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October 22, 1930 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-10-22

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' ~ ,ie P i' ' r Yi ,asG i r . . ',, , t *2' z w~ a:r . ::" ,~

One -1cof the sccuea3 at tVic~->~ 3a'~~ at~a tChn s . ~.
took by a s ore of IS to 9,Nwnai >~nin ~ebl of-an f~ak It wa0's ~ hZ-amle that
Harry Newman, soacmr 4 ?,2t~ ovrnsrei gn oatatnainwd ttention foz his for-
wa rdpas sing abi i;- :&hscpbe yh1(Cte.e xI rops~, hci~~ecsponrokfor ti e
downfallf of t ic Bu ckeesw+e e e idbfre~ xo- C>,~wosaw the ga ne.

D e OppP!n.<]lce
D~o, 6 West State Normal here
De. 13=2li-higan iState hro
271Ohi Wei1yn e
_A,7bi tere
While oach Cidateeispnd
ing most2of istmeelpngerel
canddatsfr te Vrsthewrel
geting 2~intocondiin frth pas
th most part, and et nthe
wretlinghroogofheIn rera
and iveWinut~e taoButlsqkeud
Lheargily ro.poor
iths JunioyerVarsity,taegropcofh35
canoidtesopforehe siyweson-
yn eamnaveen pctiing odtiand,
ther suerion ofBillwonohoefore
sthein most aranwmetdiidte
aretong terio ofitheItrlaural
noBuiiii ach aftuernRof
land fve-mterial.boutswimakeup
Soding r Michnigatso a-o
sity s ltyarelyVaste oachophis
yearen hiar lokinggoodthis fall,
standntmne welldivided

Four Regular Cagers
With Dowining Still
Injury List.




So many students, faculty
members, and guests, are pat-
rons and visitors of the Intram-
ural Sports Building that it
seems opportune to explain the
policy regarding the hours of
1. The building is open the
year around. This applies to va-
cation periods as well. There is
this exception: after the close of
the eight week's summer session,
the pool is closed temporarily, as
there are not enough swimmers
to warrant the expense of a life-
guard and this time also, is most
practical for draining and clean-
ing the pool.
2. The building is open daily,
and by recent action of the
1board in Control of Athletics, is
also available Sundays and hol-
3. The hours for use, except-
ing Saturdays and Sundays, are
7:30 a. mn. to 10 p. mn.
4. On Saturday the building
closes at 6 p. m.
5. On Sundays and holidays
the building is open from 8 A.
M. to 6 P. M. for unorganized
I 6. The swimming pool during
the regular school year is under
control of Coach Matt, Mann.
During the summer school and
vacation periods it is under the
direct supervision of the Intram-
ural Department. Obviously, the
pool can only be opened when
guards are. in attendance. The
hiours are as follows:
Daily (except Saturday)
9:30 A. M. to 1:00 P. M.
2:30 P. M. to 6:00 P. 11.
7:30 P. M. to 9:30 P. M.
9:30 A. M. to 1:00 P. M.
2:30 P. M. to 6:00 P. M.
Sundays and Holidays
10:00 A. M, to 12:30 A. M.
2:30 P. M. to 5:30 P. M.
The pool is closed during var-
sity games.
7. Visitors are welcome at the
building and escorts are provided
to show the different exercise'
rooms and the equipment. This{
arrangement excludes the locker
rooms and pool which may only1
be visited by special appoint-
ment. On the days of homel
(Continued on Page 7)t


y +rr^ v wr -v~vv+r- ..v r .- 'v-.-- v--. w-v w-r v- A. -erv- r rV tr- v-ar- -.r+.wva.v- -

Wolverine basket tosser~s this yearI
will be -alot an unJknovwn quantity
until the first game of the season.
ince the lack of material is one of#
the most serious faults that the us-#
ual crepe hangers can gloat about.
With only four 'Varsity men back.
Coach Veenker will have to drawr
heavily from the sophomores who
composed the snappy''little yearling
squad last year.
Four Regulars Back.
Hudson, Weiss, Daniels and Cap-
tain Downing are the only letter
'men to return, and from early in-
dications it is doubtful if Downing
will recover from his leg injury suf-
ficiently to be ready for enough
practice before the season gets un-
der way. As an added cause for
worry, the favorite well of new ma-
terial, the football squad, seems this
year to be rather dry. Miller, Cox,I
DeBaker, Williamson and Tessmer
seem to be the only gridders that
will be on hand for the opening of
the polished floor season~.
Lack Six Footers.
Coach -Veenker's one ace in the
hole will be the speedy little teaml
that has moved up out of the year-
lin~g class and will be raring to make
their places on the Varsity. This
crew is composed of Eveland and
Baldwin at forwards, Shaw and Al-
tenhof on the guard spots, and
Manuel or Tessmer playing center.
Pietrie will be ready to play either
guard or forward as the occasion
demands. The only bad feature will
be that the squad shows a dearth
of six footers, but maybe the Wol-
verines will set a new style in cagers

bay Jbe Rusell.1
Even th ough the Mlini suffered
the worst defeat that has been ad-
ministe red to them in 13 years last.
Saturday' by Northwestern, the
Wolv:,rines are up against a tough
proposition when Coach Zuppke's
cohorts invade the Michigan Sta-
dium this week. Michigan's scouts
who have seen Illinois in action
this year report that the Indians
have a potentially powerful teain
which is daze to get going soon.
Ad~d to his Cla, fact tat
nothing is dear-er to thectrule
hllincis hea t tipan afobal
victory over Mvhian ad e
have acob atonw 19hi
very liable to c Fausec some 'tri
ble Saturday af!ternoon'. Co:a
Z1ippke has poinated for Mich-a
gan gaines ever s Lne e too-k
up the reis at the Chamrpaig7n
SCho3ol, and is sure t o uncork
sieof his best tricks in an
attempt tRo st--n the march of
While tie lilini are practically
out of the chase for the Conference
title by virtue of their loss to the
wildcats, they would like nothing
better than to knock their tradi-
tional rivals from that same race.
They have a strong teamr of youngs-
ters, who, while they lack the
seasoning which is necessary for a
cool performance under fire, they
are always dangerous.
vllnoi:wnt it the North-
andhel th Widcas utilthe
secon alwhe-., Ret ner took
the baladrerped th~e length
of the 1,C7ied ora tuhon
hardly da.__ . to in _recof-
dence i za Leams<. A it1 houhthe
score was 'f.-4,Scu Veenher
reports that the Wildcats were
r ischerc Assum es Lead
in CampusGolf Fiiwl
Johnny Fischer holds a ,two hole
lead over his opponent Jarvis Hicks
in their match for the campus golf
championship as a result of their
18-hole match yesterday over the
University links. The two contest-
ants have a final 18 holes to be
played todayi with the opening
drives set for 2:30.
(Continued on Page Seven.)

outplayed throughout the game,
hut that they got every breakil
and knew how to take acd an-
&ge of them.

Tihe power of the Mini defense is
shown by the fact that every
Northwestern score was started
from outside the 30-yard line. If
Illinois can hold in this manner in
the center of the field it is certain
that Coach Zuppke will have his
men coached to hold when they are
nearer their goal. Then too, the In-
dians have an off-ensive which will
be troublesomne at some time during
the afternoon.
paign camp show thf!_at Lthere
nmay e someacchanges inLythe
Illinois line-gip when athe Oran ge
and Blue facet'Michigktan thi~s
week. Itol.insonulb '_T'ackAiwho
played the best gamern against
the Wildcats is being tried at
quarterback s;-nce Zuppke was
ncot satis 7 : with he work his
signal-hirpersdilast week.
rtS utt1, the best passer on
the IlMini s uead has been
getting a chance to show his
-wares thi s week, and Michigan
ayexpect ai concentrated at-
tak - heair Saturday.

-e'en though 'tis wicked
weather out. Another triumph
for modern science. Tower
can take men, a meeting-place
,and a rain-storm, mix therm all
together, and get the men
home dry from head to foot.
(This guarantee applies to ex-
terior only.)
Fish 'Brand Varsity Slickers
are roomy, smartly cut, lontg-
wearing. Full-lined for
warmth, as well as rain pro-
tection. Lighter models--the
"Topper" and the feather-
weight "Kiicoat." Variety of
colors. Sold everywhere. Look
for the fish on the label. It's
your assurance that every
cent you pay will be well
spent. A. J. Tower Company,
24 Simmons Street, Boston,

Shwiga ecdd mpoemn

Opening Friday Night
at 'the MENDELSSOIIN 'Theatre
Call 6300 this Afternoon



.. Jen
14 e f "I 'ams Shag



1 11 ia..Plllll ;j,'jwjmm=wl





67-year-old manager of the world's MONR OE LUNCH
baseball champions, seldom criti- Corner Monroe and Oakland
cizes his players for errors because Your Neighborhood Restaurant
he believes that mistakes are hu-
man and, must be allowed for in I Dinner 40c and 50c
tmost cases.
Popular Styles;
PFopular Pri:es

Blaclz ar bl oody tales of weird brut.ality
cerr;:':F _"o, t is Campuas Laundry. Shirt
fray ; _- :::. ' ; swere eontliaually foun'l
FT~a - 'i oh.s of gore. P oliice believed
~ i~ ~ndrgrds were careless -with
tic~i"..a .r..vizn. imagne their con-
6'-eroa .err it de~velo,c? that stn-
~he tcaseca d. wank !bad come to
o ! s.~ ;!- F'i lieLa pif, Tbut isn't.
~~,) VLi wj3y In:ci~~th in place.
~) ~tiflt'i-~ idtiiat's its bid,
len ~.'~,O ~li Lrans JK yeur collar, and
hu o~oles. (1..dor' stab your
. ,Jhit 1), and maake -thaei look as
th. i _aohad eair -,ssel a c.actus. No
._..t' '. C ur^,7 r :n3 t ainZS. Jewelers'

and neat patterns
Af .te. rf. . ..-

THE RUB~d4.s

For the disagreeable weather
that is about to follow
A shoe of careful construc-
tion, by old world masters--
snug heel fitting and sturdy
arch elevation- Martin'sim
ported leathers.







I 1

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