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February 20, 1931 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1931-02-20

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1M41' MCHTCA~1

-,T L R:





Students to Travel
in Russia, Germany
With LilL ia Pargment

Was Rusia~s mbasad r t t

otm~I-io~n: rof 'o cat

A t? t ev CGeneral Mitchell


Explain Dry Law Methods
of His Department.
Committee Asks Why Only Dry
Agents Are Permitted j

to Tap Wire.
WASHINGTON, Feb. 1. - atty.-
Gen. William D. Mitchell ws asked!
to appear today before aIHCuC
committee to explain why one bu-
reau of his departmen pi. ohibii
wire tapping while another permit,
listening in on suspceta' telephone
Rep. John Schafer (Rep., Wis-
consin, with other members of the1
expenditurcs committee prepared at
the initial hearing of their wire
tapping investigation to seek the
reason. Regulations prohibit wire
tapping in the investigation bureau
of the Justice Department but the
prohibition bureau permits it.
"Somebody ought to tell us why,"
said Schafer. He and other anti-
prohibitionists recently were sue-
cezsful in obtaining House authority
for the investigation this session
after efforts extending over years.
T1 Hear Director Woodcock.
Besides the Attorney-General, the
coninittee planned to hear Prohi-
bition Director Amos W. W. Wood-
cock and J. Edgar Hoover, chief of
the investigation bureau. Hoover
testified recently before the House
Appropriations Committee that reg-
ulations in his bureau prohibited
wire tapping. Woodcock told the
same committee it was permitted in
his branch.
Schafer based some of the ques-
tions he prepared for the witnesses
on correspondence telling of reput-
ed wire tapping activities by pro-
hibition agents in Cincinnati. One
man, who, he said, represented
himself as a Federal agent and of-
fered a telephone company employe
$50 to tap a wire although an Ohio
state law prohibits, subsequently
was found to be a private detective.
Schafer added, however, he had
"reason to believe at least one other
wire tapper was a prohibition
Schafer Attack; Distinction.
"I can't see," Schafer said, "why
the investigation bureau does not
have to tap wires to obtain evidence
against the hardened criminals it
pursues while the nefarious practice
l:: not only allowed but encouraged
for the detection of prohibition vio-J
lators, who are a much milder class
of law breakers."
When the annual Justice Depart-
ment appropriation bill was before
the House, anti-prohibitionists at-
tempted to include provisions that
no money voted should be used for
wire tapping. They were unsuccess-
Gas Station Reports
Forged Cuerency Here
An unidenified man attenmpted to
pass a one-dollar bill which had
been raised, to $20, at the hunter
gasoline station at the intersec-
tion of Huron and First avenues,
accoiding to police records yester-
day. An attendant at the oil station
reported the case to the Ann Arbor
Savings bank, and it was later call-
ed to the attention of the polico.

d ise!Y o Wrkn vera1 students ofth Uivr
,. $ . , y or aitMan'
Ss ity, under the leadership of Lila
arseProtozoa ... .
IX, q~I r P~gm it, instructoriiRussian lit-
So numerous and varied are the e nife orof. M.
1. hl.. protozoa living in the hum a body Pirgi ent, of the Romance langu-
th t each individual migh t 1becall- agsdprtet il.alfo
r akn eaeisi r New York City on June 30 for a
1 Robert Tyr(,ner, professor of nlcdi-
ne at Johns Ifookns University, tour of Russia sponsored by the
csrd "Invisible Open RoadTravel society.
Faua o te 1ThianBod,"in thie The group, made up of both men
Uni IUrC4ers. slocdand women students graduating
:. G .. :of hde i iltra1ti on of Ifrom lathe Uiverity nex~t spring,
-iSl5lCWh. w ill s end 23 ciay's in Rusia, visit-
in c(c ibig the 25 kinds of pro- ing Moscow, Leningrad, Crimea,
irWj whi'h make the human body .Odes ,a, and Kiev. Some of the
F"en" he4. Dr. H5egner ook the mnmbers may leave for ' Europe
foe import snit ones uu in detail, earlier, and meet the remainder of
olling of the work that his been the tourists in Germany.
Associated Press Photo done in combating tie ones that Mrs. Pargment, who is a native of
c-ause dalt sr.and surymAarizing the prfec
S. E. Bazenore, farmer of Shelby county, Tennes se, received the omplishmmts ot the c.ntlstRussia, has perfect command of
first federal seed and food loan granted at the Memphis district office. engaged. h Russianatand witsh tongues.
In the forceground, left to right, are: J. H. Lynch, district administrator Much has been done, he saidto tory of Russia as well as its pres-
in charge; F. MuVchmeyer, disbursing agent, and Bazcmore. control and exterminate these par- nty conditions. The Ol en Road so-
_____ _ __- asites, but he stressed the fact thatdT
__he__ratestwok__robbly lhes'ciety annually sends small groups
gadreas wn probditin s of tourists to Europe, with parti-
WsG ahearecalng the " ciis cular attention to improve the cul-
hathought they were in the ultimate tural relations between various for-
stage of advancement. "We are still eign countries and America. Uni-
- - -- ~ioneers," he asserted "and we will versity professors are usually selec-
TlFTRES -onnuc to work until mankind ll ted to lead the tours. Prof. W. C.
lbtd t e Trow, of the psychology depart-
Majestic-Beatrice Lillie in "Are h lo aai [lihiue mnls ya odctdagop
Senators and Representatives You There" with John Garrick, 01- p froa, taraite which caues momtheaUniversity.e
to Convene ini Honor of gaBalaovlndLlydHailon characterized by Dr. Heg- frmteUnvriy
ga Baclanova, and Lloyd Hamilton. ner as probably the most important Particular interest has b e e n
Dead Colleagues. Also "Laurel and Hardy Murder of diseases, because its prevalence shown by the excursionists in Soviet
Case." in the tropics prevents the coloni- Russia, the travel society reports.
(y Associated Press> Michigan-Edmund Lowe a n d I zation of large regions, has been Through an agreement with the
WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.---With Leila Hyams in "Part Time Wife." thoroughly studied so that control society of cultural relations with
ceremony and in silence the House Also "Barnacle Bill the Sailor," of it has been made possible, he foreign countries of Russia, the
today prepared to honor 11 men sound cartoon. said. He related the story of the society has been able to offer a
tayn frmep~re by h eath dubmen Wuerth-Lila Lee and Joe Frisco discovery and investigation of this specially instructive trip in that
taken from Congress by death dur- Iin "The Gorilla.7' parasite by Laveran, Ross, and country.,
ing the past year. - Hill Auditorium-Freiburg Pas- Gratti in the last years of the nine- -_- _
Some of the most picturesque fig- sion play. . teenth century.
ures of their generation were on the - ,Yet even the most dangerous o Filipino Club Adopts
unaswerd grollcalatn crimate GENERAL parasites may have its uses, said Society Constitution
unanswered roll call that climaxes Dr. Hegner, of the organism which
the annual memorial exercises, University Lecture--Muriel Mase- causes syphilis and the resulting Adoption of the constitution fea-
Lee S. Overman, choice of his field on "At Court and in Society conditions such as paresis has been tured the regular meeting of the
party for United States Senator with Fanny Burney (1778 to 1840)"; found to be destroyed when the Filipino-Michigan club, held at 3:30
from North Carolina ever since 4:15 o'clock, Lydia Mendelssohn sufferer is given malaria, which is o'clock Sunday in Lane hall. Dis-
theatre. allowed to run its course for a time cussion of past projects and new
1895, headed the list. The roll in- Hockey--Wisconsin vs. Michigan; and is then cured. business completed the meeting.
eluded Senator Frank L. Greene, of 7:30 o'clock, Coliseum. - -
Vermont, who never fully recovered Dancing-Bob Carson and His
from a bullet wound received in ac- Orchestra, 9 until 1 o'clock, Michi- r
cident in a prohibition enforcement a a e'-

kW-sRussia's Am basador t This
S Country During Kerensky
Dr. Boris A. Bakhmeterr, former-
r I ' p fr( ,n-r of hydraulics and di-
rect r of the hydraulics laboratory
at the poljyt(chnaic institute at
Petrogra d, will discuss "Advanced
x h Hydraulics of Open Channels -
Princip 1 1 ioblems and Means of
> Solution" at 4 o'clock this atr
noon in room 311, West Engineer-
ing; building.
Yesterday Dr. Bakhmeterr spoke
before more than a hundred engi-
neering students and faculty mem-
bers on a similar subject. During
the Kerensky regime he was Rus-
sia's ambassador to this country.
Dr. Bakhmeterr is the author of
x° well known books in hydraulics in
Pussia and has recently prepared
Associated Press Photo a new book on advanced hydraulics
in the English language. He was in
Cornelius Vanderbilt, jr., enarge of, the design of the large
Wealthy author and newspaper hydroelectric power station, Dnie-
man, is said to have told a story in px0-Stroy, on the Dniepr river, and
Phoenix, Ariz,, about Premier Mus- was also connected with the large
irrigational works accomplished at
solini that is almost identical with Tuiirkistan.
that told by Maj. Gen. Smedley
Butler, for which he recently faced S olns Plan to Break
__ ____n__ g-Stan ding Cto


Educators Will Visit
Elementary Schools
Dr. Edna Baker, president of the
National Kindergarten college, of
Chicago, and Dr. Warring, head of
the pre-school unit of Cornell Uni-
versity, will visit the University
Elementary school and the Nursery
school tomorrow.
-r -

(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Feb. 19.-The
long-standing custom of reading
George Washington's farewell ad-
dress to Congress is to be broken
by the House Monday. Instead of
the usual practice, Rep. James M.
Beck, of Pennsylvania, noted as an
orator, will deliver an address on
the first President.




Nickels Arcade

.-.A--.w...4...aa .. .. - aa aa...... . a ..a..a. A.w

...aa.. ..ta..J_..a a..aA... - .



fight. Others were Reps. Stephen
F. Porter, of Pennsylvania; Charles
R. Stedman, of North Carolina, last
Civil War veteran in the House;
Lampert, of Wisconsin; Kiess, of
Pennsylvania; Hammer, of North
Carolina; Curry, of California;
Quayle and O'Connell, of New York,:
and Wingo, of Arkansas.
The scene prepared was solemn:

Dancing-Don Loomis' orchestra,
9 until 1 o'clock, Union ballroom.



_aotlhe te

Negress Arrested by Policc on
Homicide Charge.

17 .
1 . , I
V - y! y

The first semi-circular row of seats -
reserved for the families of the Charles H. Kager, 521 W. Jeffer-
dead; before them a rostrum strewn son avenue, died at 1:40 o'clock
with flowers; behind, members tra- yesterday morning as the restlt of
ditionaily attired in formal, dark injuries sustained when he was
garb. struck by a hit-and-run driver at
A patriotic and religious opening the intersection of Washington
hymn played by the uniformed street and S. Fourth avenue at
Army Band Orchestra, was at the 7:30 o'clock Wednesday night.
opening of the program, followed by Police arrested Belle Bolland, a
a commemorative prayer, sacred f 50-year old Negress, yesterday on a
song and a Scripture reading. Then charge of negligent homicide in
two 'speeches pledging the living connection with the death. Mrs.
anew to their duties while recalling Bolland, who lives at 1309 S. State
the achievements of the dead. street, was arraigned in justice
----- court before 1)iruce jay nI. Payne.
Investigation of Road She pleaded not guilty and her
examination was set for Feb. 25.
Board to be Announced She was released without bond.
---A-ccording to the police, Klager
Prosecutor Albert J. Rapp said was run down as he was crossing
yesterday that the report of ac- Washington street and dragged to
countants who checked records of the curb by an unknown motorisi,
the board of road commissioners He was taken to the police station
for the special investigating com- a block away by .a United cab com-
mittee will be presented Feb. 24 to pany dr iv , anid latr taken to St.
the board of supervisors. Joseph's Mercy :iospital.

r~' a urn ean -

;_ - '4
4 '4


VIOLENT atmospheric
disturbance hovered

off [Ife-coast of a

seaboards state,

threatentg to strike with terrific fury.

Government observers were able




indicate the approximate section like-- -
ly to be affected, and into this'danger- ---- - -
reporters went-by planes and express
When the storm broke,',they were on
hand to report the news..The outside
world was not subjected to agonizing delays, while unveri-
fied rumors were rife. Quickly and accmrately came tle vital
information to the millions of readers of
member newspapers.
Preparations necessary to cope with manjor
-.ergenciss are part of THE ASSOCIATED
PRESS service for newspaper readers-so
they may have the jfcts of all news events.

.,. _ ,3.. .-. -.._ r.. _ s. a _ . ..

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A letber New spaper of te Assoceated Press9

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