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December 10, 1929 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-12-10

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W A 1 ®NYXORYNf/ 11 /IMIr '.

Publication in the Bulletin is constructivye notice to all members
of the University. Copy received by the Assistant to the Presi-
'dent until 3:30 p. m. (11:30 a. in. Satu~rday) __
VO.X.TUtADEEBR10, L1929 N.,

lai c.- Colloquium: Mr. F. B. Baker will speak on "The Fermi
S tat ist K, A!;piicU V to UCPotenitial Ditributions of Positive, Ions,," in
room 1041 L:_s sics buildinig, at 4k:15 p. m.
Ii Electrical Eagincering 11--ispection Trip: Staff cars will lcaDvc
the Wi ignc~n building at 1:00 p. mn. for 1- clray Power station
i o the Detroit, Edison Company. Mr. Alex Dow speaks at 8:00 p. mn., on
I "Power :louse Design."



Automobile Regulation Notie: All student driving permits expire ol
December 20, 1929. Application for renewals will bc received at the Office
df the Dean of Students from Deccmber 10 to December 20, and students
arc urged to observe this arranrgemzent as soon as they have procured 1930
license tags for their cars. IL wi'll be necessary, however, for students
to continue using their 1928 plas until lifting of the regulation at 12:00
noon on December 20, for the Chxristm as i=vacationz period.
J. A. Burnley, Dean of Students
To the Presidents of Sororities and Fraternities: You arc rquested
to fie a list of the memibrs and pledges of your fraternity for the
first semester in tihe office of the Dean of1 Students, roomn 2, Unverity
hall, on or before Dcccralber 12, wi a printed form to be supplied by
that office.
J. A. ltrkey, Dan of Students
Call for Lost Article: A far ;cnumber-of books, gloves. etc., have
recently been turned in ,at the Scretar %i Ofrce. Sudnts and others
who have lost anything; of this mture cre1'C Y~ic'Acd to) Cll at the
Secretary's office, room 3,tUiicrdlty l 01.
Shirley IV. 'Smnith
Inter-Library Loans-Cessation During Christmas Seaso: Owing to
the rush of business ano to the congestaon affecting bothi the mails
and the handling of express, the larger libraries of the country have
agreed for some years past to stop inter-library loans between Decem-
ber 15 and January G. Any persons wishing to have books borrowed
from. other libraries for use here. during the Christmas hoilidays are
requested to arrange for this immediately with the Associat e Librarian
of the Univrsity, as requests to brrow books will not be honored by
most libraris (Including the library of this University) after Dcemiber
16, and until January 6.
This notice is issued In order to avoid difficulties which have arisen
In the last two years.
" William W. Bishop, Librarian
Detroit Civ[ Sevice Examinations for Family Case Workers Exam-
inations for positions of Junior and senior family case workers will be
held- in Detroit, Dcemnber 21, at 9 a. rin. in the ooffice of the Civil
Service Cornl.ion at T15 1Ranlolpi St. The rcsIdenc' rule is waived
and students in the Socl al. Srvice CTrriun n~ rs advised to take
advantage. of this oppor tuiviy. Apliations for t; ang the examna-a
ti nmust be in by Deemabcr 1, 1 ;shall beo gladI to see any students
Interested about tic matter.
A. E. Wood {
Midt-semester reports for all stutidaets ini the College of Engineerin~g
whose grades In any courses have been reported below C, are now on
file and open to inspection by'tho 3e concerned, in the ofie of the
Associate Dean, room 255, West Enaginering building. Kindly rice Mis
Earl for the reports.!
G. W. Patterson
"BusiI'e A~mimintration 96, Personal fludgetiig, Savings and In-i
'vetumnts," will nrot be ofercd for the Second semester
R. (G. Redkey I
Officers of the Junior Chas , School of Education: There arc an
members of the Junior Cla s 'A li have not yet enrolled with the class
The Junior Class held organization mnetings thne first week of the
semester. The rcsults of the class election held October 3, 1929, were as
Elizabeth Crocr-Prcsidenit.
Paulina 11Bae-Vice41resdet.
Philip Wargelin-Secreta ry.
Helen Kerwin-Treasurer.
All members of the Junior Class in the School of Education whio
have not yet filled out enrollment blankls for class membership are
requested to report to the officers or to the )Faculty Adviser, Professor
Stuart A. Courtis, room 4020, University High School. as soon a posibl.
Elizabeth Croer, President
Sigma XI: All members of the Society who have become affiliated
with the University this year for the first time. are requested to notify
Byron Soule, Scc'y., 408 Chemnistry building.
W~omen's League Houuse Organizers: 'The November signilig-outa
slips have been checked. Please check your houses from the report
Sheets. rThoe are filed in) the Womien's L eagunderIfllC1ga1dua te offic.
Plsac (Beck only the ted Ii-ialities below the linle.
Elira Bethz I~o, (Cbairnian of thec Board of Rpretnkttives
41 ) (,,ds its xll intb mawec t;.i'",;1111 m i ifaf~u p ('.i r niS ) vi{1';Jlini'a
t GE aTf. TPAV
Uniiversity Leturc: Decc mwa1(r U!, 1:15:, p.i.. Lydia Mendelssohn
theatre, Hion. Morton D. Hill. a: 2a-;:f Congrss from the Second
District of'Mlinois, on "Netral P yt, U Ti~~ ur WefloggBrald act."
Choral Unioni Conert: fiClia.A, Mui,,Soprano, 8:15 p.ni., hill

-/00 H righway tEngineers to Holdi
The'Pl Graduate Luncheon for Chemical Engineers will be held today
at 12~:00 in l(,.t( Semninar Rloomn, 3201 East E~ngineering building. Conference Feb. 11-13;
------Diliman to S-,eak.
Chboral Union (Japers: Report at Hll auditorium before 7:30 p ,. f rc n ett m.lt 1 R IS N I N C A G
W Aeb :rnd Flange: Bu,;ness meeting, 7:15 p. in., at the_ Union,
____________Tentative program for the an-
Alpha Nu regular meeting at 7:15 p. mn. Reports on the Nationala nual highway en ineering high-
Conclave will be given. way conference, to' bz, 1Yeld in Anm
Arbor Feb. 11-13, was annouc ec
lc aegas rz in<tiux; at 4:00 p . zi. in Ba ubor~ur aynasiumz. All who wish
to be active this year must be present= today by Prof. R. L. Morrison of the
department of highway engineer-
S Alpha La.:mbda Delta meets at 7:30 p. i., in the League building. ;ilig and highwvay tranzsport. More
The room number will be posted on) the bulletin b)oard in the main F han 700 delegates are expcta~cd to
corridor of the League. be in attendance at the convention.
G. C. Dilman, of the state high-
Athena Meeting will beheld at 7:15 p. mi., so that those desiring to way cozmzssioi, is scheduled to
go to the concert may leave at 8:00. Due to the special programz every- open the program Tuesday after-;
one please be there proinptly -at 7:15. IV 0nal, Feb. 11, with. a speech on
..The RailrtoW]9 Crossing Problem."'
'The Mlay 1hcading Section of the Faculty Women's Club meets at 1rTuesday night vill be marked by'
2:30 o'clock, in the Alumnae room in the Michigan League building. i an all-conference smoker, withI
s , - - Dlean H. C. Sardler of the College.)
Michigan Technic Tryouts meet at 7:45 p. mn., in the Michigan of Engineering and Architecture;
Technic office, 3038 East Engineering building. It is imperative that and Prof. J. S. Worley, of the de-
all tryouts and those interested in becoming tryouts be present at this partinent of transportation as'
meeting. r/!speakers.
i The state highway department
COMING EVENTS will be the ceniter of attention Wed-
DeanPau V.McNutt, inuliana niesiySchool of Law, recently xzscay morn imw° with Prof. w. J.
National C6mmnander, American Legion, will speak under the auspices!1 Er mno h eateto
of the Ann Arbor Army and Navy Club, 8:15 p. in., Friday, December 13,! lnno h eateto
Natural Science building, on the subject "National Defense and VJimita- HIindustan Club: The club pictu
tion of Ar mamnent ftrm the Point of View of the American Legion." The; ber 15, at the Rentschler Studio (3
public is invited.# All the members are requested to be
G. D. Eatlon, Michig-an ia~umnuws of campus prominence in his day, W~omen's League House Presides'
and at, pre~sat, editor of Plain Talk, will lecture in Natural Science board of Representatives Thursday
audito~iuin, Thursday; December 12, aft 4:15 p. in., on the contemporary the League building. The picture w
m zagarine. Pt1blic is invited. Au,,pices of the Round Table Club., I-as vacation.

!Rescuers Intenify MPDIT AO
Search for Eidlson[iivurniLfUI
one of the last expressions of Carl _
Ben Eielson -- "Don't worry about Half Million Citizens Take U p
metn for 30 days"--spoken a month
ago as he was t'tking off for North Residence in Foreign
Cape, Siberia, rescuers tod(ay in-- Countries.
tewsif ted their efforts t o~tardl sIart,-
ing an aerial hunt for the isigCO RS1 YERP IO
Fl e A laskan.} planes are dlue to " y A s au :
be (coneentrvatd on the Bering sea-;
c'51, by Tuesdai ,y to 1z chf or lWA'SHINGTON, Des. 9., - - Nearly
E>'olsoi *and i'"-~i,( v cE<<l 1half a million Anmerican citizens
Borland. last sgtdNv 9 about have left the United States to take
50 mailes from rth.;_Nanuk, a tra (hag up'. rsidencee abroad during tht,
ship locked in the ice off North last 12 years.
Cape. They were making a. fight Cf thecse, 4:35,000 were nat '
to carryp' ngr s hSotff born, while 62,001 wvere naturaized
the ice-bound ship when tihey ci-and apae tt s celepailtit oflaborid , i ts
....... lad.' ' ongrl mt"pe rpianent. or at letast
h)igthway engineer(ing,, o,, the pro-j extendedc" platceso:tfliving in otlher
gramn with apae on "Soft Stone; lands..
Matecrial inl Co ,evT' Agg,~rctate.'' IThl'e(tig ures, whii" Ca ere eomxpll-
Professor E'nmoiils' speech-1I will in- ed by thec commissione()Ir general of
elude data taken fr-om 'r in 1icn imigration, saidt that during the
(oriducted inl thy,"u lmgi.ering ha- Ilast 22 years nearly '4.000,000 resi-
box ator y "cold room,". where temn-1 dent aliens of the Und-rited States lef
peratures, of 40 degrecs below ze ro' with the stated intention of livinyg
are artificially= produced for the, in some foreign country'
purpose of testing. various road
Wednesday afternoon papers ons
airports, and one on thc suzbject of New York Listed
st ate parks are scheduled to tock
are will be taken on Sunday, Decein- Private Wire Connections
1X9 East Huron) at 3 p. in., sharpi. Mrkt
prsnt on time, weuiteall o arhtorsdo






its: There will be a< etn of the
afternoon ins the Board room in
vill not be taken until fter Christ-

ilogbislt 177 : [hipri will be 6l, writt~en test Fr'ida t, Dcemcazber 13.
all the wo.x~rk gw ic h prcerding test.


The Instruinential Group f4 Mte MuSiic -eel nof Ow 'l't W wo-I
ula n's Cotta will nmecetwednes('a y'1:15 p1. Inl., With Mr"'. L. 0,7 w '2
Whaley Coturt.I
Sigma Delta Chi: Meeting on Wednesday. Pledges at 4 o'clock.;
A'tives at 4:30 o'clock in the Press buildingi. All mu wt, be present asi
there is important business to be discussed. i P1

S crit i s o ig o r b sl o
Telephone 22541
Brown-Cress & Coo
louco poratedl
Investment Securities
First Floor Anni Arbor Trust Bldg.

{ The e dfresli m lecture in Hygiene for mena will be given in
iWalern gyinasivmn, Thursday and Friday, December 12 and 13, at
3, 4, and ,p noTis requiremDen t includes all freshmen in the regulart
physic=lr. iingclasses, aLt-letiC squads and others that have been#
excusej f()rothese'cgrno ups. I


Senorr and Gr-aduate Students in. Chenik'aI Engi'neering and
C heml1istr y: Dr. Peterkin and Dr. Hill or the Atlantic Refining Company
in Philadelphia will be in m 'y office on Wednesday,. Decem br 11, to,
interview .tdc'nts dce;siring to enter the field of petroleumn refining.I
Th''ley are esPecially dicsiotis of securing mattl to commnence work h
Fe~bruary. Please mate appointmients with Miss McKhn in room 202
Lat nginieering building.
Alfred 1U. White
A. S. (14. 1!Moeira at 7:15 Wednesday, December 11, in1 the Union,
Portia Literary Society will meet at 7:30 p. in., Wednesday, in the
Portia club-room,. The programi will comprise book reviews by members
Of the society.
i A1deiphi klonuse if Representatives will meet con We dnesdaiy evening
inistead of tonight, because of the Choral Union concert . All members
arc asked to attend the meeting tomorrow.
i Biac'k Quill: There will be initiation of new members Wednesday,
at 7:41' in room 414 Mrthi Cook; followed by a brief nmeetin.W
It Circulo Italiano: Dr. Or'na F. Butler will speak on "Italian Exper-
t aces" Wednesday, December 11, in room 408, R. L. building. Members
a r n v t dgo'r n th e ir frie n d s.. - . - - . -- - --_ _ _ _


6 a
' 1ti

It would not be Christmas without the children and
certainly we have not forgotten; them-
Our two large stores cornDrise the bhest of the Classics
and all that is lovely and wholesome of the modern
authors--at your service always at
316 State Street Main Street app, Court House



Uibrary Comai*tc Meeting: 4:00 p. i., today.
3.l~RJ..".rf!.iS 1RI/'./ _ _+ . -M' 1 --1" .-. / "" .e.' °l ." _I '.A'N ..'-- - -- _ _ _


1 caluJriIIg-==I
1! 1 '.?:' ann I ).1c. ut 5 .n), a~s~nd Univcrsiy I lAI- 5,00O
Get yours early.
.....,.. w T a .. ..... ....-...ax.w ... .....:....',-r.....w~s... ..w.a .. .w .. _ .r. _ .w.,.w aw_...,_a ._a . .s- ..e...,s_ ..s , -s r.a_ .


I I:

& ~
9 -

Iw w w ~ -C-rj jv~d ' 1 t -ij- lle j '_ f'J

1+MMr MaMM rp r3"l~t.MMP- I:M FAa r13 *: -M ~ n m------------------------------------------- ..'






New York Stock Exchange
Chicago Stock Exchange
Cleveland Stock' Exchange
Detroit Stock 'Exchange
New Y(,rk Curb Markct
Accoutis Carried 0!1 cunsefytive m-Argin
201 First Nat'l' Bankf Phone 4294.



RoIe r Skating
The Late~t Student Sport .
will Bc Innovated
607 E. Huron Sts

ti# -'
i ?
i4 ,;
; t
, ,
I '
i _-
i -





The Sentiment of
Suggests fr'iendship and its most
individjal expression is your por-
trait-the gift that only you can
Make an appointment today and
your Opictures *iff be ready for you
to take home. Call 5031 now.


Will You Help This Little Fellow Have 'a Merry Christmas?
on the Campus
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