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October 29, 1929 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-10-29

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_ ___ _ ._ _.. _....... .dAL Y a m r v. .. ,, flua~r asv v ivr~ aw flhI..Th 2w ""..% "



-:tFn'rh 1, S ecti, 1ad1:Temk-p xmnto nteeFINAL LECTURE Suct drse n
C"-ia ,;will13C wlclin rom OFE DR.I.WENLEY, edatdaForuma by3, AtdentAddesse
D ! L u FF I C I A L B U L L I T I 1Phychlogy 31. Make-up Fmia Examination will bo , "rtvcn i Room O R E L Y Ia ou lo R
121, aou 'coPWednsdyOcobr_0__T__ERNT D
Publication in the Bulletin is constructive notice to all members at four o'clocOctoberin0.d1FTOmBEaPRINTED
of the University. Copy received by the Assistant to the Presi-. Or.-elic will meet Wednesday, coe 30. from 7 to 7.30. Theliw J Sxty'Yaridne b ileli
_______________________ __________Character Danec class will meet from 7:30 to 8 of the s amce vcnwvl. his very humanity, the Spanish-
VOL. XL. TUESDAY, OCTOBER ?.9,-12. No (___ of Great Philosopher's Aeia snwlal oteD.B
__________________ ________ unuierv - Try-outs will be held Wedneday and Thursday Oct. Last Speech. ;charge of backwardness, Professor of S
NOIE 30 and 31, from 4 to 5:30. Fourth floor of Angell :Hall. !lo explained.
Faculty, College of Literature, Science and the Arts: The Novem- - Though Robert Mairk WenleyfDiernswrenvld othj
be eeigoftefaut wl b ed nRom22 AgllHl, t410; Ge ftgicaI Journal (Cubll .11meet in Room 3055014. S. at 3 o r oci{ breaking away of the two Americas
p.r meetingdoath, fculycwllbedeldMarRoch2 2A9gl alhea 4:ayctoern1.whichHssyfriomSpatheir hd Mrch29hthrdaoowhchtroithiroternounris, SnHOWO
p. n.,Mona November 4. 'i rdycVnn
Tenaiedates for faculty meetings for the remainder of the year City Em a .' 'L. 1. K^:Tun will talk on "The Ueoe2:y of~ Northeahsolthv etfo ekly intytar h l panish colonies;
Taeentied sflos eebe ,Jnay1,FerayCaul' California to deliver the seventh capable of ruling themselves with- Prof.
March 3, April , May a. nnual Howison lecture, the speech out making_ mistakes, he stated.! gineerin
JnR.Effinger The Internationual Language: Professor C. L. Miaedor vi lecture I ad been w itten by ProfessorSuh isaehvepod costly,+ before1
!~i~1~on the International Lnug seat usay 9h t41 necessitating intervention and its
Dcan's dvisory Coininitee, Coic "'e o y Lit raturLanguageeand thranton oouesdayngell2aith!Tatpu4:1cisWinvey,. andnlitisd nowi publishedhe byy accompanying huhu l tioa.Lion.ric
Arts: A meeting is called for Thursday fternoon, October 31, at 4 p.'.-- D-- h UiesiyofClfonAttackntd tts a vovdon"e
nin In Dean Efiingr's fficc. 'U ritish Commfunfisst ack U. S.Enlbass' number five, volume six of the pub- two patent medicines for such ills: :day~ nig
John R. Effinger *I lications of that instiution in phil-th Monroe doctrine and Pan- i(Buffalo
inProtest Against American Workers' Abuset osophy. lAmericanism, which, although con-~Po
The Michigan School of Itcaiain announces that Professor Shirley "'Tis Sixty Years Since" is a lec- ills, have roved altogether satis- mn
Jackson Case, of the Univcrity of Chica e, will lecture in the. Natural (: , ,, ~ nocent passersby The clash lastec ture dealing with the intellectual factory Dr.Aiton declaired. " ing pro
Scence Auditorium, on Thurday and l rday. Octobers 31 and Novembery
1, at 3 o'clock p. mn. His subject on "Thursday evening will be "The Ideal London, Oct. 28.-Communists for more than a half hour before growth of the English-speaking "The whole program of political? enced b
Jesus," and en F ic ,:y ~x , ' he L(31 ;c ctr." and London Police- Sunday nlgn} severe clubbings by mounted po-lioples, especially those in Amer- doseage is whoiig," he stated. "What cro
Louis A. Hlopkins fought for more than a half hour. licemen quelled the Red spirit. ) ica, durinrg that period. It aims to stund f hcs a ndropolitics."uchtionn
outside the American embassy The Communists carried such i nterpret philosophically the phases Dr. Aiten believes that there is i also de
Rlowioig for Wower.: The fec for bowll:'g has beena chan;;ed from when several hundred paraders, banners as "MacDonald gorges in o civilzation culminating in the little danger of organized resist- l of the t
tca to five cents a string. attempted to present a resolution Washington, and "Textile workers idownfall of Romanticism and the ance to intervention by the United [durance
_ of protest at the Gastonia, N. C., starved and murdered in Gastonia" Wrl States because the roblem invol- the fin
EETTOA texile workers' trials. They flaunted these at the windows WolMar. thuP dhv enofsfiin mot
Unierit Letue :15pEN.TWstOGaly Aun eoilHlTeprd of Comnss u-o assing ombuses until police! Professor Wenley, togh dhv en fsfiinIipr-jVro
UnvriyLcue41 .i. etGleyAun emra.al h aaeo omnss u-- p anee those countries are imbued feet cu
Dr. W. R. Valentiner, Art Drccter of thc Detroit Institute of Arts. boring several hundred, formed at took them away from them. scholar of Greek philosophy in his wtthtyialSpnsloli fishx
Subject:'Fra Angelico". Trafalgar Square and moved to- The people in the neighborhood earlier years, devoted his chief at- and intense local ptits;adI sie
ward the American embassy when least concerned about the whole f-' tention to American philosophy in; there are too many countries who peimen
Faculty, School of Education: Stall iuncheon at 12:15 p. in., third its way was barred by a cordon of fair were the members of the the last years of his life. He was want to be the leaders of an His-i speaker
floor of the Michigan League Building, police who informed its leaders !American embassy. Police hadI engaged in a study of the American panic league while there are too A gener
they could not be received at the drawn their cordon far enoubh p peadlf t h ieo i few who want to be followers, address.
Exhibition from the Naticnal Soiwety of Mural Painters, Architec- embassy. away from the building to insure people and life at the time_____ofhis
tura Huidixl, daly fom nne t fiv. !Free-for-all fighting ensued, in{ its inmates not being disturbed I death. Copies of the address havec
_____the course s of which some of the All but three of those arrested! been received at the Librarian's of- MERRILL, LYNCH-
Ltn11Lurtu:Professor Dunlap will not meset this class to- Communists smashed windows of later were released. Damage seemed~ Membnewlrbsvalbl o h

>ston Discusses Properties
heel When Influenced
by Chemicals.
0. W. Boston, of the on-
Zg shops department, spoke,
the Buffalo section of tho
an Society of Steel Treating
chinability of Steels' Thurs-
ght at the Hotel Statler in'
,ssor Boston disclosed the
:actors enteripg the inachin-
'perties of steels as influ-
y the chemical 'compositioni,
content, structure, anid
iany physical properties. li,,
!scribed the various factor.;
tool, such as its life, or eu-
e, the required power, and
ished product
us cutting fluids, as they ,af-
tting speed, tool life, and
vere albo discussed. Lantern
showing the results of ex-
its carried out by tlv~
and others were exhibited.
al discussion followed the
I cot



,ay. Ij jaJ;LL1n, veniciLet n1i iI1V in ii-to have been small. pbi soty

Physics 2301-Pro -Seminiar: All Grad u ate
take this course ale requested to mieet at 1:30 p).
Physics Building for assignment of work.

Students required to)
mn., in Room 1041, East

STAF7' A.C M1FlrAf Anf4Zr))?FbD 7(bDTf4F F)?I7Dl4MR~ATr.ACC

I 1

New York Stock Exchange
Chicago Stock Exchange


A.JZ AA A~TN0 IV£A LJL 4.0 ..A4-.0 Aft" V I J'.#* W11.

Portia meets at 7:30 p. mn. in the Portia clubroom, fourth floor of
Angell Hall. Professor O'Neill will speak.
Athena: Pledges come prepared to give two minute interesting
talk. Winner of competition will receive an honor. Meeting at 7:30,1
fourth floor Angell Hall.
Adeiphi House of Representatives meets at 7:30 p. m. in the AdelphiI
room on the fourth floor of Angell hall for open discussion on "Is
Democracy in Government a Failure?' New members will be initiated,
and tryout speeches will be heard. Visitors are invited to attend.
Alpha Nut Meets at 7:30 p. in. in Room 403 Angell Hall. Those wish-
ing to tryout should be prepared to deliver a five minute extempor-
aneous speech. This is the last opportunity to tryout this semester.
Physics Colloquin: Professor ;David M. Dennison will speak on the
"Isotopes of Carbon and Oxygen", and Mr. Lloyd A. Young will speak on
the "Regularities Among the Ionization Potentials of Light Elements",
in room 1041, East Physics Building at 4:15 p. m.
Tau Bet Pi meets at 6:15 p. m. at the Union.
Ph~i Sigma will hold an opening meeting at 7:30 p. in. in room 1139
Natural Science Bldg. Dr. C. L. Hubbs will give an illustratedi talk on
"ACollecting Trip to Java". All those interested in the biological sci-
ences are cordially invited to be present.
Lutheran Students of the University are invited to a Hallowe'en
party this evening, 8:00 to 10:00, at the Zion Lutheran Parish H-all, 309
E. Washington St.
Opera Singing Chorus meets at 8:00 p. in. in the Michigan Union.
The room number for the rehearsal will be placed on the bulletin boaro
in the lobby.
Michiganensian Business Staff meets at 4 p. mn. in the Press Build-

Dr' onV oeao e a become thoroughly informed as to
on the Health Service this year, I the physical condition of those
has been appointed as medical ad- men under his care and conse-
iso o l e nteca o I quently will be much better equip-
193pr oen'sadto otedod to prescribe for them.And then
staff is the second such step in the too, theistudt wrill haemayfatur-
I completion of a plan that was ,in- iafr advisoc owhmhemytr
augurated last year when Dr. Bracefradie
was appointed medical advisor to' To make this plan workable an
the present Sophomore class, attempt will be mad° by each doc-
The ompeteplanis o utim tfor to fully examine every man
Thfopeepa st liae in his care. This will be carried on
ly have an advisor for each class, through the medium of the intre-
1 whose duty it will be 'to hold the mural health card and by request-
adirsd from the time the class phscleaitonAlmn
enter s the University until its edpyicleainto..l e
graduation. applying for an examination to
per'mit them to enter intra-mural
aSuch an arrangement will make sports will be referred to their
it possible to establish acquain- class medical advisor, and those
tance between the doctor and the; who are not reached in this way
student. In this way the doctor will will be sent a letter requesting

It IsZlime
You will find it easier
to have the Christmas
pictures taken now be-
fore the last rush. It is
easy, quickly done, and

Music Section of the Faculty Women's Music Section:
.Women's Club will have a pot lu.-k supper at the home of
F. IHunt, 1030 Baldwin Avenue, at G6:30 p. mn. New members of
tion will be guests at this meeting.r

your patronage is
liciked purely on
duality basis.


Mrs. WV.
the sec-

the tor come for an eai na..Lrtio.?,.7#.,evelana Stock tExchange'
thmt oefraxmn tio. Detroit Stock Exchange
This plan, it is hoped, will sum-! New York Curb Market
plify and improve the efficiency of~ Accounts Carried on Conservative Margin
the Health Service and will give the~ ~ i~aa~n~£~oe'~'
student the benefit of personal in- ' 201 Lixf Nt1 ad:. DL Ae 42
tinmate attention._ _.. _.YA.%"/r.'JO..". ' :"o..,""0"r."" s'./1: .«"JP I:,.0
Shirt collars attached and unattachedl
{ { r s e t a a n d ri g p r b e m w i c c non y 'b s o l v e d b y t h e u s e o f t h e m o d e r n
collar ironing m ac h in.es., h
VARSITY'S} plant is fully equipped in.
this as in every other detail. The collarsI
returned to you are not only spotlessly
white but are perfectly ironed: Remember;
that the laundry can do it better, and at the
VARSITY only pure IVORY soap is
used in every laundering process assuring
to. you greater wear from your clothes
and linens.
_ ~Liberty at Fifthy,
Stations throughout the city



Play Reading Section Faculty t' omens' Club meets this afternoonl
at 2:30 in the Women's Field House, corner Forest and North U~ni-
versity. All members of the Faculty Women's Club who arc interestd
in joining this section arc cordially invited.
University Lectures: October 30, Mr. Ernest Rhys:' "Celtic Folk
Tale and French Romance"
Novcember 1, Mr. Tassilo Adam: "Four Years at the Court of the Sul-
tans of Java".
Physics 38: Books will not be used in the Problem Examination on
Friday, but the necessary formulae will be furnished. This applies to;
the one o'clock section only.f

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