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May 10, 1932 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1932-05-10

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1". ieromue Pcttit

I silver screen you are almost sure to be disappointed,
because as a story it has been mangled almost be-u c
yond recognition, but if you develop an open-minded M usic and Drama
ring the University attitude you will get a lot of fun out of it. Of course__
Association. the whole thing is an obvious hoax. The elephant j VIOLET KEMBLE-COOPER
to the use for re- ears are pinned on with safety pins-the tusks are
it or not otherwise An Appreciation by Robert
ed herein, fastened with adhesive tape-and the travelogue
ichigar, as second sequences in the first reel are obviously double ex-H Itis a peronalpersoeudice to in-
by Third Assistant posures-(we could go on like this indefinitely) -butviteartists toa
what of all that? ticeaso appewomInheDamd -
50 1 There is one big scene where an attempt is made tic Season for whom I have a deep
Street, Ann Arbor, at character portrayal under emotional stress, when personal enthusiasm. After a cer-
2 -4. Tarzan drags the beautiful heroine (Maureen O'Sul- eain acquaintance witn Miss Violet
livan) to his leafy bower. For a while, primitive Kemble-Csirand signe con
passion is demonstrated by a spirited struggle be- tra iwsi a eto po -
tween the two. Then their eyes meet. Tarzan, tracts, I was finally able to prod her
though born and bred in the savage jungle is a into but a single short paragrapn
. David M. Nichol perfect gentleman underneath the thin vneer of about herself. Its modesty, to any-
Beach Conger, Jr. uncivilization, so he puts Jane aside and goes out one acquainted with the glamor
heldon C. Fullerton on the front porch for the night. We had to see and fortunes of the Kemble name
garet M. Thompson the show twice to get all this so don't feel bad if in the English theatre, is fairly ap-
. Robert L. Pierce the subtlety of emotion escaped you. palling.
Most interesting of all is the way the jungle teems "A word about my family," she
James nglisk has written, "as you suggested. My
Rosenthal i with lions and other fierce animals who charge back fis wactoe' asor wasted. My
cuter and forth at express-train sped. The picture does brst wactorancestor was Roger
not lack action, for Tarzan has hand-to-hand en-Khny m
counters with a half dozen or so of these creatures. and started a travelling company in
Charles .Sanfod1740. His daughter was Sarah, af-
In fact, he disposes of two lions in quick successiond d
W. Pritchard after receiving a nasty bullet wound in the head. terpwau fSiddob th.
ph Re'Vihan The best actor in the picture is the small ourang who
I la haaf climbs trees and grape-vines in a way that will make "His sons," she contiues, "were
'ker Snylrr you hold your breath. We hear that the trapeze work Charles, John and Stephen from
nn R. Winters is done by the husband of the late Lillian Leitzel, of whom we are descended. The line
raret O'Brl-a circus fame. He can swing almost as well as Johnny on the stage is unbroken from that
,.rly Stark ! date. Those members of our farin-
ia Vaswrth Weismuller can swim away from crocodiles. J.S.M. da. ho mntcere burrismr
phine woodlhams ily who did not act were barristers
--- - --- - or parsons. Charles Kenible was
I the father of Fanny. She married
Business Manage ED TA CE NMr. Butler, an American, and set-
Assistant Manager 1tied here for some years."
With no mention, you notice, that I
... Vernon Bishop BRAVERY AND BEERFan Kebeecm th qun
.. larry R. Begley'Fanny Kemble became the queen
Byron C. Vr (The Dartmouth) of the American theatre.
William 'T. Tiro wn (h zirYl~~
Richard Stratemeir "I just 'went on' the stage at the
.. Ann W. Vernor Recent Vox Pop pulsations have proven that con- age of sixteen, playing ingenues in
tributors have not yet become tired of expressing I London. I came out here in 1915!
aid A. Johnson, nI their prohibition views, nor does it appear. likely that and again in 1917. I have played
T x rner they will become so. With interest rampant, Vox Shakespeare, Old Comedy, High
1rd I. Good Pop may quiver with fervid emotion and strain its Comedy, Farce, Modern Comedy etc.
en Spencer bonds to the utmost, but still discussion must be etc. ever since.
ryll Spencer
rk confined by the limits of available space. For this!( "My latest parts-or rather plays
e thrger reason the prohibition argument, which is so vital|-have been "The Applecart" with
and at the same time fraught with politics and.Tom Powers, "Lui" also with M1\
personalities should be expanded. For this there are Powers (and both under the Thea-
the forlorn seats in Dartmouth Hall, mournfully tre Guild); Schnitzler's "The Lone-
FERT squeaking their protest at desertion. There is the ly Way," again with the Guild; "Ly-
speaker's platform and the omnipresent blackboard, sistrata," which I created in New
2 bare and bleak. We would fill the hall with people York; "The Command To Love"


kraatl a n e zt]y dne 3n
our ovm shop'by cn tent
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ln S e dried

Do n
if el
M ary

TUESDAY, MAY 10, 193.

an dalism



Iss Spirit

N OW that the class games are over and done,
.N with, we wonder why every year the so-called
class spirit has to take such destructive forms of
outlet. Last year the Student Council, hoping to
recoup from class funds, paid to have windows
leaned of the posters pasted around town by the
sophomores. The two years before that found bills
payable for new ropes for the flagpoles where the
two underclasses had hoisted their banners with
hammner and nails. This year, the sidewalks of
the campus are smeared with paint in prominent
places, gaudily proclaiming Yea '35" or, more
simply, "34."
The class spirit might better be diverted into
the garnes themselves. A great deal of money has
been expended in attempting to make this campus
one of the more beautiful in the middle west, and
to have painted numerals glaring forth from be-
tween white marble columns certainly does not
add to its material beauty Such outbursts on
the part of classes are more for the purpose of
display than for stiffening class spirit or obtaining
a large number of turnouts for games. The paint-
ing of sidewalks and buildings is certainly not a
necessary adjunct to class rivalry. Can't we do
away with it now that we allegedly have much
more sophisticated freshmen and sophomores to
deal with ?
Healh Education
Health Service
With the advent of warm weather, an increasing
number of eases of poison ivy dermatitis present
themselves for treatment. Most of these could easily
be prevented.
Poison ivy (RI us toxicodendron) and the poison

and speeches and cheers and handelapping. Here with Basil Rathbone, a n d the
we would hear the prohibition subject seized by its Duchess of Towers with Mr. Rath-
neck like some soft, fat chicken and wrung till no bone in "Peter Ibbetson:" Freder-
marrow oozed forth. ick Lonsdale's "On Approval," "Has-
Here those men who scrawled deep thoughts of san, "Claire de Lune" with the
years on the side of a post-card could feel free to Barrymores, "The Silver Fox," "The
enlarge, intensify, and magnify their principles. A Servant in the House," and on and
student debate might seem more logical, but we feel on
that it would smack too much of bibliographical 'I" make it a habit never to keep
fact finding and not enough of the gravy of human pictures of myself in my roles, nev-
experience. It is memories of free lunches and nickel er to save publicity or press-notices.
beer we want and need; of swinging doors and So I never can give (what is dear
plaintive peeps, "Is my father in there?" We our- to every manager's heart)-1, fine
selves know only mirrored bars and our milk teeth personal interviews; 2, employ peo-
were cut on fiery concoctions. ple to advertise me; or 3, talk about
The more timid will shudder at the publicity at- myself- :"
tached to a faculty debate. They. will wail as the Miss Cooper does not mention
presses grind and call us fools for the thought. But that at the present time she has
we do not believe it. Faculty members as individuals both a brother and a sister on the
no longer hesitate to express themselves, for this is American stage also. Anthony Kem-
a truly liberal college. The poll indicated a majority ble-Cooper, one of the finest of the
against the Eighteenth Amendment. Vox Population young juvenilles, is at present tour-
has signified part approbation, .part protestation. ing with Constance Collier in "Hay
Post-cards have helped confirym these sentiments. Fever"; while Lillian Kemble-Coop-
Now the time has come to make good these written er appears frequently in New York
confessions. With the country divided between wets with and without the rest of the
and drys, with Senators alternately barking and family.
straddling the issue, Victorian constraint is no longer. The name of Kemble-Cooper it-
This is a time for table-pounding and silver-tongued self is always a sore trial to the
oration, for bravery and beer. printers who try to squeeze it on
,The speakers would come not with facts amassed a page or the electricians who have
to pour them on their audience, but with notions and 'to put it in a sign. It is worth keep-
ideas and plans. There would be suggestions and ing both the Kemble and the hy-
criticism, comparison of new and old. Trained pen, none-the-less, for any of us
tongues could spade the problem over. This we seek who remember the glorious tradi-
and not the sweepings of Leagues and Lobbies, with tion of the Kembles throughout ..I
which to make a mottled hash. the centures.
The appeal is to the crusader. We will play god- Sarah Siddons brought the name
father. Every afternoon will find us in our editorial of the English theatre to its height.
chair, waiting. We will nod our head and from time As best as we can tell from Lamb
to time gaze hopefully out of the window. Perhaps and Hazlitt and the other immor-
we will doze and dream. Then suddenly there will telles she was the greatest actress
come a tap at our door and we will look up and there of all time-surely the greatest in
will be our man. We will arrange the time, the place England. Her name alone can be
and then he will leave us and go home and dine on coupled with Garrick and Edmund
the fat of the land, knowing that he has done well. Kean or her brother Charles Kem-
And we will sleep again and dream---none but the ble. Hers is reputed to be the fin-
brave deserve the fare. est Lady Macbeth that ever walked
a stage. Artists and authors have
PROGRESS made themselves famoith hai



imacm (Knus vC'eIwie ta')ae' fCrb1L 'J omy C ummuiu jĀ±ill


this section h'Iich roduce a skin eruption. This t .
ahways due t actial contact with the plant or (Columbia Spectator) portraits. She is to England what I
alwayf deto ctual c5 ontato ith planthicphmayRachel and Bernhart are to Frances
1o the clothing or shoes after walking through Three years ago The Carnegie Foundation for the --Duse to Italy.
Advancement of Teaching published a report on Charles Kemble stood for the
Poison iyis a shrutu college athletics which precipitated heated discus- grand manner at its climax. The
. logs and som e variet~ies climb to considerable sion in all parts of the country. Today the Founda- f a m o u s Kemble brothers! With
eight over fences and trees. The long-stalked leaves'4tion publishes a report which makes mention of their adoring publics, amidst the
*e divided into three distinct leaflets, mostly ovate, reforms instituted since its first bombshell in April, candle-wax glitter of 18th century l
>irregular coarse teeth,' 1929. The changes which are mentioned are hopeful England. Theirs was tragedy at its
ight above and slightly hairy and pale beneath. tidings of a better day to come. grandoise flowering. It was their
Poison sumac is similar i appearance to other We are impressed by the Foundation's sane atti- school of acting that the equally
imacs but the harmless varieties are readily dis- tude toward its findings and its clear analysis of great Edmund Kean r e v o 1 t e d
nguished by their red fruits. what will have to be done in the future. The report against, and finally overthrew to I
If exposure has taken place, the eruption may be says: start another eddy in the art of
evented by early removal of the toxic agent. Since "These conclusions, which are amply justified by the theatre.
is is an oil, ,washing with soap and water has been Ievidence in hand, are not to be taken as representing If Miss Cooper's ancestry is dis-
>und very effective. This should be repeated from the abolition overnight of all the abuses that have tinguished, to the point of wonder,
tree to five times with thorough rinsing. This is grown up in college athletics during the past half it certainly rests lightly on her slim
hen followed by separate scrubbing with alcohol century. They do, however, represent a considerable shoulders. Her own pre-eminent
n cotton. The earlier this is done following' expos- 'change of attitude on the part of those charged with position in New York depends
re, the miore effective is the prevention, the responsibilities of American higher education. . . neither on the Kemble name nor
Itching with redness and later blister formation In the main, the changes wrought are referable to the hypen. Hers is a royal family
lay occur in six to eight hours, or not until several two developments: first, a growing conviction that of the stage, equalled only by the
ays have elapsed. When the dermatitis has de-. athletics have been permitted to usurp the principle ,Barrmores.
eloped, the above treatment is of no value and you attention of many colleges; and, secondly, a desire I can recall only too vividly-on
hould consult a physician for further advice. among both administrative officers and undergrad- those solemn days this winter when
_uaates to bring sport once more to its appropriate Miss Yurka and the woes of Electra
place in college life." grew rather thicker than water-

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