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April 20, 1927 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-04-20

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Published every morning except Monday
durig the University year by the Board in
Control of Student Publications.
Members of Western Conferen e Editorial
The Associated Press is exclusively en-
titled to the use for republication of all news
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise
credited in ths paper and the local news pub.
lished therein.
Entered at the postoilice at Ann Arbor,
Michigan, as second class matter. Special rate
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post-
master General..
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Offices: Ann Arbor Press Building, May
nard Street.
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Telephone 4925
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Night Editora
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Carlton Chamnpe Stanford N. Phelps
o Chamberlin Courtland C. Siith
ames Herald Cassam A. Wilson
Assistant City Editors,
Carl Burger IlenBry Thurnau
Joseph Brunswick
Marion Andersen Milton Kirshbaum
Margaret Arthur Patid Kern
lan$ Cs mplel Sally Knox
Jessie Church Richard Kurvink.
.bLr r r_ lAtrk G. Thomas McKean
Fdward C. Cummings Kenneth Patrick
Margaret Clarke Mlary Ptolemy
vua ctard W. Cleland .Mlorris y uin
Clarence Edelson james Sheehan
Williami Emery Sylvia Stonef
Robert E. Finech Mary Louise Taylor
j. Maartin Frissel Nelson J. Smith, Jr.
Robert Gessuer William Thurnau
Margaret Gross Marian Welles
Elaine Gruber Thaddeus- Wasielewski
Coleman J. Glencer Sherwood Winslow
ae Gunderson Herbert Veder
wart Hooke Milford Vanik
Morton' B. Icove

Rogers' appointment is indeed an en-
couraging indication. The theorist is
not monopolizing the college faculty
today. More practical men are enter-
ing the profession each year and, con-
sequently, undergraduates are beingI
better fitted for their positions in life.
Compliments and recognitions such
as this may be regarded- as a barome-
tric indication of the character of the
nation's educational leaders.
Last fall the Wisconsin Daily Car-I
dinal vehemently attacked prohibition
through its editorial columns, point-
ing in no uncertain terms to the1
(eprIvation of personal liberty which
is briought about by the dry amend-
ment, and urging abolition of the la)#.
Despising consistency, the Daily
Cardinal is now engaged in a stren-1
uous editorial campaign which advo-
cates doing away with all student
automobiles at Wisconsin. The per-1
sonal rights element is not considered
i the more recent issue, but the
Daily Cardinal believes that the stu-1
dent car is endangering the morale,
as well as the physical welfare, of the
university's student body.
Leaving aside the arguments pro
and con concerning the student auto-t
mobile and prohibition questions, it(
behooves any newspaper to attemptr
consistency, at least, in its trend of
editorial thought,. -
The American Legion, otherwise
worthy and honorable organization,
has taken upon itself in recent years
the task of trying to dictate what
should be talked about and taught in/
public educational institutions, ele-
mentary and advanced. NumerousI
Legion post members, whose "virile
and vigorous patriotism" has been al-
lowed to supersede their better judg--
ment, have made themselves nuisances
in frequent attempts to determine
what shall be taught in the schools
and to suppress various liberal orc
"Communistic" organizations.C
The case at West Chester, Pennsyl-
vania, where the Bernard F. Schlegelt
post of the Legion attempted to oust,
two instructors of the West Chester
Normal school and force the disband-
ing of a liberal club sponsored by
them due to its alleged radical ten-1
dencies is not exceptional. It is typi-
cal- of this deplorable practice. ,c

L_1( i)1'1ERS

M uAllc and Drama

Telephone 21214
Contracts .. ..... ...William C. Psch
Copywritinig.......honias :. Sunde rland
Local Advertising ....Gorge I. Annable, Jr.
Foreign Advertismng.......anrence Van Tuyl
Circulation..............T. Kenneth Haven
Publication .. ..John II. Bobrink
Accounts ....": ..... Francis =A. Norquist
Beatrice Greenberg George Ahn, Jr.
Selma Jensen Florence Cooper
Oarion L. Reeding A. M. Hlinkley
Marion Kerr n E. L. lulse
Nance Solomon R. A. Meyer
Ralph L. Miller larvey 'alcott
ohnRupswinkle Harold Utley
touglas Fuller Ray Wachter
Virle C. Witham Esther Booze

This flagrant case is not particularly
unusual. It has simply received wider
publicity than is characteristic ofr


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 20, 1927 such cases.I e sn
_____-____________________suh cses Inlueceis more often
Night Editor-ELLIS B. MERRY exerted upon educators in indirect
___ght___E___ channels. As their livelihood is'usual-
TO PROVIDE NEW THOUGHT ly dependent upon their salaries, the
Sunday's student services in Hill educators have been unable to combat
auditorium will mark the opening of effectively those who have set them-
the third series of non-sectarian con- selves up as judges of what those
vocations at which out-of-town min- being educated in public nstitutions
isters, educators and other men promi- should be taught. But fu ther indica-
nent in their fields have delivered the tions of this itolerance and poor
morning address. The purpose of the judgment on the part of the Legion
moposts willeservehtopincreasefthhedis-
convocations is to provide the general posts will serve to increase the dis-
student body with new thought rather gust of thinking people at this per-
than religious inspiration, " to suggest nicious activity until it shall perforce
than religious inspirationlto suggest
rather than to preach. With hardly be abandoned by a nationally aroused
an exception this objective was realiz- scorn.
ed at each of the services last May and DIVIDED CHINA
last fall. There is every 'reason to
believe that the three coming convo- After issuing their demands to the
cations will comply with the standard Cantonese for reparations and apolo-
set by those that have been held. It gies for the Nanking affair, the five
remains for the student body to take world powers have thus far looked
full advantage of the opportunities almost vainly for some responsible
presented. and representative head with whom'
they may deal.
FIRE TRAP Eugene Chen, the Cantonese foreign
Michigan's oldest building has been minister, to whom the note was sent
condemned. Ancient University hall, originally, has of course replied to the
patriarch of campus edifices, is* doom- note. With the usual expressions
ed to be equipped with fire escapes about the unequal treaties, he refused
and all the other modern parapher- to admit the Cantonese responsibility
nalia to prevent loss of life in fire; for the Nanking incident, blamed the
and probably before many years the old rPowers for shelling the town, and
hall, that has seen the graduation of suggested a settlement by an interna-
every class from the University, will tional commission. The split in the
be torn down entirely. Nationalist ranks, and the success of
Aside from the sentimental side of the alleged Northern drive against
the situation, however, there is some- the Cantonese troops, however, makes
thing very sound in the report of the the authority behind these declara-
tions seem rather doubtful.
fire marshal. There is something ex- In a conference of the moderate
tremely sound in the whole system of In f the Cantonese party held at
state inspection-as is shown in Mich, wing o h atns at eda
igan's total lick of fire disasters. If Nanking under the domination of Gen.
Chiang Kai-shek, who has thus far
we lose by the condemnation of Uni- Chfa i -scekwohesrtestf
failed to comment on the protest of
versity hall, in a sentimental way, we the world powers, the government at
gain many times over from a practical Hankow, of which Minister Chen is
standpoint of credit and loss. a member, was repudiated and im-
ANOTHEI COMPL1MENT peached. On the other hand, the
Communist Internationale at Moscow
Another compliment was paid the has issued a manifesto denouncing
teaching profession recently when Dr. Chiang as a traitor to the chinese
Lindsay Rogers, associate professor and an ally of the foreigners. The
of government at Columbia univer- situation has been further complicat-
sity, was chosen executive director of ed by the possibility that the North-
the National Wholesale Womnen'sWear ern forces may have driven the mod-
association. For the purpose of co erate Cantonese from their position
ordinating and stabilizing the suit and at Nanking.
coat industry, Dr. Rogers' position in In view of these uncertain conditions
that field, at a first-year salary of $25,- within the ranks of the Chinese, it
000, will correspond to that of Will can hardly be expected that an au-
Pays in the motion picture industry thoritative and meaningful reply will
and Judge Landis in organized base be received; and, sincewholesale in-
ball. He will continue his connection tervention is deemed undesirable, the
with Columbia, as well. world powers will probably restrain
As long as universities continue to from any moves to back up the note


Engineers Tpust have something to THIlS AFTERNOON: The Organ
keep them from thinking-asmuming Recital at 4:1 o'clock in Hill audi-
for the sake of argument that this is foruni.
possible-and so they have set up 'ONIGHT: "Faust," at 8 o'clock in
some barrels and boxes to take the Hill auditorium.
place of their beloved benches. * * *
It was even suggested that they "The Firebrand", Justus Mayer's
take up a collection and buy some new costume farce opens the spring reper-
benches. A better way would be for tory of the Rockford Players on Tues-
every engineer to carry around a fold- day evening, May 3, in Sarah Caswell
ing camp-chair, which would enable Angell hall. This is the first time a
them to make themselves foolish as of professional stock company has been
old, and at the same time would re- engaged for a series of plays by the
place the regular classroom seats. University, and the Players ae one
* * * of the first companies in the country
The B. and G. boys could take the to enjoy this distinction. Eva Le
benches and chairs out of the Engine Gallienne's season in New York under
school and move themi over to tie Lit the auspices of Yale university is one
buildings, whiere they could he used of the few other organizations who
for educative Iurposes. have been permitted this privilege.
* * * The idea of repertory is also new, as
most stock companies prefer to run
They might as well remove theg en- ms tc opne rfrt u
1-their successes for longer engage-
gineers from their buildings, and let mets, and-witness the Theater
them hold classes out on the diagonal Guild-permit their less fortunate
benches, if they like the fresh air so ventures to slti ino-suikobin.
much. Then the Engine school couldvosipito a quick oblivion.
be used to house classes now meeting "The Firebrand" is a story of the
. ,(days of the Medici, when the hands
ins ""hall, which is only one step of Benveuto Cellini whought beau-
worse. Itiful things in gold and silver, and a
Inimble tongue playef havoc with
ladies heats and their husband's
DOWN THE DIAGONAL ( peace of mind. The same Cellini buys
the favors of Angela, his model, from
"They moved the senior bench- her drunken mother .... and unwill-
es," remarked the Jolly Junior ingly falls into the favor of a frisky
yesterday, "just because they duchess .... and then gives his lady
wanted to force somebody to ue over to the Duke, when he finds her
the Stadium seats." a Juliet turned shrew. It is a witty
{ _ _ _ _and entertaining story of the days of
* * -the poison ring and the dagger, ex-
TO MATCH THE DUST travagantly told with a modern sophis-
Figuring that it was better to paint tication of the older theme.
it gray than to have to wash the dirt * s
off the white background every day "FAUST"
or so, the Buildings and Grounds boys It is paradoxically appropriate that
again got out the old paint brush and the Woman's league has chosen
tackled the Stadium on the Diagonal "Faust" for the first drama (even if
during vacation. it is a movie) of the post-Lenten sea-
* * * son. It is, however, to be recommend-
Nobody would notice the difference ed for other reasons, since it is the
unless they took a mighty careful first time that Goethe has been placed
look, becuse the color is the same as it within the reach of reason, and it is,
has been ever since the day after the at any rate, one of the greatest
Stadium was built. Only now the dirty dramas of literature-ranking with
gray is the official color. Prometheus Bound", "The Wonder-
* * * Working Magician", "Hamlet" and the
It now is almost dirty enough look- Book of Job, as one of the five great
ing to match the Law building. dramas of scepticism.
* * S * * *
"For Favors, Be a Committeeman." THl ORGAN RECITAL
* * * Resuming the programs which have
What'1l We Do With The Beches been replaced by other events of
Now! isimilar content, Palmer Christian,
It would never do to have all these University organist, will present the
senior benches go to waste after the following program in the twilight
great tradition behind them, so we Organ Recital series at 4:15 o'clock
will have to find some place to put this afternoon in Hill auditorium:
them, where they could serve some Comcert Overture ..........Maitland
sensible purpose. Hymn to the Sun ("Le Coq d'Or")
* * * .............Rimsky-Korsakov
One idea would be to arrange them Beatitude...................Bossi
ip the form of a theater, put a tent Intermission
>ver it, over on the site of the League Scherzo ...................,. Faulkes
Building, and let the League hold all Choral Prelude on "Our Father
these benefit performances over there. Who Art in Heaven"..Pachelbel
* * * Fugue in C minor ..............Bach
"1928-J-Hop Favors By 1928." By the Waters of Babylon.. Stoughton
* * « «Allegretto..................Foote
THEY HEARD THAT J-HOP Ave Maria ............Bach-Gounod
FAVORS WERE AT LAST hlossanah................. Dubois
BEING DISTRIBUTED Despite the fact that Mr. Christian
is hampeired greatly by an unwieldy
instrument (Mr. Frieze's memorial
having seen its best days long moons
ago) he has succeeded in making his
recitals a integral part of the season
in the civic music program.
S«* *
Rumors were being spread yester- The following program will be given
day that the J-Hop favor had finally in the Students' Recital series Thurs-
arrived, and would be distributed to day evening at S o'clock in the School
the customers who paid in advance. of Music auditorium, by Margaret

But Paul Burton, chairman of the File, a piano pupil of Maud Okkelberg
sub-committee that should have got- and Ellen Peele, mezzo soprano, a,
ten the favors, denied absolutely pupil of Nora Crane Hunt of the Voice
(through lIis spokesman) that the last Faculty. Miss Peele's accompaniments
fifty of them had arrived yet. will also be played by Miss File:
* * Wayfarer's Night Song........Martin.
"What do you want for your money, Stornelli Capricciosi.......Carnevali
anyway?" the spokesman demanded Miss Peele
of one customer who sought to get his Prelude Op. 28, No. 18 ........Chopin
favor. "This was the 1928 Hop, Nocturne Op. 9, No. 2........Chopin
and you folks will have to wait until Polonaise Op. 40, No. 2......Chopin
1928 to get your favors, as far as we Miss File
are concerned." Ah! My Beloved (From Rubaiyat)
* * .......Stickles
"Favors for the Favored, Only." Before the Crucifix.......LaForge
* * 3 Life ... ...................Curran
DERIVATION OF ROQUEFORT Des Abends ..............Schumann
In response to many requests as to Lorelei ........................ Liszt
what the "Roquefort Players" are, Miss File

If You Are A
worthy of the name and not
afraid to work now, or during
your summer vacation, I'll bet
you $50,that you can't work for
us 30 days and earn less than
$200. Think I'm bluffing? Then
answer this ad. and show me
up. Openings for managers.
The "Wonder Box" sells on
Deot 92 Pittsburgh, Pa.


8:00 to 10:00
Our mid-week dances are always
popular because of the delightful
entertainment that they afford. At
this first dance after vacation you
will be sure to meet all your friends.
Granger's Academy
1Dancing Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday



We are closing out all Spring Hats
at special grices to make room for
Straws and Panamas. Light shades,
snappy shapes. Quality equal to the
We Clean and Block Hats
No Odor-No Gloss
Correct Shapes--No Burned Sweats
Factory Hat Store
617 Packard St. Phone 7415


!.C '


liiiflllt[1I l I IfiIt l11lI l II fi !II fIIII1 11111111 11111illIIIillii lililli11111|||1111111111111111111111lllllil IIII IlUlII UII U111l 1' ill
All of the important new titles are
now on display
At Both Ends of the Diagonal
711111111111111111111111: 11f I II I IIII IIf I I I1111111111111111111HI M 1111111,1111111111 1 1i iiil 1 [Ii i nilI f-ill-IIHill itilflHil 1

104C (Y1AR- A
f rv
<< w. :any, j


Are ready for yror inspection at




Exclusive Lasts and Patterns o uI22
---Designed and Sold Only by .





i ... _ _



WhatThey Say:'
Publishers of "Etude Music Magazine, Philadelphi Pa.
February the Ninth, 197.
Mr. Chares A. Sink,
University School of Music,
Ann Arbor, Michigan-


Dear Mr. Sink
There is a thrill that comes with the presentation of such a magnificent
musical festival as you have organized that can only be accounted for
through an..u nderstanding of the history of our race.
We here in America are a marvelous conglomerate of many races and
nations. In our early days the inhibitions of the Puritans and the Quakers
suppressed for almost a century the natural instinct of man to 'come together
in great musical festival,. Yet deep down in our consciousness as one of,
the most precious legacies from the past, was this wonderful- uipulse to
worship at the altar of music.
Whether our blood is Latin, Anglo-Saxon or Slav, there is within us
all something which we have inherited that makes such a music festival as
you have planned a soul satisfying event not to be compared with anything
that we know.
The presence of a great chorus, a wonderful orchestra and no less than
a dozen of the world's foremost artists, all gathering in person are suire to
make this festival a remarkable occasion.
Every ticket sold will be in fact the purchase of an opportunity ,to
take part in one of the great events in a human life, because after all the
members of the audiences are just as much participants as are those who
are upon the rostrum.
Great musical festivals are civilization builders and I extend my
heartiest congratulations to Mr. Earl V. Moore, to yourself and to all those
who have organized this splendid occasiorn.
I only regret I will be out of the country and cannot make it posible
to attend in person.

Prof. Waldo Abbot of the rhetoric de-
partment, authority on cheese, oil,
qnd co-ed grades, has given the fol-
I lowing statement to Rolls: "Rock-
ford,' he says, "The name of a town
in Illinois, is a vulgar Americaniza-
tion of 'the much more aesthetic term
Roquefort,' which is correct. The
name is derived from a famous Irish
chemist and gas expert who invented

"For Favors, Be a Committeeman."
* * *
The Hobbs' expedition will be in con-
stant touch with the University by
radio, according to announcements. Al
special station here will enable Hobbs
to continue talking to local audiences
about the expedition.

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