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March 16, 1932 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1932-03-16

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T I-I E Al I C' Ell I C A N D I '" Y



a "ry '"".em , ,. '"-, °¢af c..\ _ -"
I~j Yi lr h $ t T p F4°,^k . t '. , +r C5 - .. - a- -
yY ~ ~ 'q '', .orjy r 3 t k J ~ r r

-T j

f9 rI

A~fl y

- Lia

./I f kf x .+L.

l it . f 9 ,

0 ,,., ~ "

f 1'pes of developmenv t and the i- -
(c;= relationship between the mn--
4t i- phyical (erowth.I
Dl. Courd; ha hoc; muchtrbl
11 to the 5t ho"olS t, the Various
?'cily C7di:t;i d lt~oln as
iiIofI the Trench 7!\ationlI
c! G > t; ysh iw leh )lows no z ) ivhar 1 r gr i . _-
tz? w r h an r m p iae choos, however, and the docter
-vt th1-us enabled t:0 complete his

Post ure.
Miss Dorothy !-:;iSe, instructor ir-
physical education, will holda au
elective posture glass from 7:15 to
7:45 o'clock tonight in Barbou,.
gymnasium. All women who would
like to Joinl are invited to comel.

Wih eae
ho 2. 2 . tOnRobin
~a mebersof
2 ,- i~'. Glee club are


r i , . _ _ . _

_' 1
... f 1 1

to was obtained on the rate of
eruption of the' .prernanent teeth,
deveclop:ment ,of ent weight and
c . lctr ws lusra, wt,~ Exchanges
iesmade by t1eoc.orhims.lf.'
l he,-howed caresrnrFetri HireState
Twenty-seveni sororities of the;
.~ 0 LN3 U~CE 'f~!Ohio State U11iversity were repre-I
i entccd at a7 banquiet given by the
~'Senior Panhellenic Association as
ySO'T D bte it entertain ed nmemnbersof the
freshmen association.
'1 ta;to Meet Zeta i Eta
Tis Mvonth. iesf
-i uden1 't ournlists of te Ut> -*
IIAthena, women's SpO ° ~ietyr, versiy of 4innes.ota will publish
:geldi a social !rrC r?; ln.1'' {Ii seven Gwee.kly nevs pers thro - h -
Lhe Cav%%e ofte egu in 1 ~~out the slate during caster v aca-
nonor of theepledgus.tion. A long eei,19 Stu ei :S in-
Amriong the pl'ig o ohave1,chiding 01() won will take over all
oven chos1.en are: H en Ca u i Xlb 112E' lepi S": pblshng
3,and Jcan -awor,-3 -g
i-tSV(' rered i i2 Jacobs, second rank l«
M7embers of Athena:1 are to try outwoa enspyradc-eit
icr places on te t hen(a d ebaeSuhr aiorifovt
eam wh ich is to renatemSfo utmr.Clfrna iwi
E 1 0shrts for women as tennis cent>',i
Zeta Phi Eta drn hsmnh
Dohn y~ee o h r ,-u;ac a
Dorohy Du~es. *2, ilornee is-Tulane
' iwo of teewmnwr m~- Tulan'e Unxiv ;'s1 y p ',(u-1-
'of the varity ebte m ' idea of the ideal co- cd..As;,ini 01 #h,_
-,rar. Varsity debaters are exc luded 'oiclges, the majority prfers Lh
fromi' participation in the debate. g ~~woi ete ueltvl
e utiful or brilliant, but who is
M m e r likewise in -distinguished for home -
f" y iness or dlimbncs5s. Nea rly every -
sy £ "ci;">ry F'mi ncn'uaTeed that ini ac{i i: :1t anyu
__Other qalities thaU}t shel must have-1
Tuesday ttruo' 18 rtove a lot of 'fenminity.' "There was soni{c
Mosher'-Jor_ 1=,fHeE1t N e r cisarsent : to whether t,-!
Betsy Barboaur, and Martha Cook sliotild be short or tall, slender or
dormfitrewntto Detoitto eecurved,' but all agreed that she
Eugee O'eills Tilog.;:M ]ttt, should have a well-Shaped uoithi
.Phcah > C>!. Yhet_ vasundr f ndiana Univer sity co-eds are in--
: h diclnot r. uinlm.vited to attend the Leap Year party
assm recOr fMo Alr11.' of tecl-arity circus to be hgeld at
The 4! o a di nr A' the La.' - their Field? us , March I 10
Cm Hot]El, slirjn tlhe in! ee-mis.Jn o 1 an St.. idot pcttsotim->
of ti.oe p'isy: wAihtook plaiCe froin ; .sIyrbri'ng a ions' : II10 I'9 -:nz
7:30 to - 3 k. wt ladiinlCost-!

7:38 Jo'clocYK ton Hht ~f:under !111
coaching of Mr. John Johnstone, in-
structor in physical education, and
tennis and fencing coach, at Sarah
Caswvell Angell Hall.
Tap Dancing.
Eleetiv e tapo dancing will be giv-
en at 4 o'cock at the Women's
Athletic building this afternoon un-
del, the instruction of Miss Ruth
Ha~ri ni gr and Miss Marie Hartwig.
An ev6ening; class will be held at
:-?O o'clock in basement of Bar-
bour ;.,: nasium. Miss Huth H-as-
' 2crwill he i-1 charge.
Junior s defeated 1the se ll hrre:
20 to 15 in tlhe second gan, be-
tween These two classes in the inm-
fer lxr. basketball tUarnamn t yes-
t°erda fteincoimi atl3arbour gymh-
nasi,.tl :This is the liss week cof
- 'l 1.i ~ '--~ams.
Hoel _'3rcnlnci ."33, %was the high"
0 nt m n foi,05the junior s, sco ing
Pe 11is loec ln~e
- u''me setneeexcelentC~O e
1?. pa-.sisin. The game '.'me s fast ant
The juniors are, the only uba
e'n teamn so far in t1:t:to-true -ie'
Play will continue for the eto
his week. The followingwek
Mar. 21 to Mar. 25, will be leftV ?-
cant for open challenge games.
Miss Marie Zett-ler, instructor in
physical education, is in charge of
4n, ?:mrnt lent.

;i .: l
i> phx

diii - - -
Is "
1 !a~ ifix. -
mu ni - - - -
on' -
in the ~-O-i I
N'eil- "e a'.'
rAn::: L>'i1:
ali~)rCe1e I 8. -
rIte prod -.
The Clie
~'euncc that
Spec., too:--
in the 5' im rI
of the one -a

l -s o other
- siar> 14, 1§0 '>
t? 7,0,sang p;for
* - 01seilliii, to
0.: anization in
7A ~kors during.
C'U K-hsto a-
rft - /nGriener ,
o a>irofAllen-a-Dale
--ra performx7ance
( .I lope Bauer

t c te 21 ' i 1o - - * t
only thee.~ i -K -
jnoela htheliaiiso[
amitions. n tfuysilseis .'op afo gneo
:,-Ass the-fuse stite o
wm-en arepotr taladaohCAcrdn oih- hy 3,car
inerhdsofc aiquring fr pac, te itinth nmb....pins he
inie oul-b Vxe o.ikld u aebe i-
th ar dened -c C" d . I .t.- L - - m / - >w-I s .End r oH uthe:e-. arl atnoant
_?u^ste i fageteI! Ix , I ' at tonan k-,wlcgv
who,"althouh ners'1tanch -nuh tJ - :-~~rsfid otf!he)e
mtionsrefivises dto comin Lle edh mste ntelligr n
n~i opoi.So bis meee basis all>the bet"e 1001'.1cb-n shao he
!Ett d rea ihsdeclare hanlack gota, tppeWe'u,. om-e i ati ve~mry
maenIarek -afraid i harof thot eapLaidt ica;vllybe ~imustle physt'il--
---A - sp t:,1C D S al- 1 -o , - - 2

Edyth p '. e'i the Friday
Y ,i 3 eest;

iii. .-

1,]~~ 'i-fi i teGrand
- --i e .~- Lacuebuild-

11 -- s can-t i.
ma" ati- :n tabut tsn years
E'-ls poets -T0he
illustated ith his

,Lq a

;. . .,.., , m .m,. , ......,. . _



- (A S I ;' .I it
__,. . ..': v.A. ..-,.-

C' I' 'Ston "3'
A.,--., -- -I-'-
~ 9-i1~9 hA inst Liberty Street
~- - ~ ____________
____________________________________________________________ - -- ---------.---------- --------------- _______________ -t

t L s4'\V!


SP E A K of the
angels and you
hear he rustle of their
wings" . speak of
eve-ing fashions for
s r ing and you he .-
glowing tales of the
s -arttnss of a n g e l
skin lace. Combined
wihthe delightful fad
for little jackets, you
have one of the most
w e ara b le ensembles
even created! IIn white,
beige and pastels.
",1 o

xI A

Li '71 ' C i
et, tbi-'= sOt a
tor Yur n ot
h a v d 1. 'a one. You0i
t 'Iink wc'vi .Ov:er-on-
hpSc?1.l""tV 1(' V £d
Shoe'. a ' d YOC)U
i ? I Fs 13N ' 1'. And
Sici-l suits for
swank, 1k:- dashi, for
stu-cr ,sv'Je, we've
rarcly scen. Not a.
;I < t fi~i. such ahbsti-d--
ly los-.' prices.
Tailored suits iii dark
h I it e , black, beige,
rcd, green, tweeds,
iW dithe new high
4atii 1ne a n d th e
iri_ ckv butt62nS anid
'_... +iM... F o r ia i
S Ins of0, soft-as-si'k
rarely seeds. Not, at
Icastl, for- si:t. absurd-
w ceri.Lzt akt

~v iL Woa~Living
L/ /
- A, X,' I
r 'y
^ AAY A /A/ 7 / i l
s ll s
>j . / / 1 3 / ' -
jYA/ '/i~0 // -/Al <,A

yA'-- r r -s-
-5/-. '
? your voice and know thtY06 are well.
day Station-to-Station rt c, ~ctiv
Evening and night rate's are even 1ower'.

Ra,-tes from Ann Arybor to:
Battle Creek........ $ .60
Benton Harb~or. .... .95
Chicago, I1l..........1.05

Grand Rapids, $ .80

Jackson ...-.


L udingto, . -1n
London, Ont. .

- .70


A rn-ge~ Ththe f is t t
teepfe fyriwih

-its relo an
>1 toyota hoI

I I'' 1:




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