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December 10, 1931 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-12-10

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III Will

NEW YORK, Dec. 9.-(1P)--Sidney
S. Lenz, who is universally acknowl-
edged to have no superior as a play-
er of contract bridge, has said that
I 1I bidding systems are fundamen-
tally alike and that victory is 75
per cent play and 25 per cent sys-
He and his partner, Oswald Ja-
coby, believe the statement has
been proved by the first 10 rubbers
of their 15C-rubber challenge match
with Mr. and Mrs. Ely Culbertson.
When the second session of the.
match adjourned at 12:22 a.m. to-
Associated Press Proto , day to resume at 6:45 p. m. Thurs-
day night, Lenz and Jacoby were
The long smouldering Republican row in the Senate is being re- 2,075 points in the lead, a gain of
newed with the convening of the new congress. Senator George WJ 360 points over the plus acquired in.
Norris (right) of Nebraska, co-leader of the Independent bloc, has an- the three rubber of the first ses-'
nounced that the western group will oppose the re-election of Senator sion.
George H. Moses (left) of New Hampshire, as president pro tempore. 1 Of ten rubbers played in the se-
The dispute started two years ago when Moses referred to the independ- ries Lenz and Jacoby have won
ents as "sons of the wild jackass" when they went in for coalition with seven, the Culbertsons three. All
the democrats on tariff legislation. the Culbertson victories were at the
second session.
Culbertson characterized his stat-
Manhattan Was Not FRAMED egy so far as mainly defensive, a
______ retreat, but not a retreat from Mos-
Sold by Indians for .. cow. He believes that his opponents
Sophomore Denies Carving have had the better cards and that
$24, Sas Gilmore Name on Table at Union. the tide will turn.
The baby of the foursome, Oswald
The only underclassman in the Jacoby, expressed himself as cer-
That age-old story taught us University to have his name carved tain that play had been the princi-.
since we were old enough to read on a tabletop in the Union tap- pal factor in giving his side a lead.
a history book, about how the craf- Lenz in the second session made the
ty Dutch settlers swapped "twenty- room! This is the distinction Jess only slam of the series so far, a
four dollars worth of traders' goods" Rottenberg, '34, of 1319 Cambridge little one, duly contracted. The
for Manhattan Island in the first Road holds, for after an investiga- bidding would probably have been
great American bargain sale is not tion by a Daily reporter of the tra- the same under either syste4.
true from the Indian standpoint, ditional custom of seniors engrav- To neutrals an instance of com-
according to Dr. Melvin R. Gilmore ing their names on the woodwork, parative play was the fact that once
of the University museums, former- the sophomore was found to be the Jacoby made four no trump on a
ly associated with the Museum of only one who has violated the cus- bid of three when he could have
the American Indian in New York. tom. been set. He had only the jack and
Dr. Gilmore points out that "what Upon being interviewed on the eight of hearts and Lenz only the
the Indians did conceive was the subject, however, Rottenberg denied seven spot. 1
idea of admitting the Dutch settlers that he wanted it done. "When The Culbertsons could have taken
to live in the land with them as 'Mailpouch' was here," he said, "my the first five tricks of the hand in
neighbors.... But they had no idea fraternity brothers coaxed him with hearts, but failed to make the prop-
of selling the land. No Indians, of a dollar to carve my name on the er reductions as to card holdings
Manhattan or elsewhere, enter- table." and let Jacoby get in with the jack.
tamed at any time any such idea. 'Mailpouch,' the college celebrity
Indians always said in opposition and wood and stone carver who re- Farme Tri Melo
to such proposals, 'We cannot sell gently spent a few days in Ann Ar-
land, for it belongs not to us, but bor's jail, apparently didn't need Vine to Climb Trellis
to all our people, to our children much coaxing when a dollar was
and our children's children as well concerned and carved a pretty "J. SEPULVEDA, Cal., Dec. 9.-(IP)-
as to us, and we cannot sell what Rottenberg, '34,' on one of the ta- Anthony E. Tuchill used a step lad-
is theirs.' bles. The work can be seen at the der to harvest his home grown can-
"When the Indians of Manhattan foot of the side stairs descending taloupes.
Island accepted trade goods from to the taproom. When the melon vines began to
the Dutch at the time of agree- spread he trained them on a lat-
ment to permit them to live there, Siones of All States tce leading up to the roof of his
it was not with any thought of ac- CollectedkbepLtbdmlofbileedriveway
ranfin q. wirahncpnr iea-fnr +the l'Ct ' y o C;e6 bile driveway,

Article in Dece,:ber Law Review frely the cont - mp power1s which
Flays American Attitude belong to them.
Towards Russia. Peiry, originally a lawyer, is now
Twaweil known journalist both in the
Critically questning the can- state and in the nation at large.1
tinued failure of the U nited States relegram Th aof uth driat D ail
to recognize soviet Russia, Prof. ;et'1hat 11t ?nlyare the
Edwin D. Dickinson, of 1,1 law w rei
school asks the question in the ;paent mi handling of stories deal-
leading article of te December ing with legal controversies, but
Law review whether the non11 recog-
nition of Rusa c n the courts as well are under fire
InI .1, eyes of the general public.
as anything other than disguised _______fhenr_ pu_.
intervention in the internal affairs
of ainother state. GERMANYrESSEN
In the article which appeared DEBT BY RILlIONS
yesterday Prof. Edwin D. Dkinson
discusses the hi tory ) recogni-
tion policies in tIe Unied States Full AmnCunti of Money De Still
and shows that the present situa- Remains at $23,750,000,100.
tion with regard to Russia is "whol-
ly anomolous." ELEN, Dec. t.-(,IP-Germany
Another article of geneal int r- W it ^,d her oflicil and private
.est in the publication this month debt down at the rate of almost
is a discussion of the problem of a billion dollars a month during
trial by newspapers, "The Courts the first six months of this year,
the Press and the Public." In this but it still stood at $23,750,000,000
treatment of the evils of trial by as of June 1, the Institute for Anal-
newspapers StuarH H. Perry sug- , ysis of Statistics has announced.
gests as a remedy that the judges In grouping the debt at the
of state and local courts be given twenty-three billion figure, the in-
greater security fn their tenure of stitute included long and short-
office so that they could use more term paper of private, municipal
and state borrowers, but did not
Extenitake into consideration the implied
German debt due under the Young,
Ar.nRgns $ 'X Coess pln for reparaions. Indicative of
)he vastness of the b ailket debt is
DeAgned to meet ,he education al the interet charge, which approx--
needs of many persons unablc to imated 8,000,000,000 marks annual-
attend the University, or out of ly, or roughly $2,000,000,000.
reach of extension classes, six new Differences in the money mark-
correspondence courses for home ets of the present and the pre-war;
study are announced by the Uni- days account for an increase of in-
versity of Michigan Exten swii Di- trest whiu ranges to 2,000,000,-
vision. 000 marks annually now.
English literature, sociology, me- - -
chanical drawing, trigonometry, Sadler Awarded Prize
short story writing, anc e social ee
development of the child in pre- for Papers to Society

Members of House in Discussion
to Occupy Time Until
Bills Appear.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 9-(A')-The
president's declaration for a two-
year increase in taxes riveted the
attention of congress today upon
the budget message with its revela-
tions of pared ex esditures and
proposedi new revenues.
Reading of President Hoover's
message transmitting the annu al
balance sheet of government, mark-
ed heavily in the red this year,- took
first place on the prpgrams of both,
senate and house.
After it both branches allowed
themselves a liberal indulgence up-
on controversial issues and oratory.
For the first time in decades the
majority party in the house brought
in a proposal for full and immedi-
ate debate of the president's rec-
ommendations for broader credit,
revised banking laws and the rest.
The senate still had with it the rid-
dle of organization, brought about
by the refusal of independents to
support George Moses of New
Hampshire for president pro tem-
The amount proposed to be raised
by new taxes was the most sought-
after recommendation of the bud-
get message. Mr. Hoover has set
the estimated deficit at the close of
the next fiscal year at $4,400,000,000
covering three years of operation
with insufficient revenues. Some of
the deficit is to be met, in the ad-
ministration plan, by borrowing, to
avoid overtaxing the country.
The airing of views on the many
projects which the president has
urged to help stabilize the economy
of national life, was decided upon
by the Democratic house leaders,
largely because they are not organ-
ized to proceed with business.
With virtually no committees
constituted and with much reas-
signment of members to be achiev-
ed, the majority party is not ready
to recommend legislation.,

---- - ean HeR
Bufalo Schools Bar Ceed o E,
~~ yesterda y ti
'Merchant of Venice' ed a prize o
of Naval Ar
BUFFALO, N. Y., Dec. 9. - (/P) - gineers-"in
The Buffalo Board of Education great servic
today voted to discontinue the use the series o
of Shakespeare's "Merchant of ti.e contri
Venice" in the public schools. The ings."
action was taken after Rabbi Israel
Efros, of Temple Beth El, had ex-
plained that the play was an af- p
front to his race and that the char-
acter of "Shylock" was not the re- 200 Sing
sult of personal observation on the
part of Shakespeare.

rbert C. Sadler of the
ngineering was notified
hat he had been award-
f $500 from the Society
chitects and Marine En-
recognition of h i s
e to the society and for
f papers from time to
'buted to its proceed-

gers Frederick Alexander, Conductor
From Italy, Russia, Germany, America
First time: Bach "Sanctus"
Soloist: John Challis Harpsichord
Harpsichord Built in Ypsilanti-Its First Public Use
Madrigals, Partsongs





how to answer a

million a day


Users of Bell System service ask "Informa-
tion" more than 1,000,000 questions every
day. Providing facilities for ahswering them
promptly, correctly, was one problem put up
to engineers of the Bl1 System.
So effective was their solution that this
prodigious task is now a matter of smooth

each operator to reach quickly the listings of
some 15,500,000 telephones. They developed
apparatus which automatically routes calls to
operators not busy-and should all operators
be busy at once, it stores up calls and releases
themA in the order received!
Efficient telephone service depends upon



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