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December 12, 1934 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1934-12-12

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To Hold State Ford Will Play Michian's Pucksters Work To The all-
B A be held at
Handball Meet STA R DUST i ENS With East In Eat; Jewell Makes Good Toast o
f I Breed by J
At I-M Building New Year's Tilt ByI M. K. WESTERN seum on week-ends. A board job at the and Elm
ef th Union keeps him hopping at noon. judges, F
"FACULTY RULING Bars Three execution to the coaches and athletic College isa enors affai orth sdOuimet v
Yost, Mitchell Sanction Gopher Gridders from Further directors who hold their separate Wolverine Center To Leave boys on Coach Eddie Lowrey's Varsity His pal Jewell also fixed things so singer vs
Mtchll Santin Gphe Giddrsfrhlcey aggregation. In addition to the that Johnny could work in the morn-Sigrv
M - To Determine Date Play, " "Bierman Bitter Over Ruling." meetings at the same time. One can With 22 Man Squad On p a e tof saing eligibl ing at 6 o'clock with him, but he came Downing
e Those two headlines over Chicago and:say in general that they are men one morng, forgot it the next two,
At Once Minneapolis datelines tell, in brief, j who place the integrity of their re- Dec. 19 For Coast for puck play, more than half the oorn forot iMartkow,t
members of the first team work for and now just comes week-ends. Mikw
____ the story of the most important event spective schools above mere athletic
ofthesrycenthBigemtiprteengssucctesh sa eGerald Ford, selected by his team- either board or room, or some other Dick Berryman handles the Depart-
More than a half hundred Mich- Itmates as the most valuable man on part of their expenses. ment of skate sharpening and ad- some mor
igan students are expected to com- The Dec. 11 story out of MinnesotaE Co-Captain Johnny Jewell, keeper Dusting for Coach Lowrey. This is an helping t
pete in the state singles handball quotes Bierman as saying, " am con- THEY ARE NOT small enough Michigan's 1934 football team. has ac- C-ati onyJwlkee utn o oc ory hsi nhligt
championship to be played, probably vinced that the interpretation of the to "deliberately sock" Minne- cepted an invitation to play with the of the goal for the Maize and Blue evening position, but he also has a ing up ar
hntofdlphAte r e eastern stars in the annual East-West outfit, is one of the hardest-working board job, waiting tables in one of the And a
some time next February on the Uni- rule was wrong, and I am convinced so Prof. Ralph Aigler, Mich- arity game New Year's Day in San
versity of Michigan courts. that the action was a reliberate sock- igan's representative in the fac- chrnig NY. iS ng at 6 o'clock he traipses up the Waiting tables is one of the most members
For the first time the tournament, ing of us." ulty group, foresaw just such a Ford, another of Michigan's mighty long, cold hill to the Union to make popular forms of earning bread and Fabello,
which was awarded to Michigan by contingency as has arisen with centers, received his offer from Dick toast for various members of the butter. Vic Heyliger, the sophomore board.
Lawrence Rothenberg, Michigan A.A. Immediately after the ruling Mr. Bierman's strong accusations H a n e y Monday. Unon staff. In the afternoons he center who has starred in his two ap- Johnny
U. handball chairman, will be played was re-affirmed at Chicago Bier- whcn he said lasL week, "It is un- Hanley and Andy presides over the sale of tickets and pearances this season, works at the getter" f
outside of Detroit. man said for the press (Ass- fotunate that the matter should Kerr Northwest- assists Coach Lowrey in running the German-American Restaurant han- things up
ciated Press story Dec. 9.): "The rime up now when the real ques-C mm yling trays. Heyliger also performs as well w
Because the Detroit city singles beingatrays.gHeyiCgebslsoperdormsJas kell-
A ruling as it is reaffirmed is not tiaa of freshman competitions erm and sColteio olise mdskoo he g-s h GET_ AL__GLTTLE D -GE
championship, to be head in January, manynfaingbut imaybeltestoyn-ranjti ile bmerge beMc-h mentors, coach thes And on week-ends Johnny fills in as
Unfersimty plae o hdnsath the spcific ase of these eastern aggrega- general utility man, helping out at h y_
tant competition, it was suggested, nthmt.m s t2 snar.at ndeach se- hodd moents he eceshary. In
tathetatetoradEmetD. be thheldindogti ethat Mr Bhie r- yr la t th 1players the spring and fall, Johnny works be- I
n drbaor to encoura ltheas.roBy from his section of hind the dek at the golf coursewhen'
A Aborntsecuagd the spotoman's attitude is all wrong would Arrarently Bierman's statementsdGdA-mLONkedtr nLEo ksr d e l
among out-state and, particularly, mean nothing, but maybe the history were unjustified, but no one at Mich- the country it is Open.
University players, of the case would throw some light ign can damn him too much because Three members' Another of the industrious pck- _
The approval of Fielding H. Yost,kon the matter. most of s can remember the time of M i n n e s o t a's strs is the other co-captainJh
athletic director, and Elmer D. Mitch- The rule interpretation under which three years ago when we, too, wereShet-
ell, director of Intramural athletics, he Mit t s wre rr pe t n a tt D play with the East of keing peace and order on the ice
has been secured, and the selection has been in effect for over a year faculty board after it had refused'rn meare rPug" during the evening skating sessions
ItLCns y eAll-American backfield star and he also works around the Col
of the exact dates alone remains to now and other schools have lost prom.i to set aside a long-standing rue and
be settled. Mitchell and Rothenberg n tete r t Michigan g eRs son and Bngston, linemen. Veller, I
are expected to communicate imme- The first hint that Minnesta might Bowl. ersatile Indiana quarterback, has
diately and determine the dates. -s to htve t 'bi ley grule re- also accepted Hanleys offer along
interpreted came after he Minne-r We might suggest, however, i h at he
w r s m d r sota-Michigan game last fall when that Mr. Bierman needs to de- of Northwestern and Purvis of Pur-
Same Old Question Wilfred Smith, sports writer for the velop the reticence characteristic Theql, H ygTk wrtyY
Thatquetio is ecaledthisyea seerni thir tandon hstone Deectmbs. 19 andtw-l leavepfo
SI at e al Chicago Tribune who appeared at the of Big Tn coaches in such mat- kthewsyqastr jetlatsihtl trleE
s swIsitMracterit mrecent Union football smoker here, re- ters.ktomDdsemtear- -FnE RElUCD sryefom
herd Syms.uAftehwtnm In Use? turned to Chicago, presumably afterhd a pter- edthrstheretws
y a wrote the story suggestngeta noh they s erirag practice sessions en route to Cali-
r csad. he r s- A Fdfornia with final drills there.
By BILL REED BigrTenmfacultyrepresentativesfmight ad h Last year "Chuck" Bernard andrknHO M d
seeurditnightwchangebabhyeemuin. .fl hti e ekafe hyia ihas o
A moot question in all sports is se i o1hneth ue Show Pr mie Herman Everhardus were members'
whether the material should deter- He even went so far as to say e re Ion hadehedtenmtatomadelapdsae urtT A Y TE a r re"
mineUtssem tober employ that they would"probably" changeorkheeeasternhteamaedlplaskdtaaBurrE C - *- JaA* * For Ch rt
to be eployed r greatpart-inthe Eby'suvictry.d.h
the ruling, although at the time-he Tm. greatNpLtTiJAt.erEsst'dmvistory.Th
whether the system will determine posibly have a ty in R cia roster of the eastern squad is not yetasnyoulatonss s
the type of material to be used. couldn't possn edaytdt - complete, Hanley having to make two fe7r$rathat ousr, m es
ht qut ecalledths year ments from the faculty men them- morethsmglections.u
That queion iea lleth fis tyeasd r t s k n f (M -m,.h orom om en t - will aw
as the Michigan Varsity basketball selves concerning their stand on the Coach Ray Fisher's freshmanbas-_______r_______Ih ro y. J
sudEsgsd k into practice for itsi ketball team had its first real prar-ppetFARthougStherU D sayto gohome
third game. After winning its first iT o a a nt e as tice of the season yesterday after- excursion rates elm
two starts, however narrowly, Cach nnte whe agtaltin tens. when they scrimmaged against A1 E Fu An f row" Sh i rsE T
"ad aecmoe i is-tigTe ispraed" nl on attes rfsuppiYd Thisf thhrpidstmash
t heup .g n sl p i e y , w r i t i n g ot h e w t s o r s m n . T e o h r e b r0fN i s a d n e w a
Cappon has announced that the team t-g- the Varsity cage squad. Fisher was Ois *Chritaco
which met Michigan State Normal, qaemnwows hnigol uite satisfied with their work andl iaera wowaHhikngonyIAIN E)l _'~. FARE FOR pinota myodernf ch
of Msta's ose instead of q '; ROUND TRIP pltdb n fd
Saturday night will probably remain therteo o sestrrtto felt that in a few weeks, after they 231 Souh State scan highways. Joi
possesshetheoryfofstheuinterpretation hadthad timeetoadvendpSsoe teamd
intact at least for the next two games.h a thasarall ndut TO MANY CITIES aboard, or recline y
Usena iesqix-F ot n a tws rgnll ae work, he would have a rea atal to the most ot
teamsbaketballo- .. -DEC. 14 -JAN. I roll by unheeded..
Ghtien appixed ssquadonallad Anyone who realizes the make-up ta. RETURN LIMIT JAN. i3 schedules enable yo
srtmnCapntiseonhsof the Western Conference of Faculty Stark Ritchie, forward from Battle 702I as your last class is
followed a definite program, building' Representatives is inclined to doubt Creek, led the scoring in the open- WOOL KNIT TIES . . 79 , for $1.50 last possible mome
his team about the tallest, so that i Mr. Bierman's charge that "the actionI ing scrimmage, dropping in four
his starting lineup in the first two was a deliberate socking of us (Mn- points, and tied for offensive honorsAR O 'TIE 1c'c
gamtes has averaged over six feet. nesota)." in the other two. He was very dang-' RR W IE . . .uu and t .50 Eastern Michigan Bus Depot
Captain Al Plummer, with George All of them are professors engaged erous just inside the foul circle where 21 West Huron St.
Rudness and Dick Evans at the in academic work at theiif respective he dropped them through the hoop-- --Poe40
guards, John Gee at center, and John institutions and are not closely asso- regularly.
Jablnak andDic Jolin t te f rcated with the athletic departments. Herm Fishman and Manny SlavingAFuIILn f" ro "S t
wards have composed his first-stringAFulLn of A C S it They deliberate only on matters of su ppied most of the speed for the
ithteeghuhchtatta general policy, leaving the details of freshmen. The other members of Te n new a
With the height which that team____ the first squad were Joe Renaldi,
possesses, an offense built upon cap- I( Catlin Whitehead, and Steve Fowdy. ____- -- l
itaizig i ha ben mplyed an iuse a fast-breaking and quick-passing __________ ________

freshman boxing show will
4 p.m., today in the boxing
Waterman Gym. All are
nd bouts, and will be ref.-
ohnny Johnstone. Lee Shaw
er Cousineau will be the
ollowing are the pairings:
.Patterson,.Black vs. Keown
. Yunck, Bietila vs. Spens,
vs. Gibbs, Hutzel vs. Robert-
nan vs. Gitlin, Kramer vs.
and Robertson vs. Wiener.
ning chores at the Coliseum,
o flood the rink, and "clean-
ound the place."
mong the freshmen, Gib
ne of the most promising
of the squad, and Johnny
among others, work for their
Jewell is the official "job-
r his teammates. He fixed
for Berryman and Heyliger,
s the freshmen.
mas Holidays
dents! You need no longer
mate - in an unguarded
n your extra pair of pants
y to raise the fare neces-
Christmas. Greyhound's
ninate that danger.
can make the trip home
)mfortably-heated coach,
e finest drivers on Amer-
n in the good fellowship
our deeply cushioned chair
able angle and let the miles
Greyhound's frequent
u to leave almost as soon
over - and stay until the
nt before you return.
Michigan Union
Phone 4151



control of the ball has been expected offense.
through that means. With speed the prime requisite for
Although speed has been sacrificed, such an offense, some of the smalier
Cappon feels that the successful real- members of the squad would be given}
ization of the possibilities of such a their chance. Captain Al Plummer, at
system is sufficient cause to warrant guard, would undoubtedly be retained,
the continuance of it. however, Cappon says, and John Jab-
Lacked Height lonski would be shifted to center.
Last year, with a squad generally Move Would Bench Gee
lacking in height, according to Cap- John Gee, whose sale merit has
pon, a system emphasizing speed and been his height, would be relegatedI
ball-handling was used, but was not ! to the sidelines, as would perhaps
successful to the extent that the Dick Joslin, whose defense abilities
Michigan defense as well as offense have appeared weak.
appeared at a disadvantage. George Ford, the flashy veteran,
Faulty ball-handling last year, Cap- j would undoubtedly be given his
pon says, not only hurt the Wolverine chance at a forward, and George Rud-
offense, but as the opposition gained ness would probably retain his guardj
the ball without giving his team a post. But with such a team of speed-
chance to set its defense, that de- sters, however lacking in height, the
paitment looked decidedly inferior. offense would be changed to one
This year, by controlling the ball ( emphasizing speed and ball-handling
through the utilization of the squad's above all, according to Cappon.
height, Cappon hopes to minimize -
the dangers which occur with a fast- _ _
passing offense. c - _____-
But should his plans fail to bear ';'
fruit in the next two games to the:teh
exten tht he feels a change will I G H T
be imperative, Cappon sees material
on his squad which could successfully 0 N T H E
An Overco
Overtime C
n ;iA;AV,

Adams 'Y' Defeats Ann
Arbor Squash Club, 3-2
The Ann Arbor squash club lost
its third straight match to the Adams
Y.M.C.A. of Detroit, 3-2, at the Intra-
mural Building last night. The re-
cults follow: Wiley, Detroit, defeated
Snyder, A.A.; Vick, A.A., defeated
Hodges, D.; Bielfield, D., defeated
Webster, A. A.; Tait, D., defeated
Riskey, A.A.; Smith, A.A. won on a
default from Davidow, D.
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