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January 26, 1927 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1927-01-26

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13 i c it is a point that has long been under ---1 IIl III ill 1111111 i Iill gilill 1 I
dispute and its settlement is as much °
due to the efforts of banks throughoutmc
Published every morning except Monday the country as to the, work of the G R A H A JA IS
during the University year by the Board in AN
Control of Student Publications. representatives of the ex-service men. AI)VERrFSE
Members of Western Conference Editorial These men, who at the end of the D R A M A E_
Association, war were given as their part of the STADIUML _
The Associated Press is exclusively en- government's appreciation only cer-
titled to the use for republication of all news tificates which showed that an amount If Garg put on a midwinter number THIS AFTERNoON: The Organ-
dispatches credited to it or not otherwise--
credited in this paper and the loal news pub- of money had been appropriated by in June it would probably show that tal in ill auditorium at 4:1YeTs
______therin.__te__ orYo r Convenience--Two SC16 e
the government and was being held day.j(O'clock. L rsCp l
Entered at the postoffice at Ann Arbor, in trust until the time of maturity, * * *
lichigan, as second class matter. Special rateT
of postage granted by Third Assistant Post- were left with much for the future but "Mankind's Progress Outlined In T E SLAUGHTER OF T.E AI
master General. mail little for the immediate present. And Lecture"-Daily headline. We added INFANT GA
$. p irb crr $u.75 by -since man cannot live in the future, another chapter when we started Tomorrow night will sc anOtr At Both Ends
Off ces: Ann or ress g, y and money that is only "coming" work on our thesis before the night
Phones: Editorial, 4925; usiness 2124. will never supply the capital for the before it was sue. anothr lam) cast to the wolves. -
institution of a business venture, it * . {. . . Operating under a different
EDITORIAL STAFF is wise that these men who lost yearsI When we have this "Michigan,,1 system in selecting casts at random REPAMRNGe
Telephle4 2in commercial endeavor to go to war theater here we can say with all seri- from the campus instead of from thejF.
should at least have the immediate ousness when asked where we go to members of play production classes,j
SMITH H. CADYJR. benefit of the reward that was gven school, "At Michigan." and bucking natural difficulties in the
them. * * * form of university hall, Play Produc-
Editor..W alvin Patters "n This isn't the first theater to be tion and Direction will offer to thew
Neys Editors.. .........P r oiK named in honor of this campus. May- somewhat tainted campus palate the
Women's Editor......... Marion Kubik Michigan alone of the ten Western be you have read about the Little venerable George Cohan vehicle,
SotEdtr ... ....Wilton A. Sum sonA n l bo
Seraph Etor... ....MorrisA werlinm Conference schools has made no pro- Theater in New York, etc. (Terrible! '"Seven Keys To Baldpate." The cast
Music and Drama....... Vincent C. Wall, Tr vision .for broadcasting her home But too good a chance to miss.) will appear rather familiar to the lov- I RENTALS-(Your favorite machine) in good order.
f Night Editors basketball games. This is notwith- * * * ers of uncriticised drama in that it
Charles Behymet Ellis Merry baktalgmsjTi sntih
Caton Champe Stanford N. Phelps standing the fact that the Wolverines will contain names of Richard Woe]- SALE-We are authorized agents for The Corona and Rem
jCheamberli Cortand C. mith are leading in the race for the tite1 "Say," syhaf, Robert Wetzel, and Kenneth ables, and carry in stock some real good, recondition
and that Michigan's cagemen are said the Silly Sopho

I' -
tely Stocked
!Ir frIS
of the Diagonal
iington Port-
ed or rebuilt


Assistant City Editors
Carl Burger Henry Thurnau
Joseph Brunswick{
Maion Anderson Nioes Kimball
Alex Bochnowski A'>ilton Kirs baum
jean Campbell Ricbard Kurvink.
Chester E. Clark G. 1,homas Mtclean
Clarence Edelso gKenneth Patrick
Earl W. De La Vergune),orris Quinn
William Emery James Sheehan
lfred Le- Foster Nelson J.Smith, Jr.
Robert E., Finch Sylvia Stone
Robert Gesbner William Thurnau f
Elaine Gruber Milford Vanik
Coleman J. Glencer herbert E. Vedder
Harvey J. Gunderson Alarian Welles
Stewart I-looker Thaddeus Wasielewski
Morton B. Icove Sherwood Winslow
Paul Kern
Telephone 21214
Advertising...............William C. Pusch
Advertising...............Thomas Sunderland
Advertising............George 13. Annable, Jr.
kdvertising............Lairence J. Van Tuyl
Circulation................T. Kenneth Haven
Publication............... John H. Bobrink
Accounts................rancis A. Norquist
George Ahn Jr. Ray Wachter
Melvin H. Baer J. B. Wood
D. Al. Brown Esther Booze
Florence Cooper Filda Binzer
Daniel Finley Mrion A. Daniel
A. M. Hinkley Beatrice Greenberg
E. L. Hulse Selma M. Janson
R.A. Meyer Mm ion Kerr
Harvey Rosenblum, larion L. Reading 1
William F. Spencer Harriet C. Smith
Harvey Talcott NanceeSolomton
Harold Utley Florence' Wi~lmaier
Night Editor--ELLIS B. MERRY 1

mor yeteday, "how many last
probably holding more 4f the interest m
of the basketball world than any Last Warnings are they going to
- hvanyway?"
other western team.
The Big Ten Weekly recently com-
piled a list of the stations broadcast- * * *
ing Conference games, and included Mr. Clark told the audience Monday
in that number there was one for night that Roumanians are like Amer-
every Conference school, except Iin- icans. You'll have to show us, Mr. I
nesota, which has two stations broad- Clark, an American that can travel
casting. through Europe on railroad passes
The University of Iowa has its own and free meals, to say nothing of the
station, which ranks with the best in homage of thousands of Republicans
the country as does also the station and Democrats, even Socialists.1
at Wisconsin. Illinois, Ohio State, * * *
Purdue, and Indiana all have their FARE! FARE!
own stations. Northwestern's home
games are broadcast thro gh the The Gargoyle boys, a crafty gang,
courtesy of one ofd the local dhicago Decided that they'd boost the sales.1
stations, while the second halves of They ordered weather summery
Chicago's gam~s are broadcast by one To drag the quarters from the males.
of the most powerful stations in the
country. Minnesota, in addition to But they were fooled, the plan was wet
yThe snow all turned to water.
her own station, has the service of'
thep f sThe men bought rubbers with their
hepowerful Washiburn Crosby sta- ae
tion to send its home games over the kale
air. The only limitations made on Like mamma said they oughter.
broadcasting besides at Chicago are And "Slip-Shod" raved and pitied
at Wisconsin where "most" of theA themi
home games are broadcast, and at them
Indiana where "occasional" games areAnd called each one of them a clown.
sent out. ' The B. and G. just laughed andV
And Michigan, championship-bound 1 laughed
and said, "This water keeps dust
perhaps, must be content with an audi- sawd "r
once of 8,000 people jammed into the

If the theater ever existed for itself
alone--on this campus-it is doing so
in this instance. Play production
classes have been stripped of their
former qualities and reduced to tech-
nical organizations, in which field
they will receive their training in the
future. Any one wishing to compete
for a speaking role will be accepted
for trial regat-dless of affiliation or as-
sociation with any other organization.
Rehearsing and training in the pre-
carious art of the drama will come en- ,
tirely outside of the curriculum. Such
a plan should be interesting in its
working-out, whether successful or
not, although the main difficulty will
be in the getting-started. The firstI
brain-child is going to be the Cohan
play-after that there is promise of
something more professional. "Seven
Keys-, then should offer an op-
portunity to the dilettantes and'proph-
ets, to say nothing of the critics.
Have away!
Lest we be misunderstood, we
recommend "Seven Keys ToBaldpate"
not only as an experiment that would
seem worthy of trial after the suc-
cess of "The Torch Bearers," but also
as one of the most popular of modern
plays. For those who like blood and
thunder, "The Last Warning" is be-
ing resuscitated for Friday and Sat-I
urday nights of this week. For those
who care for the drama, Mimes are
presenting "The Man of Destiny" and
"Annajanska, the Bolshevik Empress,"
both by Bernard Shaw shortly afterI
the beginning of the second semester.
* * *


omcemacni1s. U nderwood, Remington, Smith, Royal and others.
REPAIRING-All makes. If others fail, bring them, to us. We guarantee
results and give quick service.
SUPPLIES-Including the famous Aulta Ribbons and Carbons.
ider's Pen Shop
315 State St.






Dancing Tonight
Our regular mid-week dance with
Jack Scott's Wolverines furnishing
the music. Bill Watkins at the




Tonight, 8-10

field house.

l2[Z L °i.,71
I '

* * *

Listen here, Play Production, don't


Granger 's Academy

STRICTERr1 4 AWS 'tAImnion' CommuneaiOIls will be yor hae espctforou
_ardr. The naMes of comimni- yOuthave any more respect for our
It is a tradition for the chief justice i casts will, however, be regarded as Cippy Stadiui than to post some of
of the United States Supreme Court __ .-- -----..--your advertising bills up there? And
to remain reticent on affairs concern- CULTURAL MOVIES the other day there was a poster up
ing crime. In view of this fact, the ITavertising some church speaker, and
recent statements of Chief Justice T ED'Artagnan and a friend tore it down,
Taft in regard to criminal procedure After enjoying such a perfect even- sending in the evidence. Good work.
become doubly significant, for they ing's entertainment as Sir Douglas * * *
mean not only that crime has become Mawson's illustrated lecture on the You don't find them tacking ill) ad.
extremely serious but that the head Antarctic Saturday night, and then vertising on the Ec building do you?
of America's judicial system findsobserving the ridiculously small crowd And yet doesn't that look more like
fault with our criminal processes. o n n cs radi-ertising bill board than our
The methods that Mr. Taft proposes that attended, I cannot help wonder- t
beautiful stadium at the Pedestrhi
are not revolutionary, but they are 1 ing whether most of us are gettting Enltrance
significant in con:g from himi. ie the type of entertainment we really * * *
would have, in the first place, a more want I'll wager that anyone who We figured it out yesterday that no
centralized system ot justice in each needed to be assured that "MoneyI less than 3004posters of the ordinary
tate, the stte attor aTalks," that the "Gave Man" is notWtype could be placed along the
at the head and the county officers a historical myth, or went to see j benches to good advantage. There
organized under him. He would have, "Valencia" (after we've all gotten ought to be, therefore, room for one
also, "informations" by prosecuting tired of hearing it), didn't get nearly from each dramatic club performing
attorneys instead of the present un- the "kick" out of the evening after at a given times, and even room
wieldy grand jury system, and a com- all as those who thrilled over the enough left to put a few church so-
plete abolition of the police court Antarctic blizzards and laughed over cial posters.
jury, the queer antics of the penguins. * *
To expedite justice, he would have Itseems regrettable that more of No location could be more lharlmouli-
more justices, which is very logicalIa. 'I a I+rnft. ,----


The artistic genealogy of Fritz
Kreisler is perhaps the strangest of
any in the game. In fact the Kreis-
lerian technique reaches back (so Mr.
Kreisler says) to Corelli, the founder
of the greatest school of violinists the
world has ever known. We goute di-
rectly from the press belletin:
"While Kreisler at one time cid
some work under the famous Massart
in the Conservatorie of Paris, his
principal teacher was Josef Hlelmes-
berger of Vienna. Helmesberger was
a pupil of his father, who in his turn
was a pupil of the famous Bohem the
teacher of Remenyi, Gruen, Ernst and
Joachim. Boehm was a pupil of Rode, j
who was a pupil of Viotti, a pupil of
Pugnani, a pupil of Somis who was
a pupil of the great Corelli."
You should go and hear a man who
has an artistic family tree of that

;zz -


i"""'- e

The Way to Wealth"
'Tis true there is much to be done, and
and perhaps you are weak handed, but
stick to it steadily and you will see great
effects, for 'constant dropping wears away

and to eliminate procrastination enous for advertising comedies. Or, ii stature.
Like this is presented. It would be I lota h taim fomteI*10
would limit criminal cases to a single excusable if students had to study, arIstcvepit rgeis riESHOLO U EIA
appeal. By allowing judges more free- abutseverybodyntknowsdithat[ studying onI RECIT*
dom in. instructing juries, he would aStra ih spatclyoto The following program fo vocal and
seek to obtain more intelligent de-f the question. The important question Let's make this Stadium the cam-' instrumental music will be given in
cisions, and it is certain that if an is, are we making the best use of this pus bulletin board. That's better than the School of Music auditorium,
making it the cjt
average jury is capable at all of giv- spare time? Anyone who has thought t oe. Tur e
ing an intelligent judgment, it cer- abod*o'clock:
aboutyit at all, knowstvery wellmthat
tainly needs help in doing so. we get about as much cultural at- Dear Timothy: -Now that the Gari DesCAbendeU..............Schumann
The Chief Justice would have us mosphere out of the ordinary "red- goyle boys have become so proficient Die Loreley..................Liszt
continue to guarantee constitutional hot" movie as we do out of a so-called at changing seasons, maybe they i Margaret File
liberties, which means that there is true story." Yet all of us whohake could convince the "profs" that we've Rose Softly Blooming (from zor
a danger of going too far even in this tried to get into a movie on a week- had our exams already and relieve us and Zemira")..............Sophr
regard. We must never regard every end night, know where the crowd of the pain of having to study for "One Fine Day" (from "Madame
accused person as guilty, but neither goes. them. Butterfly") ................ Puccini
must we give unlimited opportunities I don't deny that sex pictures have Ahaba Rococo . Mrs. Oscar Peterson
to the guilty man. Between these two their appeal, but it's one of those .r I*Concerto A minor (First movement)
extremes the pendulum swings, ac "appeals" that's enjoyed most when There may be seven keys to Bald- ! +. --- '............... .Viotti
exremsi hepeduu swings, ac4 enr ikti
cording to the serious of the crime, we rise above it. At any rate, sex is pate, but that's nothing compared Bernard Dickstein
Chief Justice Taft's suggestions would far from being the only interesting with the number to one of those gym En Automne............Moszkowski
move the pendulum a little farther to- lockers. Helen Fagg
thing in life. And when you con eenFg
ward enforcement. They are sound, right down to itand compare "Che Faro Senza Eurydice (from
as one would expect them to be, and these trashy love pictures with a pie- The B. and G. boys took two months "Orpheus and Eurydice. ...GlucksI
it is certain that America's judicial ture of adventure, natural grandeur to build a book elevator in the Law C Hope Baer
system can stand the impetus he and -exploration, which of them really building. They had to use . added Cathedrale Engloutie........Debussy
would give it. His suggestions as to has the most red-blooded appeal? You hammers in order not to shake the Minstrelse....e.ric .Sevald e
the treatment of prisoners is likewise may thiik as you will, but I think I building down.
mayutdi fkraseyouuwillabuttI mhietkaI building*down Romance (from D minor Concerto)
sound, for he would cease to make can tell you which type the moron......................Wieniawski
them ."guests of the state" and im would select. Of course, with those It seems our debating teams were Helen Hays
press upon them and other criminals who believe we can let down on cul- wrong on both sides of this Prohibi- In the Village.............Schubert
that they are under discipline. ture over week-ends, I have no argu- tionquestion.thei .............. c e
Very rational, and very logical ideas ment. Timothy Hay. Tv yr . .MBurnesonil
are so rare as to be almost priceless, With most of us, I think, it's a case ~ Mu The Swan ................yParmgren
anid Mr' Taft's nii~"i'e bons areini.tI-.f L.-I The-Swan................Palmgre-

.....lenjamin Franklin.

Fortunes are not built ' up in a short time, but
by years of steady saving. Luck plays but a
small part in the riches of men.
The secret lies in persistence and economy.
Opportunity presents itself to all men in one way
or another and in so much as it presents itself, for
the earning of money, it also does for saving. Do
not depend on what others promise to do for you.
Make everything through your own efforts and
you will be respected in your community and by
your friends. Ii will be necessary to sacrifice some



of your desires today so that

you may realize

your larger hopes tomorrow:-1

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