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May 22, 1927 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-05-22

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NUNDAY, MAY 22, 1927


,.. ,{

' ( ITr - .,I'l . - -- -I - I



I'terschola tic


JPennison (OfYounigstown iRa en IFor-'
; IN S[og O I 1 ce tin i T o F or Sets Befo re

nis Title
TTANO),'-l T - Dartmouth las ac AT 3 P.M. .ADVERT'I SINGAT3Je
(~lvc a ed e lan fnot to use (outs
in football contests bet ween the two
selhol ls.

MAX TON RET'URNSFrench Tennis Stars jmen captu red the m , -t -z~.
TO PRLL TA !Beat Tilden-tHunterifeatured tiil machs, ilei 1}powEr-
(Crt r~ri a) to 'nk Teat L,) I Tfu',s, r i ,e..f..sh.."....T,.Y.,..:.. a.. .l,

L~osig Nat cl
Irwin of ,rand Rapids Central won
thle singles title in the Michigan inter-
scholastic tennis tournament yester-
day morning onl Ferry field by defeat-
ing. Dennison of Rayenl high, of
Youngstow, Ohio, in a hard four set
match 2-6, 6-2, 6-3, 6-2.
Den nison came back in the after-
noon with his partner, James, to winl
the~ doubles finals from Sorenson and
Wallace of EFlkhairt, Indiana, in
straight sets, 6-2, 8-G, 6-3.
The morndig match brought out
wha~t ,s considlred some of the best
high school tennis ever seen on Ferry
field, with both Dennison and Irwin
playing brilliantly throughout. Ir-
win's play at the net was one of the
main faktors 'in securing his victory.
The Gfrand Rapids player started
fast to gain 'a 2-0 lead in the first
set, but Dennison staged a sensational
rally to winl six Straight games -and
the set. The- second set saw Irwin
jump to a 4-0 lead' before Dennison
took..-two games. Irwin ran out the

S. ecIto e it s service Was only broken twice dti' ____________ If you are a telehone subscriber cal Jimmie
LAF AYE E,,,Ind., May 20-Soeem- (Bly Associated Press) ing the nrtb. the Ad-Taker, Dial 21214, and you want ad
ingly having a new leaseon life with ST. CLOUD, France, May 21-The ______ _____POSTN. -Wanninger, shortstop, will be charged.'
the etur 'o "Chck"Ma~tn, hose- JThe Michigan Daily reserves the right toi
th euno Cuc"Mxowoeiniited States trailed France today in I i-a been released to St. Paul by the classify all wants ads under appropriate head-,
!oeamkothm otofsvrlNEV 0hK--iuek Bentley, Gat. ing and to revise or withhold objectionable
g oearskp i u amesseer* "the Franco-American team matches.lftan-r s e.,asd to Neark Sod opy
the PurdueT.TilbasebalrncisT,;leftan ~r, ws l 1 edThis column clses at 3 P. M. date preced-
prelarig fr te lat wek or he Wllim T rrlden and FracisT.;ing pul~lction. 'Notic ut any error must be
given in time for the second insertion.
first of its last three baseball games. Hlunter losing their afternoons~ doub- ;CASH RATES.
wihCiao n3ur il oo-les match to Jean Borotra andi Jacques /(J~ ~If Ten cents per reading line (on the basis of
row afternoon. The Bolermakers were fj uAn f rnc wih owlad3i US LE five average words to the line) for one or two
scheduled to play the Maroons in tho'-isetos
the five game series, two matches to' - Nine cents per reading line for three or more
opening Big Ten game of the sea-oe.Q Oe Ni onal Ca. h Register, hee sets of oak counters, insrtions
son, but rain prevented the conrtet. n Today's play furnished the mostI sutable for alrmos~ any buies. Pacialynw It is Cash classifieds teceived at the Daily office
in dplay d beeati g ( n gu r bio ba l T hnBoi er b hind- ,'aril ingnenTh anPrrosbly theilinlhe gesonuilaynard Street.St eet
Purue laydtbingy bllr)Chilithrllig tnni an prbaby te CONTRACT RATES
Maxto in efeatng Oio. Te Boler-greatest men's doubles mnatch ever Spa tnadzdrae ie napia
maker hurling aceia sanallowedte gve ony fivees E staged in France, and it was only after INQ I.
hits and kept: them scattered. Kemmer Iahbrilliant str uggle that tihe French-' ES
the Purdue shortstop, g.arnered no ____________________________
small share of praise for the game,, ___________________-______________1____
L U%/handling four putouts and eight as-! {. r LOST --Glasse, gry -rimmed, near
silts out of as many chances. Cooper,! LIGHTERS f camusilfi~shi. ngh, al
heavy stickman on the team, continued ForW ininat. Women UE 21114. 168i-169
his good work by contributing a pair; BUTR, PATI LRSON & CO. a- -
of hits at timely instances, one of 1 oitl University at Forest 338 Maynard St. LOST-A green Schaefer fountain pen,
them a triple. Next 'Tuesday Purdue ___marked__Le__erno__Taylor.__Phone
plays a return game with Illinois at
Clrampaign and on the following Fri- 1____________________ OTAgengl alfuti
day engages Indiana at Bloomington( pen, Friday morning on campus.
in the closing game on the schedule. E Call J. E. Wendel, 3193. Reward.
Purdue will take a good-sized squiad ILS-rdy pi 2 ivrvn
of track men tothe annual state track iLOTFrcaseonApchi 2withitworback
meet at Indiana this weekend. Ilopes l ienameedon a chi.56on thwakd
for points will lie with Hutton, IBodges 717
and Work iii the hurdles; H-oltman,-- ----
Spencer anti Harmon in the (ashies; j(.I FOR RET1

set, 6-2, and led 5-1 in the third when .
the Rayen youth rallied to take .two men in the singles semi-finals an(L a!
games before the set ended. runner-up team in the doubles.
The two players fought on even Yesterdaty's Summitaries
terms up to two -all in the third set 'Singles-Finals-Irwin, Grand Rap-1
when Irwin fought' his way through; ids Central defeated Dennison, Rayen
to win four straight= games and the of Youngstown; 2-6, 6-2,- 6-3, 6-2.
match. The. match was more even Doubles-Finals-Rayen of Youngs-
than the scores indicate, and Denni- town, defeated Elkhart, 6-3, 8-6, 6-3.
son carried Irwin to deuce four times Semi-finals-Rayen of Youngstown,
before losing. defeated Columbus East high, 6-3,
The Rayen pair had things all their 6-2. Elkhart defeated Detroit North-
way with Sorenson, and Wallace of I western, 6-3, 6-3.
E11khart, Ind., in the doubles, vi ,ing
thee first andl third sets by 6-3 scores. STANFORD.-The advance contin f
'The second set went to four all and ent of the Stanford track team is en-
service prevailed until the fourteenth route for the eastern intercollegiate
game when Wallace of Elkhart lost meet.
his nerve. Dennison was tired after
his hard singles match of the morn-
ing and allowed James to carry theOI
brunt of play for two sets. On final Buy a
set, both Rayon boys put all they hod Corona Portable
into the dame to finish out the match,.tRde' enSo
A unique feature of the meet wasjatRdrSPnho
that only two Michigan schools reach-'1 Easy Terms
ca the semi-final round in the tourney,
Irwin in the singles and Detroit!I
Northwestern in the doubles. Ohio IA NM
schools carried off the honors with
East High of Columbus entering the('TOA ANI dNWY
semi-finals of the doubles while IO)YA! 1IN)1
Rayen won the dloubles and was sin- i TOA IX
gles runner-up. Elkhart, Indiana, al-
so starred in 'the tourney with wo -I-





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