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November 30, 1929 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-11-30

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CANDIDATES MEETi P..OL A H BDOKS1 1 CHANGEIN STYLE! henDr. Fui'nk FR. Robis, as.13 ulshed io the pe ,s yeteray 10N j
,rI_____otersdnt eune i bado tute did not, ap-!
from a searh through the privatec
PMrF HOLLIS iTERf Iisprl y of lizre TCexs Includes Old Committee Porto Wdii e land title arhiv s in the baement $ oint the oard of regents, and l Iol~
(~cdeein ofForign iic$~l ~ of U niver Ary hal, hr liad inhi: lene, latter body di not remain
f e PleszL iith lt~iigs. pwe>1na1entuyfodsi h.ud de nil1837. During thi period
Il e rzeWilbLe Aivwsrdecl Itf t~VA in oa 'ftasfing a record of the; which i fully covered in the newly
byThomas H. lack for talk ---EDI-TOPfr ten v o teordit of Thgr ur-es oftun ers ty,ihe aros bthe ls. kO
by ewTes .ntSHOWN FOR VISITORS COLJRLANDER 1 DIO merteierstye oMiard o ur-,oeefotUnersityrphe aos bhes ICF
onNeTs___ert in g the peerdo{ from 1821 to 1837. ;cal aaderny in Detroit, were es-
-- _ heAn rorme in norder to produice a bet tic and Tlii, d iwety, written i-,fe + alised . .gh& eer444.Niseoesth Dr(
BENETT LAST WlINlNEI i of tl ir mrican Mlvathemnatical so-mr ffcety rszd'~f~ded ricr It o' ;he iard' ere- rganzation, sope, and money ap- eoga
iety, t he University Tihraiy. has zncthe *nlane a tfC*i tortes. a5tittes the flnlngi'4t~~ ropdsations of threxpnding 1In-C! ca
P irer ttsMa Gv eell°§araneda ehiitofnal , real issing link" in the Unive- 3stitutlof. with
GnCuce;Fnl itavne n ehbto al with the old. committee form of (h-jsity's earlier history, Inasmuch as h UieriY c'tnet u
beHlnnMy dslyaseprsn ie ection, which has been superceded th e documents for the period pre- ion upon this basis until the so- o'clock
be Fel in Ma! uks ; W byp a detftniteesetaLim,.said Harold viously extant were very fragmen- alledK.Orga 'ic.,At of 1837 was eneA
opatIncluded in the exhibit vs a case(Courlander, '31, managing editor. tart'. Heretofore, much that trans-,Pasedbyth newly elcedDaeDota
IHistoryofps Thomas 1 . H. of book publishe~d in the fifteenth The magazine has not been run-1 pired I the University's infancy! legislature. T1his enactment estab-Iont
tlckOaoiacotssadplan _ I ti! oning efficiently and the rergatn- had been reconstructed through in -' lishied the Board of Regents, whch n th
BlckOatria cness n cntr. mngth thr oabei zaton is intended to create etter ference and conjecture, but an ex-_- has been the gverning e' yuti whch
for this year's debates were out- t groups in this collection is oeof1
lie yPo.R .T olse fOl ffeatures and provide for greater iamination of this new source is-ithe present. compi
liae ly AmerRican. Hllisertooo: arlyin arith- pecialtinwhich should prove closes a complete narration of the 1----the So
the speech department at a meeting Asasncltrr Pr~ aPhto mnatic.A nothere is the roup of beneficial. Trustees' activitie" during the pert- Faculty Menl to Attend had be
ocnddtsfrtepie eti-I Dr. Ilernan Vearde, Spanish and Spanish-American Thiose who hove been appointed d 1817-21. Metnai ~ sh~t n a !'
day. Am-bssador from~ Peru, who is, woiksfin this last groutp are two t h newly craeIoiin r n 1817, the governor and judges Iwho is
The subjects will be any suggest- ~~~~~~~~as follows: Frne Sackett, '30, ofthTeroyofMciavtd Po.RgrL.orinad rf lsM
The sbject wil be ay sugest-to replace Sir Esine Howard, retir-'works lpublished in Manila in 1733 drama; . Morrisn Alexanider, '3,1to eseTblihthery to isnteld WaltRer Emo snds both f.h{kisM
dby teNwTsaett h ing ambassador from Great BPI,- and 1755.1)th of which are very prose editor; Merle Elsworth, '30, or University of Mchgania. Th hgwa nieeigd
participt Th fnnt.qudThet sTean boks;Fsquadenins, 31highway engineerinargp ° vlualedepartmentresof Aebetarcar
chosnsbe ProessrProfessrsbouraminlhesonerry abtast( ahvalableboos, nd asereshfsboko;Fraceszennngsn'31eaneacivites fotisooganzatonnwreoillgoetcWahinton1eceber10,ee;-y~:
the middle of March, will prepare of the Washington diplomatic small volumes published in Mxc.Ja imn 0 oty te hoildb h e.Jh in
thirspece fr hefna cnts crp. hee 1wth *~ *I tafappointments will be made teithoetiepeidn f tLo attenda meeting of the Highway He also
Teeare as te ealiest English ,on-ttefromdn o teResearch Board. Professor Morni- Ifrom t
the early part of May. "astronomysihe earliest English al- o time to time as necesity tie-'above uniiversty, and a repesenta o scara fteri te ot
Gomands., tive of the territory to the United Isni himno h alsel Dc
Attempts To Train. Sadler Will G East gebra and the earliest English ge The other mmber f the tif States committee of the board, and Pro-, fessor
"The object of the contest" saidt ometry, all three written by a phy- aeJon e rso w State Senate. This record is that fessor Emmonds is chairman of a I ity of
I Fso orAi- a l eetilg r: onDener, 32, Harold Kal- ;recently made available throughcmmtte-nrodIil.and is
~PoesrHollister yesterday, is to AiSRai sician, Robert Rcorde. ousidan, '32, Donald Sparks, 32, the efforts of Shelby B. Schurtz, The cmmittee whrod ichPofsor.cld
teagl men and women how to speak1Y Probably the mpst valuable book Elizabeth Gerhard,32, John GIa- '09L, of Grand Rapids and William Te mm ees ich newonesnon hel
to mixed audiences instead of a few, Prof. W. C. Sadler, of the ivil ' In the collection Is the first edition ynE3, lxnemPmuhe, 3,WrnrBso, nvriy irn-duxlg heamestisn e wilolne ti n
vipiAlxnerPcked 3, ane ihoUivriyjudges. That is whly we have !engineering department leaves to- of Isaac Newton's Principia Math- Ylanrdoruris,'3, ndVicoranmeeistiifctgtelbsiefrhwitslei tha
held our final contes in churches.; day for New York to attend thle matica. TPhis work is valued atlRabinowitz, '31.olc proof that the University's nativity its _________________
Frtepstw yerth nl meeting of a committee that has 1aot$00 The bousiness department will ,was in 1817, not in 1837 as had been
debteodstahe .Thl isya, f been helddtostdinil theio This collection of mathematical number five when completed. No'pevoul accepted. Monteith's re--
Metodit curc. hisyea, i ben ormd t stdy hereltio woksof historical interest in the business manager has yet been se-! cord covers the activities until T
the quality of the ppers permits; between air and rail service. University Library is not on one leered and tryouts for that pos-;1821. L A NEt1 X L
as I am sure it will, I have arranged, This commnitee whch is made up of the best in America but is sir- tion and other poiiosonte nthsyerHbAheLtLf181
for several of the participants to; of railroad executives and leadingi passed only in a few of the greatest business staff will not be consider- the institution was reorganized un-
givether pper beorediferet Ie lbraiesof he orl. Mre haned unti Christmas vacation. All der a Board of Trustees, and re-
congregations throughout the statb'gner wl meiwtsvrt years ago Prof. W. W. Beman applicants should get in touch with named the Unversityo Mcia.
at evening services. This will give railroad presidents to consider, began to collect rare items in orade tteInadrofieTiYdmnsrtoflastedgunti
them practice on talking to audi- whAt steps should be taken in re-j mathematics both for the Univer- in the Press building 1837. Contrary to the statement; The Choicest of lWhc
ences instead of judges." gard to co-operation between nail-I sity and for his own library. Later; ________________
Three Prizes Offered roads and air transportation lines. Prof. Alexander Ziwet came to l
The prizes of the contest are $100 According to Professor Sadler I Michigan. His chief interest was AG odN&r i
and at gold medal for first prize, $50( this new phase of transportation mechanics along which line he
for second prize, and a fine copy of is still in its infancy, and it has made a notable collection. Prof:JHoe
Dh il o hr rz.Tet roit gee.eeoe oaveysald-W J usy fteAstronomy de- ii(hfd ent~ fletoi al
gle yToa lcaDtotge.!partment, devoted several ye ars to of teiroir aetli tries withs
gttryndmThmsblackte ass- - -the task of securing books onlthe .4 t ib-ike ainosphere. }lest M s nn a
of 1911. While in school he was a Yale students, when on the schol-1 history of astronomy. These three - iL al- the rtes are low. IM s naK l
member of the varsity debating antic warned list, will not be allow- libraries are all among the Univer- r-{t l5Oioe X.00 Dailyl-
team and participated actively ini ed to join fraternities, Yale deansI sit's collection. .S3'f ,I Jtt'e r .ilihigan Stuens
oratoricals.- He was so impressed have decreed. Although formerly; More recently, Prof. Louis C. fi'xIftnlAIIIIIN HOTEL
by the value of the training he re-JIa student whose scholastic record Karpkinski, of th i Mathematies ioger1.Maflwaring,(1922Law)-
ceivedl, that he wanted to affordi was below the quality demanded department, has devoted consider- reiei
t ung men and women an oppor- Imight be pledged but no initiated, able attention to searching ta- William C. Lee, Manager
tunlty to develop their ,powers of !he no longer may be pledged. logu-es of dealers in foreign books. (inis a«oh
speech. Last year's whinner was; - r- - -- II ..'rests Ho_____- " m e Away Fronm Home"
Chester Bennett, '29, who is now as- --
sstant secretary of the Student
Christian Association, while Law- I Hark To His Master's Voice! Saying
rence Hartwig, '31, won it the yearI' J ~ ~~ A~
before. I___ GO To UNIVERSITY MUSIC HOUSE Tod1ay111L tXI
Noted Sociologist Will For ,vrtigMscl
Speak at Club Meeting. aos=.roey. T ke W ek ra!
Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes, pirofes=' Majestic, Victor, roly
sor of sociology at Smith college, LowestTEM insrnp,"
'Will lecture on "What is wrong with t suit, .adwin, Kiohr& apbl "
oreducational system?" at a meet- Ploy wile Khie & Cmpbll 'I i
in fteRudTable club, at 8Plydh3 Orchestral I rtnstruiments is ._ e
Lanfeh Rud o PY Vitrtr, Columbia, $i ruwik R 0
o'clock Monday evening, at Ln eod
bail auditorium. -2cra
ntoareuainaasoilgtProfessor Barnes has a n iner-
nainlrptto sascooit'ASK THOMAS HINSHAW,' Mgr. 4DN NE
historian and criminologist. The
author of several penetrating books, 601 Fast William Street Phone 7515
he has gained distinction for his
services in organizing and popular -__ I_______________________
izing modern knowledge for the __ _________
purpose of promoting enlighten -, "ONE HYSTERICAL -NIGHT"
went urbanity, social justice and ,LAST TIM[& gjKL ~ AA TIMES
world peace. As educeator, lecturer TOA _ foKjl. TDA
and writer, he has been foe of sham, I______________________________________
kiierstition and intolerance. - --~ __ ON TH-E STACJF St J- AY-
The admission is 50 cents.j The Famous~ , .
________- JAK RAPH jLe~rths haie of Plicy
_tasSACE WRA' [e etie sow6n hesc e1

gist of Scott Expediion
Lecture on II[-Fated
Molar jour ey.
Griffith Taylor, professor o
phy at the University- of
o,'will lecture on the subjet,,
Scott in the Antarctic," at 8l
Wednesday in Natral St-
orTaylor was. the geologist
e last Scott Expedition, on
the leader with his sledging
nions perished after raching
,th Pole one month after it
!en attained by the late Cap-
Amundsen. Doctor_ Taylor,
an Australian like Sir Douig-
awson and Sir Hubert Wi-
oth of whom are now in the
tic, spent between two and
ears at Captain Scott's base.
oled independent expeditions
,hat base.
,or- Taylor was formerly pro-
of geography at the Univer-
Sydney in Ncw South Wales
the author of many works,
ing a. large technical volume
physiography of the Antar-
d a popular work entitled
Scott, the Silver Lning "
alesome Foods
The Living creen Presents
The famuous Stars of
Greater Than Fver!
,. Cotnp-
(., 'Diected
' by Lloyd

giving day, November 28, is aday 111! 1 UKAL V ~IVLO , ormer Star ofEd yal -Th,-etir IhW ITHtheSte
of mourning in Bulgaria. IHouse- 1 carn -w~e i ivl ORI ~~yn h raettli'As _
fronts were draped in black. It was 1* 7WIL, m RR U', tth ratItIalie ls, Wr°"
th niesr ftesgigo - U Non.Sense on Wheel" Marian N4ixon
the treaty of Neilly which gave L Is- 1 -li EluvlyHomHeerq
~i'hrac to Grece. -Jack Holt and Rlph Craves, the Pals of "Submarine," take to "--

For choiceset un
the matili'e.







Choral Union Series
TUESDAY, DEC. 3, 8:15 P. M.

Joseph Snilovitg

:. Sand Roth
lre Hrt 'a ,

1 ecis it crries om the great Htibay '-aid
Popper instrumtental traditiollS.

2.Because each member is uider thirty-five yeari.
3". Because it to - to. Paris . frst - at the personal
and- enthusiastic invitation; of the c omposer Ravel.
46' Becase it was the first quarhtet to conquer Italy
for chamber mushc

:. .



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