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May 18, 1928 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-05-18

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ILVA =W' A-'wA Z M


JUNIOR TEAM PC Students Keep Diary As Part Of Work
U I i LnIn Intimaite Writingr Reoorts Binkley

Losee Is Highest Individual Scorer;
Zauer, Appelt, And Mlclurray
Also Are High Scorers
Taking four firsts and tieing for
three second places with a score of
36 1-2 points, the juniors won the
interclass swimming meet at the Un-
ion pool last night. The sophomores
finished second with 25 1-2, the sen-
lors third with 20 1-2, and the fresh-
men fourth with 19 1-2 points. Virgin-
ia Losee, '30, took the individual hon-
ors with 11 1-2 points, and Anna Zau-
er, '29, ran a close second with 11. Ap-
pelt, '28, with 9 1-2 and McMurray,
'31, with 7 1-2 were the other high
scorers. The races were all run
against time, there being no final
The faculty of the physical educa-
tion department and the department
majors were the officials. The meet;
was in charge of Marva Hough, swim- '
ming manager, and Nellie Hoover, ,'28, '
was clerk of the course. Other of-
ficials were: Rhoda Tuthill, scorer,,
Marian VanTuyl, '28, assistant, Miss
Ruth Figge, Miss Laurrie Campbell,
Miss Ella Rawlings, Mrs. M. E. Rat-
liff, Hilda Felske, '31, Frances Miller,
'29, Sally Bonine, '28, and Helen Beau-
mont, '28, timers.
The results were as follows:
Side stroke: M'Murray, '31, Appelt,
'28, Hough, '28, McCurdy, '29. Time:
14.4. seconds. L
Twenty-five yard free style: Losee,
'30, Holmes, '29, MMurray, '31, Mas-
len, X31. Time: 14.4 seconds.
Twenty-five yard breast stroke:
Zauer, '29, Appelt, '28, and Johnson,
'29, 'tied for second, Roach, '28, fourth.,
Time: 19 seconds.
Back stroke: Losee, '30, McClure,
'29, Zauer, '29, Hugh, '28. Time: 18
Medley relay: Juniors, Sophomores,
Freshmen, Seniors.
Diving: Zauer, '29, and Appelt, '28,
tied for first, Losee, '30, and Holmes,
'29, tied "for third..
(For mother and daughter or 2 girls),
In my summer European travel group,
due to unavoidable withdrawal of
1145 Washtenaw. Dial 3,597.

I AIX 1114111i"p.% . I r 1 a %A .. tn 1 i a. 1 ^ ----

"Intimate writing seems to me to
provide an outlet of expression for
those who do not wish to or an nol
write for the public, but receive plea-
sure fron placing their thoughts on
paper," states Mr. Harold C. Binkley,
Instructor in Rhetoric.
At Mr. 'Binkley's instigation and
under his tutelage, a course in inti-
mate writing was started this se-
mester. It embodies half reading amkd
half writing-the subjects being the
diary, the letter, the essay and,, the
biography. .
The course is promarily for sopho-
mores with a prerequisite of Rhetoric
31 or 32, and it is given in the hope
that the participants will learn the
pleasure of writing, if only for them-
selves, states M. Binkley. There are
about 40 in the class, anostly those who
did not care to take argumentation
but did want some further instructio2
in rhetoric.

As part of the experimental work,
the members of the class kept diaries
for six weeks. Asked for a compari-
son and generalization of them, Mr.
Binkley stated that "the diaries were
similar just as human beings are a-
like in that the walk on two feet, but
there the similarity ends."
The contents were, of course, kept
strictly confidential, but there were
inklings that for the most part, only
important events were included;
most everyone was in love, especial-
ly among the girls; engagemc\ts
were frequent-one girl, presumably
a sophomore, revealed that it was the,
third time since entering college;
thoughts rather than events were
characteristic. The suggestion for an
underlying motive had been "to in-
clude only that which would be in-
teresting twenty-five years from now."
It is expected that the course will
be given next year.

The sports conference for High bour Gymnasiums, and many of the
School Girl's which was held in Ann delegates went down to the field house
Arbor Tuesday, and Wednesdaysof later to bowl.
this week, was considered a great suc- Alo h ihsho ersna
cess, both by the delegates themselv- All of the high school represent
es, Lnd by the W. A. A. and the Phys- tives enjoyed the program, which was
ical Education department, who spon- given for them after luncheon on
sired the conference. Tuesday. Among the numbers in-
The results of the conference will cluded on this program, were a whis-
probably not show immediately in a tling solo by Geneva Beyers, '00, a
material way, but both of the organ- clogging number by Jane Robinson,
izations who acted as hostesses for '31, "Peter Blues," from the J'unior
the conference, feel that they will be Girl's Play, by Theodora Malloy, '29,
repaid in their efforts in entertaining and Edna Mower furnished the "mu-
the conference, if it interested the sic.
high school girls in women's athlet- The cotillion, Tuesday and the cam-
ics, and also caused them to think a- pus tour, on Wednesday both inter-
bout coming- back to Michigan next ested the delegates, and the farewell,
year as freshmen. given them by the members of the
Of the various forms of entertain- Physical Education Club, was also a
ment planned for the delegates, the great succeris. By this 'time, all the
J one that they probably enjoyed the Michigan women had become ac-
most, according to Doris Renkenbe"- quainted with the High School girls
I ger, '30, chairman of the program and they were able to form in in-
committee, was the play day. Al- formal groups of. discussion, and then
though it was impossible to hold any follow it up with Michigan songs.
of the games outside on account of
the weather, the conference was giv-
en the use of both Waterman and Bar- r

Training For Opera'
Depends On Teacher
Asserts Matzenauer
"Just as fine operatic training can t
be obtained in New York as in Eur-I
ope," said Madame Margaret Matz-
enauer, leading contralto of the Me-
tropolitan Opera Company, when in-1
terviewed after her appearance onr
the first of the May Festival pro-f
grams, Wednesday evening.
Madame Metzenauer made this em-1
phatic statement in spite of the fact
that she received her training in Eur-
ope, at the hands of her parents andt
such instructors as Georgine Neuen-£
dorf, Anthonia Mielke, and Franz Em-
"It all depends on the teacher,"
Madame Matzenauer continued, "If
you have a good teacher you can have
just as fine training in New York as
you can in Italy or any other Eur-
opean country."
In reply to the question as to how"
long it takes to reach the heights It
opera, Madame Matzenauer answer-
ed, "That depends on how hard you
work. You must work hard to 'get
there', as you say."
SFrederick Stock, who is cond ictor
of the Chicago Symphony Orc'/ stra,
which is playing in the May Festival
Concerts, is a native of Julich, Ger-
man. He received his education at the
University of Cologne. He went to
Chicago in 1895 where he became a
viola player in the Chicago Symph-
ony Orchestra, then called "The The-
odore Thomas Orchestra."
After the death of Theodore Thom-
as in 1905, he becam-e conductor of
the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Lady Mary Bailey, daring British
aviatrix, has started on "a 6,000 mile
solo flight from England to Cape
Town, South Africa.

"Ice Cream And Salads Liked Best By
Dormitory Women," Says Miss Graham
Gelatine salads, foods served with ham stated," and thus, I never find
whipped cream, ice cream' rather myself falling back on the menus
than sherbets or ices, tomato soup, which I have used before. Of course,
chops and breaded meats are the fav- there are some combinations which
orite foods of the women of Martha
Cook building, according to Miss Al- naturally come to my mind, but other
ice M. Graham, dietician and house than these I try constantly to think
manager.a i nof new and unusual ways of serving
"Naturally they do not live on these dishes.
foods alone," Miss Graham said, "but] Thirty-seven of the staff who do
in so far as it is possible with 118 such work as running the elevator,
girls, I try to give them what they
like to eat. Thus, if I find that cer- taking care of the student office, act-
tain dishes are untouched, I no long- ing as waitresses and serving tea
er include them in the menus. The are women from the house itself while
women do not happen to like veget- 14 full time employees are kept.
able salads as well as others so that Contrary to the opinion that such
we do not serve them often, prepar- a system is apt to foster bad feeling
ing rather, fruit, or other types of among the women, Miss Graham stat-
salad." es that this system- has been found
Likes and dislikes also play an to be very satisfactory and there is
important part in preparing for re- even a waiting list of girls who wish
serves, according to Miss Graham, to act as waitresses, or run the ele-
since if a certain dish is liked partic- vator in their spare time. They are
ularly, a great many reserves are apt able to earn by this method, any-
to be required, while if the food is where from twenty five cents to $12 a
just mediumly popular or even dis- week.
liked, the amounts left over have to
be utilized in sone other form later .:ttllo itit ltI !lItg1:111111
S'upplies must be ordered in large = Com m encem en
vary from 50 pounds of ground meat. Sweet Girl Graduates in caps
or soup meat a day to 75 pounds of State Stet, mortarboards tipped
chops or steaks, while more chicken the left, gowns flutterig to reve
must be ordered because it is almost ~white ones, =and becoming pastels.
universally well liked, and because But today is May 18 and thf
the backs and necks are never served
to th womn. Rubley Shoppe waiting to make t
to the women. the Sweet Girl Graduates who c1
Cookies for tea which is served r
daily are made fresh every day and Prices $11
entierly by hand, the number averag-
ing about two hundred a day, or TH E R 'UBl
nearly 6,000 cookies a month.
"I never save a menu," Miss Gra- In the Arcade

.. . rr« z +-. r. n


r I i
1 }
i + i
a ,
sa, RaeWrt ..: ~
,_,... u r,.

i "'1./J11./lt~./,./", 0 1".i"R, 1~": !"J. ',/~.O./J1.d1.~1.i"'.1:/'°l.I~. ".6'.IJ./"./°.P°~./.Y«/,/J~,,


The NUT House

Home Made
Hot Waffles
Come in
And Try Our
Delicious Toasted
212 South6Main
Phone 6666

tlllIIInillllIIJl ntniIIlII1lllItl Ill
Shaw Grocery Co.
Staple and Fancy
Quality Meats s
Phones 3712-3940
709-711 Packard St.

We provic
cessories t

and a
lund of
de the beauty
hat complete


utting Apts.

1. ' I

They All Meet Here
Candy Sale


Pongee Pajamas


l1l111..r~./~"~. '1.PY. 1:P.1. 1YJ1lJ~. ~11J1.i" ~""l"/.l~1.lll!~././lJJ~1.

t { i


I I I II III t 141, 11i111ii111i1111111111 111 1111 It1I


[U HI llllllltlillltll 111111111, 111111 u r l.I 1111

- AA~

See the rug which has been
on the sidewalk in front of
Quarry's, corner of State
Street and North University
Avenue. Thousands have
walked over it in the last
ten days. Examine it to see
if it is showing wear.
I have .six honest serving men
(They taught me all I knew)
Their names are What and Why
and When,
And How and Where and Who.
What?-An Heirloom Chinese
Why 1-No matter how high a
price you pay you can get no-
where a more exquisite rug.
How?-For cash or with a year
to pay.
WVhir l-Merrick's.
Where 1-923 Church St., Ann

"The Pride of Ann Arbor" I
Wolverine Cafe
Opposite Wuerth Theater
Will Be Open
To Accommodate Senior Ball and May
Festival Patrons with Light
Lunch Before Retiring
Radio Music Booths Quick Service
fmgrai ra r pr r' r rrP rPrr

All Hand Painted





i Cj"as"GLIIra"V-jVrlU.4"e jAIL.,LaL..L-j "U-..:-viri°. _\V..i1"b" www rr rr -vI

r r
Light Lunchesr
Tct-d Drinks

Charming Pajama's of first quality pongee and regentine-a fabric
similar to fine broadcloth. All have such delightful designs on the
front as-"Chinese Lantern"-"Greenwich Gertie"--'Cadie"-"Heide"
-"Dahlia"- 'Lantern"-"Beau Brummel"-"Iris"-etc. Step into our
lingerie department and see the fine quality and delightfully painted




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