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January 22, 1930 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1930-01-22

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mommor-4- 1"."7qolmimmNmmmn*&,.,,$ "$,R- ftr, AW. 1:1

1 191 1 1111111 11 1aEl uui 11111Y1 1 11( /VIII 1.

pared to go, in conjunction with
~ the other nations, to the limit in
Amendment Proposes Seection ;ti Dr. H.-. Savage of Carnegie navaldsrmmnRjrqWk-
of Officers for Union on oundation Defends Famousdsuki, the Japanese chief delegate, -
Famous asserted today in his address at the Tardieu Hopes Parley Dele
Civil Service Plan. \.,.Bulletin Number 23. opening of the Naval Limitation
-- CnfernceWill Solve Naval
600 VO ES NECESSARY DENIES KEEPING PAPERS "She is ready," he said, "to ef- Problems.
fcct not merely a limitation, but an
h 3 , emb rsIndioftxecutivactualilreduction innaval strengths
Mebe o s Courg Rep toIndictmentciac
Agsstwhich she considers to be an ap-1 DINES WITH AMERICANS MAN
Will Direct Balloting to Lrings Reaffirmation ofrpage an ecead gd a d oyn n wsoy
Insure Valid Vote. 1 Charges. peace, as well as a measure for re- Frenchman Refuses to Comment;I Excha
lievng the nations from onerous
Ballotngonthe meritCunsysstenmkgnfinancial burdens."n on Significance of Dinner
alltndm n othe'nc eit systi-. : EWYOKN.Y. Jn.21-Te "On this memorable occasion, With English.
amendm-tto de Uion dcrti-.. s ' zr NEW YORm, N. Yh, Jag -phen y His Majesty, the King, has
ma he oyclock to-tn possibility of a concerted counter-sbe en graciouslyleased to ope the By Joseph E. Shakeywh ede3
marrow morningY and tYhe plls willYs attack on the Carnegie Founda- naval conference," he said, "it is- A. P. Staf riti. pA.
reman opn unil 0o clnk i theLion's famous "Buletin 23," on col-I my agreeable duty to express, on LONDON Eng., Jan. 21 -Pemier'I.ON]
evening, it wts announced yester-s rmhs EYk .anymtnnmh.rss b'
o , as, desgnsd tltefatheivoedsityfor thie ouhatothke f Japainsgce rlesgatin. dreTrdbien of Fraec ninsnity ald by
day by Kenneth M. Lioyd, yerelt of the University of ichi- sage of welcome and good will, and. country's naval needs with those os- n
t 1boad nstad f --g-- n'is atio in aig, ha hre hourrttue fo hs crdiyad mes- miatnh rple n ofYe, oncilyng khis ander
chairman of the Student Councilhan i an official our infinite pleasure at finding him Italy may find solution here. ive o'
ho t u rwhose direction Capt. .W. Gosin-N Bronze reply to some of the charges con-d completely restored to good health.", Tonight when he was returning erenc
om eene aeTrophy of the University of Michigan alumni u at Sceectady, taed in the report. "To his Britannic Majesty's gov- from a "mystery" dinner with the ideal
oauis of the pla ve een
sary to vaidte the eesinentfaree duegourf shecFredaappe-Ameri"Tngh ad Britishyplniot e- talks ~
edout Td paen men c ew York, which is to be used as an award for all around athletic' In his annualreport to the Mich--dtnanhdeeortceriiantaiBriti nte..thksw
e dsI prowess among high schools of Eastern New York state. The sculpture, faculty as chairman of the tiaries he was asked about Italy's la
it knwnastethcianWseeiewa esgndiobea.l.esieyrnz ;v pse treedhnsitseneo a aritdays."dThe
hor ate selection of the Union es- a e eai eer Board I Control of Athletics, Pro- emetistakenntal li t psenreeon nrava ptyn
t ecording-s eretary by wolverine emblematic of the University.t A men addoutntf with Franc. The French states- m
idItetorlbar tand off --- =--------- " --- ----th_ eso Ralph W. Aigler, has charged the courtesy, hospitality and facil- !'man replied "Yes, but you know I and w
an . eetsad boasintea Carnegie report was unfair, and ties which they are afforcing us in have got a god deal of imagin-d mtion.
Through campus politics, as has flfl r HiIBiITn "lmotUvcios."ThiWbrugh aLondonain"I a eivdta a wf
formernly been thercase. "almoste cous. Aigs tro ngut*g;htay:stAmian.tw a nesigedthata w ayiSsift
, suognedf p 0etisIisLILII ILL quick reply from Dr. Howard J. ennnhrn 111311may be eventually found out of Urait
tedtwoweks go~ a Mchiantht ethise alpawre utingl er heastgehrtishy
oirEt yoaldthee 19eut In n rt k r h dSavage of the Foundation who re- JANNETT TOPS "Tonight was really one of a se- anese
syt ald pate ft mend- NsW O N DI 9' RSI N T 9U T '1ii I ~i totd that the Foundation had re fgnrlcnestost x the stu
election, andpasage ff'hegmendralI Uconversationsuulu toUIILex
menrqi hesJd [atwathirdsmLdoI k discovered no reason as yet, for lre the conference situation," he;gcult t
alatherng a of ethersttementCONTESTsaid,and which will continue mised th
ity of those voting. Many more,- leigayoLtesaeetL5 7 C N E T hogot eea ly. h
than the required 000 members I Distribution of Leather J-.Hop' Extra Presentation Necessary made in that sensational docu- H eue oda u nIOlnv
are expected to vote on the Cques- Bridge Sets Will Probably to Accomodate Demand ment. 5 n u r y " W erin Handeachem Clos whether the fact the dinner was! tomorr
Plcrswilb ote tvriu aesBrPTteirsdnandAlddyDrht.n"L Say otyg vage, whoureclpredtain efa-;W ov2rineatand TeahersYosFedwhcrn confined to trnhEgihe ad-4 ngnin
tion, Lloydsaid, because more than Begin Thrtda for Tickets. rae, Mio caici n hse ofined t Fr en n ha I mormal
nshk - erence to Prof. Aigler's strong Beating; Rally in Last American had any significance on' assem
Un30 ignd petitgons iner pfavd.ohrmdl f h dofains"atr,;Mihga ffIawrtfirstuinhefis tre ur-ofep
1300 signed etitis ifavor Uoftse criticism of statements in the ul-' Mutes th the report current in London to- bist o
the amendment when these wcrc n TICKET SALE CONTINUESnyLARGEFEMININE CAST enin ser toaeti affir stagedoPlay. httyatnhthethreedelegation e
8 t tretinfrntofth uid-diply n laers oksor bgi- icet fr hs ddinna pr-hgsp arldoatsedicopffis fhc gie hm ep it ta eseCtheedlgtionT 1tliora
circulated two weeks ago.g yrmbh at Michigan, that these were call- wee putting their heads togetherwntreaty
Every male student in the Uni- i Samples of favors for the 1931 In an effort to take care of the!ted to the attention of the president JANNETT TOPS SCORERS to ys.dy ways and Akns for get! ing or
versity, whether he has registeredJ-Hopi were received here late last large demand for tickets for the of the institution nineTmonthshago Rs de the p tin rresults. t eing
his membership or not, is a mem-I night by the committee in charge' Division of rEnglish's presentation ofwd and "were not disagreed with."aned therpi-f nsoth .r
sed of the union and therefore, and are placed on exhibit today inh"The copies of letters and other lanti cagers when the Michigan gates will continue most of too- In a
eliio to vote on the proposition. the local establishment of their lay Production Friday and Satur- documents in question were freely "B" team again handed them a close row on problems of the conference d
Placards will be posted at various makers, burr, Patterson and Auldi day nights in "el"." by Dorothy( given to our representative by au- 25 to 22 beating in the Yost .Field which are nlot confined-to the Ar'- JIg ini
pointsu n the campusin de in order nto ngCompany of Detroit, and also atAFr ra urdaysniht ind thorigias.H fficiatpnhe lastor.thmeverdmorlyEA LIInN., Ja. 2o.ma
remind students to' vote at the Van Boen's store infNickles har- perrmaes 'nab tseal tneree hot,"saichia oSals upon' oue lat Jngt. dit nev mouthe, Clsardifficl etnd the Itl- forma
voters nae beig chckedoff ais nw ahed ofthe ontrat tie tun theticktsrtethuesxt,"isaidrniSadvage,,ththrngifosuddpointsth s die ierencsxetin i the ann indsidandskthefeFrendch.e
Unionte and a large bannerpt Thseie model of the decorations P anonced nLater r a Michigan official wrote;sore during the first thres qua- _btt k igve pr
pared by members of the Union scheme, the details of which werei for Saturday afternoon, by Valen- to us asking that we either return ters of the game, the Wolverineydng b ne
aommittee s yesterday,w lhbe oni nies forhist adito nlprhe speci-hr ed, obsed pies of'eldhich gaed thm haln GrnPHEi PUCKoMEN teva
c tets will be hunT macrohssemuncill-nes B. Wdth duet-or sonei ofthese documents, whichstaed a rally inthe psco mn TAKEmf SECO T LT tn
State street in front of theT build- display in Slaters bookstore begin-ctlyonthsadditisalyer.;the sifeonsncoBies frhichlga ineh ai e pint sTAKEpSECONDequ LT t on
in ning to I y. formance may be obtained a t the them. The choice being thus pre- lead with but three minutes to --es
'The polls will be maintained in' Distribution of favors will prob- box office of the Lydia Mendelssohn sented to us, we chose to send play.-nnolc mheidp one,
the lobby of the Union and mem- ably begin Thursday in onj unte atrerfteBcoft e-coies mntod a ttsto pa hnsefoe
Iargn h mphar a e o hel"are de copisin d p a t The Teachers drew the firstWoli u cumb yn At-
bers of the Executive council, cor- tion with the balloting on the mand for seats, it has also been ie- "Subsequently, we informed an- blood and annexed four points be- of Minnesota, 1-0. world
posed of the higher officers of the Union amendment, it was state bquested that individuls, who have other Michigan official that, if hegdfore Lindsay of the Junior Varsity nertional
organization, bwsll direct the voting. Albert Donohue,'31; however, this is already received tickets for 'either wished, we would furnish him withsunk an easy one for the first Wol- GS..cia.i o he aaini asid to
Careful chec ilbe madte in reru. get upo ceip ofd wth e .. Ldar...........212 csdo h i-p uigtesec
Care k will be mydyeeorrcontine, ton hre tompedn Friday or Saturday nights, and find- the originals. He replied that, the verine score. Two more field goals, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN., Jan. 21 le
to ensure a valid election, each vors from them Janufacturerwho 'themselves unable to use them, re- photostatic copies having been one by Jannett and one by Justice, -Close guarding and the display of gates
voter's name being checked off ai is now ahead oflthe contract time darn the tickets to the box office furnished by us, the originals did threw the score into a six to six uncanny individual skill featured powers
l nistratrehacasi dsallot Mspecification. i inu to the time of theperformance.s not matter for his purposes." tie where it remained for less thang. .rhmm
Considerable satisfaction was kx-.dH..egat of e~sehesopdatltsfjthd
The amendment will create a s t This play is one of Play Produc- Concerning Prof. Aiglers obie - i two minutes before Leach again . .Ite at sries od 'f
'eletoral board of seven members, pressed with thegresults obtained in.tion's free laboratory performances, tion to the fact that Michigan was gave Ypsi the lead by sinking a played at the Arena here tonightcabinet
lour faculty and alumni, and three selecting a favor of high quality, and is the second of the two win- charged with subsidizing athletesn --eld-goal.when Minnesota broke into the wincnaval
students. dThese men will be elect- Iners of the student-written three-'in the guise of "writers" because Jannett was the high score man column for the first time this sea- rousnde a
ednby the board of directors from Tickets fr the' 1931 J-Hop act play contest held last year. of the single instance of Benne for the Wolverines with three field sono ta etngaro
its own membership, which makes may be bought from 2 until 5 "City Haul," by William Thurnau, Friedman, Dr. Savage said: goals and, two free throws to his touse n qaly stog'B
t necessary tht the three student o'clock every afternoon at the y"29, was produced by the organiza- "A reader of the bulletin will credit although he played only dur,. .Michigansextet by a count of 1-0. iajest
members wll'be vice-presidents ofimain desk of the Union. The ion last November as the other 'soon realize that names of institu-' ing the first half. Van Fleet lead The goal came in the seond period n a hge
the Union elected by the campus at present sale is open to the entire winner of the contest. tions mentioned in parenthesis are the Teachers with two eld goals with 1:35 remaining to play when falgar
large in the annual spring eec-hs campus. r Characters in "Leila" are, for thenillustrative and are not intended and a free throw. Batholdi found the puck lying out- the d,
Mions. Doou most art, women. All the mem- to exhaust the cases on file." ____________ Ever
Doduldn Frne nohundepad.Tents voy thisn f inl ecer nyuemearg ir'itini p sidh e-L hl.. .... esth efscrame i nof ere baj s
Thecivil service principle of sc- es e bers of the stage crew ard a large BOX SCORE. siet th hscabte kain rndof ter
,leting' men best fitted to their po-I is a bridge set containing twvo jar f the tcnial staffare w- Peietietadsoe herbe atmaine
itions by virtue of their previousI decks of cams, a pencil and score pat mena'ai Fraternity Prsiens ICHIGAN G. F. P . Tompkins whose attentioni was linhte
work will be employeddnbymstheemn- I pad.m It is covered with blue - . Lindsay, rf.........2 1 2 5 focused on the mix-up. During the y e
Miss Ackerman, the author, ar- to Confer on Rushing, Jannett, I.........3 2 0 8 fis anobthtaseipa ehlf
foral board. All the qualities that leather, on wflich are stamped in' ___omec......000 superio othnsietactisputechSecret
rive in.nnPrborsdvralGaysCombn,
make for leadership including ad- gold leaf 193J-op in moderni-g rsed in Atnn Arbor seealg d ayspw.otastibteahe
n'iitatv bit n eroaiytic design and also the revised' ago to assist in any minor changes~ That a measure of fraternities' Tyler, Ig....... time the pucksters worked the rub- { ly ro
mitrativ be bonieredbptesoardtyMichigan seal, 'They arc lined in that may be necessary.virusingopandthwod edakefyerrHolutie, r. ..... .....1 002b1 1n 3 c, hyme nim o
-ill be onsidere by the oard, 1 ushing pan wouldbe takenby thpregnabler mieclrdsk enb defense that stopped all of lnite
and only those men who ha r .Imaiz colredtilk
worked up from subordinate poi Tickets for the affair continue to !Prof. Carr to Address ; administration seemed likely last Pendell, rf.......0 0 0 0 attempts at scoring. adb
be sold with greater rapidity than ; night when invitations to attend a' Weinstein, if.....1 1 1 3! It was in the second canto that W~b
tions will be considered. ataypeiuTimeftesl. iachers' Convention 'smoker at 1:30 tomorrow evening:; Torrell, ig...... yadso h ukit h o itls
GRAVIAN: It is anticipated that the remain- rf L - at the home of J. A. Bursley, dean~ - - - !- pher nets only to have the attempt: the cbh
PROF. de G A I N JIing tickets will be sold within the PrfW.L Carr, of the depait- of students, were extended to heads' Total...........10 5 G 25I disqualified. Spills were numerous r.elega
netfw as Facs eb, 3 net f ai ad'eahigof of all houses on the campus. M. S . as boh teams were fighting- hard o i
TALKS. ON ROADS E, general chairman of the party, Latin, and head of the Latin de-j Student, fraternity, and semi-of-' Giles, rf, ........... 1 0 0 2 in theiraepst cr.Sha-'a
_ said yesterday. partmnent in the University high :fcial opinion has been rife since~ Arnold, If. .........0 0 0 0! derereworried the Gopher defense of the soe clr-hdr
complete rrangemfients will be jschool, will speak tomorrow in the announcement last week of the Middlestadt, c......1 0 2 2 considerably as he stick-handled?
Noted French Teacher Discusses !cmlte o bt raternity men l Washington, D. C., before a na- Senate comm'ittee on student af- Muellick, ing........ I 1 2 3 his way to the nts avoiding Min- .
' Roadbuilding in France. and independents by the end ofI tional teachers institute meeting. airs' ation in favor of the de- Leach, lg........ ..1 2 2 4 nesota defense men who Were baf-' MIiD
lnext week. Meetings of indepen- Teachers of language from many ferred rushing system was an- Whitney, rf......2 0 0 4, fled by his fast skating and clever
Prof. Paul de Gravian, professor dent men who wish tocofirin- 1ecpa tsotUted Sthesme eg oincaetdtepetewillhresuthisnB Flet,f........2.1 0 5 deceit. He was sent to the penalty r 0
- u i --i.nl -t. o Io goustfr urpseoofhiin forted o tted oemesin inlaestdeelomeboxllrewitin BronHart. .just 0 previousartjut tovoutheth

gates Begin Study
of Workto be
Inge of National Ideas on
Javal Affairs Will be
y Frank Haviland KinK.
P. Staff Correspondent.
DON, Eng., Jan. 21----Launch-
King George in the Royal
in the House of Lords, the
wer naval disarmament con-
today became a reality. The
m of President Hoover's
ith Prime Minister MacDon-
t autumn while seeking the
to promote disarmament
orld peace, has ended in ac-
ty following on the inaug-
enary session, the American,
, French, Italian and Jap-
delegates lent themselves to
idy,and solution of the diffi-
sks before them and contin-
eir work until late tonight.
exchange of national views
al affairs will be emphasized
ow, and then on Thursday
ig the delegates will re-
le at St. James Palace in the
f many private meetings to
te a new international
having for its object reduc-
limiting fleets, and guaran-
the peace and security of
great hail, glittering with
ing George stood this morn-
front of a golden throne axld
ly opened the confesene
ing the "delegates of the
incipal naval powers assem-
ith the object of eliminating
il results of wasteful compe-
n naval armament."
re him was a silver micro-
which caught his words and
hem resounding round the
on the wave of an interna-
radio' hook-up. To his right
his left, at a table shaped
horse-shoe stood the dele-
of the five great naval
of the world, listening
y to his message. Members
ormer members of British
ts, and ambassadors and
experts, and row upon row of
aper men were grouped
a them.
a striking coincidence, his
y's throne was placed below
fresco of the battle of Tra-
showing Nelson, dying upon
}ck of the "Victory."
yone present rose as his
y entered the hall and re-
d standing during the six
es that he took to deliver his
. As soon as he had finished,
the Royal Gallery and then
ary of State Stimson formal-
red the appointment of Prime
er MacDonald as chairman
conference. This was second-
Premier Tardieu of France.
i the plenary session formally
d and the Prime Minister in
lair, the head of each of the
tionls rose and briefly spoke
e hope that the conference
oused among all the peoples

ith rnnNcoa cu i resenting the concensus of the at-Hie .1L .................i u tmewhnBzhodisovd nh
Rodsan idesabooths will be conducted this week- ; large numbers.
ight in h Nrgsalee adt- end. Professor Carr's subject is to be titudes toward the project main- - - - - winning score. Five Minn. men and Seat
ntrigum n The Roads ofFance."- "Reading Latin as Latin; Some tained by the fraternities them- Total..........9 4 8 22 four Wolverines were in action at' t
His discussion of the subject was Fletcher Hall to be Difficulties and Some Devices." selves. the time the counter was made.
'divided into three parts: the roadsre The Michigan sextet launched a Rob
o te day oads Reopened Next Term KING GEORGE V IS FIRST RULER TO TALK TO ENTIRE series of viscious drives which re- nan
and the adsofteftuyr. ds, ;slted in naught. The Gopher de- opera
nthe busness of oad ulding in Fletcher hall, dormitory for men WORLD NAVAL AANT fense tightened.- The Wolverines Roun
France dates back to the conquest students, which was closed for stu- 1'were determined to score and at mail
41%o V .1-n'i 1 d 1 .Prn -dent residence last November will - - - - - - ---(times seemed to be superior offen- being

Sale for J-Hop Performance
:o Begin Immediately.
ert W. Manss, general chair-
of the 1929 Michigan Union
productions~ "Merrie - Go -
1," announced yesterday that
order applications are now
received at the Union for


of Gaul by the Rwomans, s r
Tessor de Gravian. "Theroads at
that time were built out of great
stone blocks, and the efficiency with
.which they were constructed is
shown in the fact that even today
many of them are still to be seen.
- few, particularly those in the

again be placed on the]
proved houses, beginnin
mester, it is anrounced
Wahr, assistant dean of
The dormitory, privat
was closed following a1
Nov. 2, but it was asser
time that the raid was

list of ap- Not many people thought of get- which began at 6 o'clock. ence each day through a special ive six. seats for the J-Hop performance.
g next se- ting up at 6. o'clock yesterday , King George V opened the assem- "broadcast direct from London. His Michigan pos Minnesota The special performance will
by Fred B. morning to turn on their radios but i bly and was followed by Premier talk will be given from 1 to 1:15 Langen...... C.........Batholdi take place on Saturday, Feb. 15, as
students. those who did were well rewarded Ramsay MacDonald, head of the o'clock Eastern Standard time and Bryant.......LD....... ...Tilton a matinee show, at the Mimes the-
ely owned, for their efforts. For the first time I English delegation, and Secretary' he will from time to time introduce Hart....... ..RD........ Peterson atre. The original cast that fea-
police raid in histdry a King talked to prac-I Henry L. Stimson of the United, delegates who will talk especially Joseph.......LW...Hollingsworth tured the show when it played in
ted at the tically the entire world. ' States. Delegates from Australia, For the radio audience. Nygard .......RW ......... Ryman Michigan, Ohio and New York cit-
merely the l ,mh+, ,"+; f. +' I Pn n an. .e TndiI Trland n Tntaremier Ramav M nn Tompkins. . ..G........ Christie is during Christmas vacation will

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