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March 05, 1927 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-03-05

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SA1TVRD)AY, 'MARC'fT 5;1927



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I - i
It 7

W. ,A ,"

T O SOOIIE'RClean Conscience Is
Rewrd For Honesty

'"P1s Aii Wit IPRUINIIF Dail, Kansan


XX Tom en Are Suited




I Ie IC~ 1! Ur, 27, (Of 'rr; WitTe.'1111llI
A!d Ile ! 1_0),29, of Zet.1
11 ,za Alpha, Star
'Bitterly 'fighting to the very last,
Zone 6 was finally overcome by the
stronger basketball team in the intra-'
mural tournament yesterday after-I
non, andl was forced to take a 27-1
1;, defeat at the hands of Delt a Della
l)elta. The game was not a fast onel
mid wh ile at first the zon e team'
sceemed to have the lead t hey sooty
lost it never to regain it throughout
the game. The playing of Florence
Fostcor, '27, for the Delta Delta Delta
team was the most outstanding of the
game. She was responisble for over
half of the scores made by her team.
The lineup for this game is as fol-I
Delita Delta 1)elt,1 Zone 61
Kf Francis....... F.........M. Stahl
F. Foster ........ F........ E. D~osterl
L. Groff ......C..E. Treadwell
E. Groff........ C...... T. Levine
A. Unsworlh .....G......... A. Crane
A. M-anley......G......... D. Nicoli
Zeta Tau Alpha played Alpha Epsi-
Ion Iota with the score ending 25-1
in favor of Z ta,.Tau Alpha. This game
was similar to the former one in that
it was not a fast game and a good.
many fouls were made. Merle Rmaie,l
'29, starred for the Zeta Tan Alpha I
team and accounted for the majorityl
of the points made by her team. The
lineup for this gaime is as follows:
AlpliaEpsilon 101a zetat Tni A lph.,,
S. Muller ........ F......... M. Raine
A. Scholte... .....M. J. Bunting
E. Andis.. ........... A. Felske;
E. Bagley .....S. C....... M. Knight
E. Conard....G....... H. CGust ine
I. Huinte~r .... ..... .Waters

Mr~i. TeranHamer
iloncy and valuzables amounting to
$9,000 weve found by Mrs. Vera Maner
in clothes that camne to the laundry in
Hot Springs, Ark. in which she was
employed. A tew dlays after, the plant
burned, and she became Jobless. Her
only reward, she says, was her clean
cons5cienc. The fortune was in the
clothing of a mnan who had just died.
New York Buildingt
Will Accommodate
Sorority Members

IIIL UUIIlIU o Appeal Universally In Adv ertising, Interclass and Inter-collegiate' There will be a rehearsal of the en-
Telegraphic swimming meet is to be Itre Junior Girls' play at 83 o'clock
ALUMNAE NIGHT PLAN lare ntteseilztos~ held Monday, March 7, at 7:1.) o'clock this miorni~g.
Women are becming mo:-n andlagruisth spclzton of at the Y. M. C. A. swimming pool. The There ill be a meeting of Marion
Folowig he reedet itrducd re import ant i h ield o1 ad- fincetions will naturally develop, and; events for this meet will lie, 20 yarl lrehi's mnem brhip committee at
latwyear thelstpeeeo nrman ced h etsnacrigt P ~iyNn the workers in different departmentst free style, 40 yard free style, 20 yal 4:10 o'clock today.
las yer, he as peforanc o th veloi;,crori~ #rtothehr~ly ap will have to meet different require- back stroke, 20 yardl breast stroke. Outdoor Sports club will have as
Junior Girls' play Saturday night, ail, oflicial si ludent pubcat un of the Th( t. Thus, women are given greater; 40 yard side stroke, andl a medley re- steak roast this morning, Everyone
March 19, will be set aside for the Univeisity of Kansas. This is (ue, "11porunity by specialization, after lay. There will also be informal div-;meet at. 10 o'clock Iin Barbour gym-
alumnae. The alumnae night tradition sa:ys the periodical, to the fact that , inn experience. ing consisting of a front (ive, a front4".simm
was formed last year in an attempt! the largest nerce ntage of purchaisers -.-- jack knife, andI three optional dives.i___ ____
to bridge the gap between alumnae are women. . Asho fcmec a en~D.Mrae el isAnsHlo o
an udrrdaeand thus main-{ Although women have held po5- Agschool oatcte rceha bnor - r agrt el Miss PalnnHds n isWHall, Wolf hunts, instead o fxhunt,
tamn active interest in studlentac- '3i ialvtinggeieanler . I Figgs, all members of the PhysicalI vn.
tivities. Since this year marks the end. iJ Bcals for many ear s they have but l______________ Education departmet will officiate atIeen.
oftedrv o thime'segu:r -nl ntr? tep el de
of tediefrteWmnsLau rentyetrdteprl ad E Fnglish women are now wearing thi meet.. On a bet a Berlin cinea player be-
building, it is especially necessary, tising end of it. Nw, howvever, the Io;Isotsoknso h of there are any who wsh t ent rcan anephttiaerwihn1
that such an interest be aroused. advertisinlg staffs In. large (depatmentlanthepmeetsandkwhoshavennoteyetldons' ameays.an rie wti .
Applications for tickets to the pro- stores are rapidly becoming enirely cs, so call Aileen Miller, '27, 7817.
duction have been sent to the alumnae;cte"fllpose~l of women. Since women a'e Miss Tennyson Jesse, niece of the -__ ____- 1High ats and scalloped dresses
groups in the vicinity of Ann Arbor,; the min lmvern, advertising tost clet si oes sahby. RAeH AN D r rnitlefrcss
with personal letters to an active r(cli < cte'd to them, and naturally the poetcllctsipmdess__hbb. RED HEWATAD-ae-prngsylfreass
member of each group asking her ' es who w uuiid be the Ina';tsuc,,ess- --
to assume responsibility in the sale of'f l in adle t isiag foed, textiles, andu /.".m. J6/ ."i .;~II,""/' Eir ' . a' .,J ,l~..,. i .,. r.'f.°"°
tickets. !all hiousehoid equipment would be o!
S Alumnae night is still in the nature fW~
of an experiment. If its success of last } rThose who seriously devotoe tlie
year should be repeated this year,1 sel.ves to this field, first gaining ex- 1!
the foundation of a tradition as lhon-! perience through the oen channeii
ored as that of "Senior night", the' will certainly make good. Many wi
performance which Senior women at-' gain experience through sales mnanag
teda usso oor a efr- ingan beftioreenrnhs ofprosn-__________________
ed.nal si be ore en eri g t is pro isi g!field. M ost colleges also offer courses!
GIVES HISTORICAL PAPERS:ir advertising. An association of teach-iA D M 1I[ NI S ANN.
iT1 G~ Ierof advertising has been fored FARMERSAN HNSBN
TOI ' SOUTHERN UNIVYERSt ITYI which reports that there are at least. 105SMANSRE'30S.TTE TET
--- ~~~~10 colleges with such courses.10-0S.MISTET 30.SAE TET
Mrs. W. I3. Felton has given histor- Training in jour-nalismn and news-l _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ _ _ _ _
; ical scrap books, chests of paper clip-l paper experience is valu~bable for al,_________________ _____ __________
pings and private papers of a social forms of rrdver~ising. Sorce~ newspa- ( j
and political nature to the nvrt per agencies have plans for instruct-1
sity of Georgia. Mrs. Felton was ap- ing and training new emlloyes for
pointed to the senate by Governor higher positions . Eperience in this
Harwick to fill the vacancy occasion- ine of work hajs developed certai
ed by the death of Thomas E. Watson.; methods of uirocedre, ethical cod es 1
For many years Mrs. Felton has been and standards of production, which1
an active newspaper writer andl suf- mrust be leared by all. If you have, at some time in your life, met a
frage and temperance worker. As adivertising tends:;Cto(develop in neesr emn rraizdahat' eieb means
of your savings account, you will aree with us that it is
A R com endaiona good policy to lay aside a certain percent of your
A.eo me d to income regularly.
We recommend our own baking. The reason we
recommend it, is that we know only the best quality products, IF YOU HAVE NOT HAD THE EXPERIENCE
are used in the baking. From the kneading of the doghLE USA VS1Y U
until it becomes a finished product, only the best is used.
We think this warrants your recommendation also. Try it
and see for yourself.
Ann Arbor Baking Co. **Member of the Federal Rscrvc Sxpter.".
606 South Mai St. We Deliver. Dial 4789- i
Make Your Home Cheery and Informal
With Some Fashionable Pieces of
1DuiringL the month of IMVarch____

.12t. IL~~l.C1 ... ..New..Y.rk..ity .will soonVbei graced
Alpha Xr Delta (defaulted to Couzzens j by ather c}1 Ct wigiio e butathi
ball and Chi Omega won 'from Thleta y not i tloterierieybanother
Phi Alph1a b~ default. o)fice building. Rather, it is to be a
1eaitifiul hone built for the conven-
Add One Wfeek To once of college soroity women living
T Cam aign.in New York. This mecca of all na-
L eague Ca pagn I onal sorority women travelling to
New York is to be prop~erly called
"Panhllenic louse." Its sponsors are
Announcemen~t was made yesterday the 120,000 college women who are
by E~velyn Ogborn, '28, chairman of members of Greek letter soroities, and
the, Life membethip committee of the 18 sororities come under this list.I
Women's League, of the prolongation Thle building will lie erected on
of the Freshman drive originally sche- Mitchell place, First avenue and For-
(uled for this week. As a result the ty-ninth street, the site of which has
drive will continue throughout the already been lpurchaisrd. It is to consist
coming week so that the members of of a great tower looming 26 stories
Miss Ogborn's committee will be ab~le ab ove the street and totalling a cost
to com-plete their duties. of $1,650,000.
"The; progress shown in the drive, Primarily, Panhellenic H-ouse has
is promising," says Miss Ogborn, "and bieen evolvedI to provide comfortable
it is to allow time to reach every residence and congenial associates to
freshman, that we are extending tlr' the thousands of college sorority wo-
p~eriod. This is the last time this yea:. menen who reguliirly come to New York
or in the future that there will bie to work. Acording to plans, the first
an organized drive for funds towardl two floor:; will be occupiled by re-
the proposed League building, and it, cept ion rooms, lounges, social hall
-is necessary to gather uin all tlVl? and restaurant, while the remaining,
loose ends. Not only is there a lrg Ter 24 stories will c-ontain 380 bedrooms,
number of freshman women to solicit,( manry of them with private bath. I
but a number of them request time 4The loo <tt ion is r egcAred :as es-
to consult their parent, in regard lrr'ciallhrl2'avairtag eous . NOT onlyist
to the step. This all takes lime, and conv~ eint to the w orkiTg quarters
to hurry would b~e a mistake." ofI i-aht an, but it is a part of


a gre.,t resident a 1 (evelopiment now
A service of women guides for taliing nce on the East Side, ad-
travelers in the southwestern Indian j<,cent to the k ropose l Tudo City.
territory has been instituted by Mrs. The architect is John Mead Howels,
Erna Ferguson.. who won the. (Chicago Tribune prize
F cmptitonfor ls towering building
MADISON, Wis.-A conference of in that city.
entomologists has been called to con---___
sitter the question of the European C4olleen 'Noore OKsires a naturalj
corn borer. ccllegesye.tt; for her neixt- picture.
,. - - - - - _
'When* was the last timie you had a real big meal?II'
~C ome in here any time, any day or night, and we will lIr
satisfy you and your tremendous appetite for a laughably
!!small price.
Ann Arbor Restaurant
--215 South Main St.
Put 'In Your Et-ster Orders iNOW!I
Tell us 'what you want in the way of Easter candies
or baskets today so your ordier can be filleds care fully and


you have the opportunity
of buying an Electric
Toaster at a special, good-
bargain price--the chance
is limited to that month.
It is a great comfort to
make your toast from a
lamp socket, at the break-
fast table, and be able to
serve it hot, crisp and de-
licious. There is. no toast
like electric toast.

A Fiber Room May Be Inexpensively Furnished
If you have a sunroom, of course you will furnish it in fiber, Lut lhas
it ever occurred to you that fiber also makes a most pleasing and informal
living room? The gay cretonne upholstering may be repeated in smart
drapies and if a few lamps and some odd tables and some squashy pillows
are added you will have achieved a most delightful effect. To give, you a
good start we are offering a wide variety of three-piece suites very moder-
ately priced.
Lloyd boom three-piece Suite, decorated
nt grey with bright cretonne loose cush-
Settee, Chair and Rocker, golden brown
finish, with spring cushioned seats, $5
rThree.1piece Suite, decorated in bright or-,
ang-e-yellow, with contrasting insets, $89.

satis facto rily.

W~e will jnold chocolate and other candy inl

Iany form you desire.

Delicious toasted sand- Try our tasty crushed fruit
wiches make an ideal, inex- sundaes arnd other fountain
pensive luncheon. specialties.

to $12.50
This Style, $2.95

Individual Pieces
for Comfort or Convenience
A comnfy chaise lounge to rest on after
the morning's work. An easy chair by the
sunny window. A handy table or desk. A
cushioned ;rocker. Any number of delight-
ful fiber pieces are moderately priced.

Sunroom Accessories
Lend Color and Comfort
To make the leisure hours one spentds in
a sunroonl a perfect joy, every convenience
must be right at hand. A. nagaz'AIne holder,
a bridge lamp, ai host of pillows, smoking
materials. And why not ai bird _ for com-
pany, too?



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