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February 12, 1927 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-02-12

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P A G Ed T W O
fIwIrhdi!3an 4Ja i tij
N. J. Smith, Moron on 1001'.Melford'(
Vanik, llarve(y (1a11d(rson,. 11(11y
Thurnan, 1R01)r11 (100111 , .Jose1p1
Bruns1wic'k, Paul Kern, Archie obi0n1-
s011,(Calvin Patterson, Smithl 1H. (ady.
llt't'iC1+7 11.AN ALEJR
Thomnas If. Sunderlandi, Edward1
I lolse, Ray X Vchter, XX lillilmlS1)n111(,
1111r01(1 11 ley, IRichard Meyers0, Dog-
111sFtiller, Christophor Peters.
One ia year 1111e0oportunlity 011me10
whenI The Dbaily, uslo~ly impers0onalil,
(ca1n1step (out1of itsi 011010, 1bid1 111
sts goodbyev1. IThe J.-1f111p1a110101s (111t1
obhviously 1but 11110e 1a year), 111101
examsIOand tho D's 11111 1's 11001e110e01
1rors are 1oo(far off 10 be thou~lght:
J-1111)p(1ime' is1111(i111. 11t10s11t0e11111
T;'nivoosil yfunmclion 11110111011by 0111s1s
from a111 ('1011010of thes'c'ountry9. For
the v1is11o1s 1w'e 1110')'nol)stiltf11an)1 1or-
wa'lrning. We ontly111)11 1110 J-1Hop1
sest'0 swill 11a1e0all enjolyablie tinme
w11110 they are here-as pleasan~t a.
t11110as 00')'0111111110'' in1boing 11001 Ott
Tilebliar)' 11111ballyhoo (If thi r'1-
0110, tile 1111110s0(1thteir redl and gold
unlifolrmns narchling before 1110 (ages of
wvidaimas1111, till'caillipes Iftill'
1a,0te110 a1111110 e1101100 ve(ry'ring,
emphliasizinlg swithith11111'temlpo 11n1(
ing 1pa11(0 (f 111h'1pe'rformllance, all 1110s0
are 1tibutes to thepero100(f111(101
over i1s. AnttI w1101)tile0ar1my'goes
on thtefbold thley are led 119 regimental
bands, 001111brasses and td(rumslOpre0
dIominatinlg-anolthler'tribtetoe 1 t111
polwer (If rhythmlo.
T1lloiht tere are 1110(0e1or'che'tras
for your1 plieaosure'-Ge111' ldkettes',
halls, ltc('1111' 11100(1111 in', with
lnmbers. May y0ou 1111d in1till all 1
til re (1ties of ente'rtainmen('1t.1to ('ater'


OA~rtDROLLMusic and Drama
'1'his is till' anniversary119' (f th i -
till Solid South 'If til'e 5 1)e ocaiI be i' B11111 1 alI111(111 1(005(54 4 liu
part. ille*nii Iil l i lal opera1'1iI"Front4Page
If ILincln1 1111 11 1.1 1 ma e hel og o'cloc Ilk it. X tl111 ii(1111'li :7
011*i111poplarI1biwg culd yIii('getn .101 )11 1I,(111
oneto o t bi pat- tillh ina F R Y UI'll :1S1-ol)
bal11 ike 1.ternaSI1311'o1l1 T e 1li 1 90pr I i t h " 'Ft 1110
Lic l saved(If 1 t1 he11111 ion, and1(11 Sl11-<'t 1he W itnc y 1' i 9 0111 11(1
otto (o1Il~o~s II 1111 in.i 1(11119 11111 (11')

To Those of You XWho Are
Not Having a House Party
There are perhaps a good many of
those attending the junior Hop who
are not attending a house party on Sat-
urday night.
If you are one of them-we have
an announcement which will interest
you. There will he a hig "gala time"
at Granger's Academy on Saturday
evening. Dancing from nine to twelve.

'Ar o . 11111 (1(11c I 1jl111,111111u'. 111l
Ill' ~ tii 1 C 1 'j11Ias1 vac 1111111. '

Jus, as' this co(ln.1111 Ilas11(11 overn-1
(''i'1l ((11d ilo iI'l, l(for te e itors,1so"lls-
foe roBateh(((1110,jior9s1101 o
Gr'eIt aGaf r lboyisaterdinyg t ll
chaerone.(t f00111 n atrony s 11111111
from hoppe of ,t len ildESl"10
Some Kng~il--ts Ogflt landIstfoie
foresthy oned ' the1111 o111'00 of k~in;;111
Athur toniht i eri rstft
iher sthi Daonwasnonet

W. ll 'ilam _1.11wsJr
t~ai w 1 <11'1(l f 11 litP~-e suff"
co plte prdutin's1t s 11qu
1n111111' 111 1 r111i1 assured Ife
11 adit ion t 1 he 1111a Mime11 ,(
Dest1'iny- 1'aidl'111. k te ol
shevik mpress'ill thI i' (411" ate
A rei'e.(In-111Vincen'lt Wall



Far be0 it(00111 u1s 10 01sft0100oom AID 1-H101'IiEGUtL 1'IOlN
o man who arranged to1trade 1 1 ('of 11 E ' 11115 II'td Ii af
111111g 1on1eartih owe 0would( '0111 think1 dance ivitli a. fraterityi-i br or 1 wit ilh(1- I
of doing. Ghastly 00011 (to11111110atbou:o ut1111 in g te g i4111' l l 11111 1 d ith the os i g11111 1Net111 i f 101110 11.(for
it. Bnt ihave you forgotten that if is 4to swil) 11 1iponfteTiit' spears10t11111111111111ieinthe11histDor'yothe
is julst 1twoday's before til e w11050 s o bat IStleif s11e happens o 41 llli lite illtlr/1 1111 1(11 an 011.0 .11 11119llllg 1101-
111151 r beginls?7'fhat midsemesters with thle Nleil-al settings.uioll, x1 1501 121 doe.[llt
1100 (lnly ('1g111 weeks away anld (11 thati afl I 111
mnths11' 01111? Will theoy 00(01h 91111 '1'heoarmored knightis 1111exhiitin lcce poistilsl1 1 (11111 111 11ifll 1be'x_
unawaresll'0? are adsvanced'l s1110w1100gs i o i l)egiatelif (( andthe1(11 01111 lbsil ro
'i'l)'short respite 11000'offered is a1 clothes0for' next 1F111, 011101 111e1111r ihreeI' 91111 - bachelors11 tapi1ng1 an11um1
goldlell op~portunity for' advance 5(0(1y- 'ruse"alosl'''011(11'(1110 ii I' clubs1will b1pop- 11no 110acres;i o ter prtment
chance0 ft 05a 1100e gyourself of (101those1I , 1 i11i1Ii 11 -IIIn 11
A's, The girl 9011 broughlt 1totileflop '1111111. AND 1(7. 114P1Th'i'l II 11111 t rl ti 110les is
will iproblytibe glad of a rest. If ANN ARBORil, lFeb. t, 1.'1I0 011ia1110e0 tishftrtopesn, or o hvn' ol hm0111 o oth f h1niesiy1oil1esn rivdplycln b nexetinl at;o
I-op, thtoso booko are probably waiting tonligtlt, (11( 011 Iid Presidlen~t t'oo~lige. g0111o111c11111'y111 0 1111117119any
for you no0w5. Or1'didolyou brin~g 0111'Set111 till' nassive place-llikele cond(19- "''f1 T at.Off"' e's o iii ill' 1h
alon~g oith you to study betsseen 111110r 11119'd 11111ll f lthe Library'9, w011(11 me1111(1101' is0he11or1pracial.11
(1a111es? If 70o1 did-oseli, its ghaly 19 ilghtl o ~(redl hidden lood1(111lights a1n11
iIII051 rrl 1111 1-1111 '1( he1111o'011 ill)-
aIrchwas'l at 1eiher 111(d (Iffill' rom osbltell.'cer e ,soti
HP HO01P111RY the fhrst 0annuall1 B,0and ,G1.1(Hopsenlt f1111111eisC11111 hatil- '019el5111-
One (If the flnest features abolut tedw nhsoy hsm ig stile (1(051 11 110(19'flewansrlgiven11, il-
Hop is the foot its gue'sts c0om10(00111 Preient1i and( iMrs o,'Ioliie e hlgl' 01the11 audience111) coud1 111 a1111119ihelpI
all parts of tile counmtry ,.9W 11101110-hey eslyl 110(Illroll, ilaiith001t'e11 '11(111)11/1f 1p11t1
are here thley oftemn get a somlewhlat rectly froml Washington for t10he 1 o 11 Ic-11
flse impression of Umnisersity social 01ta(111.'iler trll 0015theret 0101elw001s a
life ,We mereily take fihe opportunity 0elnfrom 1111'Whtie H11000)' s-desr811011 1111 11159 god pla
of lmaintainling stolutly ta 1111111,riedb aisatos i spehp
pstudly sometimesl', 0an(1that 0110111whileI-a the i01Iy11111 111 01111
i ome~Is but 0110c0e 000 (a. fmanlll 0'1 orieil l 1
o'clloks'" show0 up1105009'day. 11111't(at11 ntertains111 th110n111111 h001
AS IWE (G0 TO LPRESS anal forli th 1(1111(1 111 'l" 11t111 11s 1d iffclt 111
(10 make-up 000anohse arly in 10511ch oriarl111es th1(r)'s rhi 1tle I('1111'pris ta
flomed s ftlhall'l'wellneeillwo m're Iisbdu'el"Fe05>1 01'pl0yedOI'll'lar
Most genltlmenl1(00 lt 1110 J-1-1)111tis S tr 01001 110ailu1511i i ne1111 III 11 11111lenty dlle
(5ve'ninlg;9(lut far'be it fronm us to 1be- tse si hyhdbe oseadAiltn ag adAainWlsa
Nyeamr19'evetyone else is 1home1in111e1101 r(IIofe'ss'rrIbutothey11110,1('001 00110 111111possile
1101'thalt file mlomnll tousens 1110of tile 31111 (a1k from Belliesii lI-bn 111111111to1
s10(ari1s', -ut)nev('r1111 ess, as w~e g t odr ha:Ihy jiydecibeli t i9te Ill bib 0'115011 wthcaztlti pot

The Colors for Spring are more
beautiful,-The Styles better fitting
Murphy Boot Shop
Nickels Arcade

P Valentine Specialties
£/3est in
FRoses, Spring glovers
and Sweet Teas
1owerday & Son

5Afickels Ucctlr(,e
9glowers by 'wire

IJ hone 70-14

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