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October 15, 1927 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-10-15

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Hundreds Arrive
OnFootball Special
To iewAnnual Tilft
Mote than 300 Michigan students ar-
rived in Madison this morning on the

-. 7
° l

S-students' football special w hich lef I G O E t h E P A D B S ES " SA m Ar r la t u;h o wi n s t e lIlF ,i H l VI H L O E I S
TOI FE)~LSI ANABI W SMichigan-Wisconsin football game thisf IN ,!'INEEU PLA Is( 1
PRIOFESSOR * "my T TODAY afternoon. The speiaf will leave I FROMI A'/ORESI
_____" (-- Madison tonight and arrive in Ann --
Furstenberg Lectures on Lungs; Alonc> I Will IDistribueT lumniAssociIth ti s xpcedtateenmreo"teWit for Beter Wealher Before Trry'(Gm I
I As Fvi4Iellee .~I tudntbody -vill avail themselves; FrErie ii titT~u
.. " :
Of-oiitr < >:w~a( ]ulid ~elellnnntthe opportunity of attending the 112-j From )Iae Airp;ort
TelYfEal itoyJl II D vlo~in o is'and Chicago games the week-ends-
"It s a commonpl ace of popular4 Work onl a 1 niversily moving li- of ct. 29 and Nov. . Three special('- s'Ittc-)
thought that governmnenitinterference o ue ob cree oeiew trtains are tobe.tun romhere for LONDON, Oct. 14.-If. uth EderMAD
each of these gamnes, ac-oring to the! the rescue-d American flyer reaches! ingde
with 'business enterprise is in most' the next two months, wil e staitld railroad official, in charge of the Ihorta before the Junker's panuc Mci
instances an unmixed evil," Prof. . L. Monday, according to an announce-! sale. Tickets for these trains will be i s Bh a
Sharfmi'an of the economics depart- ment amade yesterday from the office iPlaced on sale a week from Monday -1"0hosifnfo tieea ivia
lion awaits her to join the Jul I' (;
w-ent said in 'discussing "Government - - of Dr. Frank Robbins, assistant to0 the in the lobby of the Unin. I tis
and ,Business" on the second "Mich- ,;Snao orh President. The work on the moving T he fare to Campaign will amount crew andLu .ili Dillen. Viennese ;ac-1twte
gant Night" radio program of the year to $11.24I round-trip, exclusive of berth, trews one their fight to the UntedIiiiu b
broadcast through WWJ last night. Of Idahlo, xvho'suggested a terilna- picture wii be uinder the direction of If stop-over privileges are desired, the tte. Icpct
"Te de gthealyfndteerssontinlfth Thcie ocetndngorth MtrpoianMocnb icurfC.faeeilrb $4.0rTeirivtalii act; at i 2 co'o erarivl t ia
intetrepoonemetthat 'less withodig "p - lo frin od of Detroit, and A. B. Jewet, general sago amounts to $8.92 round-trip, andf the Azores aftr r iraiiiculous s- :.. oclock
by tilntheState-OvDepartbement..9i.Boh
goeneti uiestebte. yteSae Dprmn.Senator manager of the company, will arrive prompltedl aviation enthusiasts , it was have
This attitude 'gathers nxunch of its ac-Clsofirna:asaldtepicruie
ce1ptance saio.th p iyMonday tor prehnminary work oi the 1 le arned from Brlin tonight, to sg ~a
cetneand prestige from the vigo- PA;ffl y-
trial 'leadrs, who jealously guard the suTyhedy n hesaeeto ile purpose of the picture il l' ICAA i tj cia to her plucky fliht if MIiss °""in"""
ouypnosi forgetics etne ndthe statemenit is-fili.be A wills by~i ~ot~ x~exlLiimr
1uiesmcaimaantteal Brhi nareetwt h iw Elder were permitted to return to the, Frederik moive quite I
buins mcansmaaissteow BUhnsinagemivwihehrvsitoyhw nvestylieasiiifnweir asr iur ittc isesaoad h no30
croachments of public control. expressed by his fellow senator. Presi-s wt yia apssee n ~i'I~ I~h W"I UL German . aviator, who w as reported as have
"Whatever the defects of particular dent Coolidge, according to a state- du1 99 99 tt U l. HLULL[ UIHLI PARIS, 'Oct. 1 4---Ruth Elder and safe in the Azores late lat night. Inmang
regulatory schemes, and however re-'met yesterday, contemplates no -aters. Tfhe tirn willIe distributedGog lleaxrsno rmteLoe4i i uieslai -20 s kt
grettable the widespread belief in the changes in the department, since he to Alumnias.sociattions, and similar 'd2 TrisUdrGaea so sea by the Dutch tanker Berendrecht mkn l~iatmtfo odr fL
efficacy of the mere legislative fiat," feels that thlese practices are neces- gatherings throughout the country, i larlicoe iding Pace of jysedy will set their feet and 1 I
and zar tiomorrrwyeterday, th A on fr h.Iney, Gerlmany, to the United States in Ao
Professor Sharfman continued, "the Isary to the proper conduct of banking. - adwill demonstrate the strides that General 1 (4oUeztio''wa ~ia h zrs o i h tep ob h is a oaya
genrafirst" timeenmeta sinceS-_- .they n thoppedtt0be hoffst aTutes-ea
geea rn fgvrmna oiyI nua~nIMichigan has madte in the last 20 '. is iesnete opdofTe I cross the Atlantic from the other side. nine a
frusofpatefrt to s r-temovercurrent SEI yeBATTLE dyafenonfrm ooeel.FilI 1
hauis bepten frt to srteopermanrent NO I fhlIL\IN Iyars. To facilitate the filming and to 4;MAY HE IM NN 1i dayaftenoo-fro-RooevetgaFeld
maladjustmentsYandto establish-ar-ed plane give the picture continuity a mild plotANe YorkGin hilil-aedpan lverine
giveutensan:toetalsher- 0(y As5oi codedrires) "AercanGil."1,ll L PNflTlOlTAII bet, a
rangemnents calculated to meet future hs been introduced, though the rin- t I I0CTOc.1.Geea- It is understood here that Pa is, ThI 8n e Be
heeds." whichojcto hepctrwilb was t heir goal when they!I
Furstenherg. Discsses Lungs 'FO EIN LO N O I iPAlarzchefofte reienia tafwic fin ;
A.C usebrmerely to show the campus scenes. announced this afternoon that federalcibditotepae i tl hIcamrer(
anDamebe o gte tafrf heferu[INoO N OLCYfialobecro teeicurtwllbaAvaeiocieno tendrsieniarsaf,,dstnaioead hawtey lil oc PLon.li
Dr. A. C. Fu teberg, professorhofks- ICast Contains Three -htoops under command of General!I here by the AT
otolaryngologyi h Medical schoolP *n Tiik State, Department's Th cast of principal characters will Escobar had discovered General Am- toinatr journey hr ytemr I to start
an tiie ofh saftfih tn-etAvsoyCotctWihAmr- means nl hreI lf transport.3. fhi ol odnaymen o Thepr. h
versity hospital was the next speaker ; onan nythe persons, two of I uIotnlz itinys5o isfl likely that the two flyers will1 Li,1,t Will Give Clear and Detaled1
nth porn r.urtnegscan Bankers Is Beneficial woIil e-niest students, one Ilowers still with him, lin the Hluatusco ln without even a tohrsfri , not st
on~~~~~~~~ thArga.crcuoebegunt_ wo ilbeUiest Iln otbrsfri of Eacli Player' Wiema
talk ontiued te seies f medcal ~ ~woman and one m-an. The other char-' region of the state of Vera Cruz. A is believed that all their belongings I ACUi
addresses begun on the last program I IBORAH OPPOSES PRIACTIIC~E-ater, to be an alumnus, will form the lathwearblivdeuiemt destroyed when the plane took IWr ~ri aieta
of the 1926-27 season. "Foreign I central basis for the plot, and though Defeat, capture or death in battle fra nefr a en aet eec
i eeteol lentvsfrGnrlI "
bodies In the lungs as a cause of dis- I (fly Associated Press) all three characters have been tenta e r-Gceztholiternafotivesfo General I lift it aboard the Berenrdrecht. The V ARITYx BAND WILL FLX i
ability and' death is "one of the fi- i WASHINGTON, Oct.: 14-Presidlent tively choseni no announcement of I ce n i 5folwrGnrlI plane lies beneath the waves of the ; I I
portant medicl roblems of the day,"IColdecnepae no'rsnfthinaewilbmdeuilheAvrzsi.1yg General Escobar's troops were clos I Atlantic, ams carrd rek-sOeantegigrh ilshowimethes=
Dr. Fuprstenber°g said. "To relate the1 change in the State department poli- I actual screening of the pictures iginagcabouton them.i agifcl oag.___ lyb-lyresults ofl how the hia-]I
circumstances that fav-or the passage cy of extending or withholding its I ready to begin. ( see h ao tGenerl m ezt asdfc l opa-b lyrullts O C A D e, c. 1.- he Wsosn~o batha e Mthi ate- ! Ca
of foreign substances to the windpipe cosent to loans by American bankers The object of the film will be to give se owGnra oezcud saeCn
and lungs will serve to emphasize the I eade.to foreign governments, although he an account of the University activities, henadded.e anunedtht Ih party which has waited for Sikorsky noon, in- ill auditorium. For those Wa
dangers of M~me of the habits and I recently considered abandonment of I and scenes to be taken will incue total dead in last Sunday's battle atI plane, the Dawn, through, days and who do not attend the out of townII Syk
practices of every day life' the ;practice. the Michigan Central railroad station, "wes oih oko ieirsii ae h rdrpiafrsaC~r
Aywere federals Theod i hf 26 ihteamstcraniythtMsIeald con fte cin f Wie
Dr. urstnbeg, wnt o tomenton Tis as satedoffcialy toay t th Unin, he cmpus Francisry:,Wwre Grayson he andesher26 coitn-panlmot ceeachty player.detonedbothnt teamsactonn f Vono
the pernicious. habit of some childr°en- Ithe White House fin connection with j University hall, Angell hull, the 0b-irebels, including two officers, were', ouadchopWoffrtmorrowd morncing acplayftegamo e.mwenty-two y I Bin-i
of placing small objects ;in their lthe statement issued yesterday by servatory, the Law building, the Nat-Ifuddedothbalfid.Tee-inswldopffomrwmrigpayftegm.Tet-woihtI
mouths, Illustrating; with' different Senator Glass, Democrat, Virgini.s u ral Science building, the Chemistry eral wounded were given as 64 It for Europe. which flash and move in any drec- I I " Ke
cases."It is a fact," the speaker !sailing the policy as unautorizd-an-buiding and the new stadium aso} was not known how many rebels were IA ft hneteamshr n-to ln ae hti aho-dIW
stated, "that every foreign body al- F opening. the field both for possible i athletic plant. In addition to the fwvoundled. g roup of 0 w hiom onpolizedt aterpreet atonotesatsiand ras W
cameipurelatonses picfr en i l Ato tlbe(elC at. ounCarp e t e g o p o 0 w o m n p lz d t eip e e t t e c n etntsroas th e ! Cro i
or later produces a lung abcess. Thus, (fignrltos be taken Iin alt one faent andbtfed wasCat Jose Hapnio otel Brunswick tonight ade merry j telegraphic reports come to Hill a- _ Rs
there is produced a third group' of The president feels that the advis-I one sororityhouse. who a few weeks ago asked to bei at a farewell dinner. ditorium direct from the playing field a
symptoms, namely, cough+ with offen.. ry contact' of the State department I The cost ot the film has already, iasere r m oe of te M xc The weather reports of the eveaadsn,'h la s erdue n I
ive dischargo eiformthe throat and Ixith Anerican 'bankers in such mat- been budgeted in the University ex- !(Cty uista ae ondterv-pn.wr rmsnacrigt tegigahi aua-fsin
' tern shuld be mantained a drastic enses forthutyearnGeneralvdAlva! eoisaid.eneeladdvareilotd.Wiemer- ptuotzWandernavigatord aeaturing Fetherprogramprform the aft-ft- (No
"Surgical measures for the removal regulatory laws' passed by this country 'the Regents, 5s) that as sooni as the htCr'iioa h ieh ak rc ~lsooih nesadi ronxiib h rsneo h
of foreign- bodies in the lnshodmight prove embarrassing to the con- conmpany' is mreadyto begini work{ the1 ed for his transfer suspected that an i turbance develops ontetas at- tybndi flluifr.Ih
be prmtyisiue, r use-Iduct f foreign affairs. Ifilm will lbe made. It is qunite 1>rob- attenipt was being made to get his lni ot eoe eebn ilp lay pMichiganstisongs,"and 1 Chi'-
herg said in closing. Coincident with te White Hon-ee abler that the scenes of the University, I company to joini the disloyal mo-i cniettattls hywudb (teceredr ilb hno 1Chi
ThAfton n fth efat(r~ ed yells, giving the program as real-
Prof. Arthur'~s Aton, of the histi'y 1athe State departmentmitnade 'public the leaves have partly left the trees, in n,.-aitwith his cmma odigt ryhadanter, a edland) News Joseph Devlii's news- isThe fooball atmope. at t~ierMb
departmenct, addressed the radio audi- Iofrm fltes ett anesr-Iorder that a b etter view canl be e odig to)rmy eadqawtich asdesThedoosewildbeopendca
enc n tm t pc " h atu~ i ~ sting an expression (on3 foreign 'cu red, and its is also probable that mbhe irevolt against his xil. jaP eiw ic ecib d ds ae andthe game xil start at 3:00. An j I
Iloans and Senator Borah, of Idaho, scenes takeni at the Ohio State gameI' eatvs ae 1e admission price of fifty cents for mainf as al
Fr tJopmMhiaby ctimean oftietoryte1freignre-pvI that Mrs. Grayson s eltiesfloor seats andl thirty-five cents for though
Spaniars durin-the Amrican levo- whn the lrgest Cowd in he hien lS ,'i u o dflsi te ordeesrhomes was rrsceivet Forwith hamscoas rngivethetbalconieingtwilllcbeescharged.chTicketsice be se
lutio ." M ichigan xas re pr'esented latins c om m te , d cl r d h s o n of the U niversity i i be present, vililaugh be obtained atslSiater'solW ahr s e
in the Aica Rvluin~ythsbelief that the administrative practict+ le included in the film. "f(vexo(mmI pidbelotatedmatSlatosthe ', gans
appearance of Spaiish troops xithin I shiouldl be terminated. . , Company Is Experienceid InChinI eCiioXrlaughy othe'WLon shlad staaltl te
w ith Senator Borah, in a ,brief statenmemt T erplta oigPctr l ryo ot sol tya andthmUioe',Cis.echrs a e
(sad h sld nt wsh o b plcedin th werl: hs "ii INortherners p~4rt ; *home,'woukldyou good Irishmmenibe;aithe gIjgrni nsale.udr-h
.srer y prsno t-dyiouaistes n, i sii i ntws obepae nCo., which will do teiorhas hadIanly better off?" she Iaaskedf healmnwasoaio andcTnel
prortant link that ties -Michigamm to tetagl mogh stm ny theheatttd f iiiigthesta e wdeexperience iiithe motion pctiu nrc (I,. ,sod e es) ismile. wl eoeae yCalsA i-sih
War- of Independence," Professor fineitdielmcmk vsg eels.It a alsndA\',Oc.1t declardliethenalintmon I ofe i'tfleiGtiphissprc-nIofeld, aking heeReograrmtnddIby 4Charlesn fAthe rip isaigol
Aii t iesdepartmnent ihrtdthspa-itroit Newsnesres Ithsasl '9i; Ot14-hmanCasIsivrcnfomapt;oudnteigtn,'2LMli
Aionelrd:letenwn n t ice andi hadl a.particular situation to been very cooperative with ichigan arllly xhich has eentriving on Y.Pic-slesift atpot fiorsdontie'sgtnea, ---_______;,gn p
discuss the details of the capture and ; iihsbe ~tse u ctee netrlett fteSkrk' er,.~scn
~ .deal with," he said. "I do think how- ].lumni bodies throughout the state, I cnhs encuse u. cteedKeossaend rsntdb r
terul."twsmsaleiotever, thain it, <a practice that should lnig-hmpitrs f- iest) laiid; are sill in the field-some with-;IKeRsia m p etdb r k fcr Yningg
in thme Colorful early ihistory of the' lmiig 1them picturesofof Universinoy-'ernand Igor irkosk. xperts have said Ch snSae rfso lo a-"at.iIe emntd"scnswtotcag i ayo: rfsin lC asIt
state,"lss nd thr snatrslor mslses otftheki i t hs nasoethePrfesoiAto aiabteis1c emiatd. Iscnseitou careeiingaync-of. b-Suthtianhaestot eOeinofSutacePrfeson lplalaotl
was more thami that. It was an in- SntrGasadohrsntr casions. Maurmice Kaplani is pmeiteittI Bls ttmumhea ~ asit of Iatria intie ,eventhi and probal
to hae tke a ike'vew andsom o- iof hi conanford .theJeet, wortmahfoethnpoalliaallancesatstated th entria. surr
hav taenpalietveofandsomeoAmerthsiccanyami A.B. exvt t w oieghh etuie. , ' l Gayand hagelsax, '29M, was'cho- iet
tegr andar of get i mrianReoi- servers sawe in the present situationI will be in charge of tne ork Ker,tthe I one other pictte is to be crdii.,esdn oh junior class of 1 tordo
Pio adogietipotcein the ;the robability of a nmove at the corn-i-I"i.gnea nmaaer rilis po~Csman declared -thats Grthel is tie goddaughter of sel peidet f-h Itod
ofrscttom anehud b et red sesin aoginsstherSatleado-t Inortherners dtibiemately drewv the Mrs. Ann Key Palmer, of Atlantic {the School of Medicine at their classi time be
to its proper place in the "histoiry of I must'atoto pimotdifrosthe8tudenicoucilotuth-aesa.I City, p who iscosnssth rpesn
M ic hi ancu d erao uru na genr th e e."Ithertno tn-t' p ol c y. ssist in t e an -api elitc yt. oss iiset int toh ea tin gua n8gm ilsns o u h w esrI tih ee of F a n cis S c oto f F raa u h oriosISl pt' 9 M , as c h sentshthrre p esea
4l~teti" im~er {iv picture, and though prcial l f ein, andl then et the northen
iiscd nbes~vi.VATICAN MOVES Ws aebe omltdi e-army by way of Anchoxvtowards Ting- 1thenatwioll ean eItisdhsncttaie of the classhtoJtheocom It e y
On the musical side of the r rm ;panshv encmltdi ,ge (4h()w to cut off their retreat Mostwihwllb aena vdNceof the MofrheJ-oper eecetoncu1)0on
interspersed between the three ad- eoratimeyChtansdeforceewaseforcef toe'iF blessing of Mr's. Pamer. N -alIMnrofcr eetdicueLo- goldi

[s Initial Big Ten Asgnment
r Wienian As Head Coah
Of Wolverine Team
(Special to The Daily)
ISON, Wis, Oct. 14- Not ha-.
:ink from the cup of victory In
igan-Wisconsin game since 1899
dgers have the highest hopes
ns, years of quenching their
fr Wolverine blood when the
imns meet in Camp Randall sta-
tomorrow afternoon before a
:y crowd. The game will start
'clock central time which is 3
Ann- Arbor time.
the Wolverines and Badgers
istained severe losses since last
gt both elevens are rated at
than passing fair. If either
y a decisive margin, which..:is
iprobable, it will be ranked
Sig a good chance of finishing
the leaders of the Conference
Few Veterans Renimin
to 21 men who faced each other
sArbor at the starting whistle
ago not more than eight or
re slated to start tomorrow's
Only three of last fall's Wol-
i, Oosterbaan, Baer and Gil-
r'e to be in at the opening game.
adgers are only slightly better
this respect, Capt. .Crofoot, Rose,
on, Von Breher and perhaps
of the team a year ago named
coaches are also men who did
tart" a year ago. Elton E. "Tad"
4n will be sending a Michigan
into the field against a. Con-
e opponent for the first time
Tu I~e Probable Lneups p
3.Pos. MICH.
teron LE Oosterbaan
iner LT Pommerening 1
es LAJ" Palmerol
son C BovardI
iBremer RG Baer
ish or RT Gabel}
en- or RE Taylor
foot (Capt.)Q4B Hoffman
Oe RU-B Gilbert
inter LHB Bab~ock
th FB Rich,
fficials: Referee, Masker,
rthwestern) ; umpire, Hedges,1
,tmouth; field "judge, Kearns,1
auw; head linesman, Lipp, !
sago. I
'ime of the game: 2 o'clockj
tral time or 3 o'clock Ann
)or time.
head coach. Glen- Thistlewate,
I formerly at Northwestern; will
riding his Wisconsin eleven,
>t a Big Ten team for the init-
Slliht Fav-ors Given.
edge, if there Is one, might b
(ed to Michigan, but it is s
as to be almost negligible.
its Ben-ny Friedman, the Michi-
pass attack is apt to play a roe
d to the newly developed run
game. If-Puckelwartz is allowd
Ly part of the game, which seem
ble, the Wolverines may sping
'pmrise and stress the pass. Gil.
also a good passer, may elect
some tossing and if so may b
asis of aim effective passing of~
Ilovard To Play
Bovard, sixth Wolverine cnt:
used this year,--will be given hi
n opportunity" tomorrow, I
kes good, he will be one of th
phomores earning berths on the

drest ess James Hao miltone ther soloisv-___I F rfi km R oem in s hasb hd c aed u o f. t * hei d n t e P k n H n k w r m a~_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
omrmseodpormrneese-I(yAssociated ress) ai ~~~nSna -c nag rteanot flee southward towards their na- 1IT+ chosen as secretary, and George Rel-tem
oi-al selections. "Trees" by Rasbach; i Ot.14TeBatca hswork thus far and it is part of the' poiceo has.I yeL'2M, hoCasNletedasErea-;tam
I OE otive u Inc LABORi.,q ye,'29,wowseetda r as- l-arc
genemrBa"aragely uneghprknogdcsiertpaowr sluin AgnraNporaAfLheUivrst..Tielaes iesae4fom Cma IA1!I!d Li kick.~Itl~O'kik
"Were You There," arranged by Man-,tknadcsv tptwr ou ion w ards bringing h lmn oyin-Teltetmsag fo Ca rr
ney; "Run Mary Run," by Cuion; anu '' of the "Roman question' for the firstgeral closer toc withth affaims' sueii-hang, son of Marshall Chang I-hs lcin eenthl nte3Bt
tiesnei otistmoa oe Tso-ii, stated that its troops are I (3y Associated Press) regular Student council elections pro- eragin
huinn by Millreer ncumdoe tim asn5 e airlst isaeora.oe;o tecmu.about to Changtingfu, 70 miles south- ILOS ANGELE S, Oct. 14.Organized j gran since the numerous laboratory Ipound
Marioni Strubel-Freeman, instructor Tae' Osservatore Romano, mouth- i eto Paotingfu, but contrary toJ1labor closed its annual congress here ; periods make it impossible for the quite
of the violin in the University School piece of the Vatican, has laid down Tap Room To Hear Cp'evious reports the Chansi force today with a determination to particiP j medical students to meet at any one at off
cif Music played "Nocturne" by 'Chap- cniin n hch hlesig ofC t naphantnu h at ialyampaign of 1928.ty ste im hoolsondcolleeeonse fcapuschool
i!L-Sarasata; -"Praehudium and Allegro" ge between the church and the -o e w state Progre ss Of iGamnes sil on ldhenoertCantiwyfu Tc- ateonalcvlybutn otfasa9 prtyin h oomelTs cophmegel ntection s fa so
yP nnKrslr"DrNsbu"1mgtconme to an endFistof__l Northern- snokesman said that the fall The final admonition of William 1 'rA1 be held next week. The exact kicke
I'y Shmn-vran"LaGia"th newspaper reiterates the absolu~te Pa-ypa con ftm icn of this place was expected hurly Green, president of theAmrcnFd times and places will be announced in slight
y Kreisler. I recessity of the Holy See having some -sn m game xil be received by radio Operations on the Northern front erto of Labor. in bringing the 47th The Daily. dope.
Waldo M. Abbot, of the. rhetoric de- kind of territory, no matter how tiny. fronm 3 o'clock to 5 o'clock this after- are being delayed unexpectedly by an annual convention to ant end, was that -___________
partnmxnt, program manager, officiat- The Vatican organ proposes that noon- in the Tap i'oomm of the Union early heavy snowfall, but fighting has each member do his share in- the big H-ONVORARY GROUP ey ai
edi as usual as +announcer. Tie pro- Ital y, which annexed the pontifical according to aimnouncement by Union- been going on- at Tsai-kowtu, the nor-;Ipolitical ventures next year. I D N E
gram was broadcast from 7 to3 8 :tates, violently depriving the Pontiff oicil yesterday. Scomres of all the Ithrners advancing westward causing TefdrtowoegteigT
F~~ 'clock. The third' "Michigan Night" of hIls legitinmate possessions, should( important football gaines, both in the I the Chansi army to evacuate the im- Ithyearfedeclrb ratowoengat eg OHLINR
:.ri ,,c:rrnrip ftr la otionof the ,naval1 domain I r .--. 4b.. i, it . ~twil ,"Iportant trading city of Kilgamn. a course in- economics, second to none Active members of Phi Eta Sigma,

the other being Taylor, capable
ound end who. can pass' andc
in elevens boast heavy lines, av-
ag in the neighborhood of 190
Is; both backfields are light and
fast; both teams boast strengthe
r-tackle thrusts; both teams _are
led. in{ the passing game; both
shave good ends and' capablE
os with the Wolverines given a
tedge here., This in brief is -the
Whichever team executes it:
alties should win.' Pay your mon.
id take your choice.


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