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January 26, 1929 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-01-26

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On AIoNTAI OFFMnICnESI whn irtnndnt becameknwsta hre NAMed BLmCrAMi FAOUS BYse "24tB vas .E Kncn,
dedT eigainbets Cooimm e stllisinsistn uon AwTay FR UNEtRWOOD" FOR GINI .TILl LITS
Presient ittle - crIsecam e knwlte itmoyb thatblcLf Mk es os
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Condn Of fers, Mtine mInh' eImiaSte beNan - theat AtHIeGtic. Lad 25.- sRoerta gd Ean , mEe nv,
oejctstoiereiastebuingd eof A.r n d Af Retirememn Andhe Geretion C. Thrle AWrll'
ReadTo Rsinatirsontf coideonss ldotectause the n
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receTO$I, I OFS- oCor b idge , petds to ste iS nt Od-nneRbOrgnaFRrINITIALLIG Hm d
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Cretary Of te ersitete r-nthheite easer d Wr UetrodefAlaamnaon of sarW.Uder sthGlin yder sectionroeery sr-
da maepic ah te conain- the aDemocraticL eaderrPys Fsrmrobnatr. c.e l atmp eirz Irt olo
ofPeietCaeceIo i glethcm t1:5ococ hswode esedya i e iesd at 11 ococketoorro over-
ingose erm derwhihh eethegonth nmn oSena ori di taea Woawn. hriskWolwVrii.2 oe orwn ln ihasra f
redt o es g i fon aOf orastiocadtoturcuhe rcuntry hoereing tearbyViUnfatt4erand of rolling fa aide o
legl res earchilibrarygofnW. Woyest oping sheh "amnn-ierebh had etiGre ahendof dh the snorted of te er ad t-
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eter of the irt cmesis- t Fuy repatdy brougt had beenmn cr hWsstatenerwoothofr vlasooate lin er ionder Aen r-
dathe pul eelicalie i the weekntain-Mr.Cepreesinyesterdle.pHastial-thernhtmbln pptitalenomatiorgofipposity is eifsrntsowo
in coecten eresigationo tinthh Demcradfneticapaty. FosrmerehseatorfromAlabama hat f lo idproIc ell b
of rs CreceCkif ifleBoah a e ted o the Tillcopunthhoegerry.n.f ld
ReADDrsearChHDibeathcame.at.11:t15a'clocksitahiswhodiedyesterdayratahishomefitenotis a o invetiod high
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rin the factlthaeaiein w e em rier and the eoem ashingtostainnmoodslinyem fr Rergene ans-
mredthod ofit hlie situations EL n shreEoatict.yrnon.Thehormer fehet1924,emoco ,na bchadirmn flit t Gi contolle
of-PereseCarce Cd ook Litte grDaty fhsam es.11 Ano'lck hswode etra-a i oei sd t sacnetoa ih
whoselt erwoud e Rgntesdeof- mentdlaw, hisgndaath was ffored y:win oopasewimtha Bprad of
aed hapusond tfhre a ofo ind 0W0YORK a.25- heimmedtrutue orknm tePtmcUdrod soeo h t ot3Cometrndchord ofe a fie fUntn
" nay stadndinthg memodriessedcewofth Ialanstamofnae utofrepettohi mm-atday'sok unaymonig o
rheri it was thegalfactrtatdonr seaI[tha almostderdthmiseadtheeoged WashimgCongrs amns fv eat h in edre rgdessl a nsa-
tod oac handtciongo merstituatiossdnpschs o hrieand t.Vernmen. ficasThrform-rof nt y19s4 ecinFnadtonalibn.ityndht ti scontolled
dealing with the interests of pri-L PR p senator had been unconscious foconvention,when the committee- with a rudder bar and "stick" that
vate donors . k . are notconsisu-eVi two days and his deathrhad been men from his state cast their votes operate ailerons, rudder, and ele-
thic with the policies whiche Amdr theA expected since yesterday. His fai- for him in spite of strong opposi- vators precisely as in atpower
ard ofcRedes teehmwise." ily, however, had withheld notice ion.s plane. The weight of the ship
Terms Prohibit Office iCaptain Fried Tells Of Race Torof his condition until the last,I DwitotHplotndaJp
The terms prohibit members of g Italian Ship; Savolore hopeful that he would rally.t h hIpoundsthf sr ce.in nyunoertn.cEvany
ia en eine ofe u ,whkichk o he haddmih ecvr seved das lagde y, the KAISER KDiENIf TGpulic accrdigp. anean-
thelaw faculty from having offices Describes Wreck Even his formr colleagues in themstGgic Ishenvedelynnhig
buil emsad din whic itheem septh frm Cpa nate and ihapdinatte Housebe leinebot h nacuun-emnt byc Roth B. Evadnsr
President Little claimed gwould CRE TILL Oh U CE A of shihpa est aderve nawa o e t n th', chairmans o the Gdcton
hamper research and work as ther AmCR E'W SI LLod___iCEpti o fhs pabreyowereousnmawTareemofhr30,t h aEmanotelie _ _n __hseto,
faculty would be on one side of h d O . ., n i Tgravity of his illness. Announce- IdAOL t mEo AN k o
San the lasing buoysofthe mateofvi eathmanwolAmamoerelw willhe t therion
teh campus NEW YORK, Jan. 25.- The immediate adjournment of the i ..Athe sUmeIm W aII om-ercsy atr heU
library' would be on theoutner side, rescued crew of the Italian steam- ;Senate out of respect to his mem- t 10 o'clock Sunday morning to
Some discussion has arisen as to er Florida tonight were still on the ory and expressions of reg-et over transport students to the field l
whto plcasrestictiso onad inr sea that almost devoured them, his death flowed from Congress Laments heavy Penalty Which li; where the glider will be in ac-
over whc the staetednconhnteol butwireless dispatches to the and egovernment officials through- Country Is Being Feryed T tion. Round trip fare will be 35
mver whichtheboosofthedlibray tAssociated Press from the captains E out the day.nh-y In startionsar 1 Te t dp
Uningst ookschfanhAnlAbryof the Florida and the rescue ship Suffered Froh stdemorrhasetyn
which will be housed in the new America had preceded them ashore thMr. Underwood died as a result PROTESTS FOD BLOCKADE is cordially invited to attend the
'building. otl of th aiieei nc facrba eoiaesfee __ nuuaino liding by Univer-
"ereary:tSmith'sstatement, Sirt: be t sityhsttle ta p nthelw ich ecsmbeynTrumental!Dzscu ss srInewcs),cit, students. Preliminary to thee
igich'includes the letter from the dhertilligtofid lsth f p hen ero -
law library donor, was as follows: ocean's fury later he had a stroke of paralysis DOORN, Holland, Jan. 25--In an club and Glider section will parti-
"nirew yofthegntereswhich" The two dispatches fitted to Ifrom wiic he rallied for a time, interview with the Associated Presscipate in an unveiling ceremony
"In vi ordheainteres wich s 'gether like chapters y the same, giving rise to a belief that he l the eve of his seventieth birth- over the new ship. Several test
has been'- evinced by the public, book,a book to hold the amazed might recover. Several days ago, day, the former Kaiser of Ger- flights will then be made by the
in heters ithen tiegao of e interest of landsmen. however, his condition became many asserted that Germany German pilot loaned by Gliders, i
it aen uance of the p1 of lui The dispatch from Captain wo'ose and he lapsed into a state should be cleared of the accus- Inc., after which the students will
research building to form a part ofGnergeFriearoldofhsithreeta snconaioess fro shich hef ionofhaving started t World. try their hands at the controls.,
the Law quadrangle at the Univer- i War. The former ermp~u r poit- Evans will be among those to;1
t a a d of the Florida's ..., and his Thedeath of the Alabama states-' ed out that many noe historians take the ship up, being the onlyt
fcit oftichdans toagautgorid srvmaAn rRTCURE 21emhodedthimn who eant" WpT e hr-e owr.
ie e d orett to therace into the lashing fury of them emove n o lean of America and otr u E me er t e t n t pe
ps." d storm that had broken the littless nde"Tbenimpres f a . hydnge that ous experience. He received in-
hLters kublishe freighter like a child's toy wagon ual with unusual qualities of Germany was guie struction and made several hopst
b LdngtenreIPbisndhedgru thrown into the Broadway traffic, statesmanship and marked capa- At the same time, .Wilie1 la- last Sunday at Orien where the
The letter, in full without change It told of the rescue of the 3 city as a leader. Likewise he was mtnted the heavy penalty which testing grounds of Gliders, Inc., are
or omission or addition, is as fol-i men aboard the Florida by nine a fighter, though not a sensationalr his former country is being forced, located. W. E. Koneczny, Grad.,t
lows with the exception of the me rmth mrcai i one. His passing recalled to politi-
signature, which is withheld in ! boat that must have seemed no cal veterans that he was the first me rmteAeiaiL ie o pay in reparations -This pen-. president of the Aero club, and
view of the last sentence of the securs s irc ark' of the young Democrats to chal- aity he said, "ryas laid dor. o George C. Tilley, 30, are also
mlr g aoe in tore tesndo wave lenge the leadership of William the assumption thtis d thGarn y as scheduled for test hops.
letter: caoe in thoe tremendus waves.Jennings B yon when the com- guilty of starting the'- .I h imtdlfigcaaiyo
"' To the Board of Regents of the And Captain Giuseppe Savoloro moner was all powerful within the Germany was not war. H'The limited; lifting gieprcapacityhe of-a
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor,' of the Florida told of the long days party. He differed with Bryan not be forced to pgjiiy shycsh ord scoling g dulderoelu ades tpo-l
MicDearnSrs before the rescue, the storm that over the Underwood tariff law, the conflict," he c ;ntendl. instruction in the air by a trained
ag rebe:oyo wl ;eetbeat his little tramp into a help- which he was largely instrumental Discussing submarine warfare,' ~lot, so that the students will havej
"IfagealtoouIwlerc' less derelict to which he nand his in writing. the former emperor admitted the to learn to guide the plane by prac- z
oan the "Law Quadrangle" (being; crew hun~g with a desperate hopeFogtu lx la seriousness of loss of' 36,000 lives ;Lice with the exception of Evans, z
land already acquired or to be ac- against all reason. Fuh uKu lnbtsi hsnme a ml oeo hs h ilb htit
nuzired by you), a "Legal Research"' h tr ftewekadte In still later years he threw btsithihubrwa ml oeaofthmowhawillvershtanto
buligyi codncTihpln hece sorevealte bwtekatwcph ontheanlttoteK lxcompared with the 800,000 German teartitohsevrhn-'
Klan whhhe ouht ith a luix iilaswodida h rsl fled airplane controls before.
submitted herewith.I tains began on January 10, when ; lnwihh ogtwt l i nln' lea obokd. Rubber Cable To Be Used E
"Inasmuch as a law library build- ; the Florida left Pensacola, Fla., for might even (luring the 1924 free t eg ladtlealtodelocade. anhngtesi il ea-!
ing comes within the category of Naples with a tramps regular loadI convention campaign when he was Heodeclared thaoGranoiraucinoteshpwillbhe c-K
eeigteprsdnil oia 1914 was more prosperous than copihdtmorwwthtecs
tsae thepler ftheu prenseantwlw Iof lumerledroanditsndeck. lodtion of his party. In the national Iever before, with her trade in- tomary rubber cable or shock-cord I
liary bu lding of you res law chol mberpiledonitsdeck convention of that year, the first' creasing rapidly and her colonial that is stretched by the groundiI
libinrwhichlradioobroadcastingcwaslpossessions well organized. crew and then allowed to contract,'
assume asatyouwil_-frniha snapping the glider, over the brow t
Itayowilfrih SCHOOL OF EDUCATION attempted rdo ag clhs
at present a law librarian and suf- nm eone ntosnso of the hill with a force of about1f
ficient attendants to give good serv- PLANS SHORT COURSES hmstiohtemdumfteEI R CON YSW P 40 horse-power. J2
ic, ndfomtie otie heIvoice' of Governor of Alabama. BY C' LD STORM WAVEi The glider will be taken to the
usual additional law books, and; Several shorter courses and "Twenty-four votes for Oscar WI flying field tonight in a truck
that you will hereafter keep the! week-end educational institutes Underwood," thundered by the (I,- Assocated Pros, equipped with a specially constru-
building in repair and the grounds will be offered by the School of deep-voiced Alabama governor, and CHICAGO, Jan. 25.-Winter was ted cradle designed by members of
in good order and furnish heat,; Education in the summer session. carried to the four corners of the' monarch of the country today the Aero society. It will be stored,
light, power; in other words, meet The shorter courses will last four nation for a hundred ballots or from the Rocky Mountains to the in a barn on the Dudley property,
all running expenses the same as';weeks and are designed to meet more. This alabama slogan be- Atlantic seaboardta has been converted by per-

if you had erected the building the needs of teachers and educa- came a byword for those who remi- His domain was swept by swirl- mission into a glider hanger. Re-
yourselves. This will include the tional administrators who cannot nisced of that famous gathering ing snowstorms, gnawing gales, assembly of the ship, which will(
grading, furnishing soil, and plant- attend the full session. The four which nominated John W. Davis, sleet and rain as sub-zero temper- have to be taken apart for removalI
ing trees and shrubs. As in the weeks courses are to be given each of West Virginia, as its standard- atui'es settled over a large part of from the lobby of the East Engin-1
case of the Lawyer's Club building half term. 'bearer. the territory with the usual sup- eering building, will be made by1
I will furnish the trees and shrubs"- plement of accidents, injuries and mechanics of Gliders, Inc., loaned 1
and a competent man to lay out Applications For J-Hop Opera Tickets deaths. for the occasion. !
the grounds and superintend the .pThe Mississippi river and its tri-
planting, the cost of labor, and so To Be Available All Next Week In Union butaries rose toward the flood New Publications Pampl
forth, to be defrayed by you. The stage with the continued precipi-,
grounds are subseqeuntly to be Applications for tickets to the raiged for those guests and stu- tation and warnings were sent out For DistributionI
maintained by you. All present j J-Hop performance of "Rainbow's dents who remain in Ann Arbor the to inhabitants of the lowlands, al-
buildings on the Quadrangle (ex- , week-end of the formal Junior class though it was hoped a sever With the new publications1
(Continued on Page Eight End,' the 23rd annual Union opera party. freeze would prevent further rise. namphlet almost ready for distri-
i_ t.. .,.......,,,+.,A +7 a nFP~v nnn" f 4 .. . ,., . . I


Efforts Presented At
Two Performances
of a new era of campus dramatics
at the University reached its peak,
yesterday afternoon and eveningB 2 TO 0M R I
wit * tJ h nf~ jA nrPPn a~kJ. . in o ix. OtA"

dent-written, student - produced
one-act plays in the laboratory
auditorium in University hall by
the Play Production classes. A rep-
resentative audience of faculty
members andthe student body filled
the theater at both prformances.
Through the' nroducitionof tihe




plays yesterday the second compe- Captains Bob Warren, Harry Kurrle
tion has narrowed the plays down Put On Feature Bout Of
from six to four which will be Evening's Card
shown later in public.
Those plays which in the esti- By Morris Quinn
mation of the judges, Professors Victorious in every bout in the
Frederick W. Peterson, Louis I. eight weight divisions, Coach Clif-
Bredvold, and J. M. O'Neill, were ford Keen's Wolverine matmen
of a character to survive this sec- completely outclassed the Michigan
ond elimination are "My Man," State team last night in the field
Jerome McCarthy, '29; "Passion's house to win by a 26-0 margin. In
Progress," R. Leslie Askren, '29; scoring their second consecutive
"Outside This Room," Dorothy victory on the home mat, the Mich-
Ackerman, '29; and "The Joiners," igan wrestlers showed decided im-
Arthur Hinkley, '29. These plays i provement over their performances
are to be produced publicly early in the other practice meets.
next semester and are to be handed I The Maize and Blue grapplers
in to Valentine B. Windt with any held a marked advantage over
necessary revisions not later than their Spartan opponents in seven
February 11. of the eight bouts, the 165-pound
match being decided in overtime
STperiods by the scant margin of :44.
Seven of the matches were won by
decisions, while Kailes registered
the lone fall of the evening in the
I lightweight bout.
As predicted before the meet, the
165-pound bout between Bob War-
ren of Michigan and Captain
Harry Kurrle of State proved to be
the feature performance on the
Stephen Leacock Is Fifth Feature card, the Wolverines gaining a de-
Of Oratorical Association cision after 16 minutes of the hard-
Lecture Course est kind of wrestling.
Match Goes Overtime
SPEECH TO BE SATIRICAL Neither man was able to gain the
necessary advantage to win a de-
-- - !cision in the regular 10 minute pe-
Stephen Leacock, famous Ca- od. In the' first overtime Kurrle
nadian college professor and hum- went underneath, but managed to
orist, who will speak Feb. 12 in Hill freehimself after :19 of wrestling,
auditorium as thc fifth feature cf Warren also escaped soon after the
the 1928-29 Oratorical association I second period started but it was
lecture course, has attained inter- not until the final minute and a
national recognition as a satirist. half that he gained the edge over
For ten years, from his collegi- his rival to win by :44.
ate chair at McGill University McGillard started the Wolves to
where he is the head of -the De- their well earned victory by dis-
partment of Political Science, and I posing of Wilbur in rather easy
from the lecture platform, he has fashion with an advantage of 4:37
been satirizing Americans and his in the 115-pound bout, while Bud
own Canadians. He has become' Hewitt had even less trouble with
one of the most popular lecturers Lamphier in the special weight
in all parts where he has traveled,, match, winning with 8:55 to his
through his ability to ever bringcredit. Kailes Registers Fall
forth a hearty laugh.
His un s inocet an atallWrestling his first' bout of the
His fun is innocent and at al eson, Sam Kailes chalked up the
times delicate, and yet his every single fall of the meet by pinning
sentence teems with the keenest Thamer in 3:07. The Michigan
satire. He has a wonderful knack lightweight uged his experience to
of story-telling and an even more advantage, going behind the Spar-
remarkable gift of caricature. He tan immediately and securing a
takes his subject matter from the I cross scissor. This hold combined
world about him and knows hu- with a half nelson resulted in the
man nature' as few men know it. fall. Kelly, Michigan's 145-pound
His ability to describe it with entry, had a little trouble with
cleverness and sharpness is most Marshall early in his bout, but
remarkable. succeeded in piling up 4:48 advan-
His books are written in much tage to win handily.
the same manner that he talks i In the middleweight match,
and are widely read and enjoyed. neither Parker, Michigan's repre-
Among the best known are found sentative, nor Schulz, the State
"Behind the Beyond," "Further veteran, gained the necessary ad-
Foolishness," "Nonsense Novels," vantage in the first two niinutes of
"Literary Lapses," and "Essays and I competition. Parker called the
Literary Studies." His latest book, toss and went underneath, but es-
"Across the Footlights," is a tale of caped in :30, later going behind to
the theatre as it used to be. A gain 1:40 on his rival. Going into
few years ago the American Maga- the top position during the final
tine called him "The Canadian four minutes of the bout, he held
Mark Twain." his advantage to win in 5:25.
Both of the remaining matches
went to Michigan by wide margins.
MAKE FINAL SHIPMENT Sigerfoos had the better of Matin-
S FIRST PLATE ORDERkeqiiz throughout the light heavy-
ON FIST PATE RDERweight bout winning by a time ad-
vantage of 8:39, while Hager had
The final shipment on 'the first j almost as much of a margin over
order of Michigan dinner plates Joslin ihnth heavyweight affair.
has arrived at the Boston ware- Hager managed to get his' heavier
house, it was announced yesterday. ogonbehles from tin e bout
N"one of these sets have reached adg eid rmte nh
Ann Aror theanypurhae rsetd gave a pretty exhibition of riding
Ann Arbor or any purchasers yet to pile up a 8:29 margin.
but are now on the way here. OFFICIALS: Referee-Dickenson
(Ames); Timers-Peterson (State),
filet, Almost Ready Donahoe (Michigan), Sauer (Mich-
To Aspiring Journalists igan).
business and journalistic worlds.
Aspects of its work which are of COVERED BY HEAVY SNOW
particular value and which are
rarely obtained elsewhere include ty Associated Press)
practice in picking out the essence GRAND RAPIDS, Jan. 25.-With
of any event and writing it up continued cold weather forecast
with vividness and clarity, oppor- if or tonight, accompanied by more

tunties to get acquainted with va- snow and wind, western Michigan
ried sides of campus life and with Ikept snow removal equipment
faculty men which the ordinary busy, 'clearing the highways and
student has no chance to know, railroad tracks
and closer contact with eractical Freight service is at a standstill

(B .ssociated Pres)
NEW YORK, Jan. 26.-Jack
Sharkey, Boston heavyweight,
smashed out a bruising decision
over K. O. Christner, rugged Akron

to be presented the afternoon oz I Ticket applications for this pres-
Saturday, Feb. 9, at the Whitne! entation are available next Monday.
theater, will be available Monday. They will be filled commencingj
at the main desk of the Union, it Wednesday, Feb. 6. On that day,
was announced late yesterday by tickets may be secured from 2 to
the management. 5 o'clock in the afternoon at the
"Rainbow's End," the 1928-2:3 main desk of the Union. For the
musIcal comedy is produced by benefit of girls desiring tickets ar-
Mimes, under the personal super- I rangements have been made to sell
vision of E. Mortimer Shuter.j tickets from 2 to 5 o'clock Thurs-.

A passenger airplane was forced ? bution to all male members of theI
down in the drifting snow between! freshman class. plans for the re-!r
1 Salt Lake City and Elko, Nev., and ception of Daily tryouts are pro- I
six airplanes were sent out under ceeding satisfactorily. There iso
the leadership of Lieutenant Rus- every indication that the annualv
sell Maughan, dawn to dusk flier, influx of aspiring newspaper men 1I
in search. will be even larger than usual. |
- --IOPThis year's freshman class will ,
J-IOP TICKET SALE be specially privileged in that itss
}members will have the opportunity,
as se- nirs.~ to work in the new a


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