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March 09, 1930 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-03-09

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i Vi E.

5 B E AiiLY a

oingULJ xce-ipt 4&VnUMT
ciity year by the Board in
t Publications.!
Astern Conference =~toriai

aexclusively entitled
on of all newa dis-.
ot otherwise credited
xcal news published

at the postoflice at Awn Arbor,
isec'ond class Fnatter. Special rate
granted by bhird Assistant Post-
ion by carrier, $400; by Wail,
Ann Arbor Press Buildiung. May 3
Editorial, 4925; Business, 11*4.
Telephone 4925
hairman......... George C. Tilley
.........Pierce Rosenberg
)r.... ...Donald J. Kline1
;or.......Edward 14. Warnier, 3Jr.
ditor........... Marjorie Follmer
Editor........ Cassam A. Wilson
Drama...... William 3', Gormnan'
litor......... Lawrence R. Klein
'ity Editor.... Robert J'. Feldmtan
itors-Editorial Board Members
ooper Henry 3. Merry
Gentry Robert L. Sloss
I aiffmnan Walter W. Wields
Gurney -Williams

these -conditions hras prevented the
graduate from growin~g with years
into a livelier appreciation of his
alma mater, while the latter sends
him away with-a, bad taste, already
in. his mouth.
Fortunately, the whole problem
of .the University's prestige. is one
of deep concern to President Ruth-
yen. To this quarter we can look
for prompt remedial measures: for
toning up of University pride, and
of the discordant notes sounded by'
malcontents. In the achievement of
this admittedly difficult task, how-
ever, we would respectfully suggest
that the surest way to expunge the
discordant notes is not to eject the
malcontents, but to probe deeper
and 'root out the source of their





skwith Lester May.
Margaret Mix'
'aer David AT. .-Nichol
hymer William Page
erkman Howard H, Peckham
Bernstein Hugh Pierce
;ge Victor Rabinowitz
oner John D. Reindel
.Cooley Jeannie Roberts~
line Joseph A. Russell
ckels Joseph Ruwitch
errin Ralph 1R. Sachs
rsythe Cecelia Shrivcr
Fullerton Charles R. Sprowi
ever Adsit Stewart.
es S. Cadwell. Swano
in bane Thayer
rnitks 'Margaret' Thompsoz
es Richard L. Tobin
Verman Robert Totinsend
far-s Elizabeth Valetitne
.ennedy Harold 0. Warren, Jr.
G. Lionel Willes
Mc~rackcen Barbara Wright
agee Vivian Zimii


Pepartin'nt Manager
CB ..", .T. olse'dah s.
", ." serTI. Haves'ou
.Sh.. exwod. A. Upton'S
., Gorge .4#. pate ;
r ...,. Vernor av E~
anss......erge-.1t lamiltosi
iness 'Seretary-N firyCbase
Badenoch Marvin Robadker
Cartwright Lawrence Lucey
raword Thomas Muir
C"leer Goge R. Pattersoj
i. Davis Chrles Sanford
:Eliezer Lee Slayton
ffer ,Joseph Van Rpe
ahnsot R oert .Williamson
line Wilam R. Worboy
loomgardner .Aice cCtlly
dling Sylvia Miller
avis Helen E. Mussewite
Glaser.:,'lenor Walkinshaw
Gooding DrthaWaterman 4
NDAY, MARCH 9, i190
any it is a source of on-
-egret that the Michigan of
is not so highly regarded
of Ann Arbor as was the I
an of; yesterday. In some.'
^e this growing disesteem is
able- to the militant eal-
Pother colleges and univer-
defamatory and sometimes
Yus publicity is being used to
line the ~rock of Michigan's
r reputation. But in a larg-
,sure the lessened regard in
Michigan is being held must
igned to intramural causes,
oef among_ these the failing
lecorps of both faculty and
als the greatest . lry of a
ity like wih~.i~ is the
hness with whl8i t& idea
ard supre! h'ehieted
alt, ant phroghti ; its
s. This collegateego.n-
has beencard to extremes
ie camnpuse4, it there -we
not, even he minimum.
'desirable. Thgre is a cer-
que among the fculty al-
eady to broadcst, the mis-
If the Universityb gossip,
printed word, orpfrom thei
a. The studelts Are ever
with caustic criticisms of
ity policies, and ;gradutes
Ann Arbor do not become
s of Michigan's fame. Either
tep a shat°ne-faed, silece,6b
SMichigan ehihd her bac.
cause of .thsii aiei l f
;from their alma m ter is
.y ,questio 'o lk. Tie e-
debilitati t, 'l icl l n
long continue vvtioit er-
tly ¢Impairing herp 'etge
the counitry 's unvr W 's
an mist regin ° a 8, bnt ele
:d customers if she is again
advertse'A-by her sfts as a
ite instituion.!
grwyhdin i;ki emphasis on the gicademiic
olf Michigan anld ' *
dg increase of diScplinary

Miss ,Alice floydsin taling over
the, duties .of ,the -dean of wmen
next'July, will acctt a 'singlere-
sponsiblity ,in looing :after 'the
brest interests of women students in
the University. 'The 'new dean of
women merats confidence from stu-
dents, acrtlty, and admninitratin
because Of the !wisdom which se
~has showan during the past -four
years in her psition 'as one of the.
thee ;,adVisrs of women.
14iss Lloy d is thoroughliy familiar
with the camupus, and has gained,
as an "Ann Arbr resident, a student
14 .the University, and as an cmn
istra r, an In;gt Into .bth :is
educational :and social .probrl'ems.
Ottr quali;fications for the pos-
tion f the dieansh'p 'are to be'syn-
pathetic;'firm twhen frmnessis t-
uired, but wivese in ma ing ecep-
tions';,a dean of .women must be
" 6nsistelit, but still able to see 'a
situation in its broadest aspects
and lie ready to 'reverse. a wrong
,pbl cy. The modern studlent .comeus
tothie Tlersty with the idea of:
finding ways to fit herself for later
lfe N d the wise leader is oae whos
Is able to interpret these needs of
the= student 'to the a dAministration.
Viewed;in .slight 'perspectie,
which 'a return to the single dean-
ship affords, thge advisory system
may be seen to have achieved a
more thorough organization of the
routine concerned with. the prb-"[
lems of the wolman .student. ,the
advantages of the'advisory systm, I
however, were the placing of sev-
eral personalities in -the ean's of-
fice, and that the performing of
the ordinary business wthgreater
expediency. The Daily, ; lhwever,'
sees im easurale °adanceent in
A. 5I' wich provides the uity
anidnsistency prceeding flrom
t sinle official, and ,believes that
the gu leatires d!both s se-s
c i~ be titalned lunidethe new
regime. "The women of the Uni-
versity are fortunate in the leader-
ship of such ,a woman as Miss Alice
Exactly 18 tudents wee entered
in the $250 'opetition v 'o prizes
offered in the . annual New York
Times Current Events contest held
here last week. The lack of stu-
dent interest in this contest, Ae-
spite the substantial prizes award-
ed, is believed by the committee in'
charge to be caused not by a dis-
inclination on the part of. the..tu-
dents to participate in competitive
examination. Rather, it is believ-
ed that students do not enter the
contest because motives pf personal
pride and sham~ dissuade t# m
from ,revealing publicly how lite
I l tepy kii*w bout crret hi tiy.
iewad in sash-'a ie,h sit-
uation, is regrettabile. Th3"ose whose
intllctul enu is made up en-
tirely of courses "dished up by Uni-
versity professors fail to realize the
true spirit of educated culture
which it is~ the aim of a university
to'instill in. its undergraduates.
Students who read for self-edu-"
cation only such material as is as-
signed for class room work will, if
they continue in their present bent,
soon become Main-street Babbtts
whdse intellectual exertions are
conified to the funny page and
stock reports. If they are ever to
attain. the distinctions of 'culture
and education, undergraduates

must develop in their school days
an .attitude of. scientific .inquiry,
Jwhieh despite paternalistic restric-
tions will encourage them in intel-
ligent initiative and self-develop-
It'8 a brave, insurance, company
that takes a chance on selling poli-
cies to prison' wardens in this day
and age.
* * *

AThe Junior girls_ aren't getting
"any breaks at Ball -- except tough
ones. First the measles and mumps
,snuck -up on them and now it's in-
jeligibility.. Some 23 girls, it is re-
jported, are scholastically, below
.Jfar and ..ust pacify the Dean of
+Women before the show goes on
Though your 'heart is beakig,
etc., the show must }go on. L augh,
clow, etc."
I _sincerely hope, whowever, ,that
"State Street" does Iially make its
debut. I. have a ticket for a seat
in the third row and I'd hate to be
dis~uponte. F.e ,only other thing
that's worrying e is the fact that
the owner of the seat will showe up.
ltave you. seen that little book-
let,, pamnphlet or whatever called
"Wht To Do Thi Week?" It seems
one, of our local clenrs is special-
izing in "fancy silk ladies' wear."
Do. you. -know any .-fancy silk
ladies who might be Interested?
Dear Joe,: ;I ,gotta soop ,this one
before Lawrence the L4awyer beats
me to it. Did ja. her aout the.lt-
te dears in the -Law. School-yes,
they have co-edls there too-who
put their feet iup on the 'chairs of
the ,lirary' and study, like real
meni? You'ought to ome over and
see them,;.'. Isy; It's worth the
trip. .It's better than a "front row
seat at the :JGP.
Piccoo Pete
0. K,, PeAtey 6ld boy, Peey od
boy, old boy 4,11l be over one ofS7
these'"day,. But -I'm going to. thel:
_JGP rst and make my own con-
Seth Johns writes in to soy that'
Imust be pretty tugh when an 4Ul
A student . falls dqwnz and gets a B.
cIt works the oiler way with :ie
Seth1. Last semester I got an A and
almost fell-down.
T. mean J. C. X. It begins to look
a th u h T eS olg t a dAwill spend the, rest. of this semester
" aggllngabout ibrary seals,"grd
tulip bleds. J.IC. !rseemsto huk
ch haisbeen n" campus, longer
than! I have and therefore musti
belttle rmy effrts. I won't arguea
the sgniort, etc,.btI t'reuols-
ly object th'e poohpoohiing of my'
efforts to wake up this here pre-
cocious_ and reclitrant stijggpt
bod. i So you 4stif? o .yur t10~
3. C , y ,nd I'll ctirtnue y cmri-
fpaigni". Andi I wish you uck.
Dear I-e;:,In. le.ranit's 1WE ;
in the s at it's AX; on the ecam-
pus it's GRASS; on a frosh It's

MONDAYNIGHT:;.In Hill Andi- b
to rium7 .the last concert of the Cho- < . Wii i
V, l, Uion; e? om'ssip 9abrlo-I
with- >a d the Detroit Symphony
. ~ thsims You may enjoy Dliiou s meal thr
Theatre, Mimes I
Irntsa mystery drama,"The oteWeka h
'Bride.outeWy .a th
rather quickly with a production chbbHu
of the Cooper and Middleton mys- o
° iery, drama The Bride, which in its
New York run somea years ago prov- -_T bA YSM N
led one of Peggy Wood's most at- Evr-lac'ht
tractive and successful vehicles. ri n Cocktailm
.sterlInag S iming. =t.JI oivs-
June Day is given the sizeable task ,-eir'
of the title, role with support from Sirrt:ltst a aiu Turkey Broth Rice
R. Duane Wells, Charles Moyer, Joe paices. Some open stock
Jennett, and. Joe Bates Smith, some atterns. aBeadedPal, Cream Gravy
ofte names new in Mimes pro- Fried #"k~,Cutr tl
ductions. rr t 3 .
,',The Bride is a fascinating dra- BO dSmlTeerinSak-
ma, narrated excitingly in the best ;Ro rt Yo~n Turkey, Dressing, jelly
tradition of mystery drama, and? Mashd }Poatoes or Sweet Potatoes
r. y~~rudth.dsocrigproblemn set two brothers of dec'id- CemdPa
ing the identity of a feminine in- Ce!eiPa
truder whom they have, caught in IHa Ltue aoias
their ho me and .,of disposing of hera= 'i etu, Vyrws,
honestly, and satisfactorily. Police ______-_____ ____ ..
or. Protection becomes the issue, a c ra
solved with-interesting finality by PayPie Cer
the , fact. of the :younger brother ;WT f fit"Skrt erry Short Cake
falling. in love with the question- 1w1at A st d l I ,"Tea Coffee ilk..
Able yo rg t morodidhe_______
M esTheatre and will continue
all week.,.V
.,DETROIT SYMPHONY tspGbioscfeh. f8o
numerous. New Ywork appearances .SN1IR
Sat ,the :podium of the Philadelphia .
Symphony Orchestra, will lead hisWeaen w tk grnalod sfr 8
own. sympho ny in a concert here w"
tomonrrow night that wll close ae n n ° 1or
br iliant 'Choral. Union series.. The Cascr sa l' e a i e t
program to be offered follows: and "' for i lL. a
1ci 'GPrelude to "Die Mestersinger" , ..
0~orth Symphony in D Minor . ficl ad~
...... ..Schumann Ofc 'Cap iJ C W 06 jttters ror tn
Overture, The Bartered Bride Pat.ifee Y ar
.. ...........Smetana a
Two Elegies. for String Orchestra
Three Fragmients fromri.. .. Berlioz I
TheDamna tion of Faust.. I . l,
Dace of the Sprite. I U
Ienuet 6 f the Sylphs:
I Iun nMarchfj 711 N Unversty Ave. TWO STORES .'02. State. St
Tiswprogram,, as custtomlarily 1iatft ) ) <3G C)C"Y) C )'{) t) t '" ' )'" C 1"
iartially a repetition of the pro- -________________________
gramn given in Detroit this week, a
fact whih wouzld ,not speak too 3
loudy of the seriou3 sness wth j I f.a
which Glabrilowitsch takes his Ann
IArbor. concerts. And, as usual it ryI_ .<
cos~s of f p? iar pieces by fa-I
car cmposers, .. fact which
wold suggest-wellwhat the New
'Yrcritics of T4abr owitsch this
season h fave bee hinting at rather.
strtiri Y. ___ A N g
PLAY CONTEST.I " rr~ .rWd'3it 'W'V r Wt n r i Y N A ,.

POT; and "in: a cigarette it's Announcement comes in today's
TASTE." j paper of the long play contest open
Totem.i to all, students. on the campus' and
* . *. IHaving as its ultimate goal the stu-
P.S. In Rolls It's BUTTER! Now dent production of ;the' prize win-
show me some. pling play sometime this spring.
* ~ Students this year have, been given'
Anybody know what he's talking an opportunity to see the prodlc-
about? One Daily--almost new--tions of "City Haul", and "Leila,"
will be given for the best answer. plays which tied for first place last;
The letter arrived tied up with a year and whose production this
gold safety pin. year proved perhaps the most in-
* *teresting dramatic events of the
anon sends me ap' ad for pure, season. i.
sprin'g water clipped from' T. ie j The new Princeton Theatre re-i
IDaily, with the following sentencei cently . opened with the production 1
underlined: "...,. obta'in complete of a student-written play and theF
administration from your friends 'event of the year on the Harvard
by serving pure... :'I He states that campus is the Harvard *rize Play.'i
he has read the sentence _until he ! Careful effort is being made
is dizzy but is still in the6 dark.j through the efforts of the Division
"Who wants administrationi from' of,.English to build up a sound tra-
his friends anyway?" asks he, and dition of student . playwrighting
adds, "Even if he knows what one here so that when Michigan's Uni-
is?" versity Theatre does come the corn-
* ' I plete dramatic cycle, creative and
I'm sure I dunino. I never had Iproductive, will be ready to justify1#
one., and ennoble it. That there exists!
* the desire. for co-operation in the
Speaking again of the Red "R~iot'' students was, enithusiastically prov-
in Detroit, yesterday's story stated en by the, success of the :one-act.
that "fourteen were reported injur- contest held already this year.
ed and 31 injured." ~0.


Wasn't anybody injured?
Also: "One roani was,.inhjured
nine Injure'd in CBu4."


I guess I ought to go in oftener
and keep ttac,,l o.f.the changes i
street names. Maybe it ws an~ther
submarine disaster.
It was brought to mny attention
yesterday that the Ypsi police force
have learned a new occupation.I

Shubert-Detroit:. The latest edi-
tion of George White's "Scandals,"
offering that popular brother team:
Eugene and Willie Howard 'and the
queen of the musical comedy darn-I
sels, Frances White; music by Cliff
} as's Theat "e: Ise Marvenga in'
f Naught y Mariett'," second mrusi- ?
cal comedy in the V ictor Herbert
6rchestra Mll: The fourteenth
pair of, subscription concerts with

rIt's too bad for Congress that it
will Dave to do some more work to


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