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February 19, 1927 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-02-19

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S.ATUflDAY F~TTITAR Y 19, 1927

.... ,d, _.,,--

Pub~ished every morning except Monday
during the University year by the Board in
C(-nntrol of Student Publications.
Members of Western Conference Editorial
T1hc Associated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatchtes credited to it or not otherwise
credited in this paper and the local news pub-
li-:hed tht°rein.
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lv ciaas second class matter. Special rate
of pustage granted by Third Assistant Post-
bmaster General.
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nard Street.
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'r.1,aranh F 1;:or.............ris Zwer ling
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Harold Utley 1Florence Widimaier

throw the Soviet and Germans to-!
gether, the withdrawal of the legation 0
at Moscow would deprive the govern-OL
mn ofifrain comnswould not be discouraged, moderates TH WA
in Moscow would not be placed inABU
power, and the Socialist party in Entg-WA
land would not be permanently united. Now that even the~ Athletic as~:o-?
Thus it would seem that the sensi- ciationi has recognized that the w.omn
ble thing to (10 would be to let the n~eed a field house, the co-ods should
situation stand. Advantages the Brit- be cheered oni in their drive for a
ish would gain by a break are a bit leaguel buildin- .
obscure. The losses in a business***
way would be considerable. Recently, ; Weare relieved to J.il5 ff01lite new!1
the Soviets have been accused of fedwl rvd ru~' o rhr
many unfriendly acts, but these are practic'e. 'rie further awaly front the
hardly enough to justify a, break with! (.,nllIls they t Ie Blt port the kieter'
its resulting unfavorable conse- off c M II wil lac
quences. *+

Music and Drar
TrO NI! tu: 3Michael Arlen',
(Green ]It" wiill be rgi-en inl 1k
iiey theatecr at f :1I) o'clock.
'I'OiN lT~: The TNimes lyres
Ike last time two comedies of 1
Shmaw, "4A imianska, the Bo
Empress" and "The -3lan of D)
in the Mimes theater ait ocl

S "The-
EWhit- For Your Convenience--Two 'StoresCopelySckd
Copltey toke
.w.T~A WC-
,Blernar G-eA A
oieil"A ohEd fteDaoa
+Sr y"-tBt ns fteDaoa

i ._ tea.. __ _ "_ _.. n _r_. __T_ ._ ,.

If "Peaches" Heenan Browning had
gotten $225,000 alimony it would have
been a great sensation. When three
broadminded men give $225,000 for
the investigation of a dreadful human
disease, thus far incurable, there is
not the slightest ripple of surprise.
News reel photographers are not sett;
the papers do not print full page pic-!
tures of the principals; and as far as
any real appreciation is concerned,;
outside of the immediate family of the
University, the three anonymous
humanitarians might as well have

Sh prwood Eddy ought to coo some-I On Monday night at 8 o'clock, the
thinl about that sport, too, while he last number on the Extra Concert
is here. H~e may disarm the R. O. T. ' series will be given, the second ap-
C., l)Ut as long as the're i, a sqluad of pearance this season of the Detroit


47a ,Ootmesmeter right Witha

women archers mobilized, I he country
isn't pacifist.
"It's sort of poetic ,justice,"
remarked the Cynical Senior
yesterday, "tiat this text book
for Poverty in Sociology cost:

casion. Mr. Ossip Gabrilowitseii is
('anducting; the program will appear
ini tomorrow's column ; they have re-:
cent ly returned from all ea(Iterii tour
with many pages of blurb a1bout them
in all important musical columns and
magazines; youn' know all t here is to0
Speaking of symphony orch lestras
remind; one that the Philade lphia.
Syniphony orchestra will be inll Detroit
for ont performance WPonliy a w ekM
from tonfight, Feb. 26, at the New'
Masonic auditorium. The Philadel-
phia organization is perhlaps. the b~est
'known of its hIdnd in the coun Lry, and
one of the most: poplla r. But, six


a _ y;

arnd a fresh bottle of our
Your semester's results will be better.
Rider's Pen Shop
315 Stat. St.


given their money for ti ?soldiers'
monument. **
If humanity in general refuses to Oh, by the way, there is a b~asket-
recognize with appreciation the gift ball game tonight.
that may ultimately save the lives * * *G
of millions of humans there are cer- MR. EDDY, how do) you stand OnI
tain sm all portions of that society the use of tear gas by policem en?wh c do a p e i t , nd h c , Y u c ul g t a l t of s p rt r mj
though not noisy, are very sincere, the students if' you ibring up thatl
The few educated persons connected issue somehow.
with the University of Michigan, it***
is safe to say, know full well the sig- 3MlSPLAC'E D HUMOR
nificance of the gift for the combatting Dear Rolls--Will you please see
of cancer-and though platitudes are I that in the future ROLLS' column oc-
superfluous and words weak of ex- copies its usual position on the page?j
pression the gratitude of humanityj This morning I react half of the Mu-
in general will some day pay diva-I sic and Drama column before I
R.rnlc.1-h. + . reont ndifor- evxld I notlice'd myverrr.



Year: Indiar
Louis, Chicaf
trait . Since
is tused, I)eti
next year an
onpVrtV! any t
''And just of

After refusing practically the same
bill last spring by a majority of 45
vottes,, theo House has accepted the
McNary-7 augen farm relief measure
in 'exactly the form approved by the
Senate lby just a slightly smaller
Inclusion of tobacco and rice and
thle elimination of cattle as basic farm
commnoditiess credited generally,
wvith the increase in strength muster-
ed by the bill. Also, it has been inti-
mated that sonic of bill's former op-
ponents either bied- 'ed or reversed
their stand on the ;voands that Pres-
ident Coolidge could veto the measure
if he was still opp~osed to it.
At any rate, the buck has been
passed to the chief executive. There
seems to be some doubt upon the ac-I
tion which he will take as well as the
effect which either a veto or signature
will have upon his political career.
Judging by his previous stand, how-
ever, there should be no question
about his a.ction in the matter. Both
he and Secretary Hoover have time
after time denounced this piece of
legislation as uneconomical. Unless
bie vetoes it, the, President will be
guilty of grave insincerity.
Regarding political careers-it is
doubtful if Mr. Coolidge would con-
sider such a factor in deciding an
important public question-the Pres-
ident's future, would seem to be more
favored by the veto action than by
approval of the° bill, though ,it must
be admitted- that neither seem partic-
ularly desirable. Because he has been
recognized as opposing the bill, lie
wvould probably suffer less in the West
by vetoing than: he would in the East
if he signed it. As far as a third
term is concerned, the Republicans
would naturally choose Mr. Coolidge
as their candidate in preference to
anyone else, and, since the measure
is essentially Republican, the Demo-
crats would not gain much agricul-
tural support in any event. More-
over, considering the position in which
he has been placed by Congress, a
veto by the President would undoubt-
edly increase his reputation as an
efficient and safe administrator.

aea eeni~LULiivtInak1t'cer ""'.* -* l Slmgim. :ul 111y
not indicate. IStgl. Cbioi{
_---__ _ -_ *(*xtroit Synoi
M ILITARISTC considered th
CAMPUS OPINION F - of the lPhilad
Anonymous communications will be 11 ' Ie1~ A(,-pkwk si
disrcgardd. Thbe names of comimun- l ' A.ds
cants will, however,_ be regarded a . Ri directors--nun.
ccnbdential u on request. ,,.r
-- than the fact
THE CRUI" O BEIG CAGHTthe blndesta
TILE"('IME OFBEIQ CU%111Tworld. I'e a
To The Editor: parison of th
Our friend, the "Elderly Fresh-hai dt
man," would make a good Bolshevist. has, f inndit
He has the too common faculty of uo o.wu
awardi of '$10,
criticizing a thing without offeringth mlro
any solution to the problem.T ethaed
In criticizing the action of the ad- t'"A1,P LANS M3ADE et1hv
minitraiveboad fo pulisingthe Military escort will protect Sler- th faeo
minitratvebear fo pulishng he also conduct
names of certain students expelled wood hd v from the pubillic gaze dur-
from the University for cheating in in hsshreaystynertthe emryDn
finals he maintains that aiiioiiced last niht by the cormit -neii h
1. Names of students expelled for tei hreo'teTreTu ics
cheating should not be published o be held 'Tuesdy in dill andtori-
ati There will
because so many students cheat Iur, if eniligh stdets w °ake 111 thatery ort-ls
who are not caught. eallyforthe lat
2. Such punishment i "stupid,1
cruel, nd inhnian."Professor hobs, having ino mibltary bl ae
ilnfori, il ~i~l)itiii hi e~lorngsenting "The;
). Such punishment casts "a none utiomwiltionr n 1Lceplrtgi
too flattering reflection against Ou3I thnlymi (int hthe5 wheWh
those men who are supposed to discovered that C3eenand has weath-oyinteX
understand the full meaning and orCi just like we (1(1 '%ic pa is ex11
essence of education." ***tePkYie
Ile would lead us to believe that IA IDIh!1I( I~II
since all crimiinals are not apprehend- I y4e iewI
ed those who are caught should be AT5 A / Shaw, with
shown special mercy. The fellow M D O x ingstone, sucjp
who cheats is taking a chance. He Rlc fi1A ;t night'sl
knows tha t it is wrong, he knows I I i,<k " For
what will happenm if hie is caught, j - Straunfest 'sI
but yet he takes a chance of being I - hose.
smooth enough about it to fool the I-f3I Anurl
prof. Wh'ly should such an individual_ put and a chta
be shown any clemency? Should he to le the s
be put in the same category as the raier;mak
person who is sent home because ofouofapy
poor marks? Has he not committed fit of scenari
an offense which should disgrace him- certainly a b
in t e e e f h s a s ca e ? T eei''e p a 11fellow who is dism issed because of R. . T. C. students will usher atE laughied, thati
poem. marks is in no way disgraced. te debate. Police will be on hand for being.
Ile has failed in his undertaking but with tear gas. State militia wii beF Two of the
he has failed honestly. The fellow there, and don't let the "Alumnus" kid but CharlesI
who cheats has not only failed in his you into believing they won't. red kudos a
studies but he has shown himself *! pretation ofs
to be a moral coward. Is it fair to( It will be interesting to read that In "The M
make no discrimination between the magazine's account of the debate. made a feebe
two individuals to the world at large Probably they will announce that the of letters) hi
or to the campus in general? subject was, "Resolved: that we name How G. B.S
Is such punishment stupid, cruel, all University buildings over again, so i don't know.
and inhuman? Is it stupid to punish ! that the fire department won't get! we like it, e
a criminal caught in the act? Is it1 sent to the' wiong place, again, . any greatert
cruel to tell the rest of the world** * sparkling dil
who he is? Is it inhuman to make ant THE SAMEI BATTLE, practically' does do not
object of scorn of one who has willfully was fought out a few years ago be- casinallv S
attempted to lower the standards and tween Eddy and Hobbs, in the Con- shadows Sha'
traditions of Michigan? A college gregational church. Since the church we get a "C
student has passed through the high atmosphre rather cramped his style, of Destiny."
school stage It should not be neces- ' Hobbs will be gad to do it over again Josephine i
s ary to take precautions in college Iin the auditorium, her Napoleo
fexaminations against cheating. The *.*k the atttitude
fellow who will cheat In college wil VWE HEREBY PETITION the Uini- the soul ofS
cheat wherever he goes. Whby shold xei-ity to put on this Deate for the gestures (rer
the college authorities help him in benefit of the League Building, and tors'). Stil
his dishonesty by shielding and pro- harge to dolars a ticket admission. 1mch Napole
tecting him? Or auction off the seats. I suit him to b
S I have never had the pleasure of!*a The lady
meigteohrmmesoth WERALTHN ROLouh'welawadministrative board but I have had1 to be given the front page Wednesda y in. Despite
the opportunity of being in one of! to report this speech, and if you don'tj us of his fe

napoi5, Cleveland, fat,
go, MlilwaukIee andl Do-!
a system of alternation
roit will not be visitedl
d this will be the las~t
to Lear t hem for some:
sone always mieans; Mr.
in speaking of the De-r
-, Leopold Stokowski is
e god from the machine
diphia group. Mr. Sto-
n ique aniong orchestral.
ique for other reasons
that he has ,, bushel or
and kinkiest hair in the :
bit sceptical of the com-j
!se last adjetives. le
ion to this, the distine-
lung the Edward B~ok
,000 which was given to
woman whose achieve-
[one the most to spread
Philadelphia. IHe can,
all his programs from
writ ten score will h)e
?etroit concer1t.



" 2'x..."'1 I

G. * /
E ROMveylesge

Whitehouse & Ihardy Shoes for Men
pePermanently ou Disply
Exclusive Lass and Patterns ow&H 1922
W HIT HO Designed and Sold Only by - _______



lie a 9 o'('lecf(
Il<,rformance of
oo,"a'i-e oC ithe1




.Nd Mr. Tv(,Iclntyre is Pre-
S'°een liat;,'' thle (dI-ama-
lie Arleni novel, toungti
Vhituey. The ca,:fl is that
port ing Miss C ornellI, be I
x;.-e(,tinslly good.
by J1. *1'. Polling.
the aid oif Cha rles L~iv-
-assed even Rest rand at
pierformance of 'Anna--
rth'ere is no nose lih,
nlose, not even ('y tanos
nose that wo'uldl no. stay
ar that weakened. n-cv( d
,alvation of the curtain
in- delightful burlesq Ie
conceived without b~ene-
:. For ''Annajans'Ka'1';
Batard~ offsp~ring of the
se. But last night. we
is the play's onily eixcuset
ecast acted. that is all,
Livingstone againSgai-n-
,s the result of his inter-
Stramm test.
an of Destiny'' Shaw has
le stage device (a packet
is excuse for lpreaehinent.
S. gets away with it, I
lie preaches to us and
even enjoy it. Is there'
test of genius? But theI
algue and startling para-
,constitute drama. O"_-
,haw the artist over-
,w the preacher. But then"
indida" and not a '"Mani
would never have known
nlast night, what with
and body of Bonaparte,
Shaw, and the graudoise
mniseent of 'Great Ora-
1, Flcischman was asI
eon as Shaw would per-
in the case, Prichard
is surprisingly convinc-
his voice, he convinced
'miriity (not a Shavian'

Critics= who 'have opposed the rec-
ognition of Soviet Russia by this coun-



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