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November 16, 1930 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-11-16

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badgers Run as Team and Te
Next Four Places; Howell
FinMishes Sixth.


Score : "Miehigan 7, Minnecota (1,
Newma,,n threw a long pass which
failed. I3 rockmneycr kn;ocked it dovin.
Ather ~,_1wide pass from '!Newn~na
to3 iSOn .wa incmplete and

tAt the~ second half, :il was sent
ire to kick eff for Mvichgnn.WheelerI
r e p 1 a c e d him irmc diatcly. ,-
jeune'sse replaced, Purduin, Hozer
went in for Daniels and Newman
went back in for Tessmrei°.
Mtoll's kick off' went to Riebeth
nn1- C r-",br 10- ivrd 1ivepRiebeth I

CJ~anbir~ f 129 Old Edge
(Continued from Page 3),
12 to 0 in 1927. 14 to in 1,923 and
32 to GC, laItt yea'r. 1'n i 1 s
a nargir) ofre n ori1;,Inig
%Ton eif lteen ?o (,'I' i:,tn'- wo
gam2es j1}lo::eu, vwh!.lC I ~a was
winning ten. Pour -ga.rncs hay= .: n e,
Coach Noble Ki"Zcr OX- ns fPage
gaein his effort to i ,shte
,seaison victoiious anlirgi h
prestig e of other gear's. fnCr-
son will present a stuardy tr~r
wall wi Ck Z eIIer at guard, 6 tsta
l n-o' wri--N in the backfield. m
are expectc:d to be the bali-car-
riers wh o vwillbyc selactc d.


M ILWVAUKEE1'.,.Wis., Nov. 15. --1
The 193r 0- , °ic;oficil ehoke
1i c etou(tied for tenth.).

A REW7ARD awaits thie person who
calls 8567 and reports inform a-
tion concerning a 1',ll1fold which
w as lost in front of Hill Auditor-
m during the Soph-Frosh- fight
Fr idanigh.Tom L. Kyier. 6
ECicke n Dinner, 75C. Forest Inn.

i~~ileniga was penalized.leyrs.~ ~~~
Wisconsin's powerful agreation m'c knocked down a third returned the bal
of harriers, running as atm, Mihior pass and the Wolverines. to the Gopher 30-
once again finished the day with wereor onahsed another five yards. yard ma ker . ie-
a clean slate by defeting tne K r 11p~ cd over the goal li2.e beth =as tackled
Wolverine cross country tb,2-(l c an h ali ly *S rmrall aftera
37, in a dual meet yesterday mr orn- ats arown2-yard marker. s i . - y a r d gain
ing over the Varsity course Manders roundcd Michi an's let 3rockmeyer mtadc
One Wolverine, however, stood end for 2C -ards and 2, first downj two at center.
out above all the other rnes, Oil the Minnesota 46-yard line. B r o c k i e y e r
and that one was the -o 'raiHa'nders plunged t r u c k through:
Austin. Running in the lea d---r-.° n. n ce teM ichigan's 1 e f t
ing most of the race, Asti: kept or nine yards. tackle for first
increasing d agno itr saown oin the Wol-
temriofvcoya Munn punted vrn
he neared the finish and when hae vrn
broke the tape he wias far ill ad- v el the goal hune line. M a ni d e r s
vance of the rest of the field. I he * csM ch gr L uckc center for Cion-il.
Mihgnvtrnrnawonderful *i t the ball in I ree yards. R_ beth added two more
Aa y at its 20- t h r o u g h Mt~ichio'
race, covering the four and one- g an's left tack le.
half mile stretch in 23 :5. jr mar r roclrneyei .s past was intercepted
Thompson Takes SL '1oh vi.{ , unn and Wells }by W illiamson on the Michigan 38-
Asatahwvr h7a r topped Wheeler yard line. Williamnson was downed
demonstrated their superior i :y by lor a loss~ of one on thle 42-yard marker after a four-
capturing the next four places after 7ard. H u ds on yard return.
the winner. Thompson of Wiscon- made up the yard Nelson tackled Newman for a 4-
sin was the second man to cross Samuem, loss 1t h r t u g Vii, yard loss. Wheeler made four yards
the finish line, followed by his right guard Simrrall punted to through center. Simrali punted to
teammates Bertrand, Kirk, and Riebeth. Riebeth who caught the ball and
Captin Gldswrth. Hoell f lV ;lCio splm'med over the mass was tackled in his tracks by Corn-
Michigan broke up Wisciish;1';-of pia -s en the line for a three- well. Erockmeye: flashed his wray
stigboig nsxh h yaid gin. 3rownell fumbled but through Michigan's left takl fr
visitors came back taking the ne_ xt recovei cc and wvas tackled by Hozer a 4-yard gain.
two places, Courtright finishing fo; a four yard loss. Munn punt- Brockmeyer ran ar ound Michi-
seventh. Wolfe, hill, and Feustal, ed to Wheeler who caught the ball gan's left for a first down on the
placing ninth, tenth, and eleventh, on his 22-yard line. He made a Minnesota 35-yard line. Riebeth hit
concude th lit o Mihign'sbrilliant return to the Wolverine Michigan's left tackle for two yards.
concude th lit o Mihign's38-yard line \vhere he was tackled B~rockmneyer struck through Michi-
scorers, by Riebeth. gan'.s left tackle again for three
Wisconsin undoubtedly has the Newman cut through the Gopher yards.
strnget tam n te Bg Tnright tackle for four yards,. New- A lateral and forward pass failed.
havg won four meets so fa this man, faked a pass and then round- Munn's punt went out of bounds at
fall. Besides Michigan, M~innesou2 ed Minnesota's right end for 13 Michigan's 28-yard line. Hudson
and Pennsylvania have suffered yards and a first down on the Min- plunged through Minnesota's left
losses at the hands of the B~adgers nesota 45-yard line, guard but was stopped for an in-
in dual meets; and Northwestern, Newmrran's pass stant and then continued for a first
Illnosan Cicgohae aleninto Hudson was ~~?--- down on the Wolverine 40-yard line,
a quadrangular run. ., ano 7yrs h e ald
W'olverines Improve. b ro0k en up b5J. a gain.o 7yrs Welrfie
Michigan's showing yesterday Brownell. Simia:mral nedogain.beh'
was better than that which it made:' punted over the h ead and the ball rolled out of
last week in 'a triangular meet,«
whc lioswnwt 4pit.Mim-ota g o a bounds at Minnesota's 12-yard line.
followed by Ohio State with 50 and line and the Go-mcmee wn trug ici
ht gan s lef t tackle again for five yards.
th~e Wolves with 53. Austin was the ! phers puticitr Munn punted to Wheeler who
ousanig:mncmigi fri, play a their 2- caught the ball and fumbled and


DIAL 3814


W fI3


Wheeler started toward the left
and cut back through center for ; rvei
two ya rds. Newman made two idlWloC vei 1ne taes : , who blocked
t tna- hug11 innes-otar's ri?,t tackle; 11i' anCinPefirs l qte tr
as the quarter ended. to _1LiiclianPn ball en t h'
Seen-,: 1 n7;,Mi'esoa0. i-, dln.Dravei ing also a p11-
Ne win an d0! pcibahops b
was tackled Lfare he cUldget rd "
of the pass on his owen 45-yard line.
Tt ss a1i-yarxd issn s l .n- JV1-+X C 0
eCd to 'fiebet11 who cauzh th ball -
on h ..' goal line. eFv" ikidby as ,)
Cornwell on the Mneoanine- AAr: Nv.1.--Te
Iyard line. LA4ZO No.1. Tl
Y BrckmeT}ye'r 1made Cit fl'.t clown Wet'-,r 1.Tl eche-rs colle ge grid
for Minnrresota on the Gopher 19- team leadis "ieiia college elev-
yard line'. Riebeth struck thtl~ugh ens in sc0L'h1rr' this year in spite
M~ichigan's ight tackle 'or five of a single defeat, and. the Ililltop
y7ards. Manders added two more lvn10)Sthodhiostor
I through Michigsan's left tackle. eee oe ohl hspsto
Riiebeth made two more. He was; when the 1030 season closes.
stopped by Auer. Munn agot off a With a total of 192 point~s scored
low kick which got past Newman inc luding today, th~e Western a=_-
who fell. Newman finally got pos-3
session of th-e ball and returned it! gregation faces just one noire
toMihga' ,3-ard linc. Hudson strugg'le, a Th anksg3ivinrggame
failed to gain at the line, with Western K n1tu -y Teachers,
Wheeler made four yards but tle and may send the count well above
ball was calledx back and Simrarll ( Cjpoints With the frinal aame in

3 J

(Continued From Page 6)
7 : t:(l- ID elt a LU p)s i ?o n. vs. Phi1
rW l S. Kapu- Delta v.Rhi
8:39 Phi KbapoChiphav.1heA
K Mi. si
Lia PSg s. pa .ClhaiOnmea.
7:32-PhiSigm Dela vs Ph
Senirla di" uP !. Jr


Letter Contains
A Analys: s Of
Ii Texas Gvlf
Inierniatwuaal B~i
"i Copy oan request
$j Daily Market Letter
l ~ Members i
New York Stock Exchange I
New York Curb Exchange
I (Associate)
I Detroit Stock Exchange
I Mezzanine Floor
I Phones: 23221-23222


WANTED -- Studlent who really
needs to Work%. Call 6157 from
1:00 to 3:00 tod ay. 6
Something new. Sells fast. See
Mr. Marshall, 707 Tappan, 2:30
Sunday afternoon. 53
BY YOUNG WOMAN positionW as
private secretary on campus. Ex-
cellent preparation and refer-
ences, thorough experience. Ad-
dress box 142, Michigan Daily.
FOR RENT--Furnished apartment
for four girls. Steam heat, pri-
vate bath anid shower, garage.
Also double room and house-
keeping rooms for young couple
or two girls. Between State and
Division. Phone 83544. 561
lat, with garage if desired.
Handy to schools and city bus
lines. Phone 4023. 234561
LOST-In Pathology Lecture room,
October 3 1st. Light pinkish tint
felt hat. Reward. Box 151. 6
WHITE GOLD ELGIN' wrist watch,
Sunday at M. C. Depot. Call
2-1717. Reward. 56
LOST-A Morrison and Commagee
American History text. Last seen
reposing on a desk in the Daily
Business Staff offices, P r e 5ss
IBuilding, Maynard St. Has great
sentimental value to owner. Call
McNeal at 6717. 456
LOST-Black and rose petit point
bag at Union, Friday 'the 7th.
Return to Chan~otte Moss, 814 E:'
University. 456'


was penalized 15 yards for holding,
placing the ball on Michigan's 17-
y ard line.
Simrall punted out of bounds at
Minnesotam's 38-yard line.
Wheeler°'s aunt wa.s bio--ked an,
Minnesot :. recovered on Michigan's
27-yard line. A lateral pass from
TLC nl 11 l U lUniRInit yti n 1af i drlP if%

Kaentucky. M ichigan B3 was played
today and defeated, 14i to 6.
So far the Hfilito pers have roiled
up scores of 46 to 0 with Ferris,
52-0 with Detroit City, 54-0 with
Central State, 20-0 with tile Iowa
State Teachers. W\est 'rn's lone de-
feat was 10-0 by MichiE'an Normal.
Eddie Baker, Pitt captain and
quar -r, is the most durgble ath-
lete of the Panther forces. He has
been through the last three games
witnout a rninui e's rest-Notre
Dame, Nebraska and. Carnegie Tech.


finished ninth. Howell and Hill M a n d e r s wak
showed a good deal of improve- held to no gain
ment in yesterday's race over that at center. h ekbfr.Bokee a
Wolfe, without a doubt, would; tackled by Hud- Morrison.
have made a better showing than son for a two yard loss on a wide-
he did against the Ba dgers if he end run. Riehethi was held to aI
had not been troubled by a leg in- cene yard gain by Morrison. Munn
jury, and, considering his condition punted cut of bounds at Michi-
he ran a nice race. And if Captain gan's 3-yard line. Wheeler round-
Fitzgibbons had been able to run,'I ccl Minnesota's left end nor eight
the outcome would probably have yards. Siifliall was smothered for
been a little closer, as it was "Fitz" a three yard loss on a double pass
was kept out of the meet by a ba d ,play back of the line of scrimmage.
leg. Wheeler made one yard around

then recovered on his own 39-yard iris d on ocig as 17-yard
line, and ran through the entire frtdw nMcia' 7yr
Gopher team with the exception of strip:e. Michigan held, and Mrarcov-
Riebeth who pulled him down 21 sky intercepted one of Brockmeyer'sj
yards from the Minnesota goal. ft gasses as the game ended.
was a 40-yard run. NWYRLuGhiYne
Newman gained three y a r d sNaW fI baseman, Yusander-I
through center. Hudson made threes rfstbemnhajutnd-
zn o r e through Minnesota'slf gone an operation for elbow and
guard. Hozer dropped back in place finger injuri'es. He played out theseonadabrtrmgti
kick formation with Simm-all kneel- scsnadabrsomn rp
ing on the 25-yard line directly in before going to the hospital.
:ront of the goal post. He attempted;-- ---- ------ - - ,
a field goal which failed. Manders PORTABLE
plunged through Michigan's 1 e f t TYPEWRITERS
guard for a first down on the Go- Corona, Underwood, " -,fi
pher 33-yard line. 'arMr'sRmntn
Riebeth gained a yard at right ; Royals.
guard. Riebeth went around Michi- We heave all makces.
gan's right end for seven yards.I Colored Duaco Finishes
Brockmeyer fumbled and Draveling
recovered for Michigan on Minne-{ 0. D. MO RLL

, . a.,n

- . .. - z22- n __zrzz _z.. _________.____.



j .

' 7,r1 ' l G
! -
r 1 wI
w .,
r3,d ' e
! _,
-. v

Conference Run Text. Milnnesota's righit end. Simre Ii's
With the improvement shown by punt was hurried and went nearly
Howell and Hill, and the bettering straight up in the air. It was
of Fitzgibbons' and Wolfe's condi- downed by Cornwell on the Goph-
tion the Wolverine harriers shouild er 30-yard line. Brownell rounded
have a strong aggregation wonIHo 1rt fofne-yard. Morrison held
they stack up against their next' Riebetil to a one yard gain. Man-
opponents. den's plunged through center for
Austin, by virtue of his remai'k- five yars u putdoto
able showings in the last two meets, bounds at Michigan's 10-yard line.
should be well up among the lead-i Wheeler failed to gain onl an ait-
ers in the Conference run, anid he tempted end run. Hudson struck
will be one of the heavy favorites ig,-ht tackle for two yards. Michi-
to win the honors in that event,. gan drew a pena!lty for holding.
Tessmer renlac~-


> .,
'' k
' r

sota's 39-yard line.

314 South State Phone 6615

WVe Cannot Make All the Ice Crean- So We Make the Pest of .It
Just think of the surprise when serving for dessert a turkey gobbller madie
of ice cream, a pum pkin, an ear of corn, a ch:irysantheumu~ or idviduoal
pumpkin pies.
Ice Cr'eam in III thse fm-mis will make iehc me~al 4nplto'
Spccal teais week:
Vanilla Custard
Rasp. Sherbet
Maple Nut

StateEl en Vt ie - ed N ewrn
Wolverines Play -ere *K .. Wmle
:~back nearthi
Michigan State's gridelers, now ' zone line
pointing for the Detroit game next '" pumnted o u
week, took advantage of an open,: R i e b t'h
date to see Michig-an play Mne caught the
sota, while CoachesJimm3y Crow_;- on the Micl
ley, Miles Castenl, and Gilenn Ca-{ 36-yard lint
berry watched M.-arquette bat ile was tackles
Detroit. The Spartans looed strong Williamson
yesterday in scrimmiage vith a the Wolverir
regular backfield and scrub line. LaJeuriesse. yard marker

.e end
t to
ie. He
d by
nme 33-

,_bb s ^;T Y

Pliones 22553
Fruit Punches and Sherbr s

4 6 Third Street
made with sun-ripoined fruit juices

! - - - _ 6



- -,.,,.
i ,' , ti s
t ,
' T9 4 t ,
' " yam.

7 .4I
70 J
"Wznyou Sena Dollar here-
you geta E ARRO0W dollar, back"
~jThe Schultz Grocery Frank W. Wilkinson, Leather Goods.-
g Ernst Bros. Electric Shop, McLean & Neelands, Groceries and Meats
H J.BLier, Jeweler George J. Moe Sport Shops
llutzel & Co., Plumbing and 1-eating Ainn Arbor Implement Co.
qI Crippen Drug Stores, Inc. Dietzel's Shoe Store
a~ The Michigamme Oil Co. Schlenker Hardware Co.



Comnplete Line of Everything Musical
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