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November 12, 1927 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-11-12

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S TTIItDA. . *,)VT,:lTBE , 12. 1927


l; W lY;;tit C M fAT ?Ar' TAX'Xff'r1 1V'?-- ....' *..4 . L/('(I4 (**..* l* L


Publication in the Bulletin is cor.structive notice to all members of
the University. Copy received by the Assistant to the President until
3:30 p. m. (11:30 a. mn. Saturday.)



N ninber 46.

With the consent o the Deans of their respective colleges, Freshmen
and Sophomores in the Colleges of Literature, Science, and the Arts, En-
gineering anti Architecture, and Pharmacy, and in the curriculum in School
Health and Physical Education, are in accordance with custom excused from
classes Saturday morning, November 12, for the purpose of participating in
the annual Call Games.
C. C. :ittle.
Entering Students:
Will all students (except Graduate students) who enrolled in this Univer-
sity for the first timethis fall, and who (id not have their pictures taken, re-
port Tuesday, Wednesday and hursday in room 429, 4th floor of West En-{
gineering building, between 9 a.m., and 3 pa'co..
J. A. Bursley, Dean.
Attention of Faculty eiK Psrsa:
The DICTAPIHONE STATION has been moved to the basement of Angell
Hall, room 208, immediately adjacent to the elevator shaft.
E. Whiteclurey.
Freshman Women :
The thirdnHygiene Lecture will be given on Monday, November 14, at
4 o'clock in Sarah Caswell Angell ball. Bring blue books.
Margaret Bell, M.D.
To All Seniors.:
Those who have been delinquent in arranging for appointments with the
official photographers for their Michiganensian pictures are urged to do so at
once. In a short time all pictures will have to be in, and those who have
not made appointments at that time will not have their picture in the Michi-
ganensian. Order slips may be obtained at the Michiganensian business of-
fice any afternoon between 1 and 5 o'clock.t
Bryan Hunt, Editor.
Phi KappP1hi:
All members of Phi Kappa Phi from other chapters aresinvited to identify
themselves with the Michigan Chapter by notifying the secretary at 1215 E.
Engineering building.1
R. S. Swnton, Secretary.
AlpIara Ng'i: a.
Thme Fall initiation B3anquet will be held at the Union next Tuesday at 6:15
o'clock. Tickets may now be obtained from any of the members. The follow-
ing men will be initiated into the Society: 'E. C. Scott, C. T. Clark, J. A.f
Zink., P. Franseth, A. H. Golden, H. S. Howard, F. C. Forsythe, D. L. Edwards,
J. K. Schuesler, S. T. Farris, C. F. Olmstead Jr., G. M. Ryerson, H. Ford Jr.,
J..E. Arsulowicz, R. J. Hutton, H. T. Jenkins, L. E. Davis, K. M. Lloyd,. R. H.I1
Moore,. J. A. Wabeke, R. Stanger, F. W. Kamman, M. Angelino, A. A. Neller,'I
J. N. Tait, F. W. C. Boesche, L. R. Chubb, R. C. Hewitt. k
Lyle E. Eiserjnnn, President. i
Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee:i
There will be a meeting of the Pan-Hellenic Ball Committee, Monday, atc
4 o'clock, in Barbour Gymnasium. Each sorority house is requested to send at
J.argaret 'Widnan. 1

HELICOPTER IS SNAPPED IN FLIGHT be regularly sed uan there and a The Daily. tinuing work to do and is import.
new judgement must be obtained up- PoeLn .rbertDai a - even when it does not get into th
nit. A plaintiff may, after years of g rpoesr arnuia e newspaper headlines, so shall peopl
oil search and designer of the airplane
effrt obtan a judement in that recently broke the world's ati- think more and more of the airplae
only to discover that the defendant's tude record it Dayton,n., was the as something they can use for ter
pmoperty is by that time in New fourth speaker on the program,hlis wn purpose," Professor Kerber con-
Saork; whereupon several years more subject being, "Airtindness and sluded.
demay be reuised tos hrtain another Safety." Kemp Kenna, soloist connected ln
judgmetin New York and if by that "In general the fator upon which his undergraduate days with the Uni-
time the defendant and his property the universal adoption of aviation by versity Glee club and the Union
should have moved to San Francisco, the public most largely depends," Pro- operas sang several numbers on the
thearlaintiff will have the privilege 4,f fessor Kerber said, the factor of program last night. Included in his
zuing a third time there. Many a safety. Quite certainly if aviation repertoire were "Michigan Memories,"
PRjudgment is simply abandoned be- were audr aly a terfe att from the stand- "Ah, Moon of My Delight," "The Star,"
cause the holder cannot afford the point of safety, it would be quickly by Rogers, "Down in the Forest," by
g cost of suing upon it in other states. accepted by the travelling public. The Ronald, and "Sylvia."
"The Constitution sought to pro- public entertains a certain skepticism A quartet composed of Beth Hamil-
(r t h tet us from all this, by declaring regading the extent to which this ton, '30, ad Donna Esseltyne, J. E.
autnns- uny rthat full faith and credit should be factor has been developed and the Maddy and Hans Puck, the latter
given in every state to the judicial public estimate of the relative safety three being members tofthe lniver-
-Wya h n s proceedings in every other state, and and danger of flying is in general sity Scool of Music faculty, was also
by authorizing Congress to carry out grossly in error. ieluded on the program in place of
thisroiion by general laws. A Aviation Steps Outlined. Marion Strube-Freeman, who it was
Sdrdd thirty-eight ears have "Undeniably aviation did pass previously announced would play on
h n passNedytamt ad a nCon res htats yake hr o an exceedingly dangerous the prgam. The quartet consisting
tssfirsttep to make that povsion period during its development stage, of theaviolin, cello, ioat tnd piano
r r e t r..rmd.... r..directly operative. as did also the motor ar and the rendered "Ben Bolt," "Old Folks at
Unys s tview of the new British helicopter C-8Dy "Viper," which recentlyFindsasimpe Rmy Iraioadfthi. oe nsrs tHe
madey sut aned flgh of 50 mn i e s N a crso tywthousa d m s t misa p in ther "Th wo . i pl steyeairad trai .T pionees tookre c rre o mea d " h ir et B hn
mad Aadeysu styed ht'op50mlesthacrossdcduntrysthtishap intn bthe 'Theremedy is perfectly simple. If terrible chances and the toll in thuan Me.''
firstarecorde u achievmet fr itsnumn kia paratn M gans e es a de hlife has been great indeed. But the The fifth Michigan Night program
fisfeoedachievmentofitsh sttko ndaai n hio, rhgeeien sy- dfact remains that air tansport is still will be broadcast two weeks from last
mtdo laayr hNh iote ded isfgivenom- suffering heavily from the accidents ighstt, Nov. 25, Waldo M. Abbot, of the
Sie ran, Sunderland And Tillotson Are mediate force and effect by being re- which are so constantly occurring in rhtoric department, who is program
"inctath Spa kers On a io t corded in Ohio. Why not do the same miitary and naval aviation and from a
Prsihnsbjctip anSpadd e s y n Rdioogsa Amthing awihBjrgmensc Futlon insangt. mnagr naoun ervdth io
r E. d n ss s r o ra n thing with jurdets? ju fmaithn i the kind of newspaper story which audience.
(Co nsinued fromh age ners)ty tgerritoa ,l thate yne an cgredith orery juget wim gets before the public. t
sCoHisukfom) erts iafest nthe then be enjoyed everywhere, through "So long as flying accidents occur-
about our opponents," the coach de- county circuit court. The line be- the simple, direct and Ine e ive generally, so long will the travelling
Ahrcasae actcustomed to it. hisinraticetha
lared."We save played the Naval tween Michigan and Ohio has pre- of th atic as public continue to be shy of travelling
been in use for a hundred years in by air and for this reason the ultimate ti h sn aihsr
Academy team two successive years. cisely the same paralyzing effect on the British Empire. It was adopted in fuur o irtrnpot epns nsh N ori'is
Int two gaes wethve fod I the law as the international boundary Australia when that country became solution of the problem of making air-
ter men n he.NayWeapo bewhapridbetween Michigan and Canada. a commonwealth of states like ours, craft aerodynamically safer.
t e ont t "No party, and ordinarily no wit- for the Australians, who borrowed "a
fighterceanlaes, anr e elettes Ecainsumd a t ce"ThntPrnedslsawherdoin hrsatssdealfoUNTAIN ERVICE
ies a d ex t sce smn tappear in the full faith and credit clauses from indicate to the public that the impor- J
sportsmen. Last year they played the court from the other aide of a state our Constitution, were not satisfied to tant thing, whether in military or
spart of hosts to us and the job was line. This cannot be justified on the keep it in a constitutional museum, civilian flying, s not so much the se- 302 S. State
never more perfectly performed. Our ground of immediate convenience, for as we have done, but promptly set ation of the moment as it is the
boys still talk of the marvelous hos- a party may be forced to travel a it to work. steady operations that are carried on
pitality extended us by the entire Na- thousand miles to appear in court, 'The problem of judicial efficiency day after lay, month after month, andL
val Academy lastyear. We hope that provided no state line, intervenes, but in interstate relations lies at the which have very little news value. TheLuns
we may make our guests from Ann- he cannot be summoned across the foundation of our governmental sys- post Office Department has demonstra-
lisfeel as welcome here as they street if that street happens to mark tem. We have drifted for nearly a ted that it is possible to maintain a Salads p
e. us feel last year, and that goes a state boundary. Nor can it beex- cnr ad alf writoflali
century andns alfuwithout skingus. fairlyegnlarrschedle of-airplan
for the score, too!" plained as an inherent limitation on the slightest substantial progress. The operations, in all seasons, both day
"Justice Halts at the State Line," judicial power, for the United States American Bar association intends and night.
was the subject of an address by courts, which representthefederalhis wnr s tap ge r
Prof. Edson R. Sunderland, research government itself, operate under al- Congress in the hope of getting some public realizes that aviation goes oi
'professor in the University law most identical restrictions. Sometim- relief." continuously, has a definite and con-
sho.His talk follows. es, when parties cannot all be found' The address by Harry A. Tillotson,--
"Americans are accustomed to within the same state, no sutit can be business manager of the athletic asso-
think of this country as a highly effic- brought at all, and the whole judicial ciation, who is in charge of the distri-
ient state, equipped with every mod- establishment, state and federal, be- bution of football tickets for all home
ern convenencreWe point with pride comes utterly helpless, games, explained in detail the method Our
to the constitution, which permits MORE. of ticket distribution at Michigan, is
commerce to flow as freely over state Explains Judicial Practice contained elsewhere in this issue of F U T I E V C
lines as though they did not exist, "Justice is adminitered through ___________________F U T I SE V C
?which guarantees to citizens of all the judgments and orders of courts, is built for
the states equality of protection and but these are' useless unless they can OPTICAL
privilege, which requires the public be promptly and effectively enforced.E TSPD
to be given full faith and credit in none of his property is found, or if infrlch
frevery other state, and which provides he should remove his property from Lenses and frames made Drop Infrlnh odas or
frmnational courts in which national that state, the court which renders a To Order
laws shall be uniformly administer- judgment against him cannot en force better candies
ed." it. State lines in such a case become Optical Prescriptions
Lands Constitution a serious menace, undermining ju- ~ Filed
""Commercially and politically, the l dicial efficiency, producing expenseBE SRO S H P
Constitution functions very well. No and delay and often encouraging H-ALLERSBE SRO S H P
customs barriers halt business at the ( fraud. In order to make any use of State St. Jewelers NcesAcd
state frontier, all of ms are free to go ii ajudgment in another state it must C, Nickels A3% 1,1adO
where we like and do what we please I
over the whole area of the United ____
States, and the federal courts pro- --.....................................................................'S .
tect us everywhere from local dis -.::..........:.. . . ~.........,........,........... ...
crimination. Tt Tnn1 (1d c r2 z t" 1






University of 3lichigan ain d:
Formation at 1:30 this afternoon
game. Uniforms with capes.
Ann Arbor Art Association:
The Ann Arbor Artists and Ama
Alumni Memorial Hall, is open ever:
through Friday, November 25.

at the Band Hall, to play for the Navy
Russell Nalcom, Student Manager.
teurs Exhibition in the West Gallery,
y afternoon from 1:30 until 5 o'clock
Bruce M. Donaldson, President.
Prof. John H. Muyskens of the latin
department of the Literary college
will give a talk on "Modern Realism"
before the members of the Unitarian
church at A:45- Snrn d n+o,.,


-uL , : un ay, in the rooms But so far as the Constitution con-
of the Unitarian church on the cor- templates a nationally effective ad-
ner of State and Huron streets. ministration of justice, it hardly
Theegeneral public is invited to functions at all. Judicially we are
this lecture. 48 independent nations, operating un-
der the rigid rules of international
WISCONSIN.-All bans on smoking law. Judicial power stops dead at the
among women have been lifted and state line. Even the federal courts
many of the women's organizations are similarly limited. The Unitedj
now provide smoking rooms for its States District Court sitting in De-
members. troit has in some ways an even small-
'i~~illlt111111111 I IE111111111111111r1 ll l 11111lll ltllllltrlltlrllllt!!g i i
You can always bring your friends here with the positive c
assurance that you are treating them to the best. _
Don't Forget that on Sundays we serve the
best Chicken Dinner at One Dollar.
Board by Week Private
Single Meals Party Rooms
Not Cafeteria Ladies Invited
Cor. State and Washington
't lil111lrlllllltllllillllilllllill l1trlill ll g gll rlltlllltllllrl11111l

755 East University Avenue
At Hill Street
12 Noon till 8 P.M.
Daily including Sunday




"Ann Arbor's Unique Sandwich and Coffee Shop'



Opposite EngineerIng Arvh


3 1 89

o%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%w ---w %o -- w --w- ~%^







0 R.LJG co.
P2 t NTED i N

(under new management)
Special Business Men's Luncheons From
11 to 2:30-40c, 50c, 60c
Dinner from 5 to 8 o'clock-75c to $1.00
Short Orders At All Times
We make a special for your Sunday Dinner
from 12 to 8 o'clock

Welcome Navy
After the game
meet your friends
at the Den.
Special Dinner
Prompt Service
Congenial Environment





it {f

I - - IL Z



_ _ .
1 TZ__.. .....LL 3 i . 1._ .1 __ t_ _ _ __ 1 __ . r n " r


e1 1:1

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