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March 23, 1927 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-03-23

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ton Here it was accomplished with
____________i the consent and by the action of the
Publised every mornng except Nfm suet henevs i iOt*oirs
during the Uniersity yarp by th ward an to the methods Princeton pursued. "lY w ~ ~J
Conrol of Student Pith ratorr ___ Prompt and Lair action by the same IACIET
Miembes of Weser Cdfeirece lEdtoral body which Irst Instigated the ruleitEL VEI
MO 'fin. c oncerning the operation of student' rFAIRIS
The Assoiatd Press is exclusively en- automobiles wouldl be a pleasant and Trhe architects are going to have an tJH ATENON:TeOra
titled to the use for republication of all nws it F.~lO( le ra
Idisatches credited to it or not otherwise significant solution; at least, i s"Eves Garden PBevel." Last year
.. r-rite,4 in 'ts pperad h oclnwsp ReCltAiI in Hill auditoriuma at 15l1
lised herin, andtheloal ~WSPUI. tme o voidl sidestepping the issue. te edterbg(ac ne h '~c
Entered at rh,.. postoffice. at Ann Arbor, IOFESV (MERILM ocean. Perhaps we are to imly that pi' VIGII : The tecle Frnuicak
Michigan, ai second class matter. Specialrt they were drowned and tis Is aa ty ilpeettreoeatcmde
cf osrj r+q,ted by Third Assistnt Po- Commercialized football was force-hedbteigos. at -occknSrhCswlAgll;
Subscriptioni by carrier, S37; by mail, fully defended during the 90th ani- * *ha.
4qOffcs n .b PesBilig a.versary radio program when Prof. al() I(HT: The Iimtes r et"T
lard Street.DWRlhW A Ir hira fteI DOW t ,,l HE DIAONAL (,ific Lades" by George hKaufin aland
Phones: I'ditorial, 4925; -busness 213. ;Board in Conrtol of Athletics, stressed ____7aeCnilyi hi het~ tS~
'EDIORIL TAFFan xising ondtio' "his IFves arden Party to o'clok.
Telephone ~~~ Admittedly, college football today is begvnythAriecs"ad
- commercialized. Thepon so ofteni the Puuning Profssor yesterday, I"O THE LAIES!"
MAR1lNiG EDITOR "ught to be a bewitching a- i A renew, by Vincent Wall.
SMITIH. CADY. M. tisei hthro o htcm fair It is unfortunate that this capus
_________ mrciaism s ofensveis not the chronic sufferer of that
Editor.........W. Calvin Patterson As Professor Aigler put it, "no one .
City Editor.... ......Irwin A. Olai isata ohmkosa h
~dtor.........~Frederick Shillito would think of starting football as a ; isata ohmkosa h
News Phiipi.oBrokscollege activity in order to make If you ask us, we do't tlii.R they prlp .Boo eenstedmTo.hLa itestoampas
Women's tiito ........Marion Kubik peetd"o h ais."t rt
S irs Edtor......Wilton A. Simlso money." Iewetont show how are very kind to their chlaeroes.+
Telegraph Editor ......MorrisZwer u e've nt ticdaly sold-out house, and there is no!
Music and Dram:. ...Vincent C. Wall, Jr. there is no reason-nrow that the game They plan to house them in an old need to blame puny patronage on the
Night Editors has become an institution-why the tree stump. war in China or 1m ~uaiyo h
Charles Behymes Ellis Mrrypoisraie hrfo hud o Ci ouaiyo h
Calton Chaape Snfrd N. Phelps poisraie hrfo hudnt hot dog. In fact, if Mr Shuter can
Jo Chamberlin Cortland C. Smith 4e used for worthy purposes. Again, Then the gurs are to sit on gar-
it appeas quite logical that there is den snakhes. A.id there ae to be i . g oselteso o k pn
A tatCy Edtlsonig night there is a practical assur-
Assitan Cit Edtor "no more offensive commercialism in spiders an,. huge' bettes in the tall 1
°anl Buni 'J runph ekhunua profit of $500000 than in one of grass along the walls. Say, do fhey)fac tcniud ucs ntebx
Rep rerswic} office.
Report~u Kern$10,000 or of one dollar." expect to get any girls to attend that Ai h )a:"oteLde!
+ar n Arthun Sally Kno Professor Aigler did not hesitate to thing? Adtepa:"oteLde!
t ta ~aupuen Kichard Kurvink. inform the radio world that football* *Iwaexrvgnl adrtsd sa
* **re ieChurch G. Thomas M cKean'rb t c e - n is lt l mo (. Thsot el r F M rKMa y P rike i s h re v ben earning mo e P JiiI S H ER E i ib itetlyas litl m r
Margaret Clarke Mary Ptolemy than $300,000 a season for Michigan, Spring Is here. The TimesNewsisptnl wrong. For due Charles
' Jowicnard W'. Cleland bo~urnsi 5 Liigtnesit]p1eaI11O en
Wllam Eucdelon ames Sheehan of which only ten per cent has been said so Monday. The imipers carrying -
William Emery,Iyvia Stone-iadBeendtenir bnnt
Robert E. Fincha used to defray the expenses incurred the story were covered with snow and adBeend teeir bque
Robert Gesner 'Mary Louise Taylor in that sport. Surely, if Michigan ice, but it ylust be dseeicthe adshollyecafunnymstir in
Margaret Gross William Thurnau***deiaend hlyfuystren
Blaine Gruber Marian Welks tam resuha rwig oera
"Coleman J. GeneenThaddeus Wasielwki tasaesc rwn oe stehistory of Mies' productions
Harvey t; Gd=con Sherwod Winlslow the profit figures indicate, there' is ROLLS' SADiM BOND iM1) t and h icidetally took on much deeper
Morton B. ak iove Nererlo . Smith, r. god reason to be proud of that fact. TO BUY A BASEBALL TROPHYB.Rv, eloJ.SihJr g significance. The humor was about
Milton Kirshban. Milford Vanijc The commercialism is a by-product.-
Should Michigan, or any other uni- After searchifng for almost a year to as subtle as a battle-ax; the lines and
BUISINES STAFF ve'sity in similar circumstances, beI find some way to spend the Rolls' situations are obvious enough to lay
' Tlephone 2114 taken to task for making the most Stadium Bond Fund, we have discov- the Shavian experts in the back of the
of this um cotemplated result? ered the best possible use for the theater low with horror at the kauf-
____________________ew money: a silver bucket to serve as man-Connelly crudities. And yet the
PAUL W '__OLD WOTHY' OF THE i4AE? I the prize in the upper-lower staff pperformance rounded into the most
Contracts............Williat C. Pusch there is nothing particularly -Sig- . baseball' game to be held sometime satisfying cartoon of American life.
Copywritng.......Thomas L. Sutderand nificant i thecfautshathonly tentytsoon.blatant prop-
Local Advertising George Lt. Antabl, Jr. iiatnthfcthtolyweyI * * * agana that is found in similar pro-
Pbiain.Foreign Advertising.....Laurence Van Tuyl people turned ot for a Senior class
Circuliationi............Joh HavBernk meeting called a few days ago. I i The fund never got quite large ductions now current in the New York
Accunt Jon .... ... Fancs . Nrqust ommn, harcteistc. Freshman enogth to buy a bond, ad it was too theater, nor is it the bitter contempt
Assistants class meetings usually gather together "large a sum to invest in such a cause ot HerL"MdeStrinlists.Butisadthea
Beatrice Greenberg George Alin, Jr. a fairly good representation. During as the Women's lea~ue building. otedsruinss.Bttisa
Sea Jensen Florence Cooper* * * the sami~e time a good natured and
Ifarion L. Reeding A. M. Iinley the Sophomore year the number *
"Mai loon rr. . Meyer dwindles until in the Junior andl But it ought to provide a nice little indulgent slap at American life, and
Ralph L. -Miller- Harvey Takott Senior years almost no one without ; trophy over =which the boy can fightadrngo-elthauosclli
roha Russwinkid kal'irkUtley a x ogidsosu tteme-It h atsrk-uo nc-ua domestic comedy, and perhaps
Dotuglas ltplle' Ray Wachtr a x ogidsostpa h et otels tieot rkokot h r.r~
Vinte C. Wie ta Esther Boozerg. depending on how enthusiastic this they'r rgt.
1. Marti ingss. As I have before intimated, Chales
J. Mrti Fnisel' fThe reason is not hard to find. Stu- affair gets.
411dents become disgusted at the politi- # * * Livingstone burlesqued his 'part ina
_________________________________________________________________ fashion that saved te so . W a
cal ni neuverinig characteristic of wolhaeteriebnahpesy
WEDN_ ________ _MARCH _23,_1927 class elections and the like, find their I GUElSS AT ANOTHER !__would__uld asinie rolheisled taghbe
Night Editr-JAMES T. HERALD !votes offset by those of other cas I asne eunl uoosfrec
members who have been "dragged in, cm eunl uoosfrecm
TROBLFe' ~TH BAKAS and condemn the system and tose Rev. Jump didn't send in word as edy. And this refuted very ably the
Politicians responsible for it. The to his score in Rolls' intelligence test argument that it was the femininity of
Appretl mve byth smiartyquestion is immediately raised as to yesterdaay, so evidently he couldn't Hln yes that made the original
f the sititt au- to the one in' 1914, why The Daily should not condemn 1 have made as high record as he did production. William Lewis, Jr., in
~European diplom ats are deeply on- the campus politicians. This would in the Free 'Press one. Of course, the rate of Elsie had about as much
cierned witlt.. he Italian protest 'sup- o fly too gladly be done if there were this being an intellectual center (Ann S. A. as a truck drivr, and yet, with
ported by England against the alleged -n otyo'h ae Arbor), we try to make our questions the emphasis falling on her dumb hus-
belicose i "J Ions of the Jugoslavia l___________ ust a little bit harder than the ones band the aful wig and ghastly make-
toward Ab a. In the opinion of rOSDunn IARAEN iing in the usual ru of metro- up were hardly noticed. As usual,'
pbserve s th dangers of the situation Beis the regular importance at- Ioa news*ainto.the minor roles:cllntan ae
lie !in the fa tthat the important I"sBesides inrroe: .Lya Cae
powers are not united thoroughly tached to world disarmametit the ses-i#'QUSOSasCetrKnehKng
ions of the League of Nations dis- 1. TODnIAY'Se buebsTOn rotastChster; Kenneth Kinga, as the
enough 'tl . In the present circumstance armament commission, which have 1.Weseebueok nr-teoaaser; williamveatnsaysasith
Italy is'pledged to support Albania if dcdhrWy
it is attacked by'anl outside power, juerst been resum ered, holdbern unth particulardcdhrWy
whil Frnceis oth athr ufrind-imitmes fo thir barig uon the 2. What have the followimig in 1lIesonatin of the p'frnne n
wthree powereconfeotmucetcalledfbyethe common: (1) China; (2)Baltimore; especially Thomas Denton as Mr.
ly to Italy and has a treaty with nted Sttesofrecnieraalle disyth 3) Ann Arbor? Kincaidall were superlative n their
=uolva raet 3. Supply -the line that follows: respective parts
Possibilities for an amuicable settle- In its first discussiohn, the commis- "Well. I WAS going to study, but."***
ment seem to lie in a-general under-so sshdldt osdrafr- 4. Fill in the blanks: THE FIIEN CI ifPLAYS
standing gradually reached between mula for a general disarmament Bank: -___________ he n-c oeis L 1c
the powers concerned. The Jugo- tray The divorce of this matter Date...................omMa dtion, " by Max Maurey,
thlalgeedta inoicatdtyhof from that concerning the exact amountI Pay to the order of Timothy HTay. "Rosalie," by Max Maury and "Voila .
tho ammntt e allowedatac forn eachit o One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) Monsieur!" by Jaqes Normand, will
Its wn btathr th wor of n- (igne) --- be given by the Cerce lr acais at8
surrectionary bands operating near its power is quite fortumate. In the Srfirstco (Signed)Sra CswllAn
_a lace, it will allow the assembly to 5. Is the Tie-Nw newspaper? L_" .1-coktoih iSrhCwell An-l

Albanzianz boundary. Though Herr cmi itself to some definite policy WlheJ .a3OCI ,.1 h
Stresemannm, president of the League bfr tbgn h rnln hc The cast for the "La Recommanl-
of Nations' 'council,ha offered to call meoigt bteiisewompletelywblck he FELLOW STUDENTSI dation" in which only members off the
aspecial session of that body, the conferenceMoreover, it is partic-,(SpTMOEcialto rch2)-A FencdesPrmenrsAthuill takeieln,
British foreign office has asked for a I ularly important in that it may pave BATMRMI ac 2-l hdsPoesr rhrC afed
(delay unitl 'the situation clarifies. ito h ooa oieol-!Rn aao n ebr .Kn
A~~ in 19~.4,. the l~ uro pean situ a tio h i e w ay for g reater accord a n d nit- IS q u i t o th P t m a . P o i e f i- R n T a m o m l H rb t A. K -
derstandingaththe specialsconference cials spent the day counting thebtl-you. Samuel Bonell, Dorothy Tisekr
tt present Indicates' the dangers at- which will be held in 'June. lets lodged in the walls of the armory ai hrot adl iltk part
tendant to special treaties' particular-? where 'plc tried to stop a riot of in te"oai"wietecs o h
y with the\' smaller couintries. It ATO Johns Hlopkins students last night. last, "Viola Monsieur! ", is comeposed oif
Would certainly seem beneficial to TiIIWE FOR DRASTIC 1G~) They are testing the efficiency of the George V. Meader, Margaret lEirich,
the general piece' of the ('continent if According to an assertion made officers, seeking to disprove the gemi- Mary Louise Burt amid Russell Reed.
the preservation' of the status quo Monday by Police Commissioner Rut-t er al theory t;hat ino policeman could Thecse plays are anr integral part of
e~ritdt uha rai-ledge of Detroit the police of that? h rga ftesao u r
Wereenrsetoscanogn- lilt the broadside of a barn. teporm o h esu bi r
tion as the League of Nations whose1 city are adequately copin g with the * * s not taking the place of the annual
'decision would be supported by all the crime situation, there is no cause for' It all started Monday night when play which will lbe given later in the
powers. Unger such ani arrangement, aamnoisteendfrvglnessol(iomorcs held a baniquet in thei Mimes theater. Tonight's performance
there would ble little 'possibility of 'a" committees or auxiliary citizen police armory. Although it was a: little1 is complimentary for holders of also-
dispute between two small nations fores tame at fimrst, it turned into a real daemmesip ikes
'needlessly plunging the larger powers liin th tw tyfuhorap affair later on, whemn the freshmen j
suprin'ec disputant into a gen- ° proximately following the assertion of tried to get a handout. Police fur- }TIHE ORGAN RECITAL U
eral war. T~he ends now sought by omisioner Rutledge the following ther lived things up. e byoPlmeig rohrtaniv ersity
special treaties, a.s long 'as they were crimes took place: a restaurant man-j * nb Ple hrsin Uiest
. ootdfo ust, would b~e as easily obtained. The ager was kidnapped and robbed of Tear gas is to be ixpotdfm organist, in Hill auditorium at 4:15
principal nations 'would, then, be ef-1 $528; the body of a man foully mum"-; Ann Arbor for use in future riots, theI o'clock this afternoon in the Organ'
%ectively united for the maintenance dedwsouithDetri i police officials announced today. The Reia1eis
Of peace instead 'of divided by 'a off Belle Isle; a man and his wife, sonii bullets were fired over the heads of1 Symphonic Poem "My Country"
dangerous ,'aac of power. # and daughter were imprisoned iii their the rioters. The chief denied that his.........................Sietana
- home while three thugs ransacked the mnwr iiga hm u isd Nocturne................... Grieg
SIETPIGhouse and obtained $159; a man was s** Pastorale ..................Frack
SYESEP sh ot by four gangsters who attempted'EPOMN AECIShv Marche Champetr'e........... Boex
FJust now he office' of the Dean' of to hold him up; another was wound-bensdigisltruesanghy Andante (Symphony V.. .. Beethoven
Otudents is undefftaking the registra- i ed in ani altercation, still another wasj understand we want a job-teachzing Choral Prelude on "Rejoice Ye
Lion of automobiles operated by stn- stabbed and robbed of $1601 and finial-I school next year, which they guaran-'i Pure in Heart"........ So erby
'dents. Of~ the 1,200 or more cars on l anot her restaurant owner was rob- tee to get for us. We don't no wheth-' Two Colored Prints ......... Marsh
th aps nyaot50hv enI bdo 0.em to sue them for libel, or take them (a) "Evening Snow on Fuki Kawa"
{ legisterd in the long period allowed ' Two things are at once apparent:upan let them lose good money onl (b) A Young Girl in the wimnd
for this purpose. Repeated notices j C"ommissioner Rutledge's statement is tz gyar 'PP Overture to "Reinzi"........ Wagner

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