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March 06, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-03-06

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A A RTOY ~President Establishe s Temporary White
W fi IUI~II ..~IHouse In Capital A t Patterson Mansion
Basket Ball asebal, Tenni, WIere
1ist Organized Sp4orts: Others 4
Ratpidiy A dolted sI-
With the ideals 'of clean sportsman-
ship, and a (desire to offer opportun- -
ities to every woman on the campus, ~
the W. A. A. has grown from a small .v:;
group to one of the most important ~ ~
organizations of the campus. Two .:.
books of records which'are in the pos- :

10 [~I LAI ~[K Paris Spring Frocks Emphasize Line; hah. ,
anylonger to ( lan e. bi fziio
Jackets And Small H ats Are Popua
L~lA ____________________________ orid them the ncec T. 'F a 8peh'ss
Line is everything in the slender name has. Lozenges is the name polka trom summer to snnr 'r. is de-
"Eight 'Til Eight," the 1928 class on the Riviera and shown in the fash- that looks like coils of wire is the ~~~~nttidt hnei o
production, will tomorrow enter into ion houses of Paris. Even the trim- latest idea for decorating spring suitsI 1h2lels-oepiedrs
islast vle fitnietann.miug depends upon line and often and many London dressmakers are notil be so pouu pdst Sed-
Every chorus will practice once each itakes the form of geometrical designs displaying modeli with ibis "spiral m nw rhersnc
day. Since rehearsals will last only superimposed in contrasting material, staircase" trimming. The coils arc of sleas is a inle of chice
athaf hour, it is absolutely essential Many effects in light and dark ma- not r:eally made ofwire but of braid, Th m mham o
tha thy egi pomply Acordngteral ar otaiedby simple methods skilifuilly senon to give the ef-
oMri Van Tuyl, '28, chair nian,.end and dependi for their ofccelack. Thennshee.'sign s 1w , w.a.
director of dances, no abseikes or Iexpert cut, and perfect execution. The And now, even pigs are contribut- with trim~mings of j~ies. Jawn 0
tarines hato~verwil b ecusd.simple placing of a black lbias band ing their skins to the costume of plcerclra ~uad01ilc
All lines and dance routines have ton a white or biege dress or suit can fashionable Paris. Pig-skin collars, silks.
been learned, and the assembling of change the whole style of the model cuffs, and belts .to dresses for morn- Just when bi:g h:ita seuwd Og the
the play into a unified whole has been and make something new of the gar- ing aid sport are conspicuous on the verge of staging a cmlbick, brims
going on during the past week. There 'ment vlhichi should otherwise be un- creations of many of the leading de- have almost been wyip4K out ci i he mui-
remains now the perfecting of the pro- distinguished. signers. Iliner's vocabulary. I i It will also
duction and the increasing the move- Pale tints for spring wear are seen Outside waistcoats made of fur, and b ihradtgtr taswl
ment of the action to the necessary evrweein Paris. Pale blue, pale worn on top of the street coat in- sbe heond it er. taswl
tempo, before the opening perform- pIn e lighte, sharethonorsensh n-
ance, March 15. plinlgh rose, ansdnthe grns, in-s stead of beneath it, are the latest gar- N O T Es
The following schedule of rehearsals are most chosen. White dresses are topet te agains bttely olden-
will hold for every day of the coming much worn with coats of navy blue topoetteIgis itrycl
week: at 4 o'clock, choi-uses 1, 2, and indwith white. I inds prevalent in the spring. Coats For the benefit ot he Women .
4A; at 4:30 o'clock, choruses 3, 9, and he place of wash silks for informal oflahrhv lipdoto h league, Prof. W. fl. lHinsdale and Mrs.
10: at 5 o'clock. choruses2 5. and 4B; ~.m I. sports category into the street class. _ .. .

session rf the physmcam euucation de-
partment show the gradual changes
that the organization, underwent in
the first few years of its exlstenc.
According to the minutes of the
first meeting preliminary to the form-
ing of the-association in 1905 the idea
of such an organization originated
with Dr H. r Brooks,vat tat time
nasium. The next meeting was taken
up with the formation of a constitu-
Organized Sports
W. A. A. seems to have received
its inspiration from the success of
basketball as an organized sport. The
idea arose that other sports were
needed and like basketball needed to
be organized. It was for this purpose
that W.- A. A. was formed. In 1908-
1909 the only, organized sports were
bts-ketball, tennis and baseball, and
-every year from that time on, saw
additions to the list of organized
sports. Awards were adopted with the
organization of W. A. A., Wright, Kay
Co., of Detroit, offering the first
trophy cup for basketball in 1905. In
1908, the field now known as P'almer
field was purchased, with the aid of
the Women's league which was for
several years after that time a sep-
arate organization. Membership was
OpenI to all women upon the payment
of a fee of 50 cents, while at the pres-.
ent time membership is limited to
women who make: a given number of
honor points.
Several interesting items were re-
corded in the minutes kept by the
secretaries of the organization since
the first meeting. Every item occur-
ring in a weep g, seemedi to be re-
corded with the utmost accuracy,
cven to an intem'iiption caused by a
mouse. The records show that the
first organized interclass basketball
match was won by the senior class
and the following year the juniom'
class claimed the honors.
governed By Board
The organization as it is today is
governed by an executive board made
up of the president, vice-president,
secretary and treasurer as elected
officers, and a group of officrs who
receive their positions by appoint-
ment.' These officers are the elected
managers of the various sports, a pub-
licity manager, an intramural manager
Buy a
Coronla Portable
at Riders Pen Shop
Easy Terms

Ivirs. Calvin Coolidge, snapped at
the main entrance of the temporary
White House, the Patterson mansion
in Dupont Circle, Washington. Mov-
ing was accomplished with little in-
convenience, and the real White House
now is in the hands of repairmen.

iMore than $6,800 has been subscrib-
ed to the league during the past week

and point recorder. The group meets by the freshmen women, canvassed
every two, weeks and through these by members of the Life membership
meetings endeavors to govern the or- committee of thes-Womnen's League.
ganization. $1300 of this sum was received from
Within the organization itself, there nurses. This report is an incomplete'
are vairious dlepartments, the princi.. one because the campaign will be
pal one of which is the Intramural continued throughout the coming
department. This department attempts week, giving more opportunities' to
to reach every student woman and ih()5C women who have not as yet
through 'the interest shown it has (IC- taken out life memberships.
velo'ped into a group almost by itself, According to Evelyn Oghorn, '27,
with a form of self-government, and' chairman of the drive, the remainder
a reresetatie o theexectiv of the period will be a "clean-tp"
board. The work is carried on in prac- taking care of all entering women,
ticahly the same way as is the class ~fres hmen who have not been reached
work. yet and those who are uncertain.
'i-here will be a mass meeting at 4:15
Social Aspects Are Varied o'clock tomorrow in Barbour gymna-
'The W. A. A. has a very definite so- sium for freshman women and one of
cial life which it considers to be a the things to' be taken into considera-
necessity in bringing. about the co- tion at this meeting will be the pres-

at 5:30 o'clock, choruses 6, 7, and 12.
There will be a rehearsal cof>the entire
first act at 7 o'clock tomorrow night.
Everyone must be prompt.,
Mrs. Lester B. McLean, dean of
women of the Hartford Foundation,
Hartford Seminary, in Connecticut,
stopped in Ann Arbor o~n her return
from the national women's deans con-
ference in Dallas, Texas.
She was the guest of Martha Cook
dormitory over Friday night renew-
ing her acquaintance with Miss Mitsn
Matoda, Miss Ao lDju and other stu-
dents especially interested in foreign
affairs. Mrs. McLean was also enter-
tained by the advisers of women.
Mrs. McLean's interests in Michigan
were the investigation of the work of
student pastors, the Student Christian
Association, and women's dormitories.
Dur ing her stay she was entertained
at a luncheon at the Union by MIiss
Grace Richards, of the advisers office.
Other guests were Mrs. Myra B. Jor-
dan, former dean of women here, Mrs.
A. W. Rankin, Miss Elva Forncrook,
Mrs. Luise B. Hastings, and Miss
Mrs. Blanche Green of New York',
Is the highest ~salbr.ied woman in

spring by light taffeta. Sport and
morning frocks of taffetas, some of
them as simple as the gingham house
(Iresses beloved by the American
housewives, are shown .by most of the
designers. Coats of silk or light
weight woolen materials, usually in
the darkest hshadese ofthe taffetas, are
Iwith the taffeta.
SIn the line of trimmings, Paris has
reivd polkadots whic fgured large
though the spots haven't changed, the
Conuitlg Costumrr

Calfskin coats are now being shown by imsleWllilt3('ssn yc-
London furriers. Everywhere jack- er uarty at 8 o'clock lFiiday March 11,
ets are seen;. all kinds of jackets; at their home 7%G Famrst Ave. Reser-
velvet, leather, boloro style, pull- vations can be made by calling Mrs.
over V-neck sweaters, worn especial- W. 0. Sneaton, 9L2~ . Admoss ion will
ly ithfiely pleated skirts of feath- be 75 cents a pcrsomi
I Whitey Thater Monday, March 7


sire to
styles at

us when you de-
obtain the late'st
the lowest price.

Dil 488-2
218 Nickels Arcade

operation and interest (desired. ~sev-
eral clubs have been formed, in the
hope that within their scope they may
hold an interest for every woman.
There are riding, hiking and outdoor
clubs. The hiking and Outdoor clubs
have recently been c'bmbined, due to
the fact that "Outdoor Club" is a more
inclusive term and therefore includes
hiking. The major functions, however,
are the W. A. A. banquets which oc-
cur during the year. The purpose of
the banquets is primarily to get the
group of interested W. A. A. workers
together, and to give out the awards.
Formerly these banquets were open to
all women, but they have been of
necessity limited to such women as
are interested in the organization.

emit drive of the League. Arrange-
ments will also be made for the an-
nual Freshman pageant which it is a
tradition for the class to produce
on Lantern night.
Another of the major functions of
the W. A. A. is to plan and execute
all the duties connected with Lantern
Night. An innovation was made last
year, in that, for the first timhe in
campus history, 'a student had entire
charge of the event. This responisibil-
ity was assumed by Margaret Mc-
Nally, '27, who is at time present pres-
ident of W. A. A.


D9irect From the Detroit Engagement
Seats Now on Sale.
Orchestra, $3.30; Balcony, $2.75,' 2.20, $
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Marcels - Shampoos

- Manicures

And Latest Mode of Haircuts


1JI~I~~t j~nur 3jftrignbi~i at Ilir

Dial 9616

5 Nickels Arcade

Lunchjeon, 11-2

A iternmoon Tea

wier, i-S
Open Thursday, friday, Saturday and Sunday
Nigh~ts for Fountaini service.
600 East Liberty


a':'. .



You will loveth


'I' 'I

Benefit Women's League.
Leave films for developing,
printing or enlarging at the
Candy Booth
"U" Hall




Our Dinners and' Lunches
Are always ready before the Majestic starts.






II ___


A striking, impose ng bauti-
ful collection of frocks for the Col-
lege Miss with the ifiinte charm of
the French and the practicability of
Amerjca. The newest of materi-
als andi most entrancing of colors.
Ceve ewinterpretations of the

new belted mod-
els vwith their
jaunty shoulders
and wide lapels.
The loose shoul-
der, tight-hipped
models. The inod-
els with the irre-
sistib~ly pleated
skirts. They all
fairly sing of
spring and youth
and joy of being
alive in such gay

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