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November 04, 1932 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1932-11-04

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City Sets A sid e
$2,000 As Relief
Student Loans
Fund Designed To Help
Students Whose. Tuition
Already Is Paid
Dean Administrates
Inclusion 'In Budget Is
Etxpectedl To Strengthen
By D. 11. 11.
Conspicuous among the items in
the $62,933 budget set by the Ann
Arbor Community Fund Association
as the goal for the 132 drive is a
proposed loan fund of $2,000 for the
rlef of needy students of the Uni-
This f and, which is included in the
budget for' the first time, is designed
to furnish assistance to needy Ui-
versity students who have paid their
tuition, but who have occasional dif-
ficulty finding money for the pay-
ment of room, board, or other cur-
rent expenses.
Loans Restricted
Owing to the increased demands
upon the Student Loan Fund estab-
lished by the University, authorities
of the institution were compelled to
restrict loans from this fund to those
made solely for the payment of tui-
tion. As no other fund was provided
by the University for meeting these
requests for occasional small loans, it
was felt that such a fund became
one or the logical aims of the Com-
munity Fund Campaign.
A discussion of the need for this
fund took place at the meeting of
the Council of Religion held last
month, and a request for that body;
to the board of the Community Fund,
Association was made and passed
upon favorably.,
Dean to Handle Fund,
In order that the administration
of the $2,000 loan fund may be
handled as efficiently and promptlyt
as possible, the suem when raised will
be turned over to the University and
will be administered through the of-
flce of Dean 'of Students Joseph A.1
Bursley, instead of through the as-
sociation, as are the other items onx
the budget.t
Inclusion of this item in the 1932
budget, in spite of the reduction of1
the total figure to a sum less than
that raised a year ago, marks thet
recognition by the directors of the
Community Fund Association of the
student body. of the University as an
element in the population of the cityt
entitled to a share in the results of
the effort for organized relief made
annually. While students cannot
comply with the requirements of a
year's residence, which is made the
basis of eligibility for charitable as-
.sistaince, the directors feel that the
students, in view of their large and
definite contributions to the city in
the frm of rent, board, and patron-
age of local merchants, are as much
or more entitled to relief than were
transients or unfortunates stranded
in the city.
Dring past Community Fund
campaigns, students of the Univer-
sity have contributed generously dur-
ing the drive for funds, although the
total contributions, from students
have fallen off heavily during the
past two years.
The Student Loan Fund is the only
new item which has been added to
the Community Fund Budget for

1IUiversity Press Club
To Hear Science Editor
WGaldeini' Kaeinpffert, science edi-
tor of the New York Times, has ac-
cepted an invitation to talk before
the University Press Club of Michi-
gan, which will meet here Nov. 10, 11
and 12, it was announced yesterday.
With the addition of Mr. Kaempffert,
the p~rogamrnor the fourteenth an-
nual con vent ion of the club has vir-
tually beern completed.
Murals Duepiet
State isto ryv
At Wrld's Fair
Father MarqJuette, Otlher~
P rotrayed In Series Of
Panels By State Artists
IJANSINO, Nov. 3.- -Episodes from
Mie iiga ii<'s colorful and dramatic his-
tory will be :strikingly portraye d in t .e
six m1uralcs which are planned as part
of the tates ehibit at the Chicago
193,3 w old's Fair.
Thecse mnurakls, approximately 16
feet high, will be executed by several
of the state's recognized artists.
One of the episodes to be pictured
will be 'the corning of the Jesuit mis-
sionary and explorer, Father James
Marquette, founder of Sault Ste.
Marie and St. Ignace, two of the
oldest towns in Michigan. It was in
the spring of 1668 that Marquette,
accompanied by a party of Nez-Perce
Indiani.$, arrived at what is now Sault
Ste. Marie from Quebec by way of
the Ottawa River, Lake H-uron and
the St. Mary's River. A mission had
been established at this point in 1641
by Fathers Raymnbault and Jogues,
but it had been abandoned. The
i'rench regarded the position as too
important to lose, and Marquette ac-
cordingly was sent to renew the mis-
Sion. The following year he was join-
ed by Father Claude Dablon, and a
church was built. The settlement
they established continued to grow,
and today is one of the thriving cen-
ters of the Upper Peninsula.
Marquette won distinction later
by his trip of exploration with Joliet
in 1673. in which they discovered the
Mississippi River. He died in 1675,
near the present site of Ludington,
while on his, way from Kaskaskia, Ill.,
to St. Ignace. He was at first buried
near the spot' where the died, but
later a party of Indians removed his
remains to St. Ignace, his old head-

For 1932 Saiid,
I'To Be Cheerful
Conservation Department
Reports Game Animals,
Birds On Incie ese
IAN -,I'N ov ~ itu ic
anld anim als arc ;,clleally (iii the in-
crease throughout Michigan, ande
hunting prospects are excellent for
13,judg ing by concl usions aririved
at by the ,game division of the Con-



t1: r.. l_,it 1J -,t I,, - :-1 * &t; "d
(]az-i (:i , ad~~c-e l ,r :r, -"riCq line ]
L__:E t Ci _te ic l e ~-~~ ~ 111w
I u*l? 1 r-.(ig I ,t lo C I ijII ' i te
fiei1 t'ug' 01' t' o I l^,' i1er 'Can1' li

FZservtuion D.epartment here an ixsed per i ' eadlilnt for three s
on reports sent in by hunters, trap- morI nst ns
ic'; ii';eouit, if paid within ten clays
pers, and others interested, as well irom lie d.tdc of iiiaiser-tion.
as on reports of field officers of the A I tt, I~e lines Perinsertion.
dearmet B cnfraci pter ,linw 2lines daily, one
only muskrat and mink, of all the ..ie.L * ~.2uoa.......... 5c
2 ine~daiy. 'alegeyer...........7c
animals and birds reported on, are a Ji,,,L,; 0.,i,, cllege yearfl.......Ic
decreasing in numbercs in this statet.. j' 1t' siist. .. .. .....
In addition, red fox, marl ite 1, fishers, 1 u : i :r l. .. t
lynmx andcI Umber dys o ii o (1(11 ii u1I.O. t .l:I ','fl..:........ti
b..#' scar~ce. I: .-.I :u ,'lgt r - xilair lilel r L nc4h
All other tgulide, with flt;e po:,!ss iiibe 1uu 'u ra '-lwe r case- Add
a G r ! liteI ; u a io r ,ftra for, all ('api-
exception of tHes raccoon, is repor'ted ml ,tr, . Addt B ine lo above
greatly on th~e icras. Een thei an~m~uAIsc.uierid iovweve"se.
I tc pr I~u 'ro a bovere 'FI P frb ('1(
deer herd, despleite annual 1ravage."i I
on it, is majtaninLttg a slight in-Ieuffsaefr I pil
crease. Bear are so numerous lin
some localities as to be termed a WANTED)
"nuisance," moose are found chief- ---. .
ly on Isle Royale, buit exist through- H ELP VWANTE1D-Live wire students
out the Upper Peninsula, the bob- for pt~l time work. Mr. Russell, 334
cat is staging a "surprising" come- S. Stte. Second floor. 125
back, and coyotes are spreading fur- . -.
ther south into thle lower peninsula X /-",1TED -- Laundry. Student or
each year. I .tily. Soft; wate. Calledipi]fr n'uru-

LAUNDRY - Soft water. 2-1044.
jTowels free. Socks darned. 13c
LOST - -
LOST--Brown paper notebook con-
ta;miing Triangle's mninutes. Lost A
LOS'l- -Tanll op coal,. Trl .lw i troth
S.A,. plt'1y last 1'r ida iy iit . a
Call A. S. clU t ift;h ~. 1,cw~u.No
FOR RENT--Very attr active 4-room
apt. artistically furishelid; first,
floor; spacious groundsi:. $45.00.
820 McKinley. Phone 96041 120)
FOR RENT-- Cotivenien tly loca1te(d-
flie'stt'efor (wurtie'1xuwo i letl.
Breakifasi. andd in: ner. 57410. 118
A SUITE andb.l dowos,,tair. doule
room very reasonable. F0or wveekend
a uests. f)07 S. DiVisin 13
FOR SALE-Children's play clothes
and snugovers and girls' hand
made frocks. Call E. H. Connor,
1110 Olivia Ave. 6152. 96
FOR SALE-Sweet cider. Paw Paw
grapes and grape juice. Call 9534
or 2-2413. Wagner Cider Mill. 20


cv1i'ed. Phone 5291. 124

I iger ILo~ses engal
Ze.al; (;'ives Away
Philanthropy is not dead at Prince-t
ton. "What the Tigter cannot uise him-
self, he gives away, instead of guard-,
ing it with Bengal zeal. And this fact i
holds true even though it means a
reinforcement of two extra rooters,
in the Michigan stands.t
All this is occasioned by the arrival
last Saturday of two tickets for- thesl
Princeton football tame. They camne
to the office of Dean John Effinger;
of the literary school. They camne,
fortunately, in ample time for dis-
There was a letter with the tickets.
It said: "Enclosed you will find two
tickets for the Princeton-Michigan
game. As it is too" late for me to
redeem them, and as I can't use
them, I am forwarding them to you.
Could you give them to two students
who would like to see the game, but
have not the wherewithal)?"
The note was signed, "Knott A.


WANTED - Stud(ent to work for
roomi. Phove :.262. 123
VVAN i'D S) i udet u and fanmily
wae;lsi r'. Phone 3006. t6c
YOUNG MAN desires dlay or evening
work onl a ca:-J bas;is. Experienced
its many (lines. Can furnish best of
references, Please call 9673 after
7 p. in. Senior in the Univ. 105

DARGA INS - , repossessed cars. 1932
Plymou th s, Fords, Dc S(Itos,at trv-
}rnendous discount's. ivestigate!#
Ftnaic e Co. W. Miron 2-200-

Parker, Sherffer, Watei n,
Conklin, aec., $1.00 and up.
A lar~ge and choice assorm t
31 Sa a te SftV. Lor

Just Received a Fresh Shipment of
Maillard's Chocolates


In the arcade

Per capita cost of
Missouri penitentiary
the lowest point in 1.5
56 cents per, day.

operating' the
has touched
years -- about

We Deliver



Visit Our New Lingerie
Department for Your
Low-Cut Back Models in
Flesh and White

Very Special at

Laura Belle Shop
315 South State St.


-- __



JUST READY-- By Rev. Lloyd Douglas

A New Novel by the Author of "MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION"

02. ra

316 State Street


Tpq OM m



Main Street opposite Courth


E . ....,. .., .. ._. ,_

dinner fea*:ures


g rilled club sirloin steak
grilled lamb chops, jam.

* 4
* *

.. 50c

roast leg of veal, dressing



baked lake trout, drawn butter, 50c
Fried filet of sole, tartar . . .. 40c


... . ... . ..... . i . .. :........... ....


I .I I d w w 14r'IV Ao - A -0 - i -a . - - ----

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