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February 22, 1929 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-02-22

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WRIDAY, rER 'AIRY 2, 1929


". _ ---..


"Paris Bound
and "Right

NATIUnr fWoman Member Of Aeronautical Club
01iE OMakes Successful Flight In Glider'
13IRLS' PLAY I was a little anxious before I ship is attached to a car by a long
started, but after that it was easy," rope, and rises from the ice as the
pcar increases its speed to about 30
Sprotested Gertrude Fax, '29, whenmiles per hour.
congratulated on her successful Gliding is really the training
fiight in the glider Monday after- school for real flying, for Miss FoxI
ITTEN BY JUNIOR noon at Barton Pond. "And real- says that the general idea is the
ARE RECENT ly there is no need for all this same in everything except power.
ELOPMENT publicity.' Miss Fox, who is from After her flight she was told that
Bolton, Michigan, really had no with the completion of glider
idea until Lthe flight was ended training the period before fly-
DIRECTS PLAY that she was the second woman in ing in a motor plane would be,
the United States to try this new shortened.
," "Forward March," air feat, and that the oher woman 'I don't see why I should cause
Out of Heaven," j was the famous flyer, Miss Amelia ;any more commotion than any of
uld Be Hits Earheart. the 30 college men who have glided]
Miss Fox's interest in gliding be- here already,' Miss Fox insisted.'


Women Urged To Come To W. A. A. Skating NM
il - - TW L- L - rL - A A 11 ~ C Ll-RUST... 1-....

"Paris Bound," "Forward;March" I gan when she became a member
and "Right Out of Heaven," are of the glider section of the campus
three of the songs from this year's Aeronautical society, !and 'she i
Junior Girl's Play, which ought to one of six women who belong to
be hits when "'Forward Vfarch," a the society. Although she had
travesty on war and women, be- been asked many times, it was notl
gins its week's run on March 18 at until Monday noon that Miss Fox
the Whitney theater. finally agreed to try gliding. She
The music for the play includes said that after that she did not
songs of every type. "Forward have time to be afraid, and that
March," the title song, is of a mil- most of her concern was for the
itary nature and forms the ac- plane. "What would the boys
companiment for some of the have said if I had smashed it?"
chorus routines. There is also a she asks now. She went on to say
blues song. that as soon as she was strapped
Lyrics for "Forward March" in the seat and the car pulling her
have been written by Lorinda Mc- began to move, she forgot every-
Andrew, the ' chairman oit music thing else and only tried to re-'
and lyrics, by Frances Sackett, member what she had been told
the author of the play, and by about it when she was watching
Molly Goodell. The scores which the others try itbefore her.
are to be used are the work of Miss Fox explains that a glider
Miss McAndrew, Retta McKnight, iis a craft built something like an
Josephine Rankin, and Rachel airplane with the same standard
Ramsey. The music of the title controls. It has a seat in which
song was composed by Miss Mc-' the pilot is strapped, and a rudder
Andrew bar controlled by his ,feet. The
The writing of the music sfor wings spread Is large and kept
the Junior Girls' Play has not al- horizontal in the air by the lateral
ways been done by junior women. control, or sidewise-motion of the
Only a few years ago, Prof. Earl joy stick. Also the "fore" and
V. Moore of the School of Music, 'aft" position guides the machine
was the composer of most of the Iup and down in the air, while the
scores for the annual play. The rudder turns it right or left. The
development of this traditionall
activitjy of the 'junior class has l Hospital Library
been marked by progress in the L
direction of having the women in Needs More Books
the class do more and more of the
technical work connected with the
production. Directfton formerly Contributions of both new and
undertaken by members of the second-hand books for the Hos-
faculty, ;two years ago passed into pital library are being requested
the hands of one of the ;nembers b. the American Association of
of the junior class, Phyllis Lough-IUy'te WAmen.Asboonsow-
ton, '28. Last year's play was di- University Women. A book show-
rected by Minna Miller, '27, and er will be given at their regular
this year Miss. Loughton is again meeting at 3 o'clock on Saturday,
directing the play. Feb. 23, at Betsy Barbour residence.

She feels that it is no more a feat
than playing tennis or golf. IgA
fact she regards gliding as a sport
of that period. All she hopes is
that any publicity she may have
aroused will interest more people
in gliding and hasten its becoming
a popular sport. Already two other
girls are ready to follow her and
are only waiting for the return of
the Aeronautical society's own
ship, until they make their initial
flights. ..
When asked if she is interested
in aeronautics as a profession,
Miss Fox laughed and replied that
she has always intended to be a
Latin teacher, and she has not yet
I changed her mind. Her interestj
in flying is merely a side-line. She
has never even been in an air-
plane, but shc hopes to be able to
go up soon, not to be a girl pilot
and establish new records, but
"just for fun."
In Germany gliding has become
accepted and there has been no
loss of life. For this reason the
fear of injury from aeronautics is
rapidly waning. Miss Fox feels
that if only we could interest the
people in this country in gliding
that the same fear so prevalent
here would soon disappear.
Women's Clubs May
Use W. A. A. Building
According to a statement made'
by Dr. Margaret Bell, head of
the Women's department of physi-
cal education, the Women's Athle-
tic building will be available for
use by campus organizations. Al-i
though this was at first believed
impracticable because of the con-,
fusion that might arise, due to the
.number of organizations that
would desire to hold affairs there,
it was finally decided that when
the building was not in use it would1
be open to the women's organiza-I
tion on the campus.1
"The Women's Athletic building,"
Dr. Bell said, "offers great social
benefits to the women students at
Michigan and we want them to
realize these benefits."
Many organizations have already
observed this and taken advantage
of the privilege. According to the
schedule arranged for the build-
ing the Women's Education Asso-I
ciation plans to hold a meeting!
from 4 until 5:30, on Wednesday,
Feb.; 27; Collegiate Sorosis is to

'arty, w nether ineylAreAble To kate O'r Not
OP[N ROAD ITINI BBY thtIf you haven't any ice-skates, ute trying to borrow skates for that
fellow students-women students, party-because everybody will go,
Sthatis-now is the time to bor- of course, no one would want to
Visits To Rhenish Castles, Trip To row some for the W. A. A. skating miss that-and if you have your
Lido By Gondola Are party next Friday afternoon. You skates already borrowed, you can
Among Innovations i had better speak for some right get down on the ice just that much
away, because everyone is going to sooner.
LITTLE IS ADDED TO COST be rushing around at the last min- This is to be a skating party,
but you don't have to skate in
Several new places of interest to order to go to it. In fact, you are
visit may be added to the itinerary Iinvited, not to say urged, to come
of the European trip to be taken whether you have ever been on
by ten Michigan women under the the ice before or not. And if you
auspices of the Open Road Corpor- never have been, that is if you
ation under the leadership of Miss have never been on ice skates be-
Ella Rawlings, of the women's phy- fore, you will have had enough ex-
sical education department. Among the attractions of the pro- C perience getting to class this win-
Among the new places suggested gram of International Night, ter to be able to keep your foot-
for the itinerary are an excursion which takes place this year on ing even on ice skates. So you
by motor coach to Drachenfels, a March 7 at Hill auditorium, is to, really should have a lot of fun
Rhine castle, by way of the "Seven be the performance of a group of anyway. And besides, if you can't
Mountains" and Bonn. Another ten women representing primitive skate even with the afore men-
suggested innovation is a picnic at American Indians. tioned practice, you can afford lots
Neckar, which is near Heidelberg. International Night is the majorf of amusement to the skaters by,
It is also suggested that the little annual activity of the Cosmopoli- falling down at the psychological
group of Michigan women take tan Club, and is being held this moment or something.
trips from Munchen by motor coach year for the fifth time. Students So you see, you should come for
to Hohenschwangau and Neusch- from practically all the countries at least three reasons. First, you
wanstein Castles, represented at Michigan partici- will have heaps of fun yourself,
A trip in gondolas to the famous pate in the program, the theme of second, you may provide some fun
watering place, the Lido, from Ven- which varies from year to year. for everyone else, and third, there
ice has also been suggested as a The American Indian scene car- will be refreshments. ' There are
new feature-of the itinerary. An ries out the theme of this year's also several other inducements-
excursion by cars to Tivoli and Ro- pageant by portraying the history though none are needed, of course
man castles from Rome is part ! of the Mongolian rape in North -but these are not to be disclosed
of the new plans, along with an America. The women dressed in until later. Watch for them!
excursion from Florence to Fiesole. Indian costume appear before a o
in Switzerland the new plans in- tepee and campfire. Following an, JUNIIOR GIRLS PLAY
clude an excursion one day by mo- Indian dance, in which eight of
tor to Chamonix, excursion one day the rouparticipate, the remain Wht
by boat to Tour du Lac and Chil- egrop paricpa {rmi Women who have not as yet
by, bat to Tour n du L a and ing two women sing an old In- 'Ipaid their two dollar fine must
lin, and an excursion by train anddian melody, the words of which bring the money with them
car to Mt. Saleve. I have been written by the director when they come to rehearsal
a night's stop ateAmiensare the of International Night, Mrs. W. C. tomorrow. Payments may be
new features suggested for the itin- Rufus. I 4made to Dorothy McKee, '30, or
neeaur e suesThe program of International i any member of her committee. I
erary in France. Night includes dances and special- op
The difference in cost of putting ties representative of many coun-
these new features on the itinerary tries, some ancienti and some mod-
is very little, being a matter of only res. The unusual nature of the
$8.00 more added to the price ofocn anutuactat the
$667 for the party of ten. occasion, and the fact that the ou're A Iwo
There 'are still a few places left program s amalmost enti er
to make up the party of ten. tional Night annually one of the
girl interested in the trip is ad- ! most colorful and interesting pro-
vised to consult immediately with ductions of the student body. R iry
Miss Ella Rawlings or Mary White, ductionsofthe __tudent bodyhe G I
both of whom have offices in Bar-' 0
bour gymnasium. A. A. U. W.Co
The American Association of
Notices University women will meet at Special Washingtor
3 o'clock Saturday, Feb. 23, at
The Saturday morning dancing Betsy Barbour residence. Prof. 5 :30 p. mn-7:00 p. m.
Earl V. Moore will give an
class will meet at 11 o'clock in the illustrated talk on "Carillons." Home
Women's Athletic building. The Fellowship Committee, 1
with Miss Martha Guernsey as
Any student who desires tutor- 1chairman, will *act as host- Street
ing can get information by seeing; esses.
Mrs. Mary Stewart in Room 2,c
'University hall. Arrangements can _
be made for tutoring in any sub- p
j ect.
Ann Arbor high's gymnastic team
will compete in the state gymnastic F
meet to be held tonight at the
Michigan State Normal college in


Secret Is Made Of
Senior Party Plans
Plans for. the annual party
which Senior. Society will give for
Wyvern and Mortarboard, March
27, are to be kept a secret accord-
ing to Marie 'Hartwig, '29, presi-
dent[ of Senior Society. Betty
Smither, '29, and Edna Mower, '29,
are in charge of the party arrange-
ments and will not disclose the
plans until a few days before the
Julia Ferguson, '29, is chairman
of the committee to sell the senior
collars. This duty always belongs
to Senior Society andd makes it
possible for senior women to
obtain their collars at the same
time as their caps and gowns.
The sale will be held between
March 11 and 15 at Barbour gym-
At the last meeting of Senior
Society on Tuesday evening, a pro-
gram was made out for all the
meetings for the rest of the year.
A new plan will be carried out
after the initiation in May. Here-
tofore the girls have been initiated
and then left to organize them-
Members for the society are
elected from the junior class, part
at the end of the second semester,
and part at the beginning of the
first semester. They ,include in-
dependent women who are prom-'
inerit on campus.

The Hospital library contains
about 1500 volumes, but there is
need for a much larger number,
and with the addition of a li-
brarian to the Hospital schooll
staff, any material will be much
better handled.
Patients, who in the course of a
year number over 30,000, all enjoy
books. In addition to general
reading, there is instruction in the
various branches of elementary,
high school, and commercial work,
under the guidance of the hospital
school, and the bedside work that
has become a specific part of the
curriculum. About 2,000 pupils are
enrolled annually for instruction.
Books of adventure, detective.
stories, and light novels are ur-
gently requested. In addition, text
books of all kinds are welcomed.
The large number of foreign qtu-
dents makes the contribution of
texts in languages other than Eng-
lish extremely accep.table.
The newly adopted program of
the Hospital library and its staff
will. become one of its most vital
projects. It is therefore a matter
which should be made a leading
interest of all the women's organi-
zations of the campus.
Miss Mabel Van Kleek is chair-
man of the Hospital committee of
the American Association of Uni-
versity Women, and will gladly re-
ceive any contributions at her
home at 333 E. Williams, or they
may be taken to the information
desk at the University Hospital.
For information call 4684 or 4038.

have a luncheon
March 2; and one
important meetings
Physical Education
is to be held from
March 9.

on Saturday,
of the most
is that of the
Alumni which
11 until 6 on




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