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January 25, 1930 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-01-25

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~K~~czT H L M IC'HIGCAN XIY __C____

~A'U~T?, AItYARY H.. 19M

P~ublication in the Bulletin is constructive notice to all members
of the University. Copy received by the Assistant to the Presi-
dent until 3:30 p. mn. (11:30 a. mn. Saturday)


!WASHINGTON, Jan. 24.-Un-
knowin to the average person, ti
Postoiffice Department inaint ains in;
Washhington a factory which mnakes
I all of the new mail bags and re

olce in all parts of the country. of Byrd Expedition
Phlis year, approximrately 4,000,000 ___
yards of canvas will b-, used in thek "Th~ere is no occasion for any J
oupo o milbas.Thecna alarm regarding the situation of
is made by Federal prisoners at, the th ydAtrtcendto, e



No. 8' 7

NOTICES a U: eit ofs ry r " rrn ' nAtlanta Penitentiary. 'a'lPo.WlimI obof
Univrsiy Lctue: rofesorFracisE. loydof c~il Uivesity knwn rn ail The inventive minds of the mail the geology departm.mnt yesterday
Montreal, will lecture on "A Botanist's Tour in Africa" (illustrated) at airrece for many years and was;eupetsos esne r upon hearing that one of the ex-
4:15 p. in., Tuesday, January 28, in the Natural Science auditorium. started soley il the interest of in- constantly at w ork seeking new pecitio' hp ol o e
The public is cordially invited. . 1i economy, it employs 50 ways to cut the cost of mail bag through the ice pack. "It' is very
I'. E. Rtoh'ois : , 1 ad" r-kll; woukher. production and to speed up the likely that the ship "City of New
Ks ~c'kn~scieiueng latic an work. One of them invented the j York" will not get through. Last
School of Education-February Seniors: All students who 'sil have f 'nwl dwn f oI locking cord fast'ei~~x for parcel ! ,, te"oln" a otwi
completed requirements for the degree and Teacher's Certificate at the, reelivemens. Bost tnal. It is estimnated that this through the pack ice to reach the
end of the present semester should pay their fees or diplomas and Cn-s pporae 2 000001 device saves the Government; headquarters. The "Bolling" is ex-
Certificates by February 1. Blanks may be secured :.t the }"CD , err' fl, C7ocrf a1)o 1LLhi soped $1,000,000 annually by preventing pected to join the "City of New
office of the School of Education, roam 105 '>Tappari hell. a . ir prc.e;eat fiscal yer h os3adtet fpre post trk" at. the ice edge tomorrow.

, f
$ .._ , 1
, w '
i ;b ,

Communist Activities Believe'.
to I-ave Caused Recall of
Foreign Miniister.
(pcato The Diy
MEXICO CITY. Jan. 24.-rho en-
tire staff of the Mexican legation at
M'oscow has been ordered by the
?'Mexican government to leave,
Soviet Russian as a protest agains t
Corn flunist activity against tho
Mexico City regime both at homn
and abr oad.

pr od wction lprQrarcr of that peiriod packages. "I haven't. much dout that oe Politic
-according to John B. Cadly, super.- is Safety Device or more of the Norwegian whaling to reult
Teacher's Certificates: Blankcs for the payment of the Teacher's Linterscrint. calls for the nanuac- Another worker perfected a spe-.vessels, planned for just such work t~n>
Certificate fee may now be secured at the Recorder's Office of the ; .uro 1,320,000 new mail bags, as cl guard far punch presses. It and proerfully engined, will get ; tat, A. IV
School of Education, room 105 Tappan hil. All students who exV~tc ~weli as, the renair of more thanpotcste okanaan th lrough. cinn
to be recommended for the T tacer Ccrt ieate at th2 end of 11-w, 000,000 old canvas containers coes accidents. "Even if the expedition could,° oet
present semester mustpa their fees anl return their receipts to the- All the locks used on mtil bags. All the zinc, copper, iron, steel rot be reached," he continued,!Cmmner-ydCapital;
Recorder, School of Education, by February 14. box' ; and other ofmcia! containers dohe ea ,wihacuu they could stay there anothrer year CmadrBr
ElzbehB CakRcrdr ae madecat th~is pan.. oe50 lt ssrp uk r avgdadand live perfectly ell. Byrd took +According to Prof. William H. take Ti
-- bth .ClrReodr 00 oos of the type known to pos- I old under competitive bids. This, supplies for two years, ad in hob.f the eoogy dearmntmAaa
'snosi ivilEnneei ng: I ws osu e the dv ~i4aK.iyof ta i plye s he"L, wllbe(alvage includes parts and acs hurry of unloading, some of themI fears for the safe return o Con-, foreign
conferences with m~e regarding the details of classification for theI produced during the current year.j sories recovered from wornout bags.; were left on the ships. However,j mander Richard Byrd from his re- Mxicanr
secon~d semnester. Please make appointments at my office.' As many as 2,000,000 of these locks ! The bugs which can be repaired i there will be plenty of seals, pen- ;cent trip into the hear of the ant- bec o
L.NM. Gram have been mntfactuarecl in one' are serviced as often as necessary'g-ins, sea-elephants and whales;aci r noudd ydspar- ago and
year, the plant having a capacity to keep them in satisfactory condi- which they could use for food, On ty includes Larry Gould. Michigan Iand all
Children's Ithythm Classes: Children's 'Rhythm Classes are st ik of 8,000 a day under extreme prey- tion. They are darned and patch- the last Scott expedition to the ;geologist. ! sonnel
oe-oreitain CalUiestexeso39foinomto;sure. ed, and fitted with new gromnmets i pole, a party of six men lived the"- quit the
opnSoargstato. aloniesiycLoncks, fr noraioand lacing cord. In oecases theentire winter in a cave with 110 Disarnmament Issues ! of rote
League House Presidents: Closing hours, during exatminations are The special rotary ocks, used ex-' life of a bag is materially length ofd Seaiswhtsevr"xepCoeThmt
the same as regular closing hours, 10:30, week nights until every girl elusively on bags containing regis- ened by fitting it with a new bot- i penguins andi seals they killed."I o FiveSe Powers ""om
todmiar"h o.No fear need be felt cocerning fore em
In the house has completed her examinations, then the tine for Closingtremalaeth product of the to.depdtin"sae alhfcw}Aby~~ miaso
hours will be extended until 11:00 o'clock. Week-end hors will be a I skilled Government lock makers the Byr epdiioL°tae Rlh I&2ISeCD F f11raso
usual, 1:30, Friday nights; 12:30, Saturday nilts and 11:00 on Sunday.! and are produced at but a smallI DETROIT, Jan. 24-The Detroit! ._eknpofteeloydeat-lonte pu
These hours etend throughtuntil next srnesrer, excpt for girls gon fraction. f the price charged com- & Port Huron Shore Line railway Iment. "Last year the Norwegian (ocnaFo ~e= esr
toteJHp l os ~a~wl eev h nvriylte o-mrci lyf='a simnilar lock. All t sometimes known, as the Rapid 'whaler "C. Larsen" broke through (Con(ucaseom oft I
to heJ-Hp.A.1 HuseHeds il reeie te nivrsty eter on dies and tools used in prdcinRiwy system, was sold at a fore- the ice pack to the expedition. The! Professor Slosson presented the; ferecd w
earning the J-Hotp wal.-nid regthA ^io. pouto ala ale r fFbur1attdso h ifrn ain
Margaret S. BTush, President of the womenr's League work arc made in the shops. ' closure sale here today to a bond- erirpar fFeray is the best attdso h ifrn ain fairs a
rlsbt ioCaimno h or o ersnaie Each year there are repaired ap-I holders' protective committee ' for time for getting in and out of the concerning disarmament, prefac- publicc
Elisbet f~t o; Cn iran f te Larc of Reresntaive proximately 300 machines for can- 1$300,000. It was said the commit- pack, and if the "City of New York" ing his remarks with an account of ously b
celing letter mail. 2,500 numbering tee would liquidate the roperty can't make it, the "Boling" ought to tecniin eemnn h e ain
a Aro ltamp clubcowhihlwill be l re hel in terroom. .408 rof the Romance;meigooace th uls ohr.arnemnsscnb e fore througe hha to oear." rpaedes hta isiJnro
Languages building at 6:00 this evening. There will be an auction.; are sent to Washington from post-« made." the _________ h ngihvepitPoesrFi
- v_ - ,L Slosson explained, is this: "Britainj"
EVENTS TODAY at the greenhouse in Belle Isle atll:30 a. in. Four z11~ifOSBeaten isteolcunrthtsbthr T
Exhibit of Silk and Cotton Prints by American designers and man- 1in California Riotininsular and industrial and unable WASP
ufaeturers, third floor Architecture building. 1hetoric 189 (Drama 1) : Assignment for Wednesday night, Janu-l WATSONVILLE, Calif., Jan. 24.- to feed itself. The British Empire hours o
_ . i ~any 2: attend tie production of the winning one-act plays, Tuesday, Racial hatred, inflamed by the em-i is separated by seas. She therefore ter tate
A Cllection f Water Colors by Bernon ilowe Bailey is nowv on exhi-' January 28, and take notes for discussion. Members of the class will ployment of white dancing girls in needs a strong navy. Titrsl
bition in ground floor gallery of the Architectural building, under the9 call for their tickets at the Rhetoric Office, 3222 A. 1-1. 1. Filipino club here, seethed again! "As for France," Professor Slos-; uating
auspices of the Ann Arbor Art -a sociation. Open daily until JanuaryI in the Santa Clara Valley today as son said, "she feels no security Railway
31,frm to5 'coc, ecet unays Te ublc s nvted E M 2StudentsERY : Pr ofessor ya Van den Broek will hold a special the result of 'two clashes at San: from Germany Land warfare is al- hen a
31, fro $ to o'clok, excetLASTdyC.ENhERGYlclassinMondayE at. :30 for any who feel the need Jose, in which one white man was ' ways a fear with her. She does not the sina
Ann Arbor Art Association;° The Memorial Exhibition of Painting~ 'of additional instruction in the fundamentals of this part of the course. stabbed and four Filipnos badly; want disarmament of land forces. E spite ti
by the late Max Bohmn and the 1929 Water Color Rotary Exhibition - -beaten. France will agree' to accept lessz the Sulj
circuted by the American Federation of Arts are. on display in the A. S. M. E: All members of the Student Branch A. S. M. E. are re- j Alfred Johnson was stabbed twice Icapital ships but is unwilling to clear th
Galleries 'of Alumni Memorial hall. These exhibitions will close Sunday. ;quested to meet at the Spedding Studio Sunday afternoon 3 p. in. for the in the back while he was watching{ abandon the submarine." 'Frd
January 26. taking of the group picture to be used in the Frsian. 1 clash between Filipinos and "Italy," he continued, "is willing' nine-mi.
---________whites at San Jose.: to consent to a degree of disarma- nationa
Varsity Glee Club: Members of the Glee Club must be at Morris The Men's Education Clurb picture for the Mchiganensian will be ;ment, but prestige makes her win-'the tes
hall at 7:15 for broadcasting. No excuses for not being pres>ent. w'iil taken at Dey's Studio Sunday morning, January 26, at 9:45 o'clock. ABERDEEN, Scotland.-A motion willing to accept less than parity manded
be accepted.}----- to limit the number of Women stu- of battleships with France." tack "d
To All Clas Treasuers: There will be a meeting of all class trea- dents attending the Scottish uni- "Japan 'is willing to reduce her importa
Craftsmen will confer the. third degree at 7:30 p. in. at Mvasonic aircrs in: the Student Offices, third floor of -the Union, on Monday, vrsities was passed by- the Repre- i naval equipment in proportion to 'of ther
Temple. All Master Masons cordially invited. January 27, at 3:00 p. m., to take up the matter of the collection of sentative Council of Aberdeen Uni- the reductions made by the United I value fE
class dues and the handling of same.; versity at a recent meeting. States," Prof esor Slosson affirmed, excess
COIN VET 1 ----- ___________________________

;al circles expect the action
cin recall by the Soviet of
sign minister in this capti-
1. Makar. The, Mexican gov-
tthus far has made no
0 oblige him to leave the
he remained at the lega-
ursday night and refused ,to
ny statement.
tement by Genaro Estrada,
minister, revealed that the
iminister at Moscow had
tiered to leave several days
Sthat the charge d'affaires
others in the embassy per.-
Thursday were directed to
Russian capital "as an act
;tatement referred to recent
unistic manifestations be-
bassies in some of the cap-
ithe American continents
pre text of protesting against
as being taken here in the
foreign agitators. who inter-
vvith Mexican domestic af-
,nd endeavored to disturb
order," the reference obvi-
)eing to the embassies in
gton, Buenos Aires and Rio
to Reach Decision
est Railroad Case
HINGTON, Jan, 241- Five
Af argument before the In-
Commerce Commisison on
ay left the question of eval-
the St. Louis & O'Fallon
yapparently as unsettled as
value was first fixed upon
all road five years ago, de-
be, intervening decision of
preme Court designed to
ie way for valuation.
H. Wood, attorney for the
ile road which has assumed
t1 impor'tance by reason, of
;t case centering on t, de-
i that the commission at-
lominant and controlling"
nce to cost of reproduction
road new in establishing its'
'or purposes of recapturing

t i


V Viil. :7 l.1 it " au'LT .a L7


'University Lecture: Mr. Penner
Brockway, writer and member of
the British Parliament, will speak
on "English Prisons Today," under
the auspices of the Department ofE
Sociology, in Natural Science audi-
torium, Monday,,January 27, at 8:00
P. m. The p~ublic is invited. ;
1pean Wilber It. Humphireys will
spewk on the subject: "The 'Mod-
ern' View of the Bible," Sunday,
January 26, at the- Wesleyan Guild
meeting held at Wesley hall, State
and Huron ssa :0 The Stut-
dents and Faculty are cordiallit'd-
Library Co wittee Meeting,:
Themewill be a meeting of .the Li-t
brary Commnittee on Tuesday, Jan- a;
uary 28,. at 4 p. mn., in the Librar-
ian's office.
Members of the Facult~y havingf
requests to lay before the Comn-
mittee are asked to hand them in
at the Librarian's office before noon
on, Monday, January 27.
Win. IVW. Bishop, Librarian
Astronomy Cofloquiumn: Professor
D. B. McLatigb~in wgill speak on !
"Eclipsing Binaries," Monday, Jan-
uary 27, 'at 4:30 p. m.. in the Ob-
servatory celass reom. A cordial in-#
vitation is extended to all who are
interested in the subject.
W. Carl Rufus, Acting Director
Excursion for. Class ins.Plant, Geo-
graphy, Sunday, Jan. 2G--It. has not
been possible to ch~arter a bus for
Belle Isle. The trip may be made ,
by train or by bus but those who
make the excursion should meet !
\ . A

i*k4.. KS *~ntsK a,. '.te.a,.., ,,.,,, *t~
III in

Ii - " rl

$1600 Price


The Lydia Mendelssonn Theatre



W Al, R S


n++a ~ ia n4,.',an, na, fl'.e'..a.1..4..tW..Maal **c
-,wuin nx:W. ,,flaoa vwflW'cR&.flhl


.. . ..,a..,.,.,,,. ~

I {{- ,;,




Sir Philip
Agd His
At a

4" ', ,. ' ,
3 t f ,
5 ' 1r,. I . .


Park Platt

'Special Sunday Evening
11-1Tomorrow Night,


You Mrust Mahe Your Choice .

The Most Famous 15th Century Drama

T O put your money in
a savings account at
a legitimate rate of inter-
est in a Bank of known
solidity and integrity is
way lies safety and a sure
increase of caitl.IN-

or Ruin

T O. risk your money
on the' stock market,
in grains or in some wild-
cat scheme - "guaran.
teed gilt-edged," it a1-
ways is, of course--is
way lies worry, possible

"j Oawing to the semi-religious origin and nature of this/ play this
Sunday performance has been arranged and the time set as to accomo-
date those wishing to attend church services.
Monday, January 27th
Matinee: 3:00 P. in.




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