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March 09, 1933 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1933-03-09

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ublcatlon in the Bulletin is constructive notce to a1 members of the
nlversity. Copy recolved at the office of the Assistant to the President until
:30: 11:30 a. m. Saturday.

Stillman Talks

VOL. XLIII 'THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 1933 No. 1141 . ELspe
Henry Russell Award: The final date for receipt of nominations for the COflsiOn Of Languagec
Henry Russel Award will be March 18 and not March 8 as was stated j P Fo gi Town Biree
through a misnrint in this column yesterday. ..-0A

_____________ uiCaise U1 New Tonge i
Unidversity Bureau of Appointments and Occupational Information: The confusion of l nguages it
Notice has beer; received, from the Board of Examiners of the Public
certain Polish city smade a ;young ma n
Schools of the District of Columbia, that the following regularly scheduled named Zamenhof .determined to do
spring examinations will be held in Washington: sonething about it and was the di-
April 18, and 19. (Academic and Scientific subjects, including commercial rect cause for the invention of the'
subjects.) language now known as Esperanto,
1. License IX, Junior High Schools (Colored.) according to E. Clark Stillman, of
2. License XI, Senior High Schools (Colored.) the German department.
April 17, and 18. (Academic and Scientific subjects, including commerical In a speech which was broadcast
subjects.) yesterday over the facilities of the
1. License IX, Junior High Schools (White.) University Broadcasting- Service, Mr.
2. License XI, Senior High Schools (White.) Stillman told the sto y of that boy,
A Master's degree (by June 20, 1933) or a Bachelor's degree, with 5 1 and of the language he created.
4i-1ieYwas1only.±1 z rs oc-,1

year, of successful teaching experience, is required.
For further information please call at the office of the Bureau, 201
Mason Hall,
Presidents of League Houses, Sororities, and Dormitories must turn in
their signing-out slips for February to the Undergraduate Offices of the
Women's League by Friday, March 10.
All women who are desirous of checking upon their activity points may
do so this week at the Undergraduate Offices of the League any day be-
tween two and four o'clock.
Varsity. Glee. Club: The date of the Dearborn Inn appearance has been
advanced to March 12. It is therefore absolutely necessary that all mem-
bers be present for Thursday's rehearsal promptly at 7:30.
"Hay Fever": The box office for the Play Production offering, Noel
Coward's "Hay Fever," will open tomorrow morning at 10:00 a. m. and will
continue until 8:00 p. m. The box office will .be open every day at these
hours with the exception of Sunday. For reservations call 4121 extension,
Geology : Miake up bluebook Friday at 4:00 in Room 3056 N.S. .j
Oratorical Association, Lecture Course: Dr. Raymond L. Ditmars speaks
in Hill Auditorium tonight at 8 p. m. on the subject, "The Big Animals."
The lecture will be illustrated with motion pictures. Tickets are on sale at
Wahr's Bookstore until 4:30 p. m. The Hill Auditorium box-office will opepn
at 7 a. m.
University Br roadcasting-Thursday-2 p. ..M. "Portrait of 'the Artist's
Mother" by Jaynes McNeill Whistler. Miss Adams will continue the Art
Appreciation Series with a discussion, and a comparison of Whistler, with
Students' Recital:. Nicholas D. Falcone, and his Varsity Band, assisted
by Helen Van Loon, Soprano and Hervey L. Lyons, Baritone, advanced stu-
dents in the School of Music, will give the following program, Sunday after-
noon, at 4:15 o'clock in Hill Auditorium, to which the general public is
Wagner; overture to "Rienzi"; Verdi: *Aria, "Caro, Nome" from "Rigo-,
lo'to" (Helen Van Loon); Wagner: 'Entrance ;of the Gods into Walhalla"
from "Das Rheingold"; Verdi: *"Tuttle le feste al tempio," recitative and
duet from Rigoletto; (Miss V anLoon and Mr. Lyons); Wagner: Overture
to "Tannhauser."
*Transcribed for band by N. D. Falcone.
Psychological Journal Club meets in.Room 3126 N.S.,. at 7:30 p. m. Dr.
Gordon Walls will speak; on, "A New Concept of Visual-cell evolution and
its bearing on the duplicity theory." All interested persons are invited to
be present.
Political Science Journal Club meets in the Political Science Seminar,
Room, 3:00 to 5:00 p. m.
A. S. C. E. meeting in Room 319 of the Michigan Union, 7:30 p. m.
Speaker. Final election of new members.

H1e was only 11 or 12 years old'
but he saw very clearly that much of
the jealousy and fighting among the
people of his native city was due to
the fact that they could never be
very friendly with each other because
they did not understand each other's
languages," he said.;.
"Of course the idea of having all.
the people of the world give up their
own languages and adopting some
one language for the whole world was
not even worth thinking about,"said
Mr. Stilman. "It simply could not be
Nationalism Retards Use
National pride and jealousy would
not allow the adoption of one existing
language, said Mr. Stillman, and
even if it had been possible, Zamen-
hof was eager to make a language
that would be more simple than any
of the existing tongues.
"He would make an artificial lang-
uage, but one with granmar quite
regular and simple, with a vocabu-
lary drawn from words common to
many of the important European
languages," said Mr. Stillnman.
It ,was a huge task, and Zanenhof
worked at it quite consistently for
about 17 years, according to Mr.
Stillman. In the end he was satis-
fled that he had a language that had
in it fal- thequalities necessary, he
said. the
In 1887, when he was 28 years old,
Zamenhof published a booklet in
Russian entitled, "An International
Language by Dr. Esperanto. The
word, fesperanto," Mr. Stillman ex-
piained', means in the new language
"one who hopes," and it was soon
applied to the languaP. itself. The
language has been sio6_known ever
Easier to Pronouce
Several things make Esperanto'
easier than other languages, accord-I
ing to Mr. Stillman. "In the first
place," he said, "only sounds coin7"
,mon to most languages are used in
Esperanto. For instance, the Eng-
lish th sound is avoided, because it
doesnot -occur in many of the im-
portant languages and consequently
is hard for many people to pro-
'In the second place," he said,
"spelling and pronunciation are in'
strict conformnity in Esperanto In
other words, one letter or one group
of letters always has the same
Mr. Stillman illustrated the defi-
ciency of English in this respect by
showing how the sound of the letters
"ough" varies in the words "dough,
bough, through, sought, and cough."
Grammer Simplej
Other qualities which make Esper-
anto an easy language, according to
Mr.. Stillman, are the regularity of
all verbs and the system of sufhes
and prefixes which has no variations.
"And such simplification does not
make a language any less expressive
or useful," he said. "There is abso-
aIl ZUA1 Sq 'so biulMou SIo4lN
pronunciation of a language always
correspond exactly or by having all
the verbs in a language perfectly
regular in all their forms.
'Esperanto has successfully adapt-
ed itself to all the uses to which it
has been put;-and many kinds of
periodicals from medical reviews to
purely literary magazines are being
published is Esperanto today."
Socialis Parly To Give
Suppei' Me&4nig fi jm4ht
The program and platform of the
city Socialist pary will be presented
by Socialist candidates for municipal
offices in the spring elections at.a
send-off supper at 8 p. m. tonight
inthe Michigan Co-Operative Board-
ing House.
The local Socialist party. which
as organized last year as an out-
growth of the campus socialist or-

U. Students From
] nmclria Swear
TO Support China
At a recent meeting of the Chinese
Students Club on the University
campus,. several studnts who live in
1 anchuria took an oath of allegiance I
to the Chinese gov inment. One of
these is thic son f the Minister of
Communication ril'me puppet gov-
enment establishc oy the Japanese
in Manchuria.
Thei'c was a bitter{-discussion of the
policy of resisting invasion whichl
has been adopted bythe Chinese gov-
ernment. At the close of the discus-
sion the Manchurian students werel
reouested to take anx oath of allegi-
ance to the Chinese government.
They swore allegiance to it and to its
policy of resis Lance toward invasion.
TJhere are about 100 Chinese stu-
dents in the university now.nAccord-
ing to the directory of Chinese stu-
dents residing in the United States,I
the University of Michigan is sec-
ond only to Columbia University, New;
York City, in the number of Chinese
students enrolled.
Gen. Nicholas
Pl-stliras Stil
Evades Arrest,
Df FIAorFor A ity Ftlees
lgh rTreason Charge;
PIeVolt Rumor Is Deied
ATHENS, Greece, March 8.-P)-
Gen. Nicholas Plastiras, dictator for
a day, could not be found by officers
seeking to arrest him today on a1
wai rant charging high treason.
His arrest was ordered by Gen.
Othonaios, who became premier
Monday night when the dictatorship
collapsed. Frontier guards were or-
dered to stop Gen. Plastiras if he
attempts to leave the country.
His house wassearched by police
Tuesday and a number of rifles, two
machine guns and 300 cartridges were
Gen. Plasti as sized control to
prevent a new . ovynment being es-
tablished by ths .Royalist leader,.
Panayoti Tsalilaris,,who won in Sun-)
day's elections, !: ringing about the
resignation of Piekier Eluetherios
Gen. Othon-Rios was president of
the court whic fli 1922 sent five
cabinet ministers and a general to

eaders Confer On Special Session

Chancellor Of
Germnany Wrn
Foreign Reporters Who
Show 'M l Will'To Be
Expelled By Hitler
BERLIN, March 8.-oiP--Foreign
correspondcnts in Germany are
warned that expulsion measures are
being prepared to apply to those who
have "persistenly misrepresented the
int ernal situation.
The statement, distributed by Ge)-
1 many agencies. said some correspon-
dents have 7led to escape police meas-
ures. A check failed to disclose any
general exodus. , hover.
Corresponden remainmg will be
placed on lprobau'ion after a first of-
fense in showing "ill will" towiard
the Hitler government, the warning
said. Vis oill be revoked after a
second ltiense.
One peon was killed and six
dat a shooting affray 'Tues-
da;.y in Du)l..Sicelorf. 'Fifty persons,
mos}tly comun;i''l21ss,,were arrested:'C.
'oTh reublian hagyof Germany
with the old impeorial fa and Nazi
swastika hoisted over public build-
ings. The imperial flag appeared over
the Berlin city haill for the first time
since 1918.
A swastika flag was hoisted over a
synagog at Buchun but was removed


-Associated Press Photo
Rep. Bertrand Snell (left), Republican leader in the House of Rep-
resentatives, and Speaker Henry T. Rainey, of Illinois, are shown as
they left the White House after a hurried conference with President
roosevelt regarding the special session of congress.


sare Of Teeth
Is Advocated ________

By Dr. Rickert
Dentistry ehool Teacher
Recommends Use Of!
Home:-Made Formulla
"University students have no rea-t
son to neglect their teeth because of
bank holidays and curtailed allow-
ances," Dr. U. Garfield Rickert, pro-
fessor of materia medica, therapeu-
tics and hygiene, stated yesterday,
"for there is an efficient dentifrice
within the purchasing power of everyI
student on campus."

Place aivertisermen ts With Cla 1sifed
Acivertisli~ gDt-partmrent. I'lionle 2-1214.
The clas ;ifiedr colunn clo:.e at three
o'clock previous to day of insertion.
Box numbers may be secured at no
extra charge.
Cash it advance-11e per readit, line
(Onl basis of flare averag;e Words to
line) for one or two insertions.
Minimull3 flnei pexr iseton.,
10c per reading line for three or more
'relephone-rate-15c per reading line
for one or two insertions.
14c per reading line for three or moreG
0t discount if paid within ten days
from the dat~e of last insertion.
Minimum three lines per insertion.
By contract, per line-2 lines daily, one
month............ c
4 lines E: . 0.D. 2 months ......... 8c
2 lines daily. nollege year.........7c
4 lines ,. 0. s.D.. cclege year......7c
100 lines a ,ed as; des ired...........9c
300 lines used as desired.........8c
1,.0001 ":: ac' sd ,,Aeired..........7c
2,000 linesusedadesred........6c
The abov1 rates are per reading line,.
base' on eighit rea-ding lines per incl."
r on1ic typeripper and lower case.-.Add
6c per liznieto above rats for aii capital.
letters. Ad4d 6c per line, to above for
boldf.ace, upper and lower case. Add
0Cc per line to above rates for bold face
capital letters.
6rhe above rates are for 711 point type.


Many students have recently been;
forced to cease cleaning their teethl

their deaths for high treason after satisfactorily because they have not
the successfuL rvolt against the been able to buy toothpaste. Others
monarchy. Gen- P.lJstiras was lead- are fated with the necessity of strict
er of that revolt, economy and budget slicing. The
A report that Gen. Kondylis, a discontinuance, however, of adequate
Tsaldaris leader, was leading troops oral hygiene is injurious because it
against Athens was denied. He had promotes decay and affects the ap-
been reported arrested in Salonika pearance of the person.
and later released. He was expected "A "m " x f u ref a"dr"" ir f

LAUNDRY ~ Soft water. 2-1044.
Towels free. Socks darned. 13c
93TUDENT -- And family washing
careful work at lowest 'prices. Ph.
LOOK!-Are you closing your fra-
ternity or sorority dining room? If
so a'e Conkey's ' home cooked
food is delicious. For rates and res
ervation:. ;call1 5568 . 1309 Wilmot
St. at intersection of Washtenaw
and Forest. 343
HAIR CUTS.-25c at OK Barber
Shop, 115 W. Liberty. 347
HAVE-Your snap shots developed
at Francisco Boyce. 719 N. Univer-
sity,. Here fine work is the tradi-
tion. 29c
S. U.--Shoe Repair Shop. Repairing
while you wait.- Reasonable prices,
Hats cleaned and blocked. Shoes
shined. Open evenings. 199c
POTATOES-50c to 75c per 100 lbs.;
25c to 45c per bushel; also apples,
onions, carrots, eggs, and other
farm produce at former prices-
cash! 516 E. William St. Phone
5098. 341
new suits. Best prices paid. Cash
for old gold. Phone 4306. Chicago
buyers. 34c
321 S. DIVISION -- Single room,
$1.75. Also large front room for
two. Telephone 4447. 339



A.I.Ch.E. Student Branch: 7:30 p. m. in the Chapter Room. Dr. E.
Scott, Metallurgist for the School of Dentistry,, will speak on "Effects
Variations in the Manipulation on some Properties of Amalgams."


Student Forum: Professor Paul Cuncannon will lead a Student Forum
at Alumni Memorial Hall, at 4:15 p. m. His topic will be "Roosevelt and
the Problems of his Administration.
National Association of Cost Accountants, Detroit Chapter: Meeting
at Detroit-Leland Hotel, 8 p. in. Professor W. A. Paton will discuss the de-
velopment and use of cost standards. Guests are welcome.
Thursday Afternoon Readhis: The Michigan Interpretive Arts Society
is offering a series of weekly readings on Thursdays at 4:10 in Room 205,
Mason Hall. These are free to the public. Today, March 9, Professor Hollis--
ter will read from Shaw's "Androcles and the Lion."
Polonia meeting at 7:30 p. m., Michigan League.
Reearsals-Junior Girls' Play:
4 p. n.--German Male Chorus in League (see Bulletin Board.)
4:30-5:30 p. in.-People in Swiss pantomine in Barbour Gym.
4 p. m.--G7rls Chorus in Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre.
7:30-8:30 p. m.-Male Chorus in League ballroom.
7:30-10 p. rn.-Waiters, cast, cigarette girl, and cabaret'singer in Thea-
8:30-10 p. m.-Cast, lackadaisy group, in Theatre.
Skating: Women students in the Tuesday and Thursday 3 o'clock skA t-
ing class are to meet at the Women's Athletic Building at the same time.
Bring rackets, balls and rubber shoes. Suitable sport costume required.
Dr. Frederick B. Fisher will resume the Fireside Hour discussion group'
at Wesley Hall at 4:00 p. m.. His topic for this week will be "What Christ j
1Means to a Modern Life." This is the first of a series of four which will be!
held during the four ensuing weeks.
St. Andrew's Church: Service of Meditatioi, in the church at 4:15, p. n
The general 'opic for these mid-week services is, 'The Spiritual Technique
of Christianity." The special topic this afternoon will be, "The Lost Art
of Today." The Reverend Henry Lewis will conduct these services.
Homemaking Group of the Michigan Dames meets at 8:00 p. m. at the
home of Mrs. Ralph Vander Slice, 1301 Washtenaw Avenue.

here to confer with leaders.
President Zaimis today entrustted
Tsaldaris with the formation of a
new cabinet.
Plans For Russian
Trip Being Formed
Harlow Stevens, '34, of Ann Arbor,
has recently been appointed local
representative for the organizing of
a gi oup of Michigan students. to
make an unofficial trip to Soviet Rus-
sia this coming summer with a group
of business men, educators, journal-
ists, and students from other parts
of the country. The group, which
will be known as the "Russian Sem-
inar," will study the conditions in
Soviet Russia, and by traveling ex-
tensively will observe the situation as
a whole.
The investigation will include both
city and rural life, and will extend
from Leningrad in the north ,to the
Black Sea and the Russian Riviera
in the south. The newly devolped
industrial cities along the Don and
Volga rivers will be visited as well
as the farm projects of the Ukraine.
Following the Russian study, the
group will go to the Near East and
the Balkans, observing conditions in
Roinania, Albania, and later in Italy,
as well as Constantinople and Athens.
The party expects to be gone from,
the United Stit~es LA'ing the months
of July and 'A s .
I he trip as- a - lole will be rela-
tively inexpensive Stevens said.
ganization is r '_g si ,men for
aldermen fro #jwards and for
township clerk
Prof. Roy W. Sellars of the phil-
osophy department and candidates
from the seventh ld, will give the
main addresses.

coarse common salt and bicarbonateI
of soda (baking soda), flavor may be
added if desired, contains all the
therapeutic qualities found in the
nmost expensive and highly-advertised
teeth cleaners," Dr. Rickert said, "to-
gether with an unbelievable saving,
for two pounds of it may be pur-
chased for as little as '13 cents or half
the retail price of a favorite brand
that advertises drastic economy.
"This two pounds, obtainable atF
any drug store or grocery, is a year's!
supply for theaverage individual.
The cleanser, besides its cheapness,1
when one becomes accustomed to it,
has a pleasing taste and is actually
more beneficial than many of the
brands on the market for it contains
nothing harmful or poisonous.
Placements Of Students,
Shows Steady Increase
Despite the alleged depression,
placement of student applicants in!
business positions by the University
Bureau of Appointments and Occu-
pational Information has steadily in-
reased in the last four years, accord-
ing to reports.
The nuiber of placements last
year was nearly triple that of four
years ago, the report stated. In the
last few days, the bureau placed two
men with the Jewel Tea Co., one with
the Standard Oil Co.,.four with Rem-
ington-Rand Co., and one woman
with the Associated Charities Organ-
ization in Cleveland.
Today& Fri. - RATon N arro in
ISaI Only -'lomn Keene in

n llil UUI c vi a 9v vu i cuuc vi


TYPING---Notes, papers, and Grad.
theses. Clyde IHleckart, 3423. 35c
TYPING Typing carefully done.
V e r y moderate rates' O. K.
Thacher. Phone 6734. 10c
LOST-Bill fold containing $7.00 and
identification in Michigan Theatre
Sunday night. C a 11 Leonard.
Krause. Phone 2-3297. Reward of-
fered. 340
LOST-Lady's yellow gold wrist
watch, on Boulevard or Geddes-or
Seneca: reward. Phone 3765,
Marion. 346
LOST--A Great Dane dog, largc
brown ,and answers to the name
Caesar; reward. Call 2-1003, Sigma
Chi. 344
LOST-A white gold signet ring with
Egreen gold block letters; reward.
Call Chester Youngs, phone 22465.

Now Showing
Charles Murray Comedy

Now z
200 a Laying
700 =e the.
9:00. Heort, the
~~ Thoughts,
~~the Very
~ S0mi of a
Eugene O'Neill's great
stage play snow Va, mile-
ston of the Talking



_ _ _
i -_ _ _ -____



Tonight at 8:00 P.M.

11 9, -R "- -t - -, i v i It -vn 7n ie fr'n n--r Q-




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