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May 29, 1930 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-05-29

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THE - 'MTC H I G A N'D A It Y'


TT-ThT l e Y ~Aw.1).afl

Measure Returns to Conference
as Curtis Sustains


."Y'. ;v } } f.......

Bil Needs Further Compromise
Before Congress Can
Reach Decision.
(By Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, May 28-The tar-
iff bill went back to conference to-
day for another revision of its care-
fully written but much disputed
flexible clauses.
Chairman Smoot of the senate
finance committee called the weary
conferees together for a meeting
Thursday at which the task of
drafting a new compromise will be'
undertaken. He hoped to submit
a nev conferencenreport for debate
i~n the senate by next Monday.
The bill was returned to the con-
ferees as the result of an unfore-
seen development in the long ser-
ies of controversies that has at-
tended the making of the measure.
Vice President Curtis sustained a
point of order raised by a Demo-
cratic opponent of the bill.
Object to Wording.
This was based upon a conten-
tion that the conferees had exceed-I
ed their authority in drafting a
compromise on the. flexible provi-
sions. Specifically, it was argued


Education Leader to Make Trip
to Study Russian
Under the direction of the Open
P .Gad, an institution which has as
its purpose the furthering of in-
ternational understanding, Prof.
Trow cf the Education school is
cconducting a short trip to Russia
this summer. The Open Road con-
ducts tours of groups interested in
special topics as social conditions,
rural and agrarian, economic, and
educational interests. It is ih this
last group that Professor Trow is
especially interested.
Thegroup will see the things ex-
posed to everyone. but in addition
are going to meet people in charge
of the educational work in Russia,
and through the use of an inter-

preter, find oV what aims they'
S- have and in what way they are go-
...:ing to carry their aims out.
S..'s...s.*"v 'K.S...* On the way over the group wviii
stop at Stockholm and Copenha-
gen. At Copenhagen they will visit]
the Danish folk schools which have
Col Artlar Goebc, famous for his trans-conktixeinta.I speed :figlts aad-winner of the Dole race, to Hono- as their purpose the furthering ofj
lultu, who will attempt a flight from New Yorkl to Paris this suxnner. He is shown with his plane, Yankee cultural education only. They spe-
Do*die, which is nearin g completiop in Los Apgelesand will be given its prelimninary tests Soon. cialize in the. study of such sub-
sub- ,- ects as history, literature, and mu-


Rebels Capture 50,000 Soldiers
of Chinese Regular

I (?~A saiatc Pr,'ss
SHANGHAI, May 28.--Snashing
victories over the military forces of
the Nationalist government in
northern Honan province were
claimed today in advices origina-
e' ting within the Northern Alliance,
a group of military chieftains who
have declared their independence.
t zThe dispatch said the northern-
ers had captured 50,000 Nationalist
1 prisoners in the fighting along the
Haichlow-Tungkwan railway. The
( ',',s Photo prisoners were said to be arriving
Bert White, l at Northern Alliance headquarters
Youthful aviator, who made an in Chengchow in such numbers
unofficial world's parachute record that accommodations were over-
when be leaped from an airplane as taxed and emergency prison camps
it soared 25,000 feet above the MO- were being established.
jave desert near Lancaster, Cal. The northerners also asserted
- --- that their forces in northwestern
Tfl .TShantung had crossed the Yellow
river and were approaching Tsinan-
HILWULI 1Ifu, capital of Shantung.
-I- aNationalist forces were said to
kfur- i be in full retreat along both the
U 6 L , I 6 IfLHaichow-Tungkwan and the Peip-
ing-Hankow railways.
The reports from the Northern
Will Motor to FiMhing Lodge Alliance sources followed indepen-
Following Memorial Day dent advices Tuesday which report-
S )c-h. ed that the Nationalist government
suppressed news of the recent
'~ T LL EH T ighting which has been going on
OGONTZ WILL H T in northern Honan since May 8, and
-- issued a statement saying the
S3YCssoiaU ""dPrs) northerners' claims of victory were
WILLIAMSPORT. Pa., May 23.- groundless.
Deep in the mountains of Lycom- Evidence that the Nationalists
ing county, Ogontz lodge, the hunt- were fighting with their backs to
ing and fishing camp of Jay Cooke I the wall appeared recently, how-
beever, when the Nanking oen
'III, Philadelphia financier, was be- , hn h Nnig govern-
IIPiaepi iacews ment's finance 'minister, T. W.
ing made ready today for the visit Soong, telegraphed President Gen-
of President hoover over the week- eral Chiang Kai-Shek saying -a Na-
end. tionalist victory was an immediate
SThe president will motor to the necessity and that the treasury was
Th rsie twilnotrt h ~ l, . ir1t -t* ....es:___


fi, r ~(By A1 ca a Pre1ss)
Rescue Parties Still Working
an- Fallen Stracture.

i l

the rules of procedure had been'
vl-ilated by the insertion of lan- Severe Wind Demolishes Scores KUniversity Flyers Take Places
gunge contained in neither the sen- of Farm BuildingsIOy in Four EventsDefet
ate nor house draft of the bill.fi fire investigators today-delvedmto-t
The clause in question was that and Shops. ;reports that a liquor party was re- Six Competitors.
to mak~e emergency changes inthe sosbedstoe o h oiem ag
customs rates proposed by thee tar- ONLY TWO ARE INJURED sponsible for a fire which Tuesday SHOCK CORD EMPLOYED
iff commission effective after 60 destroyed the Coliseum, a large
days unless disapproved or put into (T Aswilaed Press) a4uditorium, with los of $00,00O, Taking three first places and oneI
operatioi tsoonerdby the president.; CADILLAC, Michigan, May 2-A and took a tollof at lest five lives. third in the glider meet sponsorede
Th"1e point of order was raised by dozen or more communities in five ,or fpoigfrtebde
Senator Barkley of Kentucky. counties were taking inventary to- Qf additional persons believed by the A. B. C. Glider Club of De-c
This provision, proposed by day of damage caused by a series caught under falling walls in the troit, the University club won thei
Minority Leader Garner of the of windstorms which swept over annex of the structure, where 150 contest from six other Detroit com-
house, had the approval of Presi- Michigan last Friday afternoon and new motor cars were housed, lay petitors held recently at Lakeville;
dent Hoover but met with vigor- Saturday unroofing a number of ahead of rescue parties. Tons ofMhai
ous objection from the Democrat- stores, demolishing scores of barns, brick and twisted metal must be Mha
independent Republican coalition uprooting trees and sending debris cleared before the workmen can Tr
of the senate. It represented an hurtling through hundreds of win- f reach partially-standing walls, used to raise the ship off the
agreement worked out with much daws.;where additional persons may have ground. The glider flown belonged
diffiulty to reconcile the conflict- Injurswra been cruhed to death. The totter- to Prof. R. E. Franklin of the En-.
dIfclyt eocl h ofit nj uries were believed to have ing partitions themselves constitute
ing views of Mr. Hoover, the house been confined to two persons. a hazard which brought about sus- gineering Mechanics department.
and the senate. A son of Milton Barlow, living pension of toil late last night. There were four events: spot
Hoover Willing to Compromise, northeast of Gladwin, received frac- _andingfor novices.
Tehuemaueprovided tar- itres of tboth llegs when ithe bar A I Y landing for nvcewon by dgar
if changes recommended by the at his home, in which he had taken RADIO EYES WILL Rhodes, '30E; spot landing for third
commission should not become ef- refuge from a torrential rain, was PROTECT FLYERS class pilots, won by Kenneth Ald-{
fective unless approved and pro- demolished. rich, '30E; duration flight for nov-c
claimed by the president. The sen-I Daniel Roberts, 65, of Clayton, States Television Will Transmit ices, third place won by Frederick
ate bill restored to congress the ( was rendered unconscious for 45 tdow, '32E, and duration fight for
chief executive's authority in this minutes while clearing uprooted pictures of Landing Fields. -b
connection. Mr. Hoover was in fa- trees from the highway when heI third class pilots, won by Aldrich,
vor of a wide degree of discre- i touched a high tension power line (BY tssociated Prcss) who maintained his glider in the
tionary action for the president, but 1 which had been blown down. His GLOUCESTER, Mass., May 28- air for 17 seconds.1
willing to make concessions, in the-injuries are not considered seri- Radio "eyes" for airplanes to per- Second place in the meet
interest of a compromise. sus.nmit the conquest of fog, the great-Swas
ineetofacmroieaus. Ietprlfcn les r taken by the University of Detroit
The flexible clauses were con- In Clare, three stores were ut est peril facing fyers, are a pssi-ti
taned in a supplemental confer-Iroofed, merchandise scattered about ble development to aid aviation, which was awarded the cup since
ence report, and this only was open the streets and heavy damage done in the belief of John Hays Ham- the contest was only open officially
to revision by the conferee. Points mond, Jr., inventor, to schools in Detroit.
torviin yth oneee -onsby the rain to unprotected stocks Teueo eeiint rnmti-__
of order were pending, however, Scores of windows were shattered The use of television to transmit
against the main report, containing and in the surrounding territory a picture of the landing field to a Education Bulletin
the bulk of the rate schedules. dozens of barns were destroyed. The bscreen in the conpit of a plane
Democrats contended the confer ying above is the principle invo- Presented yBoard
ees had exceeded their authority in farm home of James Duncan, near- ed, the inventor said. A dot or I-d-
adjuesting the rates on cheese, cher- At Gladwin, a hardware and fur- wu idk g the scre In order to assist any students uca-
ries raon nd atces. nitre tor wa unrofe wih ha- ould idic ate thes aviator's posi- !wo may desire to take up duca-
ries, rayon and- watches. .niture store was unroofed with hea- tion. ! tion courses in connection with
vy damage to stock.3 Hammond explained Tuesday' their work in the University, a
FORT WANTS DRY Near Cadillac, an oil well derrick night mnannouncing his discovery board consisting of Dean J. B. Ed-
LAW REFERENDUM on the Smith farm was toppled by that, nothing has been actually ac- monson, Prof. C. O. Davis, and-
_the wind but the several persons in complished yet and that it has to Thomas Diamond all of the Educa-
the vicinity escaped injury from the do with certain possible develop- tion School, has made up a con-:
Opposes Stand of Opponent: lyn debris. In Cadillac, a nlum- ments in the future. densed statement of the curricula'j
for Senate Position. ber of garages were demolished, i Hammond said that his method of the school.p
!_windows were broken by the dozen would be to set up a television sta- It is expected that the bulletin-
(_y Associated Press) and many trees uprooted. tion at an airport capable of send- will be of great Assistance to those
CAMDEN, N. J., May 28-Franklin At West Branch, a milk condens- ing out an exact picture of the air- who have experienced difficulty in
W. Fort, candidate for the Repub- ery was unroofed. port and surrounding locality, in- I using the bulky directory. The hul-
.lican nomination as United States The first appearance of the storm cluding hills, hangars, trees and letin is to be handed out at regis-p
senator from New Jersey, expressed f was in Isabella county, where a obstructions. tration time to sophomore regis-
the belief in a campaign address funnel-shaped cloud dipped earth- The next step, learning the posi- trants.
here Tuesday night that repeal of ward between 3 and 4 p. m. Its pro- tion of the airplane,. he said, could; The book contains a simplifiedc
the eighteenth amendment is "a gress to the northeast was through be determined by radio compass exposition of all the matter requir-
practical impossibility." . a section consisting largely of tim- stations located about the landing ed for entrance into the school, b
Fort, who favors retention of ber and waste land, which mini- field and equipped with direction and for the first year.u
present liquor legislation, criticised mized the property 'damage. finders, an automatic radio trans-
- mitte sending from a plane could
the declarations of his opponents s
and described their position as call- Sturgis Will Study e picked up by the stations and I
ing olearly forJ "adecision of the; Frenchth S~pas#the position of the plane learned
viers ofew Je frs" eciinofteF.zih elhrpat all times by plotting the inter-
section of the messages.~
The stand of Dwight W. Morrow I D. Cyrus C. Sturgis, director of Such a position, in the form of
for repeal and restoration to the Simpson Memorial Institute, left a dot or speck, he continued, coulda
states of the power to solve their last week for France where he will be placed upon the picture of the
own prohibition problem was re- visit the different French health airport and sent by television to an
sponsible for Fort's candidacy.-, resorts and spas with 30 other aviator in a plane Aying above.
"The eighteenth amendment," American physicians. The trip is -/1AMusical R o m a n c e of
said Fort,is not going to be re-, sponsored entirely by the French' eld ontsyti ipy;oenet L. G. BALFOUR CO CoveredWao Dys
pealed.r I onot say this simly govern entirl .yt Fec C0.re Wagon Days!
on the practical reasons of the dif- ;_1121 South University
uiclty of repeal. So ardent an an- More than 8,000,000 pounds o FRATERNITY JEWELERS Soldiers, Plainsmen, Dance
ti-prohibitionist as former Senator butter were manufactured in Miso Badges-Favors-Programs i Hall Girls, Singers, Dancers,
Edwards said in effect, that it was Ms-.Corkey Stanard, Mgr. Frontier Musicians minle in
all right to take a position for re- th' ratmsa last year. F mge in
peal as a means of getting votes 1this great-te Wet. S perettainf
but that anyone who took it and the West. Superb Enterta-
people SHWSLAST ment interpreted by a cast of
of the United States knew that he 2:00-3:00 TIMES singing, dancing stars.
was. not going to achieve it in his; 7:00-9:00 WW TODAY
lifetime. "Appointments

When asked why he chose Russia
as his field of research Professor
Trow replied, "Because in the first
place, Russia has an enormous
problem of illiteracy. Under the.
Czarist regime about 70 per cent
of the people in Russia were illit-
erate." He went on to say that the
present system of reform is under
the leadership of the Bolsheviks,
who are introducing all of the new-
er educational ideals used in this
country and many of the other
European countries today, such as
pupil participation in school gov-
erment, the abolishing of teacher
directed recitations, and pupil act-
ivity, As his other reason for
chcsing Russia, Professor Trow
said, "With the exception of Amer-
ica and perhaps Germany, Russia



camp from Gettysburg after his'
XTrnrg 11 r~ipz :nl uil

being rapidy depleted by military

presents.the greatest picture of i y 'a"" U cJ.Jat wiii
educational activity presented any- spend T icay ana 6anturmay nights,. Fuller Names Members
where in the world." returning to Washington early Sun-
-- - day. Although definite plans have for ReCruiting GrQup
" not been anniounced, at is expected
High Wteihra
Hg Water Threatens that Saturday will find Mr. Hoover Donald Fuller, '99, of Detroit,
Louisiana Farm Land whipping an enticing pool with a chairman of the advisory group of
trout line, for the near-by streams the Campaign for Good Citizenship,
(P '.4ssoc iuaPress> abound in the speckled beauties, yesterday announced the following
NEW ORLEANS May 28-Having and the president's fondness for; as members of the Campus Re-
clame tei frs lfeLousina, isin i wllknown. i cruiting Group: V. C. Dipasquale,
ciaixedthei fist lfeLousian fihingisell1 '33, chairman; M. J. Alway, '33; M.
upstate flood waters gnawed to- It will be the president's second
day the levees and emergency dykes visit to Ogontz lodge. He and Mrs. S. Kunkle, '30; L. B. Kunkle, '31P;
and threatened to widen the area Cooke, a grandson of the famous G. D. Butler; H. D. Gosnell; R. C.
covered by the overflow. Civil war financier, long have been Gibson, '31; Richard Hitchen, grad.;
cive by th . Cand R. A. Morgan, '33
Driven from their homes, ap- friends, and Mr. Hoover spent sev- The following, according to Ful-
proximately 6,000 lowland dwellers oral days at the lodge in May, 1928. ler, will compose the Ann Arbor
continued to receiveraid from the During the World- war Mr. Cooke Civic Group: R. A. Beal, chairman;
concentration cams. gencies in served as food admmistrator for Chester Bennett; Rev. Marley of
conentrio c p. Philadelphia and in the president- ; the Unitarian church; Philip Pre-
The territory between the divid- ial campaign in 1928 he was in nevost; E. S. Andress, and Thelma
pinsline to Bossierhand Red Rr charge of the collection of funds in Dyer.
parishes to Coushatta thus far has eastern Pennsylvania for the Re-
received the brunt of the Red River publican national committee. He, is 'CHIAOUiest fIlni
overflow, with stretches inundated pulcnnainlom tt.Hei CHICAGO-University of Illinois
ovflow, i th setches nuate -manager of the Girard and a di-; and the Army will meet on the
for 15 miles on both sides of the rector of the Franklin National gridiron in 1933 and 1934 despite
river. I bank, the Pennsylvania Railroad- the Big Ten ban on contests with
G Co. and the New York, New Haven West Point. The contract between
Green Says Statement & Hartford railroad. the Cadets and the Suckers was
Will be Issued Today hr. Cooke's family has owned made before the Conference ruling
Ogontz for 44 years. The lodge, sit- was passed and therefore holds
(f Asswiauedi Press) iC)ated on the west bank of Larry's j good.
LANSING, May 28-Gov. Fred W. creek, is five miles from the near-
Green decided definitely today to! est public road and about 30 miles;
issue a statement Thursday an- from this city.
nouncing his political plans. The ~--Ta
belief that has existed in admin- UNIVERSITY OF OREGON-Yell- NOW SHOWING
istration circles for some time that leader Harold Kelley and the stu- "CONDEMNED"
he will not be a candidate for any dent president are working out, "O DE N D
office still prevails. - plans for a class for aspiring yell With
kings. The class will study techni- I . R nIald Colman
PRINCETON UNIVERSITY-Mil- fque of yell-leading, crowd phys-
itary Science will be made corn- chology, and methods of handling Adults only
pulsory for all students next year rallies and other special features. 25 Cents
as an experiment which will be ,At the end of the tem Kelley will
conducted here for the next five recommend one of the members of WHY PAY MORE?
years. Princeton has been selected the class for head yell-leader.
for the test by the War department
because of the high calibre of its ' =
unit in the past few years. ---

cs O N

d -
Dynamic sensation of
"Madame X." Laugh.
ing sinner of "The
Latu ghing Lady"I
Now, all of her mar-
velous talents con-
c e n tr a ted in one
throbbing role. Amaz-
ing heroine of Titre,
othy Shea's best-seller
- Also
_ DI G EL -. - m. - . ..-

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