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January 06, 1931 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-01-06

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Published every morning exceptiI onday
ntr ig th eUnivrsity ear y the Board in
C~ontrol of Student Publications.
Mtember of Western Confercnce Editorial
The Associated Press is exclusively entitted
to the use for rpublication of all ix <sd is
patches credited to it or not otherwise crc Ecl e
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Assistant News Ediitor.... Charles R. Sp:roixi
Telegraph Editor ..........George A..Stauti
Copy Editor ..................wit. F. Pypjei

the credit for the action, if any at

S. Beach Conger
Carl S. Forsythe
David M. Nichol

ohin 1). Reindel
ichard L .Tokin
harold U. Warren

Sheldon C. Fullerton J. Cullen Kennedy
Robert Townsend

E. Bush
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Karl seiflfert
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John S. Townsend
itLary M.cCall
Alair.arct O'Brien
Eleanor Rairldon
Anntie l a rga rct 'din
MIargaret Th'oimpson
Bairbara \Wright

Perhaps a perusal of some of the
events in Washington during the
past few weeks may shed a little
light on the subject. Two stalwart
beacons of the G. O. P. indulged in
a battle of verbal fisticuffs which is
threatening to turn this entire ses-
sion of Congress into a name-call-
ing contest. Mr. Lucas, who by his
actions has shown that Senator
Fess is merely titular head of the
party, attempted to have Senator
Norris read out of the Republican
ranks, and in doing so precipitated
more grief for President Hoover,
who has trouble enough on his
hands. The reasons for this startl-
ing declaration were Norris' refus-
als on several occasions to vote with
the r,-:lars of ,the party.
According to ispatches from
W a s h i n g t o n, Lucas enjoyed the
sanction and unofficial consent of
Hoover when he made this state-
ment. It would seem in this case
that the President, adroit in engi-
neering but not in the handling of
headstrong politicians, is attempt-
ing to find some method for keep-
ing the liberals, irregulars or prog-
ressives, as they choose to call
themselves, in line now that his
majority in the senate has been cut
down to one vote. If so, he has
chosen very unwisely. Senator Nor-
ris in the recent election, whenntwo
other George Norris' were entered
in the race, proved that he could
be elected if he ran on a prohibi-
tion or Democratic ticket. Yet while
the country awaited relief measure,
from the worthy representatives of
the people, the senators spent their
time indulging in personalities; and
i Senator Norris likes nothing better
than to waste hours of valuable
time in the senate chamber an-
swering attacks upon himself, and
denouncing the attacker. If, as he
said in a recent newsreel speech, he
would devote more time acting ac-
cording to his conscience for the
good of the people instead of de-
bating a matter which he himself
admits is unworthy of his consider-
ation, the senate might regain some
of the prestige and dignity which
the signers of the Constitution in-
tended it should have. In the mean
time, we shall hear about what
each senator thinks about the lead-
ers of his party instead of what he
thinks about farm relief, cutting
down taxes, or increasing adminis-
trative efficiency.

measly exams stand between us and
the start of another session of nice
refreshing sleep in a different at-
* * *
And speaking of atmosphere,
the B & G Boys devised some-
thing entirely new along this
line. Wander into the N. S. Awtl.
sometime and see what you
think. Not that anyone cares
what you think, least of all the
B & G Boys, but it might be
interesting to know. It reminds
me of nothing so much as an
abandoned hen-coop that has,
after a period of years, been
taken over by a bunch of rac-
keteers in the bootleg-fertilizcr

tor during Mr. Gabrilowitsch's an-
nual visit to the podium at Phila-
delphia. Mr. Molinari during his
year's residence as guest conductor
of the St. Louis Symphony orches-
tra and in a similar role with near-
ly all the great orchestras of Amer-
ica has established himself as one of
the most distinguished of the
younger leaders. He has announc-
ed his program for Monday night
as follows.
Fingal's Cave ........ Mendelssohn
Fourth Symphony.........Brahms
Ancient Dances First
Suite .................. Respighi
F ountains of Rome......Respighi
Two excerpts from the Opera
Giuliettae Romeo" ....Zandonal
Mr. M linari is especially noted
for the interpretation of the work

The Seventh Choral Union Con
cert next Monday evening will see
Now that we're all back again, we the second appearance this year of
can all settle down to get that the Detrcit Symphony Orchestra in
rest we all went home in search of Hill Auditorium. This time under
about three weeks ago. And finals the direction of Bernardino Molin-
are coming. Just think only a few ari, who is acting as guest conduc-

& Company, Inc.
Orders executed on al ex-
changes. Accounts carried
on conservative margin.
_- --- -



-- i


And say, pals, I've got religion at of his countrymen, aving Ire
last. Good old Uncle Daniel has de-- cuently featured Respighi's "Pines
-ided to give over his warfare on of Rome" and "Fountains of Rome."
woeds for the time being, for after)-
ill, are they not fellow creatures? SLUSSER AWARDED PRIZES
No, I thought not. And right there, Two of the seven important prizes
mnen, is where we get a chance to in the Annual Exhibition for Mich-
show our magnanimity-which by igan Artists which opened at the
the way is very Noblesse Oblige Detroit Institute of Arts last week
these days or something that looks were awarded to Jean Paul Slusser,
:n awful lot like it only you can't assistant professor of drawing and
tell very well when people will use painting in the University. The ex-
this new fangled Christmas wrap- hibition includes a selection of 180
ping paper that's so stiff and shiny works from some 800 works sent
that it baffles the very best o! to the Institute by artists in the
guessers. (me) State.




....... mm_





T. 1iOLLISTiER ABLEY IBisincss Manager
KAsEA tH. IIALVER N , Assistaut Ilaotw%
Advertising .................i:il es T 'I'.linr
Advertising,.................l'ontirNM. IDavis
Advertisingw....... ......illiam W. Warboys
Service.....................ors.1. Johnson
Publication.............Rtoert WV. Villtanson
CirculIationtt..................XIariv in S. Kol inke r
Accounts ..................lina S.Mar
Business Secretary...........\Mary J. Kenan
- larry R. Beglev Erle iKightlinger
Vernon Bishop Doi W. Lyon
William Brown Williaz Morgan
Robert Callahan Riiard Strateneier
William \W. Iaavis Keith 'Telh r
Richard H. Hiller Noel I).'Turner
Miles hi-oisington It vton C. Vedder
Ann W. Verner Sylvia Millcr
Marian Atran Nlelet )I-.en
hlelen Bailey Mildred IPostal
Tosephine Convisser I an on e Rough
M1axine Ftishg rued M Iary F. Watts
Dorothy fLeMlire . ohanna Wiese
Dorothy Laylin
Night Editor - HAROLD WARREN

At goooo P. Me

(Courtesy Rolls Art Dcnt.
*, * *

I iust did. A lot 'of eopl k


It is doubtful whether any par
of the University calendar is me'r.
potently equipped to give the effect
of a dousing in cold water than thy:
present change from the Holida;
spirit to one more befitting a suc
cessful run down the short and in-
evitable path to final examinations
The average undergraduate ma:
hardly be expected willingly to ex
change the warmth and jollity o
his own hearth and the Christma,
parties for a rather bleak cloister
and the clean athletic life. The let
down seems terrific in some quar
ters; and again, the reality of bein
in the ropes once more is a trifl(
too stark to be inviting.
The picture we paint seems omii
nous, and that is as it should be
For again we must consign our
selves to the faculty, but this tim
without the resignation of last Oc-
tober; the academic pace wil
quicken henceforward, and the un-
dergraduate, except for the brave
or the profound, must have his
wind up. The longer one has been
at the University, the greater hlih
worry for despite his increased pro-
ficiency in dealing with final ex-
aminations, their importance in the
grade - giving machinery is hide
b o u n d. On the other hand, t
freshman unhappily and too fre-
quently runs afoul of the drainin.
process, sometimes without having I
any opportunity in the future o:
showing the profit of his experi
No more can be said regardin.

J__oa_____ Il11 U 1 ---- -
writing in to me and telling me I
d"- I was just a nasty old cynic unt7'
finally I decided to look the word_
Campus pinion up and see whether I'd better dc
Contributrs ai, atkedl to lie brief, something about it. And now I
coi r Ia thIemtselxt to less than 300 don't know. The idea of being called
word';s if ssibl. Anonymitus com-
mni aiainis w ilhLe disregarded. The a place where people throw dirty
eM of comicteantvs will, however,
!w ie1rded as c niidential, upon re- dishwater doesn't appeal to i10
ts! Letetrs pblzilea should not be much, but I doubt that it is actien-
uc Iaseexpiessing the editorial .
oiinof The Daiil} able.
The Pherret has just arrived
~LVtic iJ~iUt

1'0 1 e ,6 or , : .

Racketeering and gang c r i m e
seem to be the disappointing bad
boys of our American civilization.
Count me with the writer of your
editorial (published just before va-
eation) in commending sincere, de-
ermined and intelligent schemes
to get rid of them. But let me insist
,hat they be intelligent, and not
uch half-cocked shots as that of
cur new secretary of labor, Mr.
"His v-gorous campaign to rid
Sur cities of gangsters and racke-
eers through deportation" is based
upon the fallacious assumption that
11 such persons are foreign-born,
and it implies that they brought
Their racketeering over here with
hem. This assumption is exagger-
ted enough to need no comment.
1 ?urthermore, as a remedy deporta-
ion is no remedy at all. From any
out a narrow point of view, it is
)assing the buck.
Crime is a contagious social ail-
:nent. We wouldn't deport a case of'
diphtheria just because the patient'
Lappened to be foreign born and
'adnt regulated his hygienic con-
duct in accordance with the best
American practice. No, we wouldj
ireat him. But the immigrant was
ikely as innocent of gang wars as
e was of diphtheria before he got
exposed in the filthy American un-

from home with a bulletin to
the effect that the smell in the
N. S. Aud. comes from a sweep-
ing compound. I am inclined to
doubt this myself, particularly
as it seems highly problematical
to me that they would start
sweeping the old place after all
these years without some sort
of ceremony accompanied by
wheelbarrows, muck-rakes and
gas masks.
So let us gather 'round the Hall
Extolling Winter, Spring, and Fial
And praises sing together
Ann Arbor's ------ Weather
Did it ever occur to you what
a futile business it is to wish
people Happy New Year n a
world where they are practical-
ly sure of having the first three
weeks of it completely ruine
by a bunch of pests wishing
them Happy New Year?
Her hair was a mass of flowing gold,
Her eyes twin pools of night.
* 'I'

PrZof. Slusser was one of the out-
I standing contributors to the recent
exhibition in Alumni Memorial Hall
Gf the Ann Arbor Art Association;
his two prize--winners having been
first exhibited there. His water-
color "White Still Life" received
the Detroit Museum of Art Found-
ers Society prize of $200 for the
best work in the exhibition regard-
less of subject or medium. For his
etching "Mansard House" Prof.
Slusser was awarded the Frank J.
Blair and Hal Smith $100 prize for
the best etching in the exhibition.
The house itself is on Huron Street
in Ann Arbor. Though his success
in the medium would seem to belie
it, etching is something of a side-
line with Prof. Slusser.
E. William Doty, instructor in or-
gan at the University School of
Music, will appear in the weekly or-
- gan recital at 4:15 tomorrow af-
ternoon in Hill Auditorium. The
announced program follows:
Allegro appassionata from
Fifth Organ Sonata....Guilmant
Andante du Gatuor .....Debussy
This is an organ transcription oj
the lovely slow movement from De-
bussy's string quartet.
Intemezzo ............. Gallaerts
Chorale No. 3 in A Minor. . .Franck
This Chorale is perhaps the most
famous s i n g 1 e composition in
F ranck's many pieces for the organ.
The Suirrel ............. Weaver
An amusing descriptive piece by a
contemporary American composer.
Reverie ............... Dickinson
l Dr. Dickinson as an organist,
teacher, scholar and composer is
one of the outstanding American
musicians of the day
Chant de Printemps .....Bonnetj
The Shubert-Lafayette is housing
this week the hilarious and mis-
chievious farce-comedy by Law-
rence E. Johnson "It's A Wise
Child." David Belasco asserted his
desire to persist as a producer of
.successes with this little comedy
last fall, which lasted all season in
,1roadway. "It's a Wise Child" re-
lates the woes of a small-town fam-

At The Mipichigazm Theatre
Show starts at 70 *00 P. 1K0

i i.... - - - . - - --- - -.- . ----- - -.--- -- -- .. --- -________ -___________





the quest lor grades, which sWn
will justify the present woe n In Europe I found that the people
worry. But if the customary pep ji i enregard America as the less-
talk and warning to study be es.- ivilized country -where crime is
chewed, it is yet more incumbent t- anipant and bad men with bombs
point out that the current gravity make the respectable citizens trem-
and dearth of humor is not without 0- le. Indeed they have some right to
its meaning. 1,,hat conclusion, more than we do
to the prejudice that those "dirty
PROFESSIONAL MUDSLINGING. iu ners" are polluting our snowy-
white America. All "swift and fear-
While the Republicans are blam- less action" based on this latter is
ing the current so-called economic aimed in the wrong direction and
depression on the large number of doomed to miss the mark.

ily as the daughter tells a read and least wear.
scarlet lie in order to escape a dis-
asteful marriage; a situation en-
.+vened by the family maid's ad-e
mission of indiscretions and refusal We use
to name her partner in them. The tection aga i
coincidence of these events makes
the whole community suspect. This
will be the second offering of the
Shuberts under the new policy of
lowered prices ($1.50 top) which I
has proved so successful with
"'Young Sinners" which is going in-
0) its eighth week now at the Cass.1j
The Detroit Civic opens tonight
with a production of "Broken
Dishes," Martin Flavin's comedy
success of last season. Martin
Flavin, essentially an unprofession-
al dramatist, amazed the knowing
theatre-goers by having two simul-
taneous Broadway successes as di-
verse as "The Criminal Code," an





From Scotland comes the follow-
ing ditty which caught my eye the
I nfh~ ~t orra n#fllr bliri-

Democrats in Congress, and the Itoeeyotnerday, making se tota y dia
DIracram Ci.nnte Now what grieves me is to see for a considerable time, but I really

M 111111

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