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December 07, 1928 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-12-07

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- Twenty-third Annual Opera
2-5 o'clock MRO
10 lto'o.clock
_ Prices-.-$1 .504$3.09
T 'here Is S-till Ti m e

i '12 b

'3 End" Climaxes


His tory

to have that'

suit and

overcoat custo4-In -aiored
before Christmais

RR P ODUP IO 1:AIISTC PU'RE O INIANhis work as a female impersonator
BACKGROUND, IN OPERAI "Cotton Stockings" Was Hit
Cotton Stockings" produced in
--- - ' 7924 wasthemost pretentious of
WA STGD If10>is Peter Mac fDetroit, ;sanyproduction of the Union pei
< tcdsinr ndcsu ou , to "Rainbow's End" and was the
rst S-odes or"Ranbw' Enas fFirsttoto tour the East, appearing in
..afitn R busily engaged in New Mexico. the famous Metropolitan Opera
}fi: atenRa''ip'$y ' the'special permission_ house in New York~ city.
)1U1 ~y acation and co-operation of -the Sate Ii Then followed "Tickled to Death"
- -Fe railroad, he gained access an opera devoted to the adventures
^rAT'D9EVELOPM1ENT RAPI to the' native haunts of the of a party of Americani students in
! 'Pueblo Indians, even getting a China "Tamfiburine" the 1926
--glimpse of the weird ritualistic Union opera and the 20th of the
BRoasting a backgrozund of many ceremonials, characteristic of series once more took Michigan act-
i:u ssii predecessors, the current the tribe. ors to the state of the Metropolitan
Opera which opens Monday night Much ofthis striking atmos-j Opera house and elsewhere in the
serves as a climax for° the seres ofphere has been authentically East.
show's which have been produced ircrporated ito "Rainbow's The last two years preceding the
thus far. End" and forms its realisticprsnaino"RnbwsEd
Back in 1907, when the Mvichigan cstume, scenic, and musical have seen "Front Page Stuff," the
Union was a new institution and backgrund." 1926 show, and "The Same To You,"
the Union club house, located at _________1________ ls erseiin ohrcic
ithe present site of the Union build- ecletcmetfo h rs
inwsi h rcs fcntu-supervision of Mimes, which was ! ofcthencountry and wee well th rc-s
tinh h dao rdcn oi uhCany'0ognzdta er e rcdn David R. LHempstead, Jr. 31 ceived wherever the opera toured.
opera was first conceived. The owhoniseonehtofethe co-authorsdenof}"Rainbow's End" Is Climax
IUnion lacked funds, which it was who is an actor-author in con-' when it took a short road trip, in "Rahoinbo' nd emsaoin Tisya the crowningachieve
expected the opera would poie nection with this year's show. I"ano' n. epta;i hsya h rwigahec
land the originators of the plan Claney collaborated with iHem - adto o h oa-promne addition to aiding in the 'writing (( to .MrtmrSue'
,were desioso eigMcia stead in writing the Opeara afiden at he W ithney. The plans for' of the Opera will play the part'o Stady and untiring efforts to
additon wil besees s "$j 7;"one h s W v in Detroit, which Bertrand Paiser, invalid g et a4?? ltain the high standards which
enter the new field. addtint il b setisne'"poe reviousn year, were ;the "ueHac.' ld en rae o rdcso
ondude"aih ranch.i products________ ofe
"The Michigan Union has defi-! of the cowboys oth a. . ref ve'sand" Detroit witnessed its;,___ _____Mime________ and the Union, will play to
nitely decided to put on a comic -- ditcg~ pa 'p'ac e'house for a week at the
opera in January or February, who had been responsible o Wt te'engofhespe rduinofheexsowi t
Wanle W. .Merritt, literary vice-! "Michigenida" the previotl5'year. Al f ea e imluec becamel war ended by that time. areadteng;u
president of the Union announced the performances were ~ay iven, "., :t thd great cities of the country as
inth aiy Oc.6,197 Teatte hiny n 'h oaap aen . the fod l Daughter" Shuter Starts Work an amba acor of genuine and sin-
iiitheDaiy o Oc. 6 197. he t te Witey nd, t opra eieof ~i ~washeca
plan had been under consideration abounded in local color. iF,' ws he first opera' of the Thie war was over in tfirn for the ; r rtnth apus to dem-
for orethantwotear, ad wih !:.. Unin t preent". Cme n, Dd onstrrate to-te many alumni and
Iormrthntoyeas ndwt Moore Writes Musicet nt the; i' hAo e alusios ninthe;snt"CmeO, ad rids of the t3niversity that men
the opening of two new theatres in n11;,onz 'n"t l6lA' roi vns h the 19t9 roductionz and Mr. ShutL-teraesediypoesngnth
Ann Arbor. in 1907-the Majestic, duced"_and the songs wereViiahigad theoopera to cx
ona Maynard sreadteWi- of Ed.al V.eMoonds wre thework Ipan~d iin' 'rards -%to mechanical e is M hgnsow eer-art of proucing finer and better
stee an th dononthhai ities for r V oread rdLawton, prodstin, scenery'and 'dialoguie. as were held on thieconcrete foor musical'enertainments.
1 ndowtosuc-hea sfaciweei aesr', ~author of "Varsity," Michligan's I.h" cdmbpoltan 'atmosphere was iof the unfinished Union "building
presenting amosuootal sog.contiiiev werheee theeshosof the present.. "Como On, Dad" he first resentation of the
available and the Union pt nits f"The foorimsong. on'ist" wasth nxtthre' how, 1".
i fispuea asFrt o Teohe 1911nVisowwasichcar-All T~ha Glitters," in 1915, "Tres Iscored a tr.?nlendous success in its I'Ranbow's'End' Monday night at
1 first operand"Foa'.Paa-initial showing at the Whi2tney and, the 'fWh ey will mark the comlc-
"Micigcnda"WasFirs i'ied on the traditional ca.nIPus afi- ;dine,' in 1 17' Nonse of these operas took a road trip that was a, tidno of s i' mon h' intensive prep-
;"Micigenda" was purely local in I iosphere of the first opea "'' o~'- cbiiained any resfeience to AnnAr- triumph. a'ration 'for 'the Opera, starting
atmlosphere, the scenes being laid ever. Michigan took adva tage boi 'bor and... were taken on the road In 1920 Mr. Shuter again took sttL y 'after pring vacation and
on the campus in Sleepy Hollow, the latest in novationis of "thle dr- duing'the sprit g'vacation, charge of the opera, "'George 'Did, eofi i njn i1irugh the summer.
and the mythical lands of Michi- j n:atic world as reported " y the "' It," which was the secondi of th
genda, which was located half way ; Daily : "The appearanfc 6f'o ;tl e Women In Operas; new advanced series. The theme f In order to-transport the large
between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti.! broilers the early'term for t6ie In 1911, thie Union was engaged 'the show returned again tb "the amount'°of scenery used in "Rain-
The cast was composed of about 75 pony chorus) in the phahtb,~ in the Work'6f producing "Let's Go"I more local atmosphere of the first I eo "s 'End," two baggage cars will
students of the University-all men, dance, a cl ver offspring of the' noW I wheh "Aerica entered' the World' opera, being, concernied primarly ii eegd on .the Opera special
a custom that has been adhered 1fam ous radiuim danTe, brioughit the jua'r. ?show 'was' presented un- with theU camipuis. " owever, :"TPop tain aths' ear as compared with
to ever since, with the single ex- I.udience to its eel'. ' ' der the' reatest iifficilties. There 0' the Morning." thec 1921 opera, tie'singe Scar always sufcient in
cepstion of the opera produced dr eeIwr itnuhmnlf u fiwsdsicl rs ni'stigps ~~t
ing th Worl War priod.The scene was shifted, to wr rb niEhmn etot fyasdsictyIis nis etn
Opi tenino'nightattperi hitneforte.92 rou sio e thesrvice to Put on'the show,'and and once imore established- the cos-!
Openng ightat he Witny 3Awakened RamesesP but 'the local foir the first' and only time, Uni- mopolitanl quality of the show, fronm Director E. Mortimer Shuter con-
wsoodain theaaissof.The auwdWiene t- mosphere was retained. T h'~ere versity wo enwre allowed to take which it had not departed since. f nt' e~pets "Rainbow's End,"
neyci andtrefuiseoftoevewuntithewas ap definite' movemtet to take 'parts:' 'h' 1922 opera, "Make It For bl "ev nipo, tonsupasny
curtyaind rsen fileve until the opratowee ?'tirin the summer of 1917 the, Two" was rehearsed in its inew fVeh i odtion r oass the
tuti adrsr i e s bokdutnetroitthe d, geii enrl cairman ofthe next opera !home Mimes theatre which had jaist prevoi Opeaicuigtesna
fial.orodedlld heWhtnythe Detroit Opeira hotise,0 %1eaicuigtesna
ornae evrpors illdnte Wit but at the' last miniute Detmrot met rtliMner Shuter, who had ;been built, and at'the conclusion o'f tiia}' "dton Stockings" of a few
Ino1909.etheperoantue.wsreetd.aunidcde h.v4r wu takenpart in and directed a num=-jits Ann Arbor run took the 1on e eat bck:.
tIns3 tim e t-Cltu wreadisnt p_ ba fn.ci~, ~dhr bf Boadway successes, and trip attempted by the show upto1
i this ti= w it "Cultgo, aCd ts iAoonegpthe sparklingncinew, fca-
ue.sm'deteUinoeaa"The Awakened' Rameses" likcelit i o, efi'i inable to, Join the serv- th tt iime, including Chicago n mon tesakignwfa
!seslshed-intitUion h hwopdcsrwssen onlyx: tti e id,'was c irctffpg an ateur shows Icinnati, Indianapolis, and''Cleve- tres"u "Rainbow's End" is the
wsabshed iri. st b oa lmionn sh w hiny fa- . -~r the bene'o f the'bos in the land in its itinerary. 4,In n atseilmnssnigcou f2
was riten y DnalHamlto y'trainiig cadMPs. The Michigan op- the 17th annual Opera, produce4 'n o.the best voices in the University,
Haines, '08, now in the department Mimes Is Organized sera-'Wad explained to- Mr. Shuter, 1923, and featured Lionel- (M'ikez seleted largely from the Glee Club
of journa-lismg and the music was In 1913, the new opera, "Con-: And e c nsnted to supervise thei Ames, who is at present continiuing. " nd directed by Theodore Harrison.
by Ray Welch, '09--the same men trarie Mary," producea ' ude the' _ '-'

Qrcs !must bc InIby Dcemlber 1 1th.

619 El. William
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-' '- .~a
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VinlOverYosee oand
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va te xlusie frs. i n alrnghv asdi a
abovethers t hcmetiGie iats . I Valfaore
stsand h esv. tlftadtioighv asdi a


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