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February 19, 1927 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-02-19

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ATFRDAY 19, 192 7

PA(IE ~flT SA.......F..UA.Y 9, 192

DAILY OFFICIAL 'BULLETIN ' Subjects Are Rushiig For Protectionfi
Publicarion in the Blulletin is conlstructive noticec to ail members orf a
the University. Copy received1 by the Assistant to the President until
3:30 p. m, (11:30 a. in. S3aturdays). Copy must be typewritteno
vOLU31l vi SAvrUIAYV, FEBIIU RIIY 19, 14)27 _MliMIR 95. N {(d
Fraternity Presdents : r w .v
You are requestedi to call it te Oflice of ti leaN Iof Studenits, lI so '^:".S.
2, University H-all, not later than Momiay. February 21. Ktindly be pre-
pared to fill out the fraternity report for the first semester, including the . Zr r' v, ;< J
° ° ;X:. Y
following information:
(1) Names of new officers forl second(1 semes.ter.' . , , '+Er .J( ',, . } ... a
(2) Name of the Chtairmnan Of the CAluni? lComm:2itt°e and his : ..ddr' _ >. K.
(3) Faculty advisor.
(4) Names of all active members during the first semester.}
At the time you call you may receive the report on thle inspct oni ofs
your fraternity' .cf"
J. A. llursiey, )eanl. y4 s
Faculty, College of Literature, Sine adteAr'ts:p
Second semester program blanks have been iplaced in the Mlessenger}.> w
Boxes. It is requested that these be filled] out and returnedl to t he Deanis / ; f i W :.} Y
ofiice as 8oon as possible.-"a
John aI. EfCiger.
i.~e iid iigs and ; roan k & iithe LIi t ish conulate in Shanghai. To this
S. C. A. Schedule iMeetings Which III. Shewood Eddy Will Addres While s :pot lint sh stIldo,!ts il China have been rushing for protection.
In Ann Arbor: _- -- _._ -.
1. Sunday-February 20th-S :00 P. it-h ill A uditoriuma
Subject: "The Challenge of the Present World Situation." OL A S O M R C R E N
2. , onday-February 214-4:*15 P. 31 -'vatstiral Sciencve A ud it hriu it DISPLAYE D AT CLEMENTS LIBRARY1
Subject: "Dare We Think?"
3. Tuesday-February 22d-10:30) A. 31,-11111 Auditorliunt t~n aeodmp ieryvygst h ot es n a
A Debate on the prevention of war. Messrs. Holbs andl Reed verus Aenica mrade oby Taniosgograhrs noyaesros(lte onuthseadirctins ofs
. Mr. Eddy.IAmrcmaebfaosgqrpei u e-udaao th dieinsf
.' ..1It.(rafton. wind currents as well as a chart show-
of thne sixte''int h , se vetent h and,
,iug the different astronomical concep-
eight enth (cenies aiar on (display n tions of the universe and solar bystem.
Extra Concert: .the William I,. C(IQ'14l1)t 5lhbrary. Mii' woDackrtyap o1128an 15
The following program will 1)e given by the Detroit Symphony Orches- IoDtce aso 78ad15
tra in the Extra Concert Series, H-ill Auditorium, Mondayeenng b'erur of these maps ar e crude burt of aniqueI respectively, and one by Sanson dated
21st, at 8:00 o'clock: Overture ""Midsummer Night's Dream" (Mendelsoli) ; d5 i hi~n ~Jtltl 'fOj) 64so aionaa nilnl h
Third. Symphony (Eroica) in E flat, 01. 55 (Beethoven) ; intermezzi (ol-f the (hSCoverers and c exploes lhad of flatter map being the first to show New
doniani, Op. 127 ( for strings) (Rossi) ; Overture "William Tell'' (Rossini), the Teal sizeY.Oal xL ent (e' the nrew!Zaad aycloe itrso h
(harles A. ;pin, ereta ry. coninnt. ypes of savages are on these maps. -
______________________The world nmani of John Huysch, Mat her Seter's map of 1750 is quite
Choral Union Ushers: date 1507, was the first o indicate accurate from south of the present
All Ushers are requested to report at -Till Auditorium by 7:30 Monday' America, and appIearedl in Ptolemy s! northern boundary of the United
evening, February 21st, for, the concert by Detroit Symphony Orchestra. geography ti. Iomie. A1 160 map of ;States, and outlines inx colors the
W. A. D)avenpor, Asst. Sup, Buildhi gs anid (GrOttids Dept. the world by Bi'aeuw of Amsterdam Spanish, French and British posses-
,______ ______ clearly inicates the dsociries of lios. Zunerus's map, 1709, is sone-
Re hoset Sappd:Columbus and Vepucci but gives thei what similar to Seuter's. A map of
The following are requested to appear for further tryout il University ;North Americon conl!irent extraordi- New York colony shows the location,
I-Tall Auditorium, Monday, at 4:00 P. MW.:' Const ance Kidder, Leone Lee, IKen- nary width, with only a narrow than-j of many estates of the patroons and
neth King, James Doll, Boice Gross, Donald Gary, M4iriam Slker, Sophia ne separating it fom As ia . Shis, Indian tribes.,In one corner is a pi-
S Stolarski, Tybel Burman, Jean Curree, Marshall Levy, Harvey Lodge, Carl tlcolphins ,ea0i-5('llpelts and other queerj tune of Manhattan island as it appear-
Kraatz, Robert Caine, Manning Green, Morris Zwerdlin.g, Samuel Bon ell, crrC'attre5 adorn the ocea n part of the' ed at that time. A map of northern
Dorothy Lyons, Robert Wetzel, Edward Deane. nmap, while the ides nave colored ii- United States and Canada calls the
Daivid Owen. lustrations of fihe sev en wonders of lreset Lake Michigan, Illinois, while)1
______________________tle a ncent world ; the four elements; I Lake H uron is named lac du Michigan
Univrsiy ofM~cIiign Bnd:the four seasons and all the planetet I [uaron. Lak Erie is not on the
Formation today, 7:05 P. Al., Yost Field Houase, to play for baskoetball 'TheCain map (Of'1 6 was te first nmap at all . It was made at Paris from
gam wih uifom.effot to nlace the continents in t)eir the reports of La Salle, Joiet and seve-1
Paul F. Sc hlanderi. jcorrect reative positionls using data ,,if Jesuit priests. The map also indi-
________ ______baosed en u'-I vnom ic l elw rvattions. ctes the kind of gamne found in dif-
-ens-Eutaioal1l1bvOnyIwo c opie- of it exhis, thTe one in ferent regions and pictures an alli-
The Men's Educational Club will meet Monday, Feb. 21, 1927, at 7:00 tie Aill lmL. Clemenit ; lirary the jgot or near a body of water approxi-
PM.(Sharp) in room 304 of Michigan uion othier at twhi blioth' (pi Naijonale aC mat ely the Lake of the Woods. An
Prf.RaPicplo h nvriyHigh School will paionl the i aris l as t shows the southern part of thel
Prote. RyansPrincipaldeofathe tUniversity
subject "Who's a Duinbell?". All men interested in Education are urged A Zat ertus mrap 1 thatappseained In l~q01Sae ihte(et fteM
Election of o ficers for second semester will e held at this time play. The s e Lar y at lases a e so ra eI rate s the inrs e t cf om the(, main s pa r
a. I. Cooier', 1resident that the Italian government has for-; of the mapj
"_________h___ idIdn he exportlation of them onl thei One atlas shows enlarged maps of
Monda Eveing )rana Setion grounds that they are a national treas- Newv:Netherlands and o1' New England,4
The Monday Evening Dramna Sect ion of thre Faculty Wiomani's Clbi rue. Ihkis apg (oles Wiit show \'ally, another thle Pacific side of Mexico -
wil (met ondy eenigFebuar 21 attheclu husouse, lakes; n;, ndc Japan as la5lnamngnumriu(vilagseivrsbyd aalnsmallllinaming numerousof il l villagesuntins riverstmapoande it
____________Calironian andF lonidan luisuel:,"1''' of Mexico is dated 1524. It shows the~t
liitheraiy Woen: pictured as Being very irregular n Aztec arrangement of their buildinw;s
The Candy Booth schedule for ithis senest in' has not been, c(omlete . oat-fuA0(6Frihin1) o 1s,5n sres.Baews135mpoI
ayt. The following hours are vacant : M1\liay at 11, 2, 3, and 4,;glues- a great ]sheilloin tr'al roa of Southl Virginia is inaceurate as to the I)0i-
(lylta0,12 2at 10, 12,e _2at, a d3,; Th rs ay at1 1, ,andl 4,;a ai IIWednesdaisy m't a 0 C eap ak.hy,1nl nin
4; Friday at 11 and 3; Saturday at 9, 10, and l1.l'ciZA. It al 0 indicltien the r .:ner has an illustration of an In-',
Freshmen are eligible for this work. Ally one who 16in it tr'std is ro- !rioute followed Iy n, Cai u Cook on h;i (hailcuncllil chamber .-
quested to call Laura Joslyn," 2-2217... . . . . . .. . ..T.
GroupOf Pariotsi In est' rate n It l-7 ;1048%lAC('11, ito.,Pe.1i .- Rdi)i }is roalc alt at prsent from Ioa's
G ro p O P a rio s iIn v sti ate In tal (estined It!) lc i'o " one o t ' '- <rate t;"('olege" f the theidea.o
Presidnet Clarence Cooks Little will j Wtilliam W. Bishop, librarian of the , frce e I ly dasoo awa
a d r, ,te a n u l m e t n f t h e U i v e r1 s i t y l i b r a r y , l ft , A n n A r b o r i n i t s h i ; i g p , 1 n -," , i C : ) ( d i l ; , t o A , p ur~~ s ~ l l lv e o r' Ve i e r a l m
. ,d.wI.ud eyor of nter ain ent!addr ssoilebnnu l nur t n of th tm e w ill leadl to the adptation of,
Washtenaw chapter of tlae Sons of y esterd ay and will sail for 5j ci]ta tie inveitioni to eutctioal purlip5se,
4. YLNw okhb.2,oil the Mli- Professor' Laner believes. Broad a
American Revolution at a dinner' t l~ ,~
reta:nia an(d"xwill rettirn lte in the grid ini (hi~r0oh the radiho comie ponl-' ing possesses almost unlimited 10
wihwlbehlatf:5ocokolspring;. once courses )broadcasttiom te uni- biities for edteational avancement,!
Tuesday, Feb. 22, at the Union. ! MrI'Bishop) has been appointed as a versiy sation WSUI ,ka serv~ce which sI e says. Courses ranging for life in-
Compatriots are requested.,lby W.i representative of thne Carnegie Endow- is already entering upon, its thi d suranee to magazine writing are of-
W. Florrer, secretary of the or an- ment for International Peace to visit' successive y er of activity. Seven I1feed by the extension school une
ization, to assemble, at 6 o'clock be-I Italy to stuffy its educational andj courses for which regular colloee the present curriculum and expansion

Fore. the, dinner, at which time oic- ' cultural conditions, partictulaily with c'redit is gigei! to rev 'O15 i'0bingil( te fields is planned.f
ers will be 'elected and some buiess0 rgard to the onraiiZation and use of .- ________ --_ _________
transacted. great libraries, both learned and :[1111111111E,11111111im l1111i1111111111i 161liiill'
MEXICO CITY.-Mexico's new see-Ca de
retary of the treasury, Manuel Montes, LENINGRAD.-A. J. Cook, general' BetSA IRossCa de
de Oca, said Mexico would fulfill her secretary of the British Miners' Fed- =.
obligations under the Lamont-Tani oration, has been elected an honorary3
agreement on Mexico's foreign debts. member of the Leningrad Soviet. '.Always Fresh
w /FPcked Daily
Yes,! Real tender juicy steak served with, French 'fried potatoes, 70C to $1.00
vegetables and dessert at the most reasonable price in town. f
215 South i1fain St.Bes k ss S o

1lpc dva~ii('Cincflt lofeduOltoill hit'' wvithiithe compail'. IEtAI-FnneMiitr1l'inl-
.stt unt ions duri'ingr>cenit years is dtue cTickets f tpforolu;iriance onmight rich Koehllol. said fhile nerl co n-
the almost total disappearance of are nIow 'On saeIt !the ;oxo)fic oftomit situation inl emnlwstx
te "factory st amp"'' typeOof edu('it.iol, the NVIliitney 't haiter. . triemely :iit
cording to the theory expressed tby'
i'otossot- Lauter-, ne llil togin the moe'
it isfact (liv (ha iaicl ci' (ifthe triaioin ;
,fstuden ots gl'dalted from p resenlt
ay schools. A tiuc' balIa nce of Sticnt-
yat ilitarian ce'.t ses with t hose of aI FR E SH
andeyt cutltulral natuire is credite0(
ith the imprnovemlent. nii~s

lay Arlen's 'The
,jreen Hat" Tonight
"The Green Hat," a play by M~ichael
i-hen in which Katherine Cornell won
nsiderable recognifion, 'will be pre-
nted at' the Whitney theater tonight.!
iatherine Cornell, who is at pres-ent.
laying in Detroit, will' not appear
'ith the company here, butt Emmia'
taff, Leonard Lord(, Courtney Travers,
Ind1 Geraldine Browning will come

T here is ntigs tasty as
We deliver our Fresh Baked
even before breakfast. Try

fresh braked g oods.
Goods all dlay and
our most efficienrt

Ann Arbor Baking Co.

606 South Main SA.

Dial 4789





a1!PAIRING - - - - - - - - - --

You will like our
Wre are Authorized Dealers
for Corona, e Ingtont and Royal
Large machines, any make, for rent
(good machines).
Riers ye So
315 State Street


.r " ,I'". " . '".od". ".~. "1.s '".r ',s". './'", ", ' . ". ,°°1.s'.s' .ry,:*e ''. ".r ".«o°. f"... '"..t'0 '. ,"" . , 3 ": #°.f , ,d '°f./ ,1"ae'"~. ./",d 'e" ". "'' 7°,.a " :r . +r, ". ",/w/ .I'",/.J./.i5 "

.f...... ..,'




101-405 S. IMAIN STfREETr



Before rashly staking your
all on some questionable "get
rich quick" schemes, seek our
offices. This Bank is only too
glad to give you sound, safe,
reliable Investment Informa-
"Member of the 'Federal Reserve Sys temn."

) r / / or ,s ,r p p r ,s Gd oowp ~ A r, p ms ya r p

._ - - -


th BIGES Thatrical SMASH Since S. S. Gle cairn

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Curtain at . om. 1To-night
Immediately following basket ball game

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