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March 28, 1929 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1929-03-28

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%POW t


Old Prime Minister PROF. HAYDEN'S rTALKS, SONG HITS, Lawrence M. Gould
Is RegainngPowerjHOUSE DAMAGED 'TO FEATURE BILL Sends Radio Letter
s eganingPowe BY jMALLFIREOF RADIO TONIGHT ___s_____Lete
The home of Prof. Joseph R. Hay- Only two talks will be given on
den, of the political science depart- 0 tonight's radio program since the
ment, 520 Onandago, narrowlyiN majo potion of the hour willver
avered erius dmag byfir at gien verto the musical numbers
of the Junior Girls' Play. These
Pate hour last night, when quick ac- will be rendered by the principals
1tion by the Ann Arbor fire depart- and chorus and accompanied by
m__'ent extinguished flames that had ____ the regular orchestra under the
ASK NEGLIGENT FR E S HMEN gained headway in a second story ORCHESTRA hALL TO BE SCENE directios of Bob Carson and Bud INIT
COUNCIL OF "FORWARD MARCH" The complete program follows:
Th lmeblevdt av en____ Juli"-solo by Helen Bush with 1 ***
caused by a short circuit in some Jyduety
VIOLATORS' MANNER wiring in the bedroom clothes closet DETROIT ALUMNAE "gt.
TO DECIDE ACTION f damaged the bedroom and the OFFER INVITATION Stewart Churchill (of the orches IS
clothing stored mnthe closet. full singing
Varsity Lettermen Will Assist In Fire extinguishers alone were Showing Will Be Fourth Outside "Paris Bound"-solo by Kathleen .
Corralling Absent used by the department in fighting Production Of Annual Suggs and chorus.J ohnI
Yearlings the. blaze, hence preventing need- Junior Girls' Play Talk by Mary B. Henderson, exe- Ad
less damage by water. The fireman -- cutive secretary of the Alumnae
Crystallization of plans for dis- arrived on the scene before the Accepting an invitation from the Council, on the Women's League
cipling freshmen who persist in vi- flames could gain marked headway Michigan Women in Detroit, the building. ___
olating the Michigan tradition of and cornered the flames into con- Junior women will give a final per- "The Reason Why"-solo part by. . . . . . WA
first-year self-effacement featured trol almost immediately. Professor formance of "Forward March," the Helen Bush, trumpet solo by Eric rorof Lawrence . Gouk retary
the meeting of the Student coun- Hadnepesdhsgaiuefar' Pof.LarennessGu
Lloyd George Hayden expressed his gratitude 25th annual Junior Girls' Play, on Wild, and chorus. nHesse
il last night.thseewihwihtedar-Wowsfrtreaylstn
gWar-time premier of England who the speed with which the depart- April 5 at Orchestra hall in De- "Yodel For Me"-duct by Helen WHouse
Councilman Kenneth G. Patrick, anent acted after the alarm had troit. The excursion of the cast to Harter and Clare Simmons. a blizzard that threatened his life, lay be
'29, chairman of the discipline looms as the most powerful man in >een turned in. Detroit was assured when the Sn- Talk by Dr. Wate R. Parker, esterday wired Fther Iden of the sessio
committee, submitted a list of re- the country m his position as leader A large crowd, numbering several ate Committee on Student Affairs ("The Child's Eyes." Upper Room, that all was well. cultur
ported violators who will be sum- of the Liberal party. hundreds, witnessed the affair. appoved the plan yesterday. -- --- His
moned before the next meeting of Having completed a week's run media
the council, at which the varsity 'at the Whitney theater, the pro- mittee
captains and the headeheerleaderdutoacrig otaiinbfe
will beaprsent. Whatatindyl should have passed into historyf ___ het
Mr.tEdenSethisibeeknwelad-prsd i erocrman fsS gr ecdu
pend on the nature of the viola-B- se Detoit goup hermade itunder-n E ig pted
tions and theoattitude of the violaysc Trpn hhnye
h *uu stood in connection with the pro- until
tors, it was intimated. B TE posal tos e rect that9it PROP s EAAL N Ries
wasI was to the financial success of '___ h
The violators will be Informedby __92 p nd Dr pefornce ~-~- e
telephone this week when and hn s rME J As t Tart o the occass Addresses Fifty-Two Initiates Ofl Large Sums Leaned By New York
where their presence will be re- Delayed By Hnard ihou7s Air TripnlweMadiing.senAndeppsradaOnyonlyfouemoer si Phi Eta Sigma On TheBankersYrkbaklrMone the H
uy, nthse who voluntarily Sends ComimieationThr3mr Hosrngeor o, Thquarter-centuryahistory of the Bnkn rKe in At 1ree Ceta yMon renew
foire ha nt.ho'rrnwi Thmwh.odnladr fth U-tionnonropdth LnSIlsdteme ndRarte h Lage Atof lan ititepyigPeriintfud tCent teNay
absntthemselveswikbyJedupe r RoomeL s Class Solo Flights Junior Girls' Play have presenta- g rdHouse
abe, themse wl bersut -Tre a tions outside of Ann Arbor been .minist
to summary strong-arm action by YgJlastIc irtermIy m hdn
a squad of varsity lettermen. Be- LAST TRIP OF SEASON AIR IS TREACHEROUS given. These were in 1915, l916, iUOSig. ' t p RALLY IN PRICES fore U
fore the meting The Daily will 1hBy d n hmn1922, and in 1927, the Junior women j rdThe
pubish a slec st of vilators. n Au radiomessagendrom ar ould, rough s 3 «,Iordu rs d m;gave "Eight 'till Eight" in Detroitd "The honor system is a code of (By Asucintcd Pms)fe
pblih men'kls tod iomnsgcluto s; 1A raomhrsugethf.Tmes.ry oud srpar. enansadina phart in the wee.ue capainofeti sssrbdMo, enined htifedit fYOKMrch 27,-.N e ece,
Councilman urwin, Algyer, 29, the first sent since his rescue from ROSEVELT FIELD, N. Y., Marchgo Fs ar ofrthe eaec ai gn a ethics ubiesi hd to blv in, NEW ORK, arch 2s.New go g b
in charge of the council's Song ral- "Leathuon teri Antarctica ie p 2 ming along the air like a to raise funds for a new building. and practised by the members of aYork bankers smashed the money Reub
din st ya eat Father farmer in a springless wagon, Ma Theprofits of this year's play will college unit," declared Prof. A.
C hsb e t h'e a d a t ei a s ry thec e iv e dm a , .5 o r F a c s S a k t , 3 0 h N t o a C t a n , w o l o n
W y eiely'2.sedtesag.HaMayedd jamn idn mWuallT Strteert-Th nw oens eau bil-todayyte.Hecotbudyy d h bnk fns rWlywenthten
for that event. Theprogram will Thomas M. Iden, leader of the U-tin Jensen looped the Long Island also be turned over to the LieagueMoore, of the engineering college, iall tret tob e
include short talks by J. Fred -Law- per Room Bible cla s at LaneA hall.' skyways today on the first stretchg building fund. 1 who spoke to the fifty-two initiates vligsufcetiudto ept e d ar
1aiis received by the, on an attempt to set a new solo The entire cast of the play, of Phi Eta Sigma, freshman hon- call money rate stabilized at 15 id
to nn d.tyo a d ll o heU pcom pnoseyr ofu ti 6 35 to or o Vt-arksnihtpytf t e Duni-t nu Thicsv t e twniretlyesvs a noic wd yaha Ie antI i
ton, compserthat c
rector Fielding H.mYstwho has o s w , enrnc fligt rec m ore than 80 Junior women, ac- oary scholastic fraternity, in the per cent, and stock prices rallied in ee
lent the project his hearty sup stant and direct communication The sky was clear and the windl cording to Louise Cody, general i Union last night. . spectacular fashion, recovering The
wil b cmpete i tmefo a aterIdn ad reiosl wie-on b alestanhor.charntributed to makeutheingifunds.redcting i s roestiaionlourst oathet gro;nd lost9ind2the t aTye
port, and possibly another alum- with the Byrd expedition to the no more than fresh, but the air nd ting hi ation on most oh g l ieot
nus; selections by the band and i South Pole, and was sent to Ann was as rough as a corduoy road iIto Detroit at a mPass meeting held the procedure for the institution of preceding sessions. y e
both men's and women's glee clubs; Arbor through th Times. , disrepair. Jensen said in a note heF early in the week. the honor system in the literary co - Chief re lif eadnte tioe
singing by the audience, and a first The radiogram, which was dated dropped that one aerial thank-u "Forward March," accimed a lege, Professor Moore continued that 'dbull'.forcesand thousands ofani
local showing h of tle ysw1929dycampus foy mamm bounced him right off hi decided success after its week run t Uyvrity a d gr to toob
Mxhcht3,n1929,ubasfot'oxs:o A mericadrd, tatca prerfeetand bumped his head on a at the local Whitneytheater, is a large a unit in the matter of loyal- small sdecatkeo agnuitneti ve, u
dto soulatye ans frn umit slight Antahtica.fcabinn cross-bar. travesty on war and women, the .whty, observance of traditions, kand nwstiltnfhed m neat outofthentoI .make
faiydsilnn a eatdrn-Guidmgowa oIheRokfernesssooedatAn rofgaheigdeshpair, waps gihvens a ifuece y elrg Mthel' ctonbcasfarm amtte
Nathan S. Potter, II, '98, Jo H "Just returned from a hazardous i The present record, established book for which was written by Uncer it Jih E esial Chres E. thel presidet of ma
Chabe '28, at is Mariars trip in the mountains o find yourIotheRlV. Tpomast5g u rsjacacett on30Lt o the successful operation of an theNar l Bank, wholonadtl
S do esa e t, At e ya V.dThoma, irs35 htrm F ranci S.cconet3ed t
Welles, '28. m goo ge.ad pinend se and 35 minutes. To beat that rc- The new Women'snLeaguebuild- honorttem b H cnd by Nathe ional istydf Bra piwhooa nder
The entire program will not last lone for Anniversary night. Please ord Jensen, who left the ground at ing is rapidly nearing completion. recommending a plan wereby the allr btethan funs reywh n efmeh
more than an hour, Algyer n-t accept my affectionate good wishes 6:01:34 this morning, would have to It is the result of several years of.n 1100 freshmen entering might con-Ithe20p g a bove
tolm wsidiae a hypn ouand palkd o the pantgvnhehno, Rthoom-ben"d!tnuihe hne tos mreceiegte atention theye rrwig.t
nounced. to yandd. othr Upper R stay aloft until 6:35 tomorrow aft- work on the part of.mthe Alumnae tIue tv theaten y PicetFl on te an adInt
Plan Drastic Discipline lads. ernon To set a new official mark of the University, and various receive during Freshman week by .t to
gSind)hL adrryi kthmForc N ew.Wedgefthos was prepared to lend $25000,000esse
Swing-out plfur th srd (Siged Lary." it is necessary to surpass the old groups through the country have dividing theAstsction)itadecessofrthosep o p
il be completedo infr time forn a Father Iden had previously wire- one by at least an hour. contributed to the buiding funds. following like professional p7uts tonal, inecesary-$5h0Un0r H t
report at the next regular meet- lessed Gould. asking him to send a C__p--l--ua--us-ubrictor a and fostering their cooperation and each at 16; 17, 18, 19, and 20 per fel ld
ing, it was announced by Council- 1message to the Upper RoomT mem- Trd;1 1 il ~ W~1Ps unity throughout their college life. cen t. o meitl rpe h
man .Eugene Easterly, '29E, who isl bers to be read on Anniversary Tra tiOn-ileiowed Ol an Willt AS He expressed his belief in an honor Thsbto meitl rp efwoe
incag fta ucin h ihwhich took place oni March OvrTIew O nrFo eethTnesystem which did not intend direct- in influx of funds from other beor
OverTotN w OwerworeSventmTieh'; bansrad.rvHve ThecoBydene tiew
d.gdean'stJ.upgnicommitteeonngSwing-outk16. At that time, however, Gould ny to prevent cheating but rather to ban, ad r d the opnd n d
will meet tonight to discuss the 1 was' believed lost on the ice, and! annihilate the thought of cheating which had been badly shaken by an
sitatonin the light of last year's I was saved a few days ago by Comn- Michigan's first oil-can presentation ceremony was seen by a byceaig a unified spirit in the the at drastica' decline in reodthe'en earlyad
exhibition of. public intoxication,I mander Richard Byrd, after a peril-, chosen group of students, faculty members, and citizens in the spring ;student boycrepatofystraysreod-rakn
and to formulate plans for sum- ;ous flight into the interior. (of 1923 when Prof. W. D. Henderson was chosen as the first man to I Po.Piiw. usccar asssion.co nidealSesinfet appeaGra
maily discilining cases of drunk- I Gould, who was on the Rockefel- be so honored at Ann Arbor gathering of the Razz-fest type. At the. of Feshman week, also spoke on wa tahdi alSre o M Gra
eesthis year.. The possibility 11r range far Inland with Bert Ba- first banquet, former governor R. A. Nestos, of North Dakota, headed, honesty a influenced by the large Mthl' cinbcueh samte
eness '~University. Dean John E. Effinger of director of the New York Fedeal o ral et
will be considered, it is understood, then, the pilot, and Harold I. June,I the list of prominent guests. cast over station SOL, at the t i trycolgan WiimB.Rsveakwcha bna- discrel
ofholding Swing-out in the mor n- 1ithe radio operator, was searching iAttendanceayatothegeirstWiaffairBGrid-ironBabanqueth ofs1927.
Ing in order to minimize the temp- j!for geological specimens when a was approximately 200. President Little presented the celed'9 ocuedwt h iei ttepigt ar uei
tation to "get started."I terrific gale came up. The wind( Prof. Thomas H. Reed oil can to Prof. William A.I statements that marks and honor the Federal Reserve board policy *edur
,meit xuso without ai blew at the rate of 150 mil4 hav keys were no final measure of suc- of forcing a substantial reductionmeh
espeat xplso was the second man to bc Fayer who is said to hiaseultve orwig beens
dishomntwthatnwillaeted steou-touetitdwnapicke fromtheet given the honor, at the ban- been "distinguished because css in a college career. i pcltv orwn.i h
ismet ha wl b mte ot ose i dwna iefrm hee tquet held in 1924, at which of his verbosity." Several !hws in iv il oiwtt hde
'those who appear intoxicated, hzad landed. According to Larry, It the late president Marion Le- prominent members of the Ice jam Th w nly ive in tmptehea
Councilman Ernest B. Reif, '30( was powerful enough .to raise a man~ roy Burton was one of the faculty continued the po e eg uln
reporting on Spring games, an- Ito a horizontal position if he had ( rnia paer nals rm udrtedrcio-f , To For New W Tede I Oratory outallina
nnucdta h uligo ntigo hc ohl.which included many promin- Roastmaster Waldo Abbot___ not b
municipal golf course on the old This flight marked the last of1 ent state politicians. In 1925, Last year Dean Hugh Cabot! (Sy Associated Press) Five student orators will compete be pr
site of the tug-of-war would neces-I this season as winter is nowv tak- professor Reed presented the wa lted to the office of I h iaso ~eUie es
sitate holding that traditional !ing the Antarctic into its grasp. as ecce. ac 2<-h ongti tefnl o h xkvr es
Oil an t Pro. O.J, Cmp-loquacious lubricator at the' five-mile ice jam in the Missouri city oratorical contest to be held should
evntelewer' n hefuu. H h yr hpw i-c r~esued ell eetJms0 upolitical convention held at river below here, backwaters from beginning at 8 o'clock in the Alha, and i

D. Rockefeller, Jr., Has Been
Ided To List Of Magnates
Who Will Appear
(By Associated Press)
SHINGTON, March 27.-Sec-
Hyde expressed his willing-
today to appear before tlie
agricultural committee and
fore it any data in the pos-
n of the department of agri-
message resulted in an im-
te invitation from the com-
to appear at his convenience
April 3, at which time it e-
to conclude its hearings. The
lture secretary said he ex-
[to be away from Washington
bout April 1 on personal bus-
message was received at the
f the first day's hearings on
ouse side of the capital and
ed a hope on the part of some
members that a detailed ad-
ration plan might be laid be-
hre committee.
agriculture secretary's pres-
had been urged several (ays
y Representative Dickenson,
lican, Iowa, in a visit to the
House. Later, Chairman Mc-
of the Senate committee in-
Secretary Hyde to come before
ommittee but it has not yet
definitely accepted.
House committee at its open-
ssion today.received. the views
American Farm Bureau Fed-
n. Chester A. Gray, the or-
tion's legislative representa-
irged that the new farm bill
the tariff more effective on
products; that provision be
for control of crop surpluses,
hat it avoid subsidizing tle
Rockefeller To Appear
he Senate a half dozen wit-
were heard. During the ses-
hairman McNary announced
e had added John D. Rocke-
Jr., to the list of magnates
have been invited to appear~
the committee. At the same
t also was announced that J.
rgan, who now is in Paris,
aul E. Warburg, a New York
ier, would be unable to
y suggested to the House com-
under questioning that fed-
irm board be set up with wide
tionary powers which would
t it to choose a mode of pro-
from among the many
ds of farm relief that have
suggested. He added that he
it that one of the difficulties
past had been that Congress
ttempted to be too specific in
ing the powers of the board.
y added, however, that he did
elieve that farm relief could
ovided through one measure.
aid he believed there also
I be an expansion of the farm
termediate credit system, the

will coner this week with Park ut mene w. so
i fin, was scheduled to be the the banquet. The oil can which threatened to flood Bismark, Nu room in Angell hall. develo
.Supritendent Eli A. Gallup in ani but fewhad found could be taken principal speaker, but all award was made by Prof. Mandan and extensive sections of The winner of the contest will a nun
suitabefort thevenn back to camp. available records fail to state Frayer, who closed the polit- rich farm lands cracked up today receive a cash prize of $100 and the 1ities.
suitable for the event. backtocamp._whether or not he actually ical program after. several only to churn itself into another privilege of representing the Uni-
appeared at that time, E. P. nominating speeches h a d mountainous wedge that choked off versity in the Northern Oratorical Alth
McCormick AppOnlts Redemption Cast Lovejoy, of the state forestry been made by campus and the stream's flow, league competition which will be prices
commission, is on record as city politicians. Radio an- While army engineers directed a held in Ann Arbor, May 4, for the gree,
Cap Night Committee To Play Six Nights Ihaving done the most talk- nouncements of the proceed- crew of men in placing dynamite on first time since May, 1924. An award prope
-- ing on the occasion of the ings were broadcast through- a gigantic gorge at Huff, south -of f $50 will be made to the student farm
E3Applications fr tickets to the third banquet of the Knights out the program. here, the ice jam began to move out finishing second.izatio
Edward J. McCormick, '32, presi~ six performances of Tolstoy's of the Grid-iron. At the trial to be held this and for half an hour it ap'peared In addition to the cash awards, a an a
(lent of thedreshmesntet the eshan cls the "Redemption" to be presented by Again in 1926 the tiadi- year, a lubricator will be con- the danger of a serious flood was gold medal is presented to the win-would
literary college, announced the cap Play Production classes tomorrow, I tional oil can changed hands, victed at a trial in Judge over. ning student. These awards are crop s
might committee yesterday as fol- Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wed- this time being presented to Clarence Cook Little's court. Then the gorge suddenly reformed made possible through a fund estab- Gray
wnesday, and Thursday nights Several men have been ac- and tonght it apparently was as lished by Paul A. Gray, '90, of De- larger
Thomas Roach, chairman, Law- should be sent to the Play Produc- tle by Prof. O. J. Campbell. cused, but it is an established solid as ever while the water wa troit. meeti
rence Whitsit, Charles McColl, Wil - tion office without, delay, according J a m e s Schermer- fact that not more rising at the rate of half a foot an The Michigan students who will an a
liam Gordon, Beach Conger, Henry to Valentine B. Windt, drecto. Ahorn and Mayor than one of them hour. compete tonight for the Universityplan.
Bergstrom, Harry Cook, Kenneth limited number of persons can be John Smith, both of can be guilty of the A sharp drop in the riverggSugrathempofnohbp are Robert J. Gess- His
HoukStnly Btz CrlForyte ccmmoatd ndpreernc wllDetroit, and Prof. * offense. I t w i ll' today and the subsequent sharp champ9 ionsi i ogtn 3 en
acomdteIntreeec will thrfr etwt iewredet h aaiso ner, '29, Virginia Houghton, 30, been
and David Brockmeier. be given to those who send in a Preston W. Slosson therefore rest withdequal
The first meeting will be held n self-addressed envelope with their were listed along members of the jury stream which is famous for the r 30Ed., and Lawrence art- was re
room 306 of the Union, at 7:30 Mon- choice of performance early. . with Dean Cabot, of to convict a man tricks it plays upon those who live ,31.,dg awenemHr a bet
day, April 7. . Indebtedness to Alexander Moissi the Medical school, after hearing the along its shores. the University speech department. thoug
This committee will have charge for encouragement and invaluable as the main speak- evidence presented Similarly a prize of $100 is of- tion f
of arranging the program and ideas has been expressed by Windt, ers of the affair, by prominent politi-S All-Campus Fzorumr oh u0aisnrs
ofAl-am u aranigrhuporamdesh'Ifeed to the student placing first iu
building the bonfire for the cap who, with his classes witnessed the over which Prof. A. cians who will act n the Northern Oratorical league An
night ceremonies in a The presentation of "Redemption"iL. Cross presided as as witnesses, and To Convene Todayand a second award of $50 is pre- added

pment of Muscle Shoals and
aber of other farm aid activ-
Stabilization Ineffective
ough i ^- said stabilization of
might be beneficial to a de-
he declared that an im-
r mode of approach to the
problem as a whole. Stabil-
n, he added, would maintain
verage line of :income, but
do nothing toward disposing
said that half a dozen of the
farm- organizations were
ng daily in an effort to reach
greement on a united farm
own organization, which had
a staunch advocate of the
zation fee, Gray continued,
eady to abandon that plan if
ter one were suggested, al-
h it considered "the equaliza-
ee of sufficient merit to con-
our advocacy."
plan of surplus control, he
, must incorporate a plan to

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