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January 18, 1928 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1928-01-18

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Correcton French 11 and 111: lng Steam Radiators."
32, that is January 28, p.m. Announced wrongly yesterday. 1.S wnoSceay
"______________________________________ j .i'[. S. Pargment. Sigma 1elta IPit :
Al Y F I IA B IL [I ~Frnch11and11 wll e xamne a th sme im aIFrncl2 l ician n picture will be Dung
Publication in the Bulletin is constructive notice to all members of French 3 (9 O'clock Seton) -Engineering College:I taken today, Wedne-day, t 12::0
the University. Copy received by the Assistant to the President until Assignment for Thursday January 19-reader, pp. 124-125 inclusive. C o'clock noon1, at Dey's Studio. Iam
3:30 p. m. (11:30 a. m. Saturday.) Phyllis______________I. 1 i ttn. h~llis ougliHto, , I reident.
Voue8 EED'tSIAY, *IAN1ItY 1S. Number 8. Choral Union Ushers: ist, Year ii Stueni :
Qolune S 1'4 a embers of the Choral Union ushering force are requested to be in their First. year students who are elect-
Presdens,:places at Hill Auditorium not later than 7:30 o'clock, Wednesday night, as ing military science for the first time
Teraternity indwlllSo ,ramor eity Preofides c~so alfaeri isan o-the doors will be opened at that hour. next semester should call at 1le ROTC
oiesin Room 1035, Angell IHall, Wecdnsdlay Jauary 13, at 4:30 p.m. As it W. A,Daveport. office before Feb. 5 for tentative as--' EN
is extremely important that either 1iliapresidenrt of each of these organiza- '' School of Music Studens' Reltal: tr- -rdanc "i.a Crs na-
tions, or a duly- authoriZed repre'sentative, he present, attendance will be The School of Mic Sdns'Ochsra osp E ady cod~uctor rtye r dcenitoenol o
taken. J A Hrsey Dan Walter W elke, associate conductor, made up entirely o' music students, wllflea1w;seond senester will be able to
ive the following program at. the School of Music, Thursday aft ernoon at 'ulf before graduation for a coniy-
Unversity Lecture: -14:15 o'clock, to which the public is invited. (mri=ssio in the Reserve of te Army
Professor Robert S. Bait of GlaSgow 1uiversity wll lecture on "Mary, Sibelius: Tone Poem "Finlandia," Opus 2r; No. 7; Dvorak: Symphony of the ,Vi~ tts
Queen of Scot;," at 4:15 p.;n riday, January 20, 1923, in the Natural N. , E Minor "From the Nw World," Opus 35, Adagio-allegro uwilto, R deinold ileber,.
Science Auditorium. The public is cordially invited. Largo Scherzo, Allegro-Con Fuoco; Frim: Chinese Suite, "Pa-Ling and
F. C. Robbils. i ing-Toy," Po-Ling and Mting-Toy, A Chinese Love Song, Time o'Gloaming, ; ,1FEs ,: -
1(Cometh as a Bride.TemcigoftetuntBah
Bureaua of ApptoyidineiiP~s: '5 , , ' aJnd Q:
All candidates enrolled t Bb ii e Bureau of Appointments liose names be-' _ iles A. Slk, Of the A.T... sheenl cornpod-
gin~~~~~~r wihN ,jo relee~i (d Ito call at. the office, IRoom 102, Tapipan Hall, Iniverwily of kdgii 1aaIiIlnc(5YmvnagTisbencane
fo r interview s th is wee k. O ffithee lieu ; for this pr pose w ill be held from 9 IT e l u s s l a e h a d H i t5::11 o I O h s ah i eo ) II i T h ur day, J2-i S W 11, t Vs:LO e '
to1.2 a.mi. and 2 (0 1 I)11., .1 annary 1 7, 18, 19, and 0(1. vi lie. Fl'ans arie to be back ly 10 :Ye] ork 1 onighi r. niform with icap).. o I fuii o
llihen ShrantblmnI, Scretariy. vill be taken.
of lU -----A p-

a spiritualistic seance, with doors
id windows locked, with no
trace of any weapon,
vard WTales
Cs Stabbed


The Back !


ho kfied the man seated in

(jollege 13' a irv ~i a l l td I'i'Vv ,hp ' ("eal ,01mit he n's:
Fi nalI exami oat ton ; i (oun -s 1, '2,.:1, 1,7., m)(d 51lwill be Held'I'n ('5(lay,
January 24, 2 to 5 p.m., a c-rfug tiog 1(1 heo!lo \\ lug s(chedule'
Courses 1 2, .>. 4, ai d 7:To. rsla ' eir,."gl1,1.
Assist ant Pr fe, on' ' -es ect ion -1.3")A Ilgel 1 11,11.
AssistantI Proft ss- n An li jug's *>e :ions 1025) Angell1 11,11.
Assistant P r n'Ss<(r Nys 'V 811(c ,( <teion 2- 31 AngellI IHall.
Mr. Peterson :4 ins10:15 A ogell1 1a81.
Mr. Field1's :;ec(ticils- 25AneIItall.I
Mr. Anm ii's sccliis 25 Angecl I [all.
MVIr. TBeale's sect ions 1(1o2. Airg; ItI111I.
MrI . Bu hey's sec-tioens -10T5 A!1ge 11 11,all.
Mr. Cohen's sect ions - 2811 AniiJ11 ahll.1
NIr. Corliss' s ct ions -22"5 Ang el] i tall.
I'. Gocdmin =sectioils -,15Aurcl 1 hall.
M r.'. lemi, 's seliii--1012:")A iigsl1 I1 X11.
Mr. Miller's sec10o1s-.._25. A n ll I Ia I.,
Mr. Munros sections----11025 Ang('ll 1tx11.
Mr. Ncwsom 's s'ct i ios 221 At , ;gel 1!11811.
Mr. Selheii.er',;sect ion - 222,5 Angell H all. t
Course 51:
All sections: West Gtallery, Almi m emorial H-all.
All students who irc taking (curse 51 in addition to one of the other
course~s listed above will report for the final examlination in course 51 in
room 11003 Anugell Ilall at 7 p.m.. Tuesday, January 24.
Sociology 0-I:
1,shiall niot lecture today, bitt will meet the graduate section as usual.
C. H. Cooey.

411110ical Jounial ('lilt)
Th ere will be a moo I lug in l oom 1I065 N .S. at 7 :30 1p.m., on Thu :'sW ty,
Janna iy 1.9. Ntr.Cha pman will .;peakh on "Tlheooies hiega eding 11he Formoa ti101
j(of Dunaze,," and Air. S; nstills on "Wha t is4 a 1)c r'rt '
Tue I' urtll meet jug of the :'ens l'livsicazl 1i(-Ocioln Club wll h e bldu
I onight. at. 8 o'cl och . [Room 210, Wa1t('i loan C yti1 n oa i1l m..\A11 roe~m hers il
facultyx of the Four.-Year Course in Pin' sica 1 P~do cat ion ozlye xtipeet ed to0 1e
present. Mr. L. M. Post, lDirect or aof-1(He1alth (Idca 11011of1 (le Dl e oft School
syst em will be the speaker. If. S. Jones, sectreta vv.
11 ('im'eolo Itlitao
''ere will be a nweetin2 r rof 1ii tja.(ni-,11.;tl 1.- ................ofA7

' )~onli1.V}. \Vi shl. up11)011the l-
heuicli"'ts 811(1 juiiors in FElectrical .''i-I
r I1'C'1liilg i ImY 1be xcilsecl fliom le l
cla~s';l o atiolld O(licture'.
t .\ S t i iN'I~ l ' N Sa d A t \V asl l '1
itIstrilicto01's15 t l' bail (-110 e I'-.
\Mechllincatl 1-ot ionls of y Oil loain~iig,r




13 th

.'i. in 12.09 Angell If all. tProfessor '1
jeOt of which is ''Here and There ill
cordially invited.
-o '~ r:Favors ,will be available at the s
Wednesday from 2 to 5 p.m. Tickets
favors, Booth assignments will also be
Robert J. G~essner, Cl
Fraternity and Indepenident J-1101 Rool
It is necessary that those in char
J-Hop in both the fraternity and indep
office as soon as possible and obtain
The pledge contained in the rules
to Dean Bursley's office not later than
This matter should be given immec
RI. L. Petrie, C;

Rhletoric 1.-Exami nation, Rooms :
The examination in Rhetoric 1, Thursday, January 26 at 2
conducted by the various instructors in the following room's:
'Prof. Abbot--Room 2225 Angell Hall.
Mr. Bader--West Gallery-Memorial Hall.
Mr. Binliley-Reomi 1025 Angell Hlall.
Mr. Bouwsma-West Callery -Menmorial Building.
Mr. Conrad-Room 209 Angell Hall.
Mr. Donnelly-Room 3017 Angell hall.
Mr. Gates-Room 231 Angell Ball.
Mr. Kreider-Room 25 Angell lail.
Mr. McMahon-Room 25 Angell Flail.
Mr. Proctor-Room 1025 Angell Hall.
Prof. Schenk-Room 212 Angell Hall.
Prof. Solve-Room 35 Angell hall.
Mr. Stevens--Room 231 Angell Hall.
Mr. Van der Lugt-Wcst. Gallery-Memorial Building.
Mr. Wells-Room 216 Angell hall.

p.m., will be

M'1lclghliii vwill give a talk, th:, sili)- I iyltIeY.:1))20118alpe-
n- Italy."'All persons int erestedlare it illett'lt
A. i ilulio, President.' - -~ - ."'
sid (15kat he nin ~ ~ ui:1 Detroit Theaters i
niust be prcesented in ordeir to .secur .'..i ...'....''. "'
e made at (lie same time,. --- -- _--_-
'hairman of the Favors Committee.
'tl Chanirimen: IMat, $1.110 t-o't$2.50)
,ge of the booth airrangements for th N igts, $1 to $ 3.:U)
pendent groups (-all at. lDeaunIBurnley's o SChW1AB & I'lA-NDEi Vresenit
copies of the J-Hop rules for their (}OOL"~
mus b poprl sgnd ndreuredFotyFhplcxI e1=e
January 21. r ABEI: 2IiATA (ilnself) -
diate attention. Irand IJis Orchest'a_
lhairman, J-.Hop)Booth Commrittee. __-- -__
Staff and'Tryouts of the )lichiga.uni ---Woodward, at Elio
Technic: Wooward, t Eliot
There will not he a staff mfeeting Bj PLAY-SOTELE
tonight. This meeting has been post-* SECOND WEEK
ponedl until next week. 'IN ITS, 75c, $15 f. Mats. Tues,
Edward It. Nell. I Thturs. and Sat., W4e, 755
__-- i A FUN gY 51HOW
iPhi Signia BIolog cal Society: Samu Jain ey's New York Wow
A regular meeting of the society is "Loose Ankles" I
to be held Wednesday evenig Jan- ~
uary 18, at 7:30 p.m., in Room 2116________________________1
Natural Science. Mr. J. E. Sass will V___________________
provide the program. Impor'tan~t
business to be consideredl. Shubert-Lafayette j
Edwin P. Crieaser, Secretary.
I Beg~inn~ing Sunday,.TJali. 5th,

Veiller's King of Mystery Plays
Wvit h
and Charles Warburton
Gala Opening

Waldo Abbot.

The Januuary meeting of the Re--
search Club has been postponed to
Wednesday evening, January 25.
Lotus I. Rredvold, Secr'etary.
Negro-Caucasian Club:
Regular meeting will be held
Thursday, January 19, at 8 p.m., in
Lane Hall. Topic for discussion: race
mixture. Reports of delegates to Stu-
dent Volunteer Convention. All In-
terested are cordially invited.
L. B. Smithm, President.
Nursery Section-Faculty Women's
Club :
Dr. K. B. Greene will speak on the
Mental Hygiene of the Child at the
next meeting of the Nursery Section,
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, Jan-
uary 19 at 226 South Ingalls street.
Gretchen Wolav-er, Chairman.




French amid Spanish Exams:
Schedule f'or examinations in Spanish 1, 2, 31, 32, and French 1, 2, 11, 31,
32, 111, January 28 p.m.:
All Spanish 31 in Physics Letuire room (building back of Library.)
French 1 at 10, 1, 2, and 8 o'clock-Room H, Alumni Mvemorial Hall.
French 1 at 8o'cloc k-Room D Alumni Memorial Hall.
Spanish 1-Natural Science Auditorium.
French 32-Newberry Auditorium.
French 31 at 9 o'clock-also Newberry Auditorium.
All Spanish 32-25 Angell Hall.
All French 2-also 25 Angel]l lil.
All French 11:1- -1025 Arngell (lall.
French 31. at, 1o'clocl k _2098 Angeoll IIll I.
F r e n c h 1I a l ..9 '( c l ' ' 2 5 A - o ? he i a ll1. a s h < o 2 2 '. v c l l ll
French 31 at I11 o'c l :ci 2 A I ell haInl.
All Frcnh 11,inc5A hoglt1il l.
French 31 at 8So'clock - 2141 Angell 1 kill.
11. F. Biisley.
Math Z, Solid '.lcomleim-3:
The final e'xamiinaioi!i n i i; ca-ion- 0of.\tatll Z1, cs a and Thursdav atI
11 o'clock, xill1be held I ''Ii It s, lay eoc. ill"' g. Jani t4 i'v19 ion 7 :30} to 9 :30a
o'clock ill Room "3]IV. West in.inut' 'eing 1)0 itding. insi eadl of ' Wedlresda y as prey i
iously a nnounced. T'hose in~ can iihe presentI at t his 1thoe sb on] d see me'
The suippleme'ntar;iy xawin af ions b'r ilt nuse who missed the written quiz
of Januari- 11 will he gi vcliTI im ' day, Janlia' 10 at 4 o'clock in Room
3051 N.S.
1. 1). scoif.

Iota Alipha :I
There will be a meeting of the Mem-
bers of Iota Alpha at 7:30 o'clock
Thursday evening, January 19, in
Room 3201 of the East Engineering

Ml s, Thurs. and Sat.
Prig es: I;veming s, 50c to $2.50.
Popular M'lat. Thlutrs. 50c to $1.50
Saturday NMathie-, 50c to $2.00

17- ul , Ar l V '.J L 11 rie'.-. l T x
~~~~Sspeak on "Electrical Method of Trest- 1isTX


at 8
6 Performances Through Thurs. Night
Wed. Matinee at 3
NOTE: T'he Whitney Theatre box-office is open
EVERY DAY from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. No tire-
some waiting in line for sears. just phone 4814 for
choice seats NOW!
Iie cry 1ighlt, inclt iihg Slunday--5{h', 75c, $1b wed. fiat. Entire
House :-)o cenits. Sata. i tI,-tlat nd 7,'wcents,


. I





This play ran two
years in New York
and is now playing to
capacity audiences in

JAN. 19-20-21

,, Floul.........
Police Sergeant.W
IL ff The Rat ..............
V~ff H r 1E v E NArlette ................
Mlaximillian Gobin... .Say
BY AUSTIN STRONG Recan ........William




R1obert Wetzel
Vallace Baxter
- .Roy Curtis
..Leone Lee
muel Bonnell
ucette Moulin
M. Lewis, Jr.


The Dramatic Event of the Theatrical Season




iane..............rnyisa .LiugtLVJt
Brissac ......... Thomas J. Dougall
Blonde...............Alfred Foster
Pere Chevillon .. ..Frederick Randall
-Lamplighter ........... John Starret
Uncle George ......... Wade Carney
Aunt Valentine ....... Nellie Hoover
-Chico............Charle's Livingstone
and others.






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