book intended to
serve as a working guide to under-
standing social offenders, which sug-
gest new technique for courts.

Fusion Of Iron And GlassI
Necessitates RepetitionI
Of Cooling Process
The 200 inch telescopic mirror,
largest in the world, which is now be-
ing shipped from its birthplace at
Corning, N. Y., to its destination in
Southern California will, according to
Robley C. Williams of the Astronomy
department, relegate the mirror now
being cast for the University Obser-
vatory, to a position as third largest
in the world.
With the completion of the new
mirror, he said, the 100-inch mir-
ror of the Mt. Wilson Observatory has
become the second largest in the
world, while the University's 86-inch
mirror has dropped to third place.
He explained that the largest mir-
ror is destined for essentially the
same uses as that being cast for the
During the process of pouring the
molten glass for the 200-inch mir-
ror into the mold, part of the iron in
the mold melted and fused with the
glass. This was not discovered until
the mirror had cooled considerably,
and a complete repitition of the pro-
cess of cooling and pouring was nec-
essary. According to Dr. Williams,
such accidents require more than a
year in repairing, since the process
of cooling alone is a year in comple-
tion. The temperature of the glass
can be lowered by only about four
or five degrees per day, in order to
prevent any undue stress on different
portions of the mirror.
A similar accident happened in the
case of the first pouring of the 86-
inch mirror, which took place in

March 1934, Dr. Williams pointed
out. At that time all the control
ovens necessary for the gradual cool-
ing of the glass were in use, and the
factory at Corning decided to allow
the glass to cool naturally. When
one of the ovens became available,
they reheated it and then recooled it
at the prescribed rate. However flaws
were found in the glass which nec-
essitated a new pouring, Dr. Williams
The hardest part of the task be-
gins when the mirror has been cooled
and sent to its destination, he con-
tinued. Then the glass must be
ground and smoothed to within one-
one millionth of an inch of its pre-
determined focal curve. This process,
usually several years in completing,
he said, is performed on the basis of
the fact that a wave-length of light
is 20 times the length of the required
accuracy of smoothness. When a
beam of light is thrown on a mirror
which is 20 millionths of an inch
from the required curve, the error
shows up fairly readily. At this
point, it is necessary to calculate one
20th of that quantity and to smooth
the glass to approximately that
Both the 200-inch and 86-inch mir-
rors are to be used for the photo-
graphy of the motion and spectra of
the stars. According to the theory of
the expanding universe, Dr. Williams
explained, the speed at which a star
is moving away from the earth varies
directly with its distance from the
earth. The greatest advantage of the
200-inch mirror over all others, he
asserted, is that it will be possible to
see stars which are twice the distance
away from any seen up till now.

I . i1

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I, I

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Flooded Streams
Subside In Easti
(By The Associated Press)
Flood waters which had swirled
over river banks and bridges for four
days in New England, the Middle
Atlantic states and Canada, taking
a toll of 28 lives, steadily recededI
With streams in most of the af-
fected sections of New England back
at normal levels, George H. Delano,
chief engineer of the Massachusetts
department of public works, estimated
the damage to the state's highways
alone at $1,000,000.
Monday, March 19th
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tion. Work is educational in
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sults and full details imme-
1010 Arch St., Philadelphia

H ERE'SA SAMPLE of the money and
the time you can save by having one
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your dirty wash each week,
cellent service that ient with the same ex-
Quality is consists given with regular
charges -Quantity that allows you to be
free with the amount that you are accus-
tomed to send home -all at a price that
makes it ridiculous to send your laundry
out of the city. Why pay express charges
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laundry box only, when you can have your
laundry completely washed and delivered
for only a few cents more.
This service gives you finished laundry
on Shirts, Handkerchiefs, and Socks. Un-
derwear and pajamas are washed and fold-
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Price per Ib...
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Shirts Extra
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Ii ..-......---- - -~ - ______

The 1936
Your Uneivrsity Yearbook



Sox Extra, per pair
Handkerchiefs, Extra


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nan DrvClp-.nlann Cn

Phone 4185


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