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October 10, 1934 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1934-10-10

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Convocation To
Open Research - TI E STAG 2 -
Laboratories, ___

MORE PROPAGANDA 'being able to live part of his life over. Prominent Medical Men!
One of our highly respected and And Pharmacists To Be
extremely dignified professors was And this year's miracle man is
trying to extricate his imposing car none other than Phil Singleton, inter- Present At Ceremony.
from a State Street parking space the fraternity head. First, he has to play
other day when a story-book rustic, triplets every time the undergraduate Indianapolis will be the scene of
appearing from nowhere, said, "If ye council meets, as he holds the chairs one of the greatest convocations of1
had a Ford ye'd miss all that trouble." of interfraternity president, Tau Beta medical men and pharmacists in re-
He is what sales managers at Ford's Pi ditto, and past ditto of Triangles.
must be looking for. Second, he is leaving soon for a con- cent years, when, on Thursday and
* * *vention of T.B.P. in New York, and at Friday of this week, Eli Lilly and Co.,
An unusual record, of rather doubt- Christmas time will travel to the con- manufacturers of pharmaceutical
ful merit has been established by the vention of heads of fraternity coun- preparations, formally open the New
freshman who listed only eighteen cils. We calmly await an announce- Lilly Research Laboratories
(18) fraternities on his preference list. ment that, in the spring, he will at- i
Imagine he's going to have seven tend a convention in Bermuda as past Included among those invited to
wives some day. president of the past presidents' as- this event are nine members of the

Sam H. Harris presents "As Thou-
sands Cheer" by Irving Berlin and Moss
Hart. Staged and lighted by Hassard
Short; dances arranged by Charles
Weidman; settings designed by Albert

in "Heat Wave" and "I've Got Harlem
on My Mind." In a bit more serious,
she brings "Supper Time," a song of
a lonelygcolored woman, widowed by
a frenzied mob. Miss Waters is most
effective, and equally successful in
this type of presentation.
Letitia Ide and Jose Limon rise to

127. Practical Apple Polishing. (A) ADVERTISEMENT
Selected approaches. Critical inter- In conclusion we greet the first
pretation and study of the methods of appearance of this year's Gargoyle
the great masters, as well as practical and ask professors to excuse any
applications in the technique of the insane laughter which may occur in
new school. Particular stress will be' classes as a result of this month's pre-
placed on front row sitting, laughing posterous person. We hope none of,

at professional wit, appearing anxious!
to be called on without ever encount-
ering this obstacle, etc. MFW, 1. 7089
AH. John Cole. Three hours credit.
Each semester.
We'll give you two guesses, bothj
correct as to the identity of the twol
notorious playboys who, seeing one ofj
the local yellow-and-blue peanut
stand busses without a driver, prompt-
ly drove it away. The chagrined mo-
torman, aboard a commandeered car
with a policeman picked up on the
way, gave chase, but the villians an-
ticipated their fate and escaped from
the box on foot.
A variation of the dog bite man,
man bite dog yarn has just been
wafted over from the sociology de-
partment, where rumor has it that
Professor Holmes is so bored by his
classes that he goes to sleep and lets
them amuse themselves. If you have
that tired feeling in the morning
here is the class for you.
Prdfessor Goods, educational psy-
chology instructor, caught his classl

you will ape him.
What's Doing's statement that The
Daily didn't catch a single FERA chis-
eler isn't true. Two chiselers were re-
ported, twelve individuals voluntarily
gave up their jobs, and the majority
of the "cases" run in The Daily were
given jobs and therefore enabled to
continue with their college educa-
tion. Quite enough said?
Enrollment In
R.O.T.C. Work
Reaches 640

University faculty; Dr. G. W. Ed-
munds, head of the pharmacology
department, Dr. H. B. Lewis, head of
the department of physiological
chemistry, Dr. H. O. Calvery, Dr.
Nathan W. Eddy, connected with the
drug addiction research, Prof. C. H.
Stocking of the School of Pharmacy,
Dr. Frank Bethel, of the Simpson
Memorial Institute, Dr. R. L. Kahn,
of the University hospital, and Dean
Edward H. Kraus of the College of
Literature, Science and the Arts.
The program for the first day will
include the dedication and inspection
of the New Research Laboratories
Unit. Addresses by famous men of
research and medicine will follow the
dedication. "Comments on Research
in Manufacturing Pharmacy" will be
discussed by Mr. J. K. Lilly; Dr. Ir-
ving Langmuir, noted for the Lewis-
Langmuir atom, will speak on "The
Unpredictable Results of Research."
Sir Frederick Banting, discoverer of
Insulin, will discuss this substance
in "The Early Story of Insulin,"
while "Chemical Ideas in Medicine
and Biology" will be the subject of
Sir Henry Dale.

"As Thousands Cheer" thrilled a the heights of character dancing
capacity crowd at Detroit's Cass when they assist Miss Waters in
Theatre Monday night as it has "Heat Wave" and later in a number
thrilled Broadway audiences for more I of their own under the heading, "Re-
than 50 weeks. It is a fast moving, volt in Cuba."
satirical review that never for a The satire goes on amidst all this,
moment relaxes its hold upon an in- and we have a burlesque of modern
tensely attentive audience. radio programs in "Metropolitan
With Clifton Webb, Dorothy Stone, Opera Opens in Old Time Splendor,"
Helen Broderick, and Ethel Waters with rather liberal doses of mustard
in the leading roles, "As Thousands sauce for that old home flavor steak
Cheer" is the most outstanding work thrown in. It goes on with Gandhi,
since "Of Thee I Sing" swept through Noel Coward, Prince of Wales, and
produced in the musical comedy field others better known through the
to a Pulitzer prize two seasons back. newspaper headlines.
The satire in this new presentation Thousands have cheered "As Thou-
of Sam Harris does not equal that of sands Cheer' and thousands more will
its predecessor in the musical comedy continue to do so. It is unfortunate
field. However, "As Thousands that its engagement in Detroit is
Cheer" more than makes this up with limited to one week, because on its
a brilliant cast that reaches the peak opening night, even standing room
of stage technique. at $1.65 per person was at a premium.I
The revue is carried out with a It is a spicy bit of entertainment, wit-
series of newspaper headlines as the ty satire, with a host of excellent
titles of the many scenes. The com- tunes.
edy's satire reaches its peak in
"Franklin D. Roosevelt Inaugurated
Tomorrow" with former President Second1 Gene l
Hoover and Mrs. Hoover as the vacat-
ing tenants. Strike Threat
Clifton Webb is perhaps the most
outstanding dancer in his far reach- Faced B C 1
ing field, and he does several num- 1
bers that literally "bring down the
house." He is ably assisted by Doro-
thy Stone, and the two songs they put P n1)1uic Service Workers
over so cleverly are "How's Chances" Denand Re-Employment
and "Her Easter Bonnet."
Ethel Waters is quite her old self, Of 256 Employees
i nd she hrino's that toucrh of hi-i-hn I

Great Number
Of Head Colds
Not Unusual
Claims Michigan Always
Has Sniffles Epidemic
During This Season
Students should not be unduly
alarmed over the great number of
common colds on the campus, Dr.
William Brace, Health Service physi-
cian stated yesterday. "There are al-
ways a great number of colds at this
time of the year, and if students are
careful to obtain treatment when the
cold shows a tendency 'to hang on'
there is nothing to fear."
Comparison of records from health
services at other schools show that
Michigan is not unique in having an
epidemic of colds at this time of the
year, Dr. Brace said. Hospital and
clinical reports from all over the coun-
try show that there are more colds
at this time than any other with the
possible exception of the period just
after Christmas, he added.
Dr. Brace predicted, on the basis
of figures of past years, that there
would be another "epidemic" shortly
after the Christmas vacation.
Besides inconveniences and reduced
efficiency, Dr. Brace said that stu-
dents have nothing to fear from a cold
unless the cold seems to be getting
out of hand. He said that by the laws
of gravity the infection from a head
cold often settles in the chest re-
sulting in congestion and bronchitis,
and in some cases may develop into
pneumonia. For that reason he ad-
vised students to seek treatment as
soon as the cold seems to be getting
out of control.
"Prevention of colds by artificial
means has been satisfactory only
where air-conditioning has been
used," Dr. Brace stated. "Serums have
obtained results only on certain in-
dividuals, but research has shown that
if offices, homes, and school rooms
were air-conditioned, the number of
colds would be amazingly low."
Open Campaign Of
G.O.P. With Rally
The first Republican guns of the
oncoming campaign will be fired in
Washtenaw County Friday when the
first of a series of rallies will be held
in Milan.
Harry S. Toy, Wayne County prose-
cutor, Republican candidate for at-
torney-general, State Senator An-
drew L. Moore of Pontiac, and former
Congressman Earl C. Michner of Ad-
rian, now ltp for election again, will
be the chief speakers.
Washtenaw County Republicans
have opened headquarters in Ann
Arbor at 217 South Fourth Ave.,
from which place all county activities
will be directed.

Twenty To Receive
Academic C r e d i t
The Course


c111U :i11C Viliig6 mau UvUU11 Vl III-UC-11U

The final tabulatioA of those reg-
istered for R. O. T. C. work has been
compiled by Sergeant Hogkins, of the

without the goods last week when, out mili gthcience departmentand
of a clear sky, he tendered them the bring the figure to a total of 640.
Staff Changes 'final exam. High grade was 30, low Of these, Sergeant Hogkins stated,
~' a ~--5. No one asked to have these grades 20 are receiving only academic credit
stand at the end of the year. for the work. None of their work will
In heLib*r be counted towards the ultimate re-
InTh LbrryRobert (Prickly Heat) Saltzstein,, ception of a reserve off'icer's oms
Are An ounced last year's mogul of the Union, writes~ sion in the army of the United
from his new alma mater that "Yale!I States.
________is fair but how I miss a real school' Those who are taking the course
A. Capma Is amedand regular fellows. Right now Ann without military credit are divided
Is NmedArbor looks like heaven to me." And into two groups. The first, accord-
To Succeed Cameron As the Union tower is probably Bob's ing to Sergeant Hogkins, is composed
idea of the golden stairs that lead of those who, due to the limited
Service Assistant there. number of advanced students able to
be accommodated by ~thedepartment,
Several changes in the staff of the ENROLLMENT DROP SEEN were unable .to continue their work
General Library have been an- Many were those seen with the as officers of the student corps, and
nounced through the Staff Notes wanderlust in their eyes after yester- the second, of those students who are
published recently by the library, day's track meet in Detroit. Their sole not American citizens, and conse-
E. A. Chapman has been appointed remarks were unintelligible mutter- quently cannot serve as officers un-
General Service Assistant to succeed ings about "Tigers - bets - oh!" der the national government.
Kenneth Cameron who recently ac- LATE AGAIN- "
cepted the position of librarian at
Mercer 'Unisersity. As a result of Salesmen along the street sure
this appointment, and of the resig- must have seens Bid Cutting coming
Ent.ons of L. D. Rahilly and W. B. the other day. After buying a nice
Br Scydges, several changes in the per- new desk pad calendar Bid was exam-
;connel of the circulation department ining it when he discovered it to be
have been made. for 1934. For once he mourns not
F. Ridlen Harrel, senior assistant, sb e tr nf rdfom he A gl ( _
has beenmmtransderredtfromethetmnne,
Hall Study Hall to the corridor desk, Eym Cls e To
and Lionel Van Kersen has taken hisyr
place. Mr. Htarrell and Mr. Van Ker- Follow End Of
senhave recently received their mas-
ter's degrees in Library Science. Alk-Series
lan Laursen BL.S n'34. has suc- Lecture GAINs
ceeded Mr. Rahilly at the corridor s angh sresu
d nsk, Mr. Eugene D. Hart taking Mr.
Brydg'es' former post in the basement All Freshmen Notified To
stuidy. hall.
s ierhard Naeseth, a graduate of Obtain Lockers, Towels,
the r College, Decorah, Ia., and for- Before First Session
mRrly an assistant in the library
ters, is now assistant in the base- The last of the series of six health
ient study hall, taking Mr. Van lectures for freshmen will be given
peiacen's place, while Mr. C. C. Liv- Thursday and Friday, Dr. George A. I
n grton is Mr. Hart's successor in May, director of freshman physical
the extension department. education announced yesterday, and
Miss Marjorie Lewis is now in regular gym classes will begin Monday
ci age of the Dentistry Library, and Tuesday, Oct. 15 and 16.
while Mrs. Elna K. Taylor has been r- Classes next week will be regularon.
transferred to the Medical Library. ractice sessions, Dr. May stated, . .'.
Wayne Toland has resigned as office- very ma usbe in gym
mstant, being succeeded by. Judd clothes. Consequently fieshmen must
Polk. Frank S. Kipp has also re- purchase and obtain lockers and towel
Migned in order to take a post as law tickets before theii first class. In
lbaria at higantte. Lr order to avoid the last minute rush.
hMrs. irgna K. Tiybrin has been 'acofsion, this ought to be dega
Vcappointed cataloger in the Bureau this week. Naturally the best situated
of Govarnment, succeeding Miss lockers will be given to those who
lizabeth Schack who has resigned, apply first."n
Pi'l.s Makgaret Blashill has taken thee dnLocker and towel tickets may be
sormer's posidton. A full time post as obtained at the cashier's office in
asitant in the catalogue depart- South Wing. Locker assignments and
meK has been given Laura E. Biddle, towels are obtained at Dr. May's of-
A.BmL.S. '34 .fice in Waterman Gymnasium.
assitantin te caaloge deart-Sout Win. Lokerssigment an

Inspections of the manufacturingI
laboratories and the biological lab- 14*W illS
oratories will comprise the eventso e Sen
Friday. Michigan delegates will leave
for Indianapolis early today. D e1e ga t e s To
Collects Specimens State Me e ting
Of Tropical Woods The cabinet of the Student Chris-
tian Association met last night and
decided to send representatives to the
Dr. Walter W. Tupper, assistant Student Officers Training Conference
professor of botany, is at present 'held this week end at Camp Ohiyesa
supervising a collection of tropical at Clyde.
woods, which is already the largest The conference is sponsored by the
Michigan State Y.M.C.A., and dele-
collection of its kind in the world, Mgan State Y A., an ele
gates from every part of the State
numbering over 200 specimens. will be present.
Professor Tupper spent the second Many prominent leaders will attend
semester of last year on sabbatical the camp. Dr. Frank E. Slutz of
leave at Harvard, where he carried Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Frank A. Sladen,
on his studies of the microscopic chief physician of the Ford Hospital,
structure of tropical woods. In June, and Dr. E. W. Blakeman, University
1934, his "Preliminary Report on the counselor of religious education, will
Wood Structure of the Flacourtia- speak.
ceae" was published by the Yale Russell Anderson, '36, president of
School of Forestry. The finished 1 the S.C.A., stated that any student
paper will be brought out some time could go to the Y.M.C.A. camp this
next spring, according to Professor week-end. He asked that-anyone in-
I Tupper. tending to go notify him.
Iair enou

HAVANA, Oct. 9.-- (R') - Cuba
faced a new general strike threat
today after one such movement in-
augurated with violence, had col-
Refusal of the 'united front labor
group, embracing all unions of public
service employes, to co-operate with
the Radical National Conferedation
of Labor broke down the walkout
which began Sunday at midnight.
Officials of the united front said
the confederation movement was a
Communist effort, but called a meet-
ing today to plan their own general
strike, free from communist influ-
A major demand of the public serv-
ice workers is that the government
force the American-owned Cuban
Telephone Co. to re-employ the 2561
employes locked out after a recent
strike because the company believes,
them guilty of sabotage.
The company later agreed to re-em-,
ploy all except 49, but the United
Front, made up of some of the island's
strongest unions, insists that all be
given their old jobs.
Seven bombs exploded in Havana
Monday night and there were scat-
tered shooting affrays.


FROM time to time we tell you facts
about Chesterfield Cigarettes.
We say that Chesterfields are different

about or that money can buy is used in
making Chesterfield a milder, better-tast-
ing cigarette-a cigarette that Satisfies.


from other cigarettes-that the tobaccos You can prove what we
are different, the paper is different, and tell you about Chesterfield.
the way they are made is different. May we ask you to try them
Everything that modern Science knows -that would seem to be fair enough.


For Breakfast!
the meal that decides
the day, our coffee
and toasted rolls are

-olmookk A

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