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January 15, 1935 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1935-01-15

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E A T__-- . ._.



Publication in the Bulletin is constructive notice to all members of the
University. Copy received at the office of the Assistant to the President
until 3:30; 11:30 a.m. Saturday.

Double' May Testify
.::**:y*:: >:.:::::~:::.2-..:~:.,r




y, -. VOL. XLV No. 82
University Broadcasting:
9:15-9:45 a.m. - A Class in Ele-
mentary Singing, Joseph E. Maddy.
2:00-2:30 p.m. -Michigan, My
Michigan Series - Topic: "The Sail-
or Lore of the Great Lakes," Ivan H.
Sar C le Walton, Assistant Professor of Eng-
.i sh, College of Engineering.
Of MzR g
Phi Kappa Phi - Graduate Fel-
SAARBRUEEN, Jan. 14. -- lowships: Three Graduate Fellow-
e s rofNzivngearc ships, each with a stipend of $500 for
-pr 0' pg t a ul 1 S9r once year, have been established by
in e face of an overwhelmmingaer- the Honorary Scholastic Society of
man plebiscite victory. I Phi Kappa Phi. These Fellowships
An estimated 400 Jews lready have ,will be administered in accordance
lef g1 x boe; so etakiin^siswith the following regulations:
de e t Luxe bcug, 2nd 5Qtbher1S The Phi Kappa Phi Fellowships
planning hiohveiferi toPales tae. shall be awarded each year to two or
Frances's 3~i ut more members of Phi Kappa Phi, each
40,000 Saarlandersfeed them and of whom wishes to enroll as a candi-t
id the jpelt date for an advanced degree in at
t e ertl f26itleis . graduate school in some American
College or University. A student reg-
port a general Saar mne strike - istering in a professional school such
threatened as a result of the dismissal as Law or Medicine is not eligible.
of h a resuls Within these requirements no re-
tion W rstriction shall be placed upon the field
tiont of work.,
°utinWiih r - Those eligible to apply for one of
ulation rative&-of ta p actions athese Fellowships shall include mem-
and representativeo l factions a bers of Phi Kappa Phi, who during
syp inr '&begsot phleap aPiw dun the year preceding the proposed grad-
s d elgywee g er uate study, were elected to member-
m a e ged g. mt h e ship in the society as seniors.
mtuy wasbut aeai" pe r c gnt, ;jQay To be eligible for consideration, ap-
tus u .ab it14F, ercqt ont tes plicants for these Fellowships shall
fay u h" birf9t Ffaice aboat ne D
pe~c. _: be filed on or before the 15th of
p 'th' " t1'h°'t j' obt March with the Secretary of the So-
heki'taft ae a s ciety Chapter in which the applicant'
fr6 'ie nrfxrrntier" t e s was elected to membership, on blanks
in that regior cii n ntati~f~up prepared for the purpose, which
roisfs fl oiSa fu- blanks shall be available for distribu-~
gelc pbeiitf Th , 6il leifne tion from the office of each Chapter
- s nX§-;he r e4l f te hkeb.. Secretary.
isci ir fiil xno ed br- The final awards shall be made by
roin1ing .: 2 o a the Committee and the successful ap-
T se4tAees Me pe ed tnim- plicants shall be notified by the Sec-
be) 4 404OMba" Pwed e be- retary General of the Society not lat--
in a4tA dW'd *lIntem- er than June 1.
pora k= 1 otp idhlitEanc R. S. Swinton, Secretary
wax ted t6 - l easably to 308 Engr. Annex
that .aiatidi 1nemiseiu sdiffi-
culeS. se e u n u Second Semester Classification:
bet ; e 8' aEsbr G iat of the Students in the College of L. S. and
Plebiscite votes favored return of the A., the School of Music, School of
rich Saaai ter r d tGermany Education, School of Forestry and,
wa ti 9 sO, buapabody view- Conservation, and College of Archi-
mg t N pt gigg eywhich the tecture, who have not yet called at
ha4ar nde e ftabulat- Room 4, University Hall for their
ors ? sip y visby; s o d-scape the registration and classification mate-
m e n imajor1ty rial, are urged to do so immediately.
1 v p , .. V .~ . Consultations with advisers should be
-1,b > completed before final examimations
Economy ay :event begin. See your adviser without de-
P~N#fAO; Yn. I4 - )-As an Choral Union Members: Members
ecoiih#mtnuea, i oard of Sup- of the Choral Union are requested to
ervisorf thi vee may ask Gov. return their Messiah copies to the
Far~ii& ~Figera;t to appoint office of the School of Music on Tues-
day, Jan. 15, between the hours of
anyone to succeed Circnt Judge 9 and 12, and I and 4, at which time
Fratid 9. t Ferfyk veningan auThe copies of Boris Godunof will be giv-
moT±x mcet d ngT en out. Members are specially re-
.m s nquested to give careful attention to
euse'^of sharp decrease in the matter.
cr a cina se since repeal of the pro- h matter._
hib tion laws aned the policy of recent Notice: The publication of a manu-
pr56ctors" t avoidri'ial where pos- script in a campus magazine does
sible to prevent. a drain on the Coun- not exclude it from competition in
ty eas theyik of the circuit the Hopwood Contest.
befrixasifien sogreatly that many R. W. Cowden, Director,
su rvisbs iavt Yelt for years that a Hopwood Awards
th It° g nnt neessary.
The bb odhoY precedent in ask-c
in t oyernir not to fill the va- Academic Notices
ca1 s, s "iide the state law the English 224 (Backgrounds of World
Co1i-~ isa entitled to two probate Literature Since the Renaissance)
judges but Yas oni1 one because the may be elected with the permission
ne 'Or se1mord udge has not been of the instructor by students who
fe '-6l n app oftment has ever been have not taken English 223. Students
'mt ewishing to take the course next se-
inester should consult Prof. Griggs
D( mLtits N w3218 A.H.) or Mrs. Little (11 Li-
Dolileite pt N brary)
° roastip-Coast Record_
n- ,tudent Poetry Group will meet in
VO1 ANGELES, Jan. 14 -( )- 3231 Angell Hall at 7:30 Tuesday eve-
Wih~AvWfe. -as a passenger, Jimmie ning.
Doolittle, daring speed flier, streaked R. W. Cowden
away at 5:2Tp.m., (8:27 p.m., E.S.T.)

in an attempt to set a new coast-to- Students in Education Courses:
coast I6oid for two-passenger trans- There will be a special conference for
port yianes. all students enrolled in Education
T a e-off was from the nearby courses, in the University High School
unio tetminal at Burbank. Auditorium on Tuesday, Jan. 15, at
Do jtle said he expected to av- 4:10 o'clock. The members of the
ere tff-han. 250 miles an hour. Correlated Course will present an in-
He and his wife were equipped with formal review of their field expe-
oxy n tanks to facilitate breathing riences. This conference is open to
in t es. all who are interested.
atb'"said he would be fly--
in e time at altitudes of Candidates for the Master's Degree
15, tOb, feet. in History: The language examina-
assenger transport tion for candidates for the Master's
rec s 3 mminutes, 50 sec- degree in History will be held in Room
o t Nov. 8, 1934, by B, Haven, Friday p.m., Jan. 18, at
C r ankea. The air 4 o'clock.
di __ Ven rbank and New-
ar is approximately Final Examination Schedule, First
2, mie. Semester, 1934-35: College of Lit-
erature, Science, and the Arts, School
"9 ASKS DATA of, Education, School of Music, School
d1, SE. 14-{A)-The of Forestry and Conservation, Col-
Se b el d 6 !"lpon Secretary lege of Pharmacy, School of Business'
of AM, N A. Wallace to Administration and Graduate School
fu 1 le pformation re- carry these group letters also.
ga salted".ugar corner The schediile follows:
oti 'N at + . last month. - ------ ------


Date of Examination

A-Wed. a.m., Jan. 30.
B-Mon. a.m., Feb. 4.
C-Mon. a.m., Jan. 28.
D-Fri. a.m., Feb. 1.
E-Tues. a.m., Feb. 5.
F-Tues. p.m., Feb. 5.
G-Sat. a.m., Feb. 2.
H-Wed. a.m., Feb. 6.
I-Fri. p.m., Feb. 1.
J-Thurs. a.m., Jan. 31.
K-Mon. p.m., Jan. 28.
L-Wed. p.m., Jan. 30.
M-Sat. p.m., Feb. 2.
N-Tues. a.m., Jan. 29.
O-Sat. p.m., Jan. 26.-
P-Tues. p.m., Jan. 29.
Q-Thurs. p.m., Jan. 31.
R-Mon. p.m., Feb. 4.
X-Eeach course in Group X may
be examined at any time mu-
tually agreed upon by class and
Other courses not carrying the let-
ters will be examined as follows:

Bibliophiles of the Faculty Womens'
IClub meets at 2:30 p.m. at the home
of Mrs. Roy S. Swinton, 1114 Wood- -
lawn Avenue.
Coming Events.
Research Club will meet in Room
2528 East Medical Building on Wed-1
nesday, Jan. 16, at 8 p.m. The fol-
lowing papers will be presented.
"Social Satire in the Comedies of
Ben Jonson," by Professor Mueschke.
"Areas of Population Decline and
t h e Significance o f Population
Change in New England," by Pro-
fessor Stanley D. Dodge.
The Council will meet at 7:30 p.m.
Economics Club: Meeting Wednes-{
day evening, Jan. 16, Room 304 of the
Michigan Union. Dr. Emil Lederer
and Dr. Eduard Heimann will talk
on the topic, "Some Economic and


Place advertisements with Classified
Advertising Department. Phone 2-1214.
The classified columns close at five
o'clock previous to day of insertion,.
Box numbers may be secured at no
extra charge.
Cash in advance-11c per reading line
(on basis of five averagetwords to
line) for one or two insertions.
10c per reading line for three or
more insertions.
Minimum 3 lines per insertion.
Telephone rate -.15c per reading line
fog ox or two insertions.
14c per reading line for three or
more insertions.
10% discount ifspaid within ten days
from the date of last insertion.
Minimum three lines per insertion.
By contract, per line -2 lines daily, one
month................ c
4 lines E.O.D., 2 months ........3c
2 lines daily, college year ........7c
4 lines E.O.D., college year ........7c
100 lines used as desired ..........9c
300 lines used as desired.......8c
1,000 lines used as desired.......7c
2,000 lines used as desired.....6c
The above ratesare per reading line,
bated ~on eight reading lines per inch.
Ionic type, upper and lower case. Add
6e per line to above rates for all capital
letters. Add 6c per line to above for
bold face, upper and lower case. Add 10c
per line to above rates for bold face
capital letters.
The above rates are for 7% point
type. "
suits. Will pay 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 dol-
lars. Phone Ann Arbor 4306. Chi-
cago Buyers. Temporary office, 200
North Main. 7x


Date of Examination
at 8-Wed. a.m., Jan. 30.
at 9-Mon. a.m., Feb. 4.
at 10-Mon. a.m., Jan. 28.
at 11-Fri. a.m., Feb. 1.
at 1-Tues. a.m., Feb. 5.
at 2-Tues. p.m., Feb. 5.
at 3-Sat. a.m., Feb. 2.

Tues. at 8-Wed. a.m., Feb. 6.
Tues. at 9-Fri. p.m., Feb. 1.
Tues. at 10-Thurs. a.m., Jan. 31.
Tues. at 11-Mon. p.m.. Jan. 28.
Tues. at 1-Wed. p.m., Jan. 30.
Tues. at 2-Sat. p.m., Feb. 2.
Tues. at 3-Tues. a.m., Jan. 29.
Further, the courses listed below
will be examined as follows:
Education A10-Thurs. p.m., Jan.
Education Cl.-Tues. p.m., Jan. 29.
Bus. Adm. 101-Thurs. p.m., Jan.
Bus. Adm. 121-Tues. p.m., Jan. 29.
Bus. Adm. 151-Sat. p.m., Jan. 26.
Bus. Adm. 205-Mon. p.m., Feb. 4.
Any course not listed in any of the
above groups may be examined at any
time on which the instructor and class
concerned may agree.
Each student taking practical work
in music in the School of Music will
be given an individual examination.
Each such student should consult the
bulletin board at the School of Music
to learn the day and hour assigned
for his or her individual examination.
Regular class work will continue
until Saturday noon. Jan. 26.

VLL L11 V~j./a , r
t Political Aspects of Planning. Mem-
bers of the faculties and graduate,
students in the Department of Eco-
nomics and the School of Business
Administration are invited to attend.
-Associated Press Photo. Landscape Club meeting Wednes-
Among the list of "surprise" wit- day at 7:30, 403 South Wing. Chand-1
nesses it was reported might take the ler Fairbanks will speak about wild
stand for Bruno Hauptmann in his flowers in the Rocky Mountains.
trial for the Lindbergh baby kidnap- __k
ing was Robert Scanlon (above) of Electrical Engineers: There will be
Menlo Park, N. J., called by many a a meeting of the Student Branch of
"double" for the German carpenter. the A.I.E.E. Thursday, at 7:30 p.m.,V
Scanlon is said to have declared he Room 248, West Eng. Prof. H. W.
was driving in the vicinity of the King will discuss the Hydraulic Prob-
Lindbergh heme shortly before the lems in connection with Hydro-Elec-
kidnaping. - tric plants. Refreshments will be
Capriccio Op. 28........ DohnanyiI
Mabel Rhead Phi Lambda Upsilon: Short busi-
0 That It Were So........Bridge ness meeting will be held on Wed-L
A Prayer to Our Lady....... Ford ay, Jan. 16, at 7:30 p.m. in Room
We'll To the Wood No 303, Chem. Bldg. Members from
More......... . ..Thompson other chapters are cordially invited.
Siesta ... ,.................. Besley
Sigh No More .............. Aiken Iota Alpha Initiation Banquet will
Arthur Hackett be held Thursday, Jan. 17, at 6:15
Sonata Op. 47 p.m., at the Michigan Union. Dr.
("Krentzer") .......... Beethoven Carl Guthe will give an illustrated
Adagio Sostentuo; Presto; talk on Anthropology.
Andante con Variazioni:
Finale (Presto) Luncheon for Graduate Students d
Mabel Rhead on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 12 o'clock
Wassily Besekirsky in the Russian Tea Room of the Mich-
igan League Building. Dr. Clarence
Events Today i S. Yoakum, vice-president of the Uni-
Eversity and newly-appointed dean of
Botany Journal Club meets in Room the graduate school, will speak infor-
1139 N.S. at 7:30 p.m. Reviews of mally on "What Are Graduate Cours-
recent papers on anatomy and sys- es?"
tematic botany will be given by Mrs.
Eleanor C. Beard, and Messrs. F. J. All Members of Senior Ball Com-
Hermann, Waldo Steidtmann and mittee will meet Wednesday, 8:30

STUDENT Hand Laundry. Prices rea-
sonable. Free delivery. Phone 3006
nity house as cook, capable of taking
full charge of kitchen. Can furnish
references. Phone 5047. 39
WANTED: Attractive furnished apt.
for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 8 and
9. Will pay good price. Address Box
B-18. Michigan Daily.
FINANCE CO. offers bargains in re-
possessed and repurchased cars.
Many 1934 cars with low mileage
included. We will trade and extend
convenient terms. Open evenings.
311 W. Huron. Ph. 2-3267. lox
GRAPHING promptly and neatly
done in our own shop by experi-
enced operators at moderate rates.
O. D. Morrill's Typewriter and Sta-
tionery Store, 314 S. State Street.
FOR RENT: Campus and business
section, 4-room apt. Beautifully
furnished and newly decorated.
Frigidaire, water softener, garage,
phone and utilities included. Un-
usual bargain. Phone 3138. 36
SUITE FOR TWO or three men. Ex-
ceptional home close to campus.
Also delightful single room with
fireplace. 904 Oakland Ave.


LAUNDRY 2-1044. Sox darned.
Careful work at low price. 4x

SThis notice will appear] three times Carl Grassl. Members of the Botanyj
only, Dec. 21, Jan. 15, and Jan. 25. Department and the Herbarium who
Please preserve, as no offprints will attended the recent Pittsburgh meet-
be issued. ing will report. Refreshments.
Quarterdeck Society: 'Ensian group
Teacher's Certificate Candidates: picture, 4:30 p.m., Dey Studio. Regu-
Candidatse for the Teacher's Certifi- lar meeting, 7:30, Union.
cate, to be recommended in February ,
and June, 1935, for whom the person- Adelphi House of Representatives
nel records in the School of Educa-! meets at 7:30 p.m. There will be a
tion are not complete will have an ebate followed by open discussion on
opportunity to complete these records the proposition: Resolved that some
on Saturday, Jan. 19, at 9 o'clock in teropstn:mRoledthatssome
Room 4200, U.H.S. Further informa- form of unemployment insurance
tion is posted on the bulletin board should be adopted in the United
of Room 1431 U.S.E. States. After this, there will be a
closed meeting for the purpose of

University Lecture:
Dr. Erwin J. Raisz, Instructor in
Cartography at the Institute of Geo-
graphical Exploration, Harvard Uni-
versity, will lecture on the subject
"The Development of Geography as
Reflected in Maps" (illustrated),
Tuesday, Jan. 15, at 4:15 p.m., in
Natural Science Auditorium. The
public is cordially invited.
Malcolm W. Davis, Director of the
Geneva Research Center, will deliver
a lecture on "The International Muni-
tions Traffic," in Natural Science
Auditorium, Wednesday, Jan. 16, at
4:15 p.m.

nominating men for the offices of
Adelphi. All members should be pres-
The Michigan Forester: Meeting of
the entire staff at 7:15 p.m., Forestry
Seminar Room.
Tau Beta Pi: Dinner meeting at 6
p.m., Michigan Union. H. M. Merker,
of Parke Davis Company, will talk
on "The Engineer and Medicine."
Attention Zones, Dormitories, and
Sorority Houses: There will be a com-
pulsory meeting for the Activities
Chairman of each zone, dormitory
and sorority, 5 p.m., in the Library
of the Michigan League. If you are

p.m., at the Phi Kappa Sigma Frat-
ernity. Important!
Contemporary: Important meeting
of the fiction staff Wednesday, Jan.
16, at 4:00 p.m. in the Student Publi-
cations Building. All members must
be present.
Michigan Dames: The Child Study
Group will meet Wednesday, between
3 and 5 o'clock, at the home of Mrs.
Newell Atwood, 919 Woodlawn Ave.
Mothers are asked to bring their chil-
Michigan Dames: The Music Group
will meet Thursday evening, at 8:00
o'clock, at the home of Mrs. Frank
O'Bierne, 404 Pauline Blvd. Those
wishing transportation should call
Mrs. James Bradbury. 22-060.
Model Accuses
Hauptmann Of
Trailing Jafsie'
(Continued from Page 1)
jections to his line of questioning, the
defense lawyer turned to the Court
and declared:
"I want to prove that she was never
there and that she doesn't even know
where the station is or what lines
I run past the place and she has lived
in the Bronx all her life."
Miss Alexander, who came to court'
with her mother, told her direct story
under questioning by Assistant At-
torney General Joseph Lanigan.
She was not sure of the date of
the incident -either a Monday or
a Tuesday evening in March, she said.
She said Dr. Condon seemed to be
having an argument in the front of
the telegraph office.

"BRIGHT EYES" ( father." The "heart" interest is pro-
AT THE MICHIGAN vided in Judith Allen.
(NOTE: with this review, The Daily Baby-faced, curly-haired Shirley
abandons its practice of rating motion Temple stands head and shoulders
pictures with stars, believing that that above the rest of the capable cast in
system was necessarily too arbitrary in
certain instances). her performance as the orphaned
"Bright Eyes" - A Fox picture star- mite. It is with mingled feelings of
ring Shirley Temple and featuring
James Dunn, Jane Darwell, Judith Al- admiration and amazement that the
len, Lois Wilson, Charles Sellon, and moviegoer watches this six-year old
.iene Withers. Directed by David Butler.
Also a Bosco cartoon, Travelogue, ani laugh, cry, show surprise, admira-
a Pete Smith Oddity. tion, distrust, anger, be coy, repen-
Shirley Temple, the "baby" actress tant, or roguish. AND-most import-
who at present holds all other Hol- ant of all, the moviegoer doesn't
lywood juvenile talent in abject think to himself, "That precocious
submission, gains a tighter hold little brat-I'd like to throttle her!"
than ever on first place with her Charles Sellon is more than ade-
current vehicle, "Bright Eyes." Her quate as Uncle Ned, who insists that
most obvious and appealing trait- he made his money in sewers, not
lovability-is brought to the fore "sanitary engineering." Special cred-
again as she is cast in a role which it, too, is due another little girl of
is a cross between Topsy and Gloria nine or ten-Miss Jane Withers,
Vanderbilt; Shirley, at first father- who makes herself properly hated as
less and then motherless, resigns the spoiled brat who murders her
herself to living with the snobbish, dolls and talks glibly of her psycho-
churlish Smythes, who have a hell- analyst.
bent rapscallion of a daughter oddly "Bright Eyes" is marred by a slow
enough named "Joy" and a crusty finish after a fast start. If you see
old uncle whose heart-of-gold "Bright Eyes" you may have 'the
prompts him to attempt to adopt feeling that James Dunn, Judith Al-
Shirley. His rival is Aviator James len, and Lois Wilson did "hammy"
Dunn, who is Shirley's beloved "god- work in their subsidiary roles. This
SWinter Excursion To
ROUND Pullman and Coach
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 18, 19, 20
Bargain round trip berth fares extra
Lv. Ann Arbor 8:14 p.m., Jan. 18, 12:14 a.m., 1:29 a.m., 6:55 a.m.,
and 8:14 p.m., Jan. 19; 12:14 a.m. and 1:29 a.m., Jan. 20. Cen. Time.
Returning tickets good to leave Niagara Falls, N.Y., not later than
10:40 p.m., January 20, 1935, and connecting train from Buffalo.
Children of proper age half fare - no baggage chegked.
For Information Consult Local Ticket Agent
M * C *G Shows Continous 1:30-3-5-7-9 p.m
LOST .HERoaci.. .


unable to attend a proxy must be
French Lecture: sent.
C. E. Koella will give the second
lecture on the Cercle Francais pro- Christian Science Organization:
gram: "Gyp," Wednesday, Jan. 16, at There will be a meeting of this Or-
4:15 o'clock, Room 103, Romance ganization tonight at 8 o'clock in the
Language Building. Chapel of the Women's League Build-
Tickets for the series of lectures ing. Students, alumni, and faculty
may be procured at the door, members of the University are cor-
dially invited to attend.
Concert Hillel Players: Important meeting
Cat 5 p.m., Hillel Foundation. New
Faculty Concert: members will be considered, and plans
Mabel Ross Rhead, pianist, Arthur for the future will be taken up.
Hackett, tenor, and Wassily Besekir-- -- --_ _ _-_

sky, violinist, will give they following
program Wednesday evening, Jan. 16, NW
in Hill Auditorium, at 8:15 o'clock,
to which the general public, with L U I'
the exception of small children is HILL AUDITORIUM - NO ADMISSION CHARGE
invited, without admission charge :MAE ROS I-ADPant
Tw Chorale Preludmss. Bch-Busoiv MABEL ROSS RHEAD, Pianistl
Ich ruf 'zu dir, Herr AK
Wachet auf, ruft uns die stimme ARTHUR HACKETT, Tenor
Feux Follets .................. Liszt WASSILY BESEKIRSKY, ViolinZSt
L'isle joyeuse . .. .. .. . ... ... Debussy - - - ---
WednesdayJan,16, 8:15
Terrace Garden LOTTE LEHMANN in Choral Union Series, January 25
D a n c in g S t u d io I n st r cti o n _ ,n _ , I
Tnsruct'in s i n, a 1 1 I-- --__ -- ---- -- -

forms. Classical. social,
dancing. Ph. 9695.
1nWuerth Theatre Bldg.


at 2-3:50-7-9


Matinees 30c
Evenings 40c

ino tgf as requested in
a . a uh siiiitie )y Senator
Aiibri 'Michigan.
- n om 10 mepad~ t- . -

a .. _, _

r at _,..


Rated "Extraordinary Entertainment" by Critics and Audiences alike!




l -kT' A 'A JilI

Every Day 15c to 6 P.M. - 25c after 6





I --w- i U 7 - iA ffrd f 1 ncueUR ll\

picture like thus!/// r : r , . !Il IRV i

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