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April 11, 1930 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-04-11

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FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1930

0 Aft 0 ! r i am s M s s v sr f rti. ^ W f ' trs r^ . sa rv+er Yrs. r+ s "re at rti r rti -w .r.. r A rr-y .errv '

D IE FR FU D 'PLANNED__:::i .;.>..FOR CI]fl' SACRAMENTO Calif,Apill10
AnAbr _elt_ Cmn_ Injuy to two pesons and destiuc-
W L ST R SO NAbrRat Copn ion of a residenc e resultdT uted from
: * StAsd $5000fr a slight earthquake experiencedj
Cetues to .be Sent Out Saturday I4 Civic Imrovements, eeWdedy
____ Mrs. Mary Wadeca, 22, and hzer
to.Frallernit*es, Sororities, Announcement was made yester- two-year-old son were injured
x a o P cs M day by the Ann Arbor Realty and lihtly. Their home, weaiese~ by
I. .i Improvement company of the first the tremor, rol ,sed 2,5 inutes
"!_____ I'? >° step in a contemplated half-ml- later. Several other persons 2T "'the
ewrr ruso JeriAn$j lion dollar building improvement house were not injured..
Ar of ho s A nuly 0 . i aprg m for Ann Arbor in theIs
Boys tJ Atte4C;mp.erection of }a two-story building in IPre'sCidentSe tMy 1
Br p tgd~" Pj the 2Q block n wet Huron Street. as Chsld -feathPq
Letters addressed to fraternity Acrigt fieso h im.(3- Assciatd ress)
and sorority houses, making ttheheabouilig c il 0 qae eto loai WASHINGTON, April 10. - By
annual appeal for -funds for the abu;500 qaefetoilo proclamation of President Hoover,
Uiilyersity Fresh Air C m p, will bespace, w ill be ready f r occupancyI M ay 1 i lle s e v d t r u h t
pla1,e intheFresh Aiurap, Ail eabout the first of .lone. ithe natio a hild health day.u
19,accod in to4,airepot madyes-rl : { Thppresent plans iclude the Regioal chairmxen in 'charge of3
19 erdb ng.ton re Toddye'30, , 4> lesing of the soAuthwst Cornr ofi plans for the observance gathered
Cordy byStaton . Tdd, 30, r' . frAsley and Huron streets to the iere today to arrane for the cele-
senior class piesideit and director .: ~ Abbott Gasoline company, which bration, meeting uder auspicesdf
oif the Fresh Air drive.' will erect a modern filling station ithe American Child Health associ-'
The drive whfich will be in the :...f.: .;? :":': on the site Within 30 days. ation. They are to meet President
1tu.e of a canvas ofr all campus ,>:.::::.;:: : j:"M~~::4.:i .:,:.; Three adacent buil1dngs ae b i -i
organizations, will culminate withI ::,.:;,." :. :: :::,::?::::>::.... ::,:...Y:41 . n tr 'd w o a e ra o n fC !1iy:":; ini.d+C,}.:1.,:{.~i'.N{, ?.,.:>.::iS...vi JM , " ,.";.'::.::.:g trnow t.m ke ro m or Ho ve a tf hterHoueote
tlie g.eneral appeal to the student : .,J ...1.. . ....... ;.:..th buildig hichwl eI a atron -
boyo a .Although $8,000 is I . Jl .....} .....'" . .. .v.. I a agarag, slshaquresad TULANE UNIVERSITY-Awards
needed for the maintainance of the .'w&:r Poffices of the Huron Valley Chevro- Iaet emd otebs iemn
Camp, the goal for the student! The start of the Harvard Unieri ty bicycle r ace fr om Boston to let company. tac~ler, open field runner, and piun-
Xe~x.Tecotsat rivew ill be $3,000 with the re- NwYr.TecntsatIhw r, ett h:AutnGa rdIFurther expansion by the ,Realty tro
bpieldr eig made up, With con- Richardson, Kennethi Pendar, and James Adamn.rgh:Asi ry e and Improvement company, own-Iheater nte Tulane football team
tr~butloxi~s from the Boys' club of -- -____ ---- ers of the largest unit of business (- -ter
facultyan of the alumni an prperty in the city, will be made I MAKE RESERVTIONS OWJ
faut fteUniversity. {I vR A S HIg h Sc oois to Hold i possible by the possession of the EUROPE OREN 64
Michigan is one of the -few uni-cS TA TE', TOO A G , btn liiain block reahing from Ashley street.
ypirs ntecutywhose stu-___to First sreet and etending back LIANYWERE
bodyssp is ainathe i " 3rfe.Tepormwl ecr 111A 1
'der bod, ppr,- caip for OMo~ate s entirely too lrge Two elimination deatsTil b
i tepiilgdby.th upcso ed on through a period of years, ; lAVELERS CEQUES ET.
weeks every summer, more than , Scretary of tlhe Inteior declres.; the Michigan High Schlool Debat- it is announced, until "the entire *£.KBE.Scisi g
440 boys are picked by welfare or- The secretary nin~rains that thleI ing League to determine the two, property is modernized. ucenased& g4 ot .F. uoc ,AUG "EbO
ganzaion Q Dtrot ndAnnAr shoQ4soudi'e roaken up into schools who shall argue the Jury I-- _
hor to receive the benefits of a 12- a series of Jjunior colleges, thus giv-, Tial question in the final cai-
day outing at the Fresh Air camp ing the freshmen more individual pionship contest in Hill1 audito- 4444
on the shores of Lake Patterson.j attention. tIum April 26, 'according to an an-;,TO -8z
Will ie Sxth Yi'. Flunking out of school is theI nouncement made by Prof. Q. E. 8 H N 18
Although the camp was originzal- most harmful expeience that can Densmore, of the speech, depart- CALL THEL
1y begun in 'the summer of 1921, oet ongmno imnmert, head of the League.
tepresenC site is only six years and it is caused principally by the, Cheboygan 1-igh School, the d-r VARSITY TAXI SERVICE
old In192, a170acie prce oflack of individual treatment re- I fending champions, will debate'FrCb hngig oefrvcto
lAnnd Aror ats26 ilsrhe saslting from so .large a school as iagainst the Detroit Northwestern f
Arin Arorwtserchasfed by get Ohio state University," stated Sec- trio at Detroit tonight. The win -,4
fred ft~prJec.P minn retary Wilbur. ner of their contest will be mnatch-''e7Q
improvement followed rapidly un- ed against the winner of the Paw'
til nzow thue land" is fenced and is UNIVERSITY OF LONDON-A Paw vs. Clawson debate, which is -___ __-..-
gaducall en e red. andr recent endowment of $100 UiestofLno ,0 to the also beinag held tonight.
adcped Eey year the alum UieriyofLnn provides for -=_- .-____ Ea
ni and others are contributing newohn ecin facurei mr
lodges and other improvements so Iscan hi story.
that the camp is the equal of any -_--_--____ DUKE UNIVERITY
similar project in the country. The
fund collected from the campus 1s T,.PEWITERS I SOHOUL DF MEDICINE ?
used only ifor running expenses, R IBBONS Duitehain, N. C.
buildings and equipment being do-I SUPPLIES On .October 1, 1930 carfuly
nated by others interested in theI for all makes of ! seected first ani third yea stu_______________
movement. ytrioef S ., dents 14111be admittedAppha-
Inf the eight years of its exis- Rpdtrnvr rshsfk nsrsJ"on n esIl t-y iean
ten e, tecm ie atno etqaiY a mdrap re will11be conidrd in the order ofI
f twe dycatint total of t ai tamoeaerc. receipt Cxtatogues .and applica_____________
mnoxethan 2,8001 poor boys most of e Q. OR IL the Dean.. .;".
whom were 'from Detroit. Clean .314 South Sate St. Phonc 6615 ,., - ._
outdoor life wit three wholesome ___-=--_-__-______________________-__________________________
mea ls a Aday ul pteune-TeCUO
., un1sed bodies wieohave been'Te -UOI
4 enied the benefits die ived from an1NEPI
9:00.4 life. "adO EPI
gIrnberger to Direct. mU[ C adamsinette odrt
The cam p is Inanaged ,by a dire -( o lfad i s o "enil s H l e oi I vtr a c m it e of e en a c -y 'i
mxemnbers, and the president of the TW IKT'TO IH- -
Student Christian association. Thle
director of the camp this yearwl
re wTedoeilyege f h TO SEE
rhetoric depa tment who hasf been
associated with the project -for the ,This Famous Ripsnrtr
past three or four years. Assistings,
him will be counselors recruited
frome the stdnboy
pervised by Todd who had chargead
Of the project last year. a
Ferries Must Not Ran Th dc Hnest inner
'rIdg' a ays.aMayor h e .e

(fay Associaed Press) e Cs t picture
M ANITOWOGWis., April Io.- I t a t Michi- r ~all music ' MYRTYL
There's no sense, says Mayor Mar- gahs v R S
tin Georgenson, in car ferries' con- shown!
stantly rammning bridges in the l ia g PLAYERS
Manitowoc river, and he wants it'
stopped. IFA ONELL" I_ _____
F Rj"The time has come for action," He paid his or
the mayor said today. "The dam- " hrinwetIN OLD CALII'ORN" Main Floor .. .. 75c
age to bridges this spring is ni ig wifBalcony
$5,00 fcageryctisnearlybg aar btLouise Fazada in a reviedHTE Balcony'II.II54.
$,00Ifarfrycpt ai a 1' a bg slary bu Western that IS funy Matinees: Wed.-Sat. 51k
keep their boats on a straight! allhegtirek PATHS SOUND
couirse,i we'll see :bout it." h g t i REVIEW _______________ - ___- _______
_________________ turn was receipts! METRO NEWS n_, t
Rae heatre I'-W INE HAR
All Talking
All tarrt~g'15laterp °eThe Dramatic Sensation of the M odern Stage!,
"LADY O) CF 'THE You Can't Resist Her Lo''e WM. A. BRADY Presents
Making in this adventurous South Sea Romance !.
P E EN SRcadArlen is the new loy friend and what a team theiy mae ; ELMER RICE'S Pulitzer Prize Pslay
I Ste1aD 1Dn1~uPi'd~"


Diamnonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry'
H-igh Grade Repair Service

,.RING 1 1 C IE-

Li' e i4 wthin yl! ec



".".aYi'a to Pay,

t AK ourself the owner of Victor-Rad 6
IVE rihtnow. This is the radio of depend-
ability that will not go out of date. Sensatiotial
mechanical perfection and ease of opemaim
The greatest ,organization in the industry
stands behind these amazing instruments. Our
reputation is your guara-atee of fair treatment.
un8twed servi e- SA.TISFACTION,


RE-45 $298.

Nothing Else..to. Bu#
Exquisite m
-frt30 yum
alc Trade-in .Q.AW bO36
wance 1WN se* Me


The coif ,lete
modern musical instrument X

7 l


University Music House '
Devoted to Music



ADrama pf,;

/ -'' 2'kj

' )F A2 Ll t___SIR

n I ~ i-~ ,~


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