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January 22, 1930 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-01-22

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IMSD ATT A# 22, 11-M

Publication in thae Bulletin isc
of the University. Copy receli
dent until 3:30 p. mn. (11:30 a.



Instructors and Assistants:I
Pew remaining questionnaires as t
tants, which are still outstand in,
the President's Room, 1 tUnversit
Prospective Stdents in Lib ra
senior class expecting to apply fe
in Library Science are askd to le
earliest cnvelene. At the sar
arranged w~rith Librarian Bihp.
#tudfents, Coleges~ of ng-ui&err
these Colleges who have not call:
Engineering buildin, to (rive th
courses inthe Literary College ecxc
and Physics are askxd Lio do so in
may be obtained in tdm-stier cru
League fllowf Vaanele: Lis
second semester are ava !ae now
Prospective Camp .ader: '11
touch with a number of srmrer b,
and counselors. Men who s re in
out application blanks at Lne h
In touch with camp directors.
Mimes: There will be a rnee
5:00 in the theatre.
Unlversty Loan Committee:'
meet on Wednesday, January 22,a
All applicants for loans shou
Students for 'an apponticnt wit
Organ Recital by Palmer Chri
Sigma Delta Ci: Initiation a
30, of the Union. All actives a
A Collection of Silk and Cot
manufacturers is now hung in t.
*Archtecture building. Open daiy,
There .1s also a collection of studie
of applied esign. Visitors ai coC
Ann Arbor Art Association: I'
by the .late Max Bohmn and the
circuited by the American ieden:
Galleries of Alumni Memorial hi.~
January 26.
Student rgistration for the N
take place at the registration d
Engineering building today. All sl
ference are requested to register,
reserved seats. The registration
M. E. 15 M. &. 29, M.L E. 30, AT. E.
the Chrysler automobile and the
Auto show.
Transportation through cour
Motors Company.
Date-Wednesday, January 2
Leave Ann Arbor (Eng. Arch b,
Arrive at Chrysler Plant (Oa
Arrive A. C. F. Plant (5718 Rs
Arrive at Auto Show.......
Arrive at Society of Automoiv
Leave Detroit (Book Cadillac H
Get your lamie on the list. S
ing Annex, or Professor W. Ef. Lay,i
University Bureau of Appoint
Will those seniors interested in ta
Life insurance Company pleasec
before 4:00 o'clock Yfr an appoint
Electrical Engineers: Mr. Fel:
representing the Electrical Machin
be in the 'E. Z. Department today
Mathematical Club: Ta will
$201 A gei hal at 4 p. nm.
Romance Club meets at 4:1
building. Mr. Chas. Koella will spe
Epic. Prof. E. E. Rovillain wills
constructive suggestion.
Research Club meetsin room
The~ followipg papers will be pres
Professor D. B. McLaughlin, V

r'rotessor J. ". Dunlap, A Ni
Battle with the flelvetians.
A meeting of the Council will1
The Men's Education Club me
at 7:15 o'clock. The program will
the new Correlated, Course in Edv+
to attend.
F~orestry,. (U. Meeting at 7
528 Forest (near Sauth U)~
40c Lunch

En]ISCO PNE That football is fast becoming a"~%BFREO MTE
m. Saturday) _____
Michigan is evinced by the finan-1 Tennis .... ............. 1,8T4.33TraurrAper
JANUAY 22,1930 o. 84 Issues Final Decree Ad judging ciral statemrent appended to the re- I roscoty...... ,.......2,445410TatiffSengrateuCorApteer
52OlCnersGit6 94eaeLobbyComte B
----. - 5OiCoetnGily potfPr. Ralph W. Aigler, Swimming........,3.1 IvstgtWn
t will be very much apreciatecl if tthe o VioAatiegtAcs. {A irmc h wasrd ntotrohe' tig.......7072 __ - -
othe duties of Instructors and Assis- meeting *M the Sen.te.........aft-,331.13
ma'efle u n eund DECLARE PATENTS VOID; eno. SnteMndyaf-interscholastic......2904.15 CAS1 WTHCRAA
__Vnc..............9574" .i~~I~ a. ±-V
yv hirasin thisffc aweek5. Thei guly ' c~x'1reep ts.....$72the0 rbrma........ororthe(B Sn aedlobbI com itte
ne ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1, tiemtritw.fo he .WIc i~~A uii-Puss) Iotbl........1,854 lnt uaditi............ 3,8.491!lo,$000hdbe asdb i
21n a.-Thebe...........,5962fartntena.....59.834 ; emAS'IoNGduriJn.th1.-W.idW.
Co n .i~;IuC f eJan, -n i ted pa t- c. ..................920.ca9.. .. .. .... ,0650 B rb ur re su e o t eAm ria
ryS i nc: S ud nsi t ep esn t t. d.r th301war t of a pe M ir eceipts.53 andca adniob192rsebeents: I
log:MiscellaneousAl stdelt .n ,. ty I'~I Il~hi ~o~tjU 4.1. . . . . . ........ 27. advoc Laguaeprtetivie toai be-.
or d at the nec e xt f othr ' t 1(" 3 e ur e ay\'su d f na ec ee ad ud -" Re ei t h es i tal em u tof g ner .,d. br.m.n T e6ea in5op8c.w th a
ae teirn e n h: iers01allt h'r a.e cutorder was lec................17,5009h boerncudef$4,24t52exchagelobween teewit
r n'nProgram 33,435.a7:
.t, annc, c c e anA Ean I'ain ........... .... 43,48658lnt r al n taim n dsad i ter- n, wo wasdurmtepresidet-o IC
(indi~eI Jr.(ie h . t l h ir puli gter oil -. P U . L ilegspat-!e c;1Ik....................700 .6;tm fotal xpn ir,1ilage an Ch rm nT odu
:t~d e joi in; thel i pe ma-BaPro i n ..............6,60 ,50.ta1.. . .....$375.5
d at teclSecteteyss istri,,tz6ourt. . . e ,t "s............ 4.8000Theernhe arrsigthopeaed wat or-
nts 01i' lacanoe r in . tli hogre;; ~ eor All Sm1} 3e.; te sn ......-- s.I sntewfottaeiet rx, nsed ino 1885 omr sdvoaenatar-of
3t ,d1 e ,s rl O "it dFf A $945e ..,213.68 gu , d C ai m n T eo e s
in th"dOff'ofie iai ~ ~ et royatie X293, 02. 000. a te h i tiflTi eV1...
wot .fnte; erC yere ctc a s [,rnul fand tootidlnderoThe enera recipt..iste.abov . .r o6,385,18.49IL CarahewaykJof me c~ofmtt
heSuetC rstt soii-on~ ~ te.u~ rtes trictluddcourt.borrwed from spet.fo.pema.nt.iproemen.;. ind0tr00ndlhbr."
t z O4C, rd intiiokaeaidt 1o hi tm s.inBrepublsiantheesaed as r-
tsof aanie i I~aa hose .c o llrpo emti ntsaming pat-cthe 1929sfootballtreceipts, $07,50.- The remainder8watoborrowadeor away
r nte diCMofce aifS t o ytie s af o lt e ii s ed byo t udents.. and...$145,25387 o hn Spt 1f92.fdocthe .protectivetfagriff,"te
ChserC Bnetwart.Scy e eofrusinuthe atnts.Tvid nemiscellnos nori.tatth$1footb0alr ece3itsofthewinesrpled
'lieStdn Chrisian ssocitiobeeni rehstiu r iced tritor t: en ral1791. spon byr temanceasedmproeepts o id uetW rfr e i-
tig f llmebrsths ftroo a pC~ttt cincltudedthth pt Fotal....... 83.040,te0patbgrdirowseaonromchYoos an ftre piubali ntionale
The r bver...............20,583.58e Oil apaithfisootallreprunicomtehaapovdahok
Thes Unives wichLoan Couen~tleadilMnih emn ilseak on his work$that0counry.oewtyea. urigote at fall,! th eubtween thelcommitee Cand
eat 2 p in.hiswok r e as2,eUniver ityhll.,crprtonfshrnter__th 99 otal foot, 6,50-, T balre eiptsdere $823,402.52r a w he a gu. W itn by Bro.
ill ad ite wai endevor t portthem nts md foring idepen~tnt on- {g0 'comparedromwitho $oo18,885.41ke oromthe utheenletterncesaides thelnleaguee hadblbeen
tern calatte payl feDeno O r oyaltsieftet7:0pii t he Womtuensahletic 258buildi ng.123h a n which 1,include d voeassiedtvkrof fho in theIME M
Ths e . B n e t, Aie r y ee o s n he p t n s-h i -Im s el ne u n o e
saehlae.the e Democratisofth wtnssrelid
i - theave bttech r rcted n erass ywill m e e al:30.in$the,91report. e!sid onbetncWofoh e r c a -
CSftmn:Esinpros aDbAse aYheTeauersofie n bathiceasitdnnrept.ee, htteoho-pfhdbe
ino al4:15 mp.einhil ai troum. Wrecldesdayptitand thhy le indictaelyour.choice..nd.whether3or0incles d ir$1,375,000 win hostai m arredout.he epublcanUNtiona
entts 4a eb l o'lo k.oay ............nt.ou w nta.rit b nd , 1 0,00 boo ed frm8h3At.5a fw1or7q etisCaa
id pedgs mst e pesen ontim. Pi Ea Sgma:Speialmeeingat :30 . i. i th Mihign b aperi efsankl400 orepfromntl oitheeycue hd thepwitessa"ofoevd-k
j 1929- n advya.Dncfotbalheipts igaltu"ben thdodging." ad'
TheUniersty oa Comitee illj union.,llGermbes,anlespecko illyk nthoe wotrpicturallhe$3,00one itraure2,02alspotheleamueWrot,"nbyourbosaid.
, m . inrby omricandinersit andl rop hoogap,-holdbepcomtp na d dition1885to f thehelusuaa tele yu aue hCaaay e-
lid eceplathunaysfreomf9toe5D'clok.ceiswilmet t7:0 in. EVn tSW me' outicbidig 19 sadingwcrre nl. din tasiged te ak 'f hwig h
th the cmmittee The chracter ance clss wiAccording8:3toithee reportceno tnewrpArtertingnsthatcytofth $40e000atwas
by sudets o th NewYor hol Crafsnc Lct: sinprofs m besorA eoienoa rvardTrUniuer'sityffillprojatec a ocito otela e pyth ,evenotatpolticalhoofu, ab eensad
:riallty :1 p ielcomeutoiu. Wjenedarstnlectursonth.CeleFrincaesypr ogr anhrdayhJanury or;i rldd in 1cntro5 of0tei st ei tasred inuewspperneleaess
at, t4415''clokckn tturlaycencWednesrday)onL'srromdoredtink,$0,0ofr e dt reing theuwadvocstin pr teo an d sta
Unhion.moial Exhibtion ofdPintigsalltaire.hoe"icurs pp arin t re p00ony fthe i bomuard. po t is"IcamlwotBrk.r -i.! A
.on ofnt b A r a on displign the rop C 1ra ,sud be pr~)y. iiesent. bui ~ sil 1iO1hJC l digi diio oteUul.Iko o re"Crwyr -
he re exhibitions ilr o sSud ,sic th.m k up ers nMomdaytandrTufdoyrmay --ake up-th ioutstandin current Ails. toned.
J excetvSundas, fros9ltoy5atcloco'COk.G EVEiTSwillorbenthe lastrmaorte-up period.rting that te, $40,000 wasi=L'
is ystudntsEngine e orenScehoill .rencM.Lect: PomeetnsofrthA tde n Briz o arvrdUivriwi berheldtThurs otmpae y h otapltclfn d;iO Baror sid o in oh
tirk on thelconde. or oGteveetdahe30pirt .,ctrom 229. cl _____rormhusdyJaury;_oadncotrlftleic,_heitwsseinwpaerreeae
_T -dn s n en i g to a te d t eo a at. e:1 inva ,itedta lP of. c .e T.e Johnto n i ve an " ' in t derugtionoIt e d bt200 h f - a vo a i r t c Hi n a ndiR S ta I:~mr a x i i i n o ai t n si i o t i e "t r oi y of t e b a d i t c l w r .ai
at2 thistie too ireothey Eshibitiof ; t____tlk n te avi"Eninerig-Cmp.I
feen o wil rbepaale o iatyhe t e Gof_31laortor:_hoetuenwoae til nc mpet
Th sJxiiio s wlulseS n a , s n ior Li Ca ss-u ueos:onMCl yass s dorThesJuniorm Lit a ssof191 V up theirt ha rOejlo .oth frm -IltAdNrimI
___wirklTbercoalected Thursday arisFriy ofth stekfrm.a.nuppin.;-LnRhandDRVEr$6.0E PeTWee
31, M.ga Eng:insetionfeiproucehwp. A, . M. tE.:maicorio oeunetaA ll be held areur- tolit 1I01 I Coigtth
A. C. F.hbsecop lts and the D e tit ay, 7ues p . ro om . ; itc e ak fast $ 7.50tde t i t nd n o t en he e n ,Y u r i vtP erhe r Pr f W eekon to iv n in e esi g
attidiet nuete sle f in'st tdioa oo theiavichEnineernga pt. . '
fe wllb p ya le a t e rne ofWah ngona T ayr n Boc N rh ro il A J-oiu :-
31y . .3 ns.......... 8:00 au . in . t12:0 th e y'sincStudio.r Allaiversmembersl. Al Jire- a e to e teeow E '. ...
Aven . ue).la......d.9:30Da.rit. promleptly. ly. I wuBeakww-40PerWe=
.4:30f p.ica Cr ndFon. Alh Jauay Deametsofte2NewclomeTrsdection h auty aeo o rh~ Sped
digs tdo o ofcal- hgnnsa poo
ye Engineer s}Met.n.. ..80 ..i. at m:1n't Dlub Stw i Aide atintelmsaeae d oom bof the r ici-eaole mre
Toted by A. C. F. Bus}) ..10:30 p. in. gan League building', on Thursday, beginning promptly at 2:30 p. in. will prsn
room 101 Engineering Annex. -nvriyAt lbmetatTusa t :0a oensLau eiii~te
U n i v r sitsAat C l u O c c u p a tiod yna l7 :3 0 a t o mrn sa te gon : N ebu ild in g . m a nA lln d m eu ab e rsl Ia remt iu r g edld ito Ab em ep r e s e ntur g eat o eI m poe ntasn tp od is c u s s ioni o D rD o orSt a-w a=
Wking to a representative o the Aen will be held on matters o1 past and future policy.DruhySawys-
call at the office at 201 Mason hail!......- Broken____ I arage Doors
Jean Greculshieki ostdndihs ExpertW rices Care ful Supervision I ~ ~ LLitj~
iman, Sales Manager, and Mr. Decker, IReasonable Pie Best Material =-U~t1
ery Mg. Company of Minneapolis, will II
to recruit for their company.0 IF YOU NEED SCREENS IN THE _F rttr
A. D. MooreI

bc served to mathematicians in room L
0 i rom 08 omnceLaguaesvorite flavors of choco- I Lumber Co" I Juunr
ak on C. F. Ramuz-The Making of an Gersrfo orfaos 63 o t antet Phone 3330 I
speak on Mexico: an analysis and a' ae rIor aos 65Sut anSre
2528 East Medical building at 8 p. mn. BesIR s.C nde.'
nted:H Curtain at 8:30 "
ariable Stars. +
ew Interpretation of Caesar's Final .
be held in room 13 A. H1. at 4:30 p. . i Dance Tonight and on
ets i the Michigan 'Union, room 34, MONDAY
Alln cargeo encortainted F1 11 at J e c-JANUARY 27
1:30 p. in. Mr. Fredrich Gudden .fMANE3:0P.M
j ~~13.15 Nickels Arcade =N~KI
+ ne e aaemn ona uc dance tonight be-.
Une e aaeet HotNonaLuc tweeni 8 and 10. You'll =
50C Supper fiAnd "the smartest place EEIG83 .M
- - - _ __ _ ___ _ _ ___in town" crowded withEV N G-83 P.M
gay examination worried= "HAMLET"
students! Dancing every
YOUR FOUN AIN EN--s 11. Kevening except Monday.-
WithExas coingSidney Weol.er's varsity
.WtExmcmngon you should have the best Serenaders. See you BOX OFFICE
w-We carry the soon! NOwOE
- ia , r ! + rr u Ia~ml W NO-OE


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