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February 21, 1930 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-02-21

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AY, rTT3r-,,TJ RY "1, 1930


A I L .4fr


_Y ~BhA, 21_ v _3O__T_-LMICHIGAN £) A I L YPclE FI_

A "

TA! A l \


1Botli Sides of Main Sireet' Isj
Best Undergraduate Paper
in Sociology 51 Course.

Poo-i y Ts Studied "Through the
Senses by Mcans of Sights,
Sounds, and Smells.
Poetry appreciation is being fos-


Miss Agnes L". Conway, Gyrad u-
ate of Caiubridi~e, Honlorar;y
Secretary of Expedition.

Delta Omicron,, Mu Phi Esio,
and Sigma Alpha Iota to
P lan Rushing Rules.
Committee on Student Affairs
Recognizes Them as Having
University Functions.
Absorption of the University
School of .Music with the College ofj
Literature, Science and the Arts,Iair
has led to toie reorganization of the
three musical sororities, Delta Omi- ST RING QUARTET
cron, Mu 1yhi E~psilon, and Sigma
Alpha Iota, and recognition by the' -9B5TDNIGF
committee on Student Affairs ail APPE



UJniversity organizations.
Because of the delay in organiz-
ing under University regulations,
nio rushing or electing to nember-
ship has taken place ad yet. Mu#
Phi Epsilon does not rush in any
dorm, but will elect late in the
spring from juniors and seniors
who have 'a scholastic average of
"B" and 'conspicuous musical aibl-
Students inl all cl:,sses are eligible
for menibersbip in Sigma Alpha
Iota and Delta Omicron, and their
pushing -seasoi beginning next
wveek wiORbe. carried on by rules,
drawn up by the joint meeting of
the two organizations.
Delta Omicron's membership is
chosen from students who are pur-
suing a course leading to a certifi-
cate of degree in the University and
taking at least one course in prac-
tical music, who have shown,.
marked possibilities of talent in
performance'; and who have a
g r a d ( , o f g o o d " o r i t s e q u i v a l e n t'im "A p a I t ' a l o r q r e
that a student be taking a course
leading to a certificate or degree
in the University. She must also
gilye promise of future success as
Apublic performer or teacher, and
show excellence in scholarship,
naintai ning a grade of "B" or bet-
ter in her work in music.
According to Mis Alice Lloyd,
Aviser of women, there is a dreal
advantage in encouraging women
interested in music to know each
other and find interest in each
other's progress. It' should be of
particular value, she states, now
that the 'School of Music is ab-
sorbed into the larger group. The
musical soroirties halve an oppor-,t
tunity this year especially to prove
their value in encouraging mem-
bers of the school to excellence in
their profession.
Work Progresses on
Students' Rooms in
Mosher-Jordan Hall
Work on the new Mosher-Jordan
hall is progressing rapidly, and the
rooms are outlined by the two-by-
fours so that their general shape
can be discerned. The student
grooms are designed for two occu-
pants in, most cases, and very
complete furnishings are being
planined. In every double room
there will be two single beds, 'each
made up with a mattress, pillow,
bed linen ,and a pair of woolen
blankets. In addition there will be
two dressers with mirrors, two
study chairs, one desk large enough
for two persons to study at the
same time and equipped with book;
shelves built in underneath, two
floor lamps, one easy chair, and at-
tractive window curtains. Brown
Jaspe linoleum will cover the floor.


Will Present Third Concert on
Series Sponsored by Ann
Arbor Group.
"Chamber music is great fun -
for the players!" runs a cynical oldi
,musical adage, and the members
of the New York String Quartet,
which will play tonight at 8.:15 in
the Lydia Mendelssohn theatre un-
der the auspices of the Chamber
'Music Society of Ann Arbor, agree
that there is some truth in it. But
there is also fun for the listeners,l
if the,. Quartet happens to be so
finely gifted~and so well trained as
the New York String Quartet. 1
Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart and
.many other great composers, in-;
cluding such moderns as Debussy
iand Ravel, have written some of
their finest music for, two violins,l
viola and, cello, The performancel
of these works, however, demn.ands,
not only rare virtuosity from the'
players but the highest degree of
musical intelflgence.
The four players of the New York
String Quartet have blended their
individual brilliance to create a
homogeneous effect. When they
play, their purpose is to create the
composer's intention, and to this
end they employ, their extraordin-
ary skill. The result sounds likeI
one huge instrument, rather than
like four rden. playing.
In commenting on this, the Du-l
luth Herald says: "When a cham-
ber music program can arouse in a
Middle Western audience an en-
thusiasm that demands encores
and double encores, after each
number it would indicate that the
interpreters know how to human-
~ize a diet that has usually been
considered suitable only to th~e
Imusically elect. Yet the New. York
String Quartet is most impersonal
in its methods, each artist effacing
himself to produce the blend and
balance of perfect ensemble. But
there is nothing forbidding. about
their program-making, no effort to
shun program music of the modern
composers,' and instead of lookingI
annoyed and interrupted when the
audience applauded at the close of
each movement of a Quartet, the
players were able to bow and look
humanly responsive."
Juniors Beaten in First
Game of Second Series
In the- frst game of the second
series of the interclass games, the
Seniors outplayed the Juniors to a
13-32 score. Both teams played
hard, making it a very fast game,
but the Junior forwards were not
able -to. work together and so lost
the ball. The Senior forwards and
centers starred.

SMALL TOWNS DI'SCUSSED tced in the University High School ~ A.A.U.W. SPONSORS TALK
( ~zbt od ' ~ mw l gi cTits Catherine Anne Cudlip,a
Eliabth or. 3l~.,winerof; g~scl~~i~cof Swartlimaore, with re- tz}KisCxaays ryth as
:.: ;. ~the Chii Omega prize for ii bs, siswhich. may be seen i he:". Mis o osenay's Wark he irst
umlerg radul te oti,i in Aso iogy the re r itear todoResarcWrk po
51 for the first senie:,ter, discisscsUivrtyig nub"oth Ancient City.
innerveres"ittyi sigh ~nSchool publication, y }rtExavton-n- ta-wl
iiiherpapr, Bot Sis o liiinr "he Roadster." Miss Cuclip Exaain nIer"wl
( Street," her views of a ~ml town picked the following poem as one, be te topic of the University lti-
_____ (in the light of sociological priinci- of the genis in the group: it watsegie t4:5ti
as ture t egvnat41 hsafter-
written by an lycar-old ninth
ples, influenced by her intimate$ grader, daughter of a professor on noon in Natural Science auditorium
1911 CH cotac wih sch coinuritytheUniersty acuty.by Miss Agnes Ethel Conway, of
S E Sithrough a two-year teaching expo-. A Dream WLnoEgad
ARTCLU SE KSconactwit sch comuntytheUnierstyfaclty AZENAD B UITSLnnEwnand.lge abide n
rience in a village high school. Shze A bucaneer bold, Ms Co ay grdate of
OPINIO S" .fts ino thepaper<z co i With A wealth puntold, NwhmClee abiga~c
PATRONS OPIturNIOhe ive understanding of small towits And henihdhecek vrst fLoonws
fit"syntolhe ipap e creeno- Anmdensaptud he. Rnh F R w
a sboofitreec, gos n h lppedhs hghIl honorary secretary and the only
Ann Arbor Art Association to sip, ennui, and limitation of social And a mery laugh, laughed he, I iD~~ I0 woman member of the archeolog-
Take Concensus of Opinions activity, or one of peace, friencd- "You're a maiden fair, WOHu IN O C R Sclepdtont er atsu
on Displays. ness, rest, and quiet, as embodied And so beware,K mer.
j -by the cynical Mr. Sinclair Lewis That I do not marry thee," Kk Since her return the speakerha
FOUR EXHIBITS ON NOW in his book, "Main Street," and its Said the bucaneer bold, Opera Diva Has Sung for 19
repl, "The Other Side of Mai: With wealth untold, easIMkn Debut as Cab deongfindso the musemnt
Plans are being made by the Ann Street" by the optimistic Mir. As he laughed out, loud and free. YerMknIabig o id ftercn
Arbo Ar assciaion o cnvas th Buel."Anris' in 'Aida, expedition. She will illustrate her
Arolr soito t avs h ul. lecture here -with slides. The party
opinion of attemizance at their ex- A small town of 600 people is; The maiden screamed,
hibits as to the desires and inter-lmie toanrw play of su - And the pirate deemed -1D' IS HER FAREWELLofwihMsCnay a am -
ets of those attending with a view gestlons for development, but its iIt best to let her go. ........... t Ma.Lena eroilios of tehe rt government eieof Trans-
At present the Art association is discriminations as the Sor cli- Asighmffed ca ; wo sing in Anni Arbor last year Jodnodoacolgalrsrh
sponsoring two one-mnan shows in lex life of a large city. "I believe i Kissed her cheek as white as ionl the Choral Union Seresan- work on the site of te ancient
the galleries of Alumni Memorial the school to be the heart of Smal! snow o 1d hswekt-a sela city of Petra.
hall. Jean Paul Slusser is exhibit- towun life," states Miss Ford. The ( isCn;ywl pakhr n
ing his extremely lively and fasci- inadequacy of'funds for equipiit,1 "But before you go," ;sung for the last time at the M- Ider the auspices of the A. A. U. W.
nating oils and water colors and Er- limited fields of work, unsympa-i Tha captain said, tropolitan, after appearing there I and members of the association
nes Harisn Brns hs a exi-thetic attitudes from townspeople, "You must dance one dance with [r19 years, and will hereafter be will entertain her at a dinner to-
bit of oils. In the large gallery the ill-prepared teachers, who exercise inmc." heard only in concerts.Ightat the IAledAtss fAeccaonhniqae egan o odctn, An h igtLteaeagrl ftrh arvl rz uidn.
these several national academicians, recitations and applying discipline4, And the stars appeaed, I Gerany ii 11 1 Mme. Matzenauer _________
shavc onl display paintings repro- are conducive to a dlecidied la+c j1,1 lint still they danced. Ai, fiue ade her debut~ in the Metopoi- ih n1LVRHA~AS
senting the ultra-conservative in ;culture, itan as Amnneris in Verdi's Aida" .UMUltrtinslAY ive een all
art. The Art association is anxious Mss Ford believes voc ational Thec captain was drunk,! withi Caruso and other stars. When tlrcatianSaravy b eed
theo hatype of cen usexhibito oi p refanc shdld ecryce sm all Tischoolw s n ainasm uchesa g t ess mitoleIutthhep-heldhe yherf xcloseefe rdid! rhemalerch olonas uThur i dayt eofldlarstos ,wd deke she, nuTursayof la t w ekohe Girls'Jun orlayl ' P ayohor s.
gives an opportunity for expres- And if ever you sail t asked that no announcement beI rehearsals -announced yesterd.
At the Architetural school there sign to otherwise limited lacri o7' I The. southern seas, made that the occasion was herI Choru members are asked to
iIa xii fcneprr in i hejunior and senior liter i'And lan islnid fair there be ;farewell crefully note suchb hang1 s
A rialeptr.Treaesy1ture classes I once asked each tt- The singer, when interviewed atFiaFb 1
cmlsmal ~cce mot damaic'n Ident to name thie type of work lie Why, stop thne ship, { her home, said that she had no ; :0:0 hrsF omt
quality,amn which a model done expected to follow when lie i. Though the sailors chaff, quarrel with the opera m~iag- ( toe room
almnu yArpnk snoe slied high school. Only, for, - And see wliat you shall see; motnt but that she was not content aIn :043,cou ,gre
wotyjTi xibti;haatr I cupations were named by the girls: A bucancer£-bold to Sing the roles of only secondary room.53: hrs .contizt'
I zed by the unuiisuial andacolorful stenography, clerking, nursing, aru'd A maiden holds, ;heroines such as Ortrud. in "Lo- I 4~-:0 hrsA omte
Ue.tacig(counitrych. ~ As they danced throug h eterlity henrin" or Venus in "Tannhauser,"rom
lThe Art association is also co- hIave little reasoni to offer for their room-:0.cous13,cmmte
ideringlamth practicality oforan-? choices; they know little or noth- "I began work with this paric- pebothofwih hcavben ti yer.- 70-:0 hou 3 omte
a onatcleto ota I ing of the qualifications for the po- ua class two and a half years ago Iproywt h opn hsya.I 4:O9Ol hrsF omte
members may have works of art'siin t datgso sdan hntesuet eevr m room.,
snteronhue o et itint danae rdsavnhnth tdnsweevr r-something really worth while. Satrday, FebL22:
iengthe irmw hes.orcrtintges, possibilities of advancement, pressionable," said Miss Cudip, <"This class is especialiy apprec- l 10:30-11:30, chorus H, commit-
legh ftm.or hours of work.,"Before they lead learned to scoff , ative of per, stated Miss Cud- I te om
Of the boys' chosen occupations, at poetry. We started out with the 'lp.eyaequc"t ecgie 1:3-1:3rhousBgade
Unvriy Grs'Ge h ot oua eeavainsml lmrcadthlattigits mTeyrit.Teyuiavet dveopied 0:0-1:0room. ,are
Ubves CardGrls lethems oua eeaito ipelieik n h attigismand barbering. Lindbergh's ex- we develop is free verse. The re-,"a technical vocabulary. 'There ara 11. :30-12:30 chorus E (2) co-
ploiitshv much to do with the markable thing is that the chil- ;the two groups, thse who appe-' mittee room.
Acard party will be given by the forer; as to the latter, the fact dren write a great deal of free' eate without being able to ~ie 11:30-12:30, chorus G, garden
University Girls Glee Club St httewr ses n hti es hnte ofn 'tur- Y w ;,andthose who can express them- 1o00 ..
day afternoon, March 1, in the ball- offes friendly associations in bu i-; is, learn to appreciate it. j ,cl es il wi'tiug; and feel' as well,. 2:00-3:0, hrscomt
roo ofth Lauebuldn. dainfluences them. Counting jStudy Potry Through Seuses. ,'The boys - jsta ntuisic toI cmmt
Alman. '32, is general ciiairman, f bth boys and girls , only about 10 "We study poetry in an elemental I as the rl" concued Miss Cud- 3:00-40, corus D, coni ttCO
'percent make definitepraato way through. the senses," cntin-ro .
andhe'oiitecosssfWi for colleges and universities." ied Miss Cudlip. "We do experi-
lena Kalmabach, '32, and Georgia ________ ~nswt hnst el ih________-- Monday, Feb. 2,1:
Vanderwalker, '32, tickets; Orma-n d soundstandgsmt fels wtheI' t NWUTCE, J 3:304:30, choius 0, girena
Weber,: '32, advertising; Uldean NIY CES igtadsusndmel.Tei ryti for the Women's staff , room.
l Hunt, '32, prizes; Emily Bates, '32, ultimate aim is usually to get the1 of The Daily will be held at 4:15.i 3:30-4:30, chorus E, Cave.
tables; and. Helen Mikan, '32, cards. There will be a meeting at 4:15 l students to write, or give expres-i o'clock onl Wednesday, instead of 3:30-4:30, chorus F, ball room.
J.L usncmayi oa-today in the Alumnae romo leISion of their own emotions, n Tuesday as previously announ- { 4:30-5:30,chorusAgre
ig400 tallies and 100 score pads League building for all women in-1 To show the sort of thing theyedithPrs blinonMyrom
for thein party.s, uiling w orkingoo . inorthe paLeaguees eclassroomg n oneLeaday, doandre wasrstaftdile' tnacl ssrstreet.ay aAllirsecond seardm ester Al s:30-5sme3t r,4choru0, c oCs CCavee
Tickets, which are priced at 25 library. Albertina Maslen, '31, will' r, freshmen women who have a schol-, 4:30-5:30, chorus 11, ball room,
cents for each person or $1.00 for eplain the type of Work expected ,icssditscygve h a tcrcr fonrd etr :0 at ctILug'2
a table, hiay be obtained by calling and an opiportunrity will be~ given phrases describing the colorhae than a. C average;re eligible to try 7:308:30, chrus B; committee'
eiterWilea alntohat2291i'gn up for anyhuofteay' odor, and genr eral appearance of i ouzt I7 ":as women with a room,
or Georgia Vanderwalker at 3096. between 9 o'clock in the morning h lwr hih Ms uhp; scholastic overage of C, who are I 730-8:30, chorus 1), ave.
Members of the Glee Club will and 9 o'clock in the evening. An wrt rvrote on ttse f board.ai Then she At all interested in newsaer work 7:30-8:30, chors E (2, ball
provide entertainment in the form atvt point will be awarded for redetatirmvrospes r re oatn hsmeigas I room.
eactivit petinth bay about daffodils such as t he one bywll
o f s o lo s a n d 's p e c ialty n u m b e r s a c - e a h h u p n n t e l b a y a W r s o t . A f w r c r s w r y_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -
lording to an announicemnit by the week, but any womanz is limited to - paye tolen-amosher,-ad ----....- __ _ - _
geni]harnm tre ous ee.finally every one wrote a few lines - -
about the dafodil. "Some of the
What is supposed to be the old- I there will be a iMeting of the chilren referred to daffodil as aj
v4t almanac in the world is the one IArcherY club at 4 o'clock today at I 'milk-iaid, one called it ai tele=,-. +
preserved in the Biish imuseum, the Field house. All membesisistI phone flower,' and another the iO I
which dlates back 1200 years before be present, as there is somfe impor- I'golden sentiel," aidMisud p
tart businesw to be consideired 'About three out of twenty udid, 71
11.I EHosieryI.. .i2



Th-e bottom of Take Superior,
which is 1180 feet below the sur-
face, is 578 feet below sea level.
All makes- of ma-
chines. Our equip-
ment and person-
nel are considered
avnong the best in the State. The
result of twenty years' careful
IQ D.314 South Statc St. Phone 6615


{ I I E 1I
_ _
t _
1ffi tl t _'

C(-al a jW bIro
-q5 buy ricw dothe5Y
- . r i! .'r:a r rr~ a l


Black Sh

=avec colorful, charming,
so' delightfully new' and
rixi gljtimi.ntheir varied
-And an it te rest in g
pointv e r y moderately
pricd at





I"--.9- dV 1



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