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December 06, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-12-06

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TH F M I C H I C. A N D- A I


_RD Y ECM E , 192 TIIa M CI-i(."r.a ._ANa1.n V e :. a. Le

I& XXk-vrj R A V iri



zvmw&l 'IV-Aa

w" , .

Scarfs of All Kinds Featur
Bazaar Held at Barbour#
Attractive and Useful Article
to be Sold at Reasonabe
d Prices.
With two weeks left until Christ-
maas, Santa Claus is favoring th
campus ;with an early visit in the
hope that he may make it possibe
for students-even those '8 ffering
under financial difficulties just be-
fore the holidays-to select thei
Christmas gifts now and avoid th
annual shopping rush. According
to report, he is offering for sale one
of the biggest selections ever of
ngifts ,,at the Women's League and
Interchurch Bazaar~which will open
at 1 o'clock today in Barbour gym-
But scarfs are by no mneans the
'only attractive and usful articles
which will b found in the booths
'today. Dant1, hand-made lingerie,
formal and informal handkerchiefs,
clever-toys _which are indispensable
as ornaments in any girl's room,
useful but attractive waste baskets,
French dolls,. and silk-covred drs
hangers-are only a few of the many
articles which have been contribut-
ed by the houses. There will be, as
usual, a booth. With hom-made
candies, mixed nuts, and ice cream
frost bites.
The admissioni charge to the
bazaar 'is 10 cents and will be col-
lected by the doorkeeper upon en-
Says Primary Requisite of Book
Review Is Discovery of
Author's Name.
' "Impressionism," Said Professor
teeter Munro Jack in a talk to thej
members of Portia Literary Society!
on Wednesday night, "is the bane
of book-reviewing; yet it is abso-
lutely essential to the whole expe-
rience of the thing. But it is not.
hthe first step.
"To find what is the center of ii-
terest, what the author's intention,
what 'camne we here for to see-
this is the primary requisite to a
"We arc not often shocked, most
~of us, by new books, If only we l
were!" he continued "We do not
take seriously the words of Ger-
trude Stein on the title-page ofI
'Hemingway's 'A Farew~ll to Arms:'
'Ours is a lost generation.'
"All great novels have a moral
,effect-an attempt at an uder-~
standing between ourselves, our j
neighbors, and the universe.
"It is a difficult thing, book-re
viewing. We know what we think
about a book-but the problem is
to communicate it"~
Professor Jack cited the instance
of " Ultima Thule" by 1Ih. Rih-
arson, whose reputation as a writer
has just been established duce to the
article of anl ardent reviewer who
'.was much taken with the book. Yet
:aRichardson has been writing stead-
ily since 1902.



Describes Gowns She Has Seen
at Formal Affairs of Current Social Sason


:s of Many Widely-known . Persons Arc 'MANY CLUBS USE{
Inscribed in Registration Book of Lceazue. LEAGUE BUILDING

-light. New acid beautiful models! Signa Alpha Iota Enitrtaints For'', Such names as Sir lRodmonidl Luuchecoiis l a, iSchvledue opf
Hare being wrn for formal attire Active Membership and and Lady Roblin, Winnipeg; Df th wo on heeaub ul. Activities; Dancs and
,rSgaApa oa aiga.as .Pod eri; n aaeDinnrcis Follow.
bi aeid e np atmhe prman- hel;a n b .Pnd eri: n aaeThe largest part of the guests vis-.
bal.-He Sophomorbedlprom anyh b ous oecotat;ae nyiigthe League building are from Nearly all the organizations on
woestiilgugoubnsly eea sri hela ornaioal msia. few of the well-known ones that MchianalthghOhio runs a campus use the League buildig
,e neof the smartest dance dresses;I Wedflesda$T night at the home of ;are inscribed in the registration;i close second. Three-fourths of the for some of their activities. Srori-
I ~seen 'at a recent fraternity partyj Dr. and Mrs. R. Bishop Canfielcp at book of the League building. Sir Michigan guests are from Detroit ties have initiated the practice of
was of printed chiffon made on 1830 Washtenaw avenue. Active ; Roblin was formery British Mn- nd three-fourth of the Ohio guests using the Alumni Room for their
Caaaand Mr.Pod-i aronm Cleveland. There are, how- dances. Tonight Delt Zeta is ha
tight, moulded princess lines. tmmeso h ooiyadpt welknown architect who did part ~ etisfo ut e tts adneteeadawe rn
follwedthelines of the body down! ronesses were present._Ievrenrefomqieaewstsigadnctheadawekrm
9 NTCE Ne orWn isonintoIordianahaGamma Delta i
wg grcflItamed with piano selections. Helen Trout appontmenits for the NeYokanMsoui
flared ut i tt En olizabeth Sutherlnd, '30' enter
draredsuTe intokong, ac nteu Gul, , and Florence Boycheff, Junior Girls' Play canl be made One guest only has come from dogthsae
drps h bcgon asi h 30S.M., sang, accompanied on the froma 9 to 12 a. ml. and from 1I New Yok City ard one rpm Chi- Today the Harris hall group
pvery smart ivor'y shade, and thel piano by Frances Peck, '32S.M. to 4 p nFrida, Dc..Nocao. Guests have registe ed fromc is having a luncheon. Tomorrow
prntd loer wremavean Next Wednesday, Dec. 11, the, appointments can be made until Palo .Alto, California; Providence, Alpha Omicron Pi is giving its an-
a n ;vole. Th neklie wa coven almnaechaterof SgmaAlpa !Rhode Island, and Toronto and ua Founder's Lay luncheon. The
.,atioenacky high in front, but expose Iota is gving a Christmas party Windsoraid CaaaYegeo shvn
vioet TeWncnindwaocnv, alunancaptr.f igaeAphgdes repad.Women Votersishvn
c 7 g ,the bc within six inches of teIC for the active members. The party There will be a meeting of the A great majority of the guests a luncheon next Monday and the
nomlwitie will be held from 7:30 to 10 o'clock Board of Directors of the Wo-. have graduated from Michigan. Theosophical Society next Sunday.
Concerning backs to formal in the Cove of the League building, en's League at 10 o'clock Satur- One guest graduated in '87 and six Today Sigma Delta Phi initiates its
agowns, I can say practically nroth- Instead of formal meetings the1 day morning in the Board of Di- .graduated in the years between new members, giving them a dinner
ing, because I have nothing to say sorority is meeting at luncheon at, rectors Room. 11890 and 1900.. Te greatest amount Nu Phi Epsilon plans benefit bridge
it about! Decolletes are lower this 12 o'clock every Tuesday in the l____ of the students coing back, how- for tomorrow. The Music section of
year than ever before. Backless League dining room. Patronesses Tilstelstwe nwihever, were graduated in some year the Faculty Womens club will hold
9,evening dresses seem to be the are invited to these meetings, a the masks b atfglote from 1920 on up to last year. It is its meeting next Monday, Zeta Tau
drsmaes'cmpnatn ofrigwhich plans are now being made. Detrit Civic Theatre will be ni in tresting to note how many hues- Alpha gives a tea for patroiesses
*for toe-length gowns. Trhe girl with for various musicals and rushing exhibition in the lobby of the ;bands and wives have both gradu- next 'I, ursday and on next Friday
f e'the beautiful back has stolen the paries after the Christmas oi- LdaMneshnTat. ted from Michigan and at about there will be a Women's League
1 P f spotlight from her sister withday.tmas_____op-___Lydia____endelsoh__nI eTsaeatie..prty
' .beautiful legs. * _ _ _ .--- ..-
For the flew ee in eowns deli- W III111111IIIIIIIIIIilllllIIllltllliii llillifl11111111111IlIIIIIIUIfll giIItllir1;
.2nitely show the return to a natural'=T O EW O K O
waistline, ankle - length skirts, ! IH S W OK O
I pIIatrains, and even sleeves. Skirts are i4 THE CO LN S O P
af chiffon or marquisette with! _K.W'I
tanid very much so. At the Pant-Hel-
leic ball, one of the well-known I .srt '
Maie rssk eminine lights on the campus ap-; !
WihPitefC pm ;frock. Quantities of tulle were loop- 1 N))Fi
Am Pc~cl ~r. ;d over taffeta, making the ex-
tremely fluffy skirt contrast sharp-.!I' htietdr ueta f~a
5ly with the long, fitted bodice. evryonr's wardrob6.4f'sth clor you~
the y Belle. The evening gown pictured is of 6 t gieaway, And then want t
With teavn of the annual gold lace and shows the definite Lce for yourself. It hay a ou~ci of
college proms, evening dresses have l tendency toward molded hips and amh adAtui~ u~in
coet ocp tefshosptjlogsitstl frwrmh ndahsh m v
Head of School of Nulrsing in Cleveland Hospital t An Allarin!Jlo, o otaln. i taiored
Al-rud Ve' nAlW = ors rJlSlse~a
Urges Definite Meaning in Life for All Women'rsd oI el h pcooed 3In-wP
"Young women ought to have a that need never be an objection toi stripe sit k tir.-'
definite 'meaning in life," said Mrs aspiring nurses, inasmuch as there ( 'Aftrnoon"Iti 0
Estelle Carrowy Kock, Dairector' of are 38 different branches of the= cAndi&f
Nursing and Principal of the School, profession. Those who, like myself, I 1T Co5S tto rn'e
of Nursing of Cleveland Municipal] eoy somewhat the feeling of
Hospiital. "This is may pt sub cft power,wilfn in many of these'
[and any one who knows mhe has' divisions of nursing numerous ad-
heardme seak f it ftenbefoe."ninistrative ostoiAtreetIl ll fl l7C I fl ll?
Mr.Kock is a niece of thlat r have 454 nourseunrby(ictif tC I.1 1l1. o7IW f
Carirowrhespaofiofebeoepsioss., well known as a member of [in the Cty Hospital ofCleerland.[
the medical faculty, and has been besides those affiliated schiools. I1I$Mii tet- IER Y A A N R
visitnfr i~rensrein nArb~or. Mrs.Koki rsenada r - .'v /,, I,;nF/,,u7A c
"Befre enere prfessona te oftheOhio State Nurses' asso-1~~.
life, I had thought that I should be ' elation, and is also vie- presidenti - 9111j -=__ _ !!Ii t~lf~ilJrn~i. 11 1iiIiiI1Illi11I.~IIli;__l IalllJl1
a doctor, but I was discouraged l of the Women's Rotary club ait;11111! 111lililli11t llllillillii 111111) IIII liii I Ji[ll! 111111111111111111111!Il 1 111111111111111111111111 l! 1111 111III tillllII! 11111 I11111111
from that pursuit by the way womn Cleveland. At th conclusion of the1A
en pysiian woe teir Iat.interview, Mrs. Koch recounted, Wanft Ad say___________________
Though, I disliked the personal Cona-I[many of her reminiscences of Pres-?
tacts with patients, I finally de- ident James Burrill Angell, and Dr I - ____________________
cided to become a nurse. But today, Mosher, formerly dean of women.,
~ llttluU,3 t'tETHEIO DA S
m hi
You'll find it important to have
1Nc r4A7 ' OPts A°V?' .®-a good assortment of scnwfotnal
I.frocks for the holiday bidge, a
f ~tnec and luncheon n ,_e
The new silhouette is charm-
5 aingly presented in this group of
lovely fashions. Beautifully ade
~4U of rich supple fabrics.

! f i x. " A Variety of Models
~i5to $597
k Dainty Intimate Gi'is in
LING J J1lIE-)7?



Capes are good ini almost any
length for evening, but the recent
popularity of the velvet evening
cape in Paris is directly responsible
tfor he charming model by Lenief,
twith pointed winglike effect lend-
ing movement to long coat which
wraps around with a flare in the
front. Large cuffs and a collar of
long-haired fox lend it further dis-


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