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January 17, 1931 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-01-17

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', ° T' I-1 Tea ATYIZ DA T L Y



-, _ - - - -

V arsity




C,, 39-w36

IS FAVHE T WN _______________ __
Michigan Fights For TWhird Place MAJOR'S STARS TAKE WORKOUT
in Conference Standings I


By Joe RussellPIII Tl
BEf1TRiCiL, Mich., Jan. 16, 1931.--- y y~j y 8 &
D~ ACgfo':ri .er Wolverine VarIL G i
it wth rawlpresent world
~avywightC 1ha pi successfully Minnesota and Chicago ui
eCVe1h j l i le here tonigyht II' F~~ Btl
F ' ri Cill iii '. in 1,
«t ~ 0Y11Vie.a Tonight's Games.
;Ti ' oh b mn lridefeatedl ii 0 chat


t s____ ______ C LUSEtv C OK d NTEST

' -

in ,tonignt's G.ame.
Q A.k eiss ........... . li e rn n or
Pctrie .'.. . .f . . . . . Lively
DanJi P1.............. Mattison
hltcrnhof.......1......... Lark~in~s
Michiigan iiil g.t, a climuce toI
prove itself ;oni-Nht when the Maize
a r~d Blue in vde Colunlbuis to bat-
tien Coach Hairoid 0O'sen's Scarlet
and Gray oia Let.Af 6 i° getti.ng o t
to a flyingstart b.)y convincingly
Winfling from Purdue, the, Wolver-
ines allowed Nor thw-cea o e
the bakand then won a some-
what, vci oppy gamne from Wisconsin,
thus c.ausing some comment that
Coach Veenker'.s team- was not all
its record would indicate. The proof
of this suspicion lies in the outcome
ref the game tonighit, and the Buck-
t'yer, have a teami which will be
,nything but easy.
Both Tema One ('ame Down.
Both Michigan and Ohio have
lost one gamne apiece, but the
Wolves stanid ahead in Conference
i'ankingr by virtute of their double
t ictory, anid the Bucksl arc mnighty
anxious to forge h nearer the
top. They feel that t hey have a
good chance to do this, and will
pit out every trick in their bag in
an effort to get conisideraation.
The only possible basis of com-
parison between the two tcams is
the Wisconsin game, and here the
Buckeyes have a decided edge. They
won from the Badgers 29-19, while
Michigan could do no better than
23-17, giving a four point margin
to Ohio. This, however me-ans less
than nothing when the two teams
get on the floor, but will give Coach
Olsen's aggregation an edge in the
Battle For Conference Standing.
Should Ohio win tonight it will
be assured of at least a tie for third
place in Big Ten standings, while
if Michigan wins it will hold un-
disputed sway in that position. This
in itself. is enough to insure a real
battle even were it not for the old
athletic rivalry which exists be-
tween the two schools.
Coach Olsen will put at least two,
and possibly three gridiron stars on
the floor tonight in Hinchman,
Larkins, and Fesler and all of these
men play a strong game of basket-
ball as well as football and will be
in line for some points if they get
going. Michigan also will be repre-
sented by two gridiron stars to-
night in Daniels and Williamson,
both flankmnen of no mean ability.
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Wolverines Win in Water Polo;
Borghild Johannscn Gives
High Diving Exhibition.

en- , andily in a bout in xwhich While the WNolverzin us'>are battling
hse gar.ined two suzccessive fails, the th1e Thckeyc - at columin;, tonighlt ,
#r-i. coining altier a battle of -261 sip other Learns of the -1i1-rfcn Con-
0]i l:ules and Ithe second decisive othec il r ' te akebal curt
v, t bing g3 ained within ten , urdue anw.- thwest curete
};anied hostilities, onlr u a d N o + -i :l cthe
quintets into action tonight. The
Yhc s1tl] was teriTic 1for a results of this evening's gam es will
tinze ut at the crisis of the first. probably chan~ge the standings ofE
bait, itter leng th~y lighlt. Geawcr 2e°scveral teams since it is so early
baI f nelson was the weapon that in the season an d ta win or a loss
Itcook McGill. The second fall came Imiay mean gaining or dropping a
in short ordlerxwithf the challenger ,face
ekeigfast, and the giant The gamxe of major interest to
iamorsand a trmw 1mwih ahed chewhole conlferenice will be that
chlino th rew im wih ahea
between Chicago and MVinne.sota
- --who now share the early season
ALL ST k TEAMS first place honors, with the Wild.-
Wi L.~ E CH SEN cats. Each tears has wonitUs logic
s tart to gveit a sM39 C} l^. lt aver-

s ic

- I: ~~~Earl Pr itcy of t'.e Intramiur - , ~ ~ U ~f
-7213:ciwrt mexn! anounced I1 a s t I etfa(d8gn,('1'
li; th atSita l1 l3-Inter iraternity wit little margin3 in favor of the
,~as~i~ laf ccin vii ~~ ~~.vntor.in fact, Chic? o had to go
.(nlc ieaio. hsiii Indiana 213 to 27, while Minnesotak
- cv sain intf.1 erf.teitydid little better by defteatiniol w
'ru a n'dat heendof he ocey 26 to 22 last Saturda y night.
fi - rj.c aao ,an A i i-fnterf 1'31tcrnity
Me t t 1 rvbem wlalo e choosn fteealsen.o} f ' The parity of the Maroon a lci
___ - Th chosig o thse ll-tarthe Gop hers is a characteristic of
.,oitd r~ team:; will ben-wade by your corres-thcofrnehiyarndwl
thirdbasemn;n"Lfty"<'Du, J ponde~nt wolrig with the referees hcoterentome theoteta
Lef t to right: Tonny.Jazzer°i, Yankee tofrthe two sports.y AtStheendo01rchnticago toihtakehd-ogtsbat
rooklyn outfielder, and Joe Cronin, Senator shortstopar son boe theyewo t ortwllbeA me engdof ie.OetemwlC hvo o u
theywer ta~ngan nfomalxvokoutin an ranisc whre heythe basketball referees and offcials and leave the other at the top of
11 make their home.- where votes will be taken to deter- the conference, that is sure; but
mine the outstanding players. The just which one will be the under-
1MRC N1EG ETE ATING 55same pi0cCedurO xwill be used in the dog is not as sure. The opponents E GAJ T AM IIN o
yg :~~election o the hockey team. ta they set down last week offer
)F OR BREAK7N RANK OF AT LETIC The intraumural department will little means for comparing their
follow the practice of Ohio State strength either because they both
Apparently. from.n the few nunm- to be waiting for theme to pass out university in awards. Certificates, have a 500 standing, each having
er of deals that have been com- of the picture. After ding Miller, lbea ring the name, fraternity, the defeated one of the leading teams.
feted by big league baseball clubs Jimmy Dykes, Joe Bolcy, and Max ya n oiino h l-n Iowa quintet S'trotig.
nriec the end of last season, seven Bishop have gone the Athletics'; terfraternity basketball team, wviil I A second game of Big Ten basket-
mnetic-an League teams have agreed worries will start in earnest, but be given tost the players gaining the ball on the card for this evening is
ri the+ policy of sitting back and until tene 1(y look good enough to most voes that at Madison where Wisconsin's
waitng ntilConie ack' At- bat ay o th othr sven This method of selection is ex-' quintet will lock horns xwith Iowa.
tics get too (Ad t-o win any more Joey MeCa thy at flew York has peec ted to illiminate all favoritism = Although the Hawkeyes have lost
ennants, aut;,wich time the other added one first rate outfielder, who inth selection of the all-star ea hyhv locm
hbswil stp ut o ginthebun- as had no big league ex-perience I teams. The votes will be taken and out on top with Purdue, who is sup-
g. in Me,.yl Ho-ag, an,! has released one counted by your Daily sport writer. nosed -to have a stronger team, and
Not enough good players have thai had a lot of experience, Larry I The rc sulis will be announced in the Badgers are not going to make
een added to any other team to Rice. Outside of that ther-e have (Continued on Page 7) (Continued on Page 7)
Lake them pennant contenders yet, been no great changes in the Yan-.----- ----
'oviding the A's can - maintain Lees' fronat line, the former Cub - OC----°-- NOTICE -I
eir usual pace next season. Four pilot seeming to forget all about I C-s1man Ihockey rciewl
Len on Mack's roster, however, the fact that pitching was the y a heCliem rink atwillx
lowed signs of increasing age last team's wea kest Sipot last year. Just o'clock tonight. I
immer, and the other team s seem (Continued on Page 7)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


by C'ithien Ken t-iedly.
F )or ti-u seconda time this seas on
, the Wolverine Varsity swimmers
Y>L I nosed out the Detroit Yacht club
teamn, 39-36, in a meet at the Intra-
' niumal pool. The outcome was un-
- certain throughout the contest and
with the count standing at 32-25
in the Blue"' favor the Yacht club
7 j. natators gained lirsts in the last
j twvo eventas, fancy diving and the
medley relay to pull up within three
ipits of the victors at the finish.
X game,10-2.
n Fo thefeature df the evening,
t flashcovered the 200-yard breast
(ilveParkr thughformer7; Also.wU. chempwaternpo:3
2-5, just two-fifths of .a, second
;short of tying the National Inter-
011e Prke thughthe season colleiate record. In addition,
iias .J~ply begun has already shown Screier splashed through the last
C]igrform 0(') be r li5C sd as ameg- 100 yards of' the medley relay to
s- onCU U f Keen z's wrestling ring the Wolverine trio within a
I sqad. aid's, length of beating Walaitas,
- - T.acht club free styler.
Miehigan 's 200-yard relay quarte
IWildcats StartEarbly tok its evens in 1:36 4-5 seconds,
Wok.or Bafhary ern a lone second under the Inter-col-
legiate mark. Kennedy and L~add
(SI' ,rci "oT h. i, i)gleaned first and second in the 220,
EVANSTON, Ill., Jan. 16.-Indoor I and Smith took first by inches in
basbal prctie ot ndewayatthe century sprint from his old
basbal prctie gt udlewayatrival and teammate, Walaitas.
Northwestern this week when Coach Raike and Penske performed well
Paul Stewart started work with his on the board but Oxley, of the in-
batterymen and infielders. Three v aders, carried off first honors.
pitchers, Fyfe, Leach, and Schuett Walaitas, Hlosmer, Mertz, Watson,
anad Spindle, all former Michigan
ha-ve reported. The formner is, a stars, showed their wares against
regd.flar from last year while Leach, the Wolverines and accounted for
quarterback on the football team, many of the Yacht club points., As
is a sophomore. Schuett played an additional feature, Borghild Jo-
third base last year but is to be hannsen, A. A. U. champion wom-
en's diver, gave an exhibition off
given a trial as a hurler.I high board.
Six candidates for the catching Summaries:
job which was left open by the I 200-yard relay--Won by Michigan
graduation of Roj an, last year's (Marcus, Fenske, Smith, Ladd) ; D.
captain, have reported. They are Y. C. (H-osmer, Curtis, Nevins,
Eylar, Evans, Crizevsky, Pearlman, Lawrence) second, time 1:36.8.
Manteufil, and Ranmsdell. The first 200-yard breast stroke-Won , by
three have the leading call on the Schmieler (M); McClellan (D. Y.

j)o. b, '3.-uon~it1uea n rauge 't



_ /7
* Il

Mlack and blody -tale s tof weird brutality
emlergedl fron t eCi uiLaundry. Shirt
fronts and collars 'were continually found
spattieret itl: )tgbs of grc. 1Police believed
that. the u.:-', ads ere careless with
their raspberry jant. Imagine. their coil-
sti'rnation, t ien it developed that stu-
den Is+ disiik+- ra:1Pbecrry !'t'hen sud(ienly,
IL ls ins ;c emi,,ed. wank had come to
( I wn!:e n Fk1:01..4 like a pin, but isn't.
)e,-it keps your scollarItrinly in place.
Sank h las ;nn point1- andthat'sits lbin
piein t. ; ou dom't. t ranslis your collar, and
pu-1 ii fuall of holes. You doun't stab your
nea~ck and thumb3ar1, andl niake themi look as
though yo u hiad carc."cdl a cactus. No
punctures, pains, or pink stains. Jewelers'
or men's shops. Plain, fancy and sport
designs in various lengths. Gold-filled or

U. S. G. PA T.O
choose Alliga
-- ~ /College Coat.
Alligator "51
breasted ragla
patch pockets.
collar that giv
around the n(
Light in-v
parent -abss
proof. Four ri
-Deep Sea, I
an-d onily $7.5
Other xAIi~

e Campus
,n who know what
Ihow to wear it
tor "5O"-the new
;0" is a smart double,
an-long --fuill -cu~t
il-belted, with big;
and a convertible
ves extra protection
"eight ---semi- trans-
iolutely weather-
iich, original colors
Tan, Blue, Black-
Bator m-odels from
to $25.00.

4A....-.a,.A.A.A .A.-A. A.. . .A . . .A .A .A... . . ..A. A. . . A.A-_ A.-«h AA. A. A.. A.A .A.. A . . A. . ..s_ . A. . A.4- ....:
E VERY now a nd there sorncthing is
introduiced which really possesse-n
individuality. C',1t is thcse things tat
you enjoy the most. CI They give you
that sence of satisfaction that can oniy
come from something good. (rL Such
a thing will be the 1931 Micbigancn-
sian, the yearbook of which Michigan
can be justly proud.




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