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December 04, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-12-04

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D DFTVDES:. ,1§ ~29



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AS! S P R IO S O University women have in the _n aeAdasI R l M TFt The aim of the Inlander staff is1 Meetings of the staff and contiJj
f land attractive room at their dispo- a all coming tog Kaymether in r one agerand ed in writing poetry," said Frances every two or three weeks, to pre-
SHO soft rugs, the hightly polished floors, by works of Victor Hugo, Bernard Change Hall Into Gala campus literary magazine. "We The manuscripts are read imper-
hterbeauntullresige d andup-w Shaw, John Galsworthy, George El- Ni fCee.[cl that there are many new stu- son ally, and the writer has the ad- I
l~nhoNingDneshnyt hlteeCuriuetedakbowlouakTwiChre.Dcesdnts on the campus with ability ;vantage of gaining the unprejudiced; Jun
wainscoating, the fireplace with its and others which stand off by them-' who do not lend themselves readily1 reaction of the group, as valuable
be Served on Friday carved wood trimming, and the selves in sets. Besides all these there! ARRANGE FOR DANCING to oganization, and are hesitantI to him as to the magazine. The
and Saturday. reading lamps give the room an at-! are scientifie works of all kinds, -- about taking advantage of such op- meeting are in the form of round-
s mosphere of rich intellectuality., travel books, anthologies, books on' Sarah Caswell Angell Hall in portunity as the Inlander affords." j table discussions, held usually In
ORH SR ILPA ;There are books suitable for every tqetadh"lasueuladBrorGynsu sbig,_-_____ Professor Jacks seminar office.N
ORCHtquSTtAaWdtLL awLAs-sefulaThereboareymasiumanybudiffer---n-
mood, purpose, and person. As one 1 necessary dictionary. transformed. No one would ever HU T R C L E E Thee are aremny p ernalt
All' Organized Houses Plan toi scain stenshlvesnetfinod csioden;mfoe oexamhe insta teyolumesrecognize the buL-ren room used for, Student poetry for the most part
TFake (Meals in Coffee like Fielding's "Tom Jones," Chau-I bear the inscription on the fly-leaf, dancing classes in its present rol REJECTS STYLES, is formative, and therefore cannot este
Shp;cer and Milton rubbing covers with "In appreciation of Mrs. W. D. Hen of a Spanish courtyard. Quant ' nm rmth nintcasc be subject to decisive judgments. Girl
j Alfred Noyes and Louis Untermeyer, derson." The books in the library pns un1oso bil ~ Taudyg fof the trnd c urent sc All those who are interested in oth- vitec
the "Life of Benvenuto Cellini," be- are the gift of the women of the yelowcolrintwthdictresuethe omend of Hurntcl rltrraprit e o try, ':
In connection with the bazaar, Isides with Emil Rudwig's "'Goethe," UieriyofMchgnyhnrigblwcoiangredth id rosqlie fegeh delarette w m elvune ol re e lietiseinviordto aear the it.Ld
whc5ilbesosrd yteIHelen Wills and Catherine the Mrs. Henderson for her work in the "iblcsmss andre tudgerofwhate otherclarliter-elesLrbel
Women's League and five of the~ financing campaign for the new :t'e walls opening into thz court- (when their Journalism club an-
local churches next Friday and1 League building.1 yard. The wahole of the hal i3 cov-, uce esls faYuve.T iyayspat eaco lshningb
Saturday in Barbour Gymnasium,! PP IN I 'More books are being added all!redt by building paper or, whch, per cent of the Hunter Women fav- thirpatiulrcied
n Chi Omega has been placed in SQ AD the time, and all are classified by!red the long lines, but 70 per cent j he spring issue of the Inlander, at
'charge of a Coffee Shop, serving CLASS MANAGERS I students of the Library Science de-j these designs have been painted. were defiant and declared fashion' devoted entirely to poetry, afford- is
luncheon and dinner on bth days. FOR BASKETBALL! partment, according to the system1 The decoration committee headed( latest decree impractical, incon- ed opportunity of sizing up the type Ms
Every year some house has man- ___ advised in that department. by Ivalita Glascock, '2 is working venient, uncomfo table, and une- of poetry being written by campus play
agd ate room in connection with Itrlas basket 11 mhitsaron1aoclokso u- conimical.. They arso believe it asisuet.Ltspnghem azeA
th aar u h nrdcino aaesin abadtpsychologicalceffetoon un-e'hed the annual poetry contest, the Hee
th aar u h nrdcino e11.the Sophomore Cabaret this year wr chosen by the class squads Michigan Dames Take til 12 o'clock night every day this werer because itpscogi banishes fetthesseIupoefwhcwatotmlte of the
hs mde t unecssay fr te ystrda afernon t te frst; pow of New Members Iweek All sophomrore women wto !of freedom which goes with the1wvriedn romStheu nent xintstheal
hasfme iptounevesayhforteprctyesteysftron at theb irstm- rouIare interested in helping to make Ish~!ort skirt. They contend that it is viefrmtecnnioatohe ls
Coanne luShop oneveanythinneut ratice. sesso ea atnag r Tym-sixnew members of the ;the c-baret a success are welcomenl not a new mode, but "a long step futuristic in the number.of1
menus. A la carte orders will be Ifrom their group, and Margaret f cMichigan Dames were initiated: cwork with the committee backward in the progress of wom- Mrs. C. C. Little, wife of ex-Presi- Ibee evdiih aae ttatm alsa hc odwl.b'nseacpto. etLtlwososrd
sreinteCbrtatetie hso,'31, general W. A. A. mana- Monday night in a club room of theseveTable arnesbutte!Te3 prcn h atvwcheooth e nttlatewsonso rle a -special nout
and in the evening. TevdTearne bu le Th 0prcn h aoe h
In keeping with the gypsy motif ger, appointed a freshman to man- ;League building, following a short coulrtyard add(ig, a co.lorr~ul nte new fashion spoke of Individuality wrh 3,hspbihd mn e
oftebzatecfe hpl-age the first year team. business meeting in the Cave room,( to the scene ihrdchce a the vogue," the return to femiinity poeso ew.Oe f her most I'be
" catad in the corrective gym room Frances Sackett will manage thej Stunts, planned by Mrs. Robert blecoths. Waitresses in gay gypsyj and with the return of long skirts itr eigwasfpritedatrino th Sa:-0
inte aemn, il edeoatdsenior team; Helen Wilson is junior Witr n r. itrChln costumes wait on the tables. the return of women's most fas- oih. omaBrvnfme
in brght colors, with orange re-j manager; Elizabeth Louden, sopho- frihd netimetatrRoom has been saved in the mid- cnaigatiue mystery. The jMcia ntutr a.r nl
dominating. Green~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~h dinlpbogh, orthe aracourtyarda frnshd nforinmndafertcinego setoutyrdfmajorityo ajriy wasncindinclinedMihianinttotr;hoot ecenlatN
domgiatiangGeeand hpine ogs, mrandBrbrafrhartmahasermny Bb Carson's orhlestra. Entertain- tisromantic value although some published a book of poems, "Spider out
willbe uspnde fro th cei- et.There will be no second meeting ment is afforded by three chorusesj admitted that perhaps the long jKn." Valerie Gates, '2, wrote one me
inwhil e gsusendeduromes ic e Tenx ls ciewillbeiofthgecignDae i Dcnt iskirtmero scc tvhad isir hditpac i placetie o ls yainllwrefomroon 1a
plaedinsihoeteilon teselitmorooaterootaeBr-alongIstedahhrstaspatyltoThrowiloerrow afterntr-bunfrotretnndcapu, evr.arr-ior tbteyn.ndrInstinehiadypy igreswilreihenetmlas practic I hee will be ofth Mchganams n ecm andaa number1ebusneoiastreacts.d'cofplastnyear. All were formere con-nde. at
wal.Gethilbesre tsal our Gymnasium.I which the members' husbands are tainment afternoon and evening!
car tblscovre wthnovlt ~- --~-~-- -invited, will be held at 8 o'clock both Friday and Saturday, Dec. 0 Journalistic Sorority Lady Rhonnda, a prominent pai
luncheon cloths and napkins. Mu- whipped cream. or ire cream and I 1luge f lyDmber iihou the and 7. This- is a chance to vst a British business woman and dire- mad
sic will be furnished by a three- cake. The rice of the dinner, com- otg fPlerFedhiie glamorous night club, The price of! Na esNe I ti tfor of 30 opnes is leading the pi
Teenrchetavei; b ee afu lltyih +eti n olr amsini wet-ly et Thc menu for Saturday dinner, NOTHWEaSTENhUenNIVERSIveTY person and the lane cost five TetIigaPhNaioatao- okinJ w omsEnland infanhei
planned and offer a wide selection which is also one dollar, cornsists -tdnsa otwsenhv et piece. The pice of saud- oary Journalistic sorority, lnlttattak nJ.HpToasaorifdh
ed eve ne meber lat eenig p~vyseal and minister of employ- atC
at reso abl prce Th me u f achoce of ake h m o c ick-, formed a committee to try to solve wiches and drinks will be the same ldIvatnethmerKa pa l a t etasooity ment. m a
fo reiaysnda tuerday. ofersmenaofa cing inattydhmrellserow- the parking difficulties around the a hagdinrglathos ouethe p inipa tiasore itlenI ±wuimnuoeiiwigi
choice of creamed tuna fish in pat- ed potatoes,' carrots and peas, let-: campus.h ihen-inhlnt sDmie 3,Eos;Aey 3,Rt
tie shells or fruit salad with potato tuce with Thousand Island dyes-; NTI- -CETh etennch egh i Long, '30, Alice Sherman, '30, Beth=
chips, rolls, and coffee or milk, for sing, coffee, rolls, and a choice of ;~.1~ much seen in jewelry, and classic'3,AnHad,30ad
fifty cents. The dessert is twenty-I butterscotch sundae or chocolatel There will be a regular meet- tailored effects in gold -and slve= iriamn Kellan, '31.
fiecnt xra n cnitso ; aewihwipe remfr e-with simulated real stones give a B A T
fiv cets xtr, ad onsstsof cae wthwhipedcrem fr ds-ing of the W. A. A. board Thns- "touch of brilliance to afternoon
c h o ic e o f v a n illa ic e c re a m o r a p - s wdy a h i l o s ,si k f o k . T e S a h n l e c
Foreriadinneeer, heThe lyConeenfopwl rhoseso-,'!slk ExecutiveSpaisBoardencevreer ic's Permanent...
For Fpieay nd rhese menu con- I iaThe conveentShorwillsprsveop- A. A. U. W xcuieBar r oted in intricately designed E GHMasoal Special Permanen
lists of a choice of salmon cro- ping at the bazaar and for the sell- will meet at :30 tomorrow aft- 4 metal chains with stone settings, Wth sx months
quets or pork roast, mashed pota- i :r. Groups of women from the va-1 ernoon at the home of Miss Sara 1 and enamel chains with gnendantsHO IRY Marcel ... ........
toes and gravy, baked apple rings, *!ous sorority and league houses,1 Whedon, 1320 Forest Court. necak-e ofraew inter forock. yAso25 ffonal or
lettuce with Thousand Island core- I nd dormitories, who will be work- i neck-line____ofa__new__winte.r-frock. 1Lstockigsuthada110xceptJ
sing, rolls, coffee, and for dessert a ing at the bazaar, are planning- on ,----------~-" -rtie S..,K
choice of chocolate cake w ith patronizing it en masse. Rj ~h wear:'. h ltlNIIIIIfII~IIIIIIIIIIl1I
I ai$1.39, Box $4.00
SD w yS ihsBre Shp Is giving a ht oil treatment FREE $ X1.65, Sox $4.65
V j;SapTetei o ~nr~fwith a shampoo and finger wave 1 $195, Box $5.50 i u c e
and Unihealhy HairI $1.00 or shampoo and marcel $1.00. J/1sLti The Mary Shaw ?
Cor OL evc oLde hlrnOpen Evenings Call 21478 625 E. Liberty Street 1306 . Uivrst' Eat
jUpstairs over Plower ShopIth
1110 SOUTH UNIVERSITY ~Ii______inth
( =atmosphere
G o o d ya r sI Gss1Caf
17q Souirh Main Sr~re tAan
/ A",, . T..12 Y1liste n
~~ Delicious ad efreshng

ior Women to Work in Any
Capacity on Annual Play
Should Attend.
Junior women who are intel -
:d in working on the Junior
s' Play in any 'capacity are in-
d to ain open meeting to be held
:30 o'clock this afternoon in the
[a Mendelssohn theatre in the
gue building. At this time, eli-
lity will be discussed by Miss
;e Lloyd, advisor of women, and
ilk will be given on tryouts by
s Amy Loomis, director of the
nnouncement will be made by
n Zones, '31, general chairman,
h-e author of the play which will
produced.. The committee will
be present and the chairman
miusic and dancing who have
n chosen recently, will be an-
ryouts for the play are set for
:ember 12, 13, and 14. 'they will
held from 3:30 to 6 o'clock
trsday and Friday, and from
to 12 o'clock Saturday morn-
'o woman will be allowed to try
who has not made an appoint-
it. Appointments may be made
ween the hours of 9 and 12 and
id 4 o'clock today and tomorrow
,he table in University hal. Jun-
class dues of one dollar must be
d before an appointment may be
le.. Those who have already
d these dues must present a re-
it. For those who have not yet
d, an opportunity will be given
the time the appointment is
IN Nill n i llg lllt 1111111111 1 111 1111ii o
.t. ...6.50
. 75c
one every Monday W
permanents.Pon '6_
11!l111 HI111i1Ohl~lllI 111111 ii1111l111!1 I I

r t i.; ; ^ goodMU
mn the
Jzfir ~ lc w'Coffee
"/ - Ittl-
M-- - - -- - - - -- - - - - -- - - - -- - - - -- - -IOURNAL LEPIDOPTERA{
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .AND TUPN THE BULL i
You can keep
~~ (can . . e or teiqh y- -to maike
Y matd 15ors ot I ouselve. BtI
o n g o i n g w it h rwen in the norm al course of flu- aD n e $
man evCflts thee's nothing so
th e sam e Happi~~wlyoe's a soaarefreshing o pwonause.
I pl y h ' o af u t
or refreshment stand-with plenty
f " "o ice-cold Coca-Cola yeady-
arrowd... - -rr- anywher. "" rL Friday and

f1c -
Leaue and after
League Inter=
church Bazaar

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